Square Foot Gardening A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work Features Title Square Foot Gardening Sub title A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work ISBN ISBN General subject Gardening Subject Gardening techniqu

  • Title: Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work
  • Author: Mel Bartholomew
  • ISBN: 9781579548568
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • 9781579548568 Features Title Square Foot Gardening Sub title A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work ISBN 1579548563 ISBN 13 9781579548568 General subject Gardening Subject Gardening techniques Subject Gardening Country of Manufacture United States Age Group Adults Dimensions Overall Height Top to Bottom 1 Overall Width Side9781579548568 Features Title Square Foot Gardening Sub title A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work ISBN 1579548563 ISBN 13 9781579548568 General subject Gardening Subject Gardening techniques Subject Gardening Country of Manufacture United States Age Group Adults Dimensions Overall Height Top to Bottom 1 Overall Width Side to Side 8.75 Overall Depth Front to Back 5.75 Overall Product Weight 1.05 lbs.

    • Unlimited [Thriller Book] ☆ Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work - by Mel Bartholomew ↠
      175 Mel Bartholomew
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      Posted by:Mel Bartholomew
      Published :2019-02-25T21:42:11+00:00

    One thought on “Square Foot Gardening: A New Way to Garden in Less Space with Less Work”

    1. I guess whatever works for people is great, and it seems like he has a lot of convertsbut I sure wasn't crazy about Mel's method and even less so about his delivery. It is like listening to a used car salesman - and immediately after saying that while I was reading, I read the next paragraph, where he compared his book to a brand new shiny Cadillac. Sheesh. He essentially advocates container gardening, cloaked in the guise of shallow 6" raised beds. The beds are self-contained, filled with a ver [...]

    2. Includes Photos of Our Own GardenMel Bartholomew is famous for his Square Foot Gardens, and in All New Square Foot Gardening, he gives us the tools we need to have the garden of our dreams. Pictures, easy to follow illustrated instructions, tips and tricks regardless of the level of your gardening expertise, this is a must have book! We live in the High Desert of Southern California where the soil is either sandy or like clay. We haven't had much success with our gardens in the past, but this ye [...]

    3. If I were rating this gardening method, I would give it five stars. No question. But alas, I'm rating the book, and I kind of hate it. The information in it is awesome, but the delivery feels less like a book and more like an infomerciala really, really long infomercial. Seriously, the whole thing just sounds like a sales pitch. Look, Mel, your method is amazing. It's wildly popular and successful. You don't need to sell it anymore. We are all coming to this book because we are (for the most par [...]

    4. I agree with the review just before mine in almost every respect. What I personally found most insensitive in the book was his plan to bring his method of farming to so-called "developing nations". The way he talked about it was so patronizing that if only I had read that first (it's at nearly the end of the book) I would have never read any further. He dismisses other cultures' diets in a single sentence and, as the previous reviewer notes, acts like the only reason people anywhere are starving [...]

    5. Want to grow a veggie or flower garden but don't think you can? Think again. No excuses of not enough space, no yard or no ability. This is the book for any person with any skill level with just a patio or a yard, for the professional or for the handicap in a wheel chair. School children and 3rd world countries have used this technique with great success. I read this book in 1 afternoon and then my 13 year old son and husband built my boxes in 1 more afternoon. I'm taking pictures along the way [...]

    6. this is my favorite gardening book. what can i say? there's a man with a neck beard on the cover. his name is mel. mel is more or less my favorite person on the planet. he retired from his job as an engineer at 42 and then turned to gardening. when you set an engineer loose in a backyard gardening, you get precision gardening. basically, he figured out how closely you can plant things so that you get the maximum yield per square foot. each individual plant produces less, but the overall yield is [...]

    7. As a gardening method, Square Foot Gardening is pretty great. This book, though -- this book is not great. Mel is a big fan of science and math, so let me break down this book by the (estimated) numbers:20% Discussion of how amazing Square Foot Gardening is, or how amazing Mel Bartholomew is20% Actual gardening content10% Weird and/or culturally insensitive stuff 10% Charts that don't render correctly in the ebook version40% Repetition of all of the aboveThe book starts with a full chapter on th [...]

    8. Mel Bartholomew is a huge advocate of box gardening. Box gardening is a great idea, especially when you have alkaline clay like we have in our backyard. Constructing the boxes is a snap -- okay, more like a whine, because it takes a drill. He doesn't emphasize enough, though, that the gardens take a huge amount of water, because the wood seems to wick the water away from the dirt.Stuff seems to grow well in Mel's Mix, if you plant it in the right part of the season. Last year we planted quite la [...]

    9. My garden roughly follows Mel's plans, so this was clearly an influential book as I built my first garden. However! According to Mel, I don't have a square foot garden because I don't use a physical grid. And I plant a little haphazardly. I mean, it's a great system in a lot of ways, but you don't have to follow the rules. This kind of garden drill sergeant business is not for me, so I just focus on the information in the book that is useful to me and carry on. There is a lack of detail on some [...]

    10. Honestly, if you can get past the bragging and boasting about how great Mel thinks he is, and how the SFG method TAKES! UP! LESS! SPACE! and how it's revolutionary and how everyone else is doing it wrong, it might be an okay book. But gosh, I think on every page of the forty I read, he mentioned something about how this garden takes up less space. WE GET IT, MEL, it's why we picked up the book! I couldn't take it anymore. I just wanted to read about gardening. You can learn all you need to know [...]

    11. Such an anal approach to gardening that you can't help but succeed at it. I love an anal approach (that's what she said) so I was all over this.

    12. I'm going to have to buy this I supposeI have the library copy. I grew up on a farm and now that I'm, not so young, I have a bit of time to grow things.Time, but my body is shot, my knees won't bend and my shoulders are week. Neither do i have a lot of money. Still I enjoy a little bit of gardening. Right now there is what had been a flower bed in front of our porch's now my basic vegetable bed. Some tomatoes, some bush beans, some onions. A few.So, I finally got this book (I had to wait as I wa [...]

    13. I'm starting a new square foot garden this year. I am thrilled at the prospect of no weeds, less watering, and lots of produce! I already have little radishes, romaine, spinach, and some wild flowers popping up! I'm sure I'll refer to this book all summer. For the first time I am really ready to have a fall garden too. I always say I'll plant a second crop, but by the end of summer and all the weeds I'm tired of gardening. I think this may be the easiest and most enjoyable way to garden!

    14. The idea that I like is that it reminded me that I want to grow more things vertically this year to get the most out of my kitchen garden. I also love that it encourages you to get away from the mindset of planting in rows and following the seed packets word for word in terms of spacing. From experience, raised beds are excellent for starting a garden from scratch. I created and tended two 8'x4' raised beds when I lived in our former house that didn't have a backyard garden (we were in a townhou [...]

    15. I'm not a beginner gardener I've had 3 summer veggie gardens. I'm also not anywhere near experienced-gardener level and have become frustrated with the methods taught by my botanist husband who combines a rather unique mix of environmental long-term planning, old-timey row gardening, and plant pathology, not to mention a limited amount of time to assist me. The result was always extremely weedy, hard-to-navigate gardens that produce extremely unpredictable yields. I decided that neither of us ac [...]

    16. I purchased my 1981 edition of SQUARE FOOT GARDENING in the early 1980's when I was fairly new to gardening. At the time I had limited space and my husband had built me some raised beds. I was able to invest both time and money and grew some fairly decent vegetables. What I learned is that smaller plants such as lettuce, spinach, carrots, radishes and onions did well provided that you use good soil to avoid disease problems. It is also important for you to rotate crops.Another plus was that it w [...]

    17. I grew with a traditional row garden and enjoyed eating the fruit and vegetables that came out of it. I also observed that we had to wait to get our first couple tomatoes when essentially all of the tomato plants began giving ripe fruit. Then it was time to begin canning. About a week later, we all of the canned tomatoes we wanted. We ate the three or four tomatoes a week on salads or in chilli, but after the canning was done, quite a few tomatoes went to waste simply because there were too many [...]

    18. A friend insisted that I just had to look at this book again. After rejecting it over a decade ago, and since then, having heard only one or two neophyte friends mention "square foot", in all those years, I was dubious. But I thought, "I respect his opinion, how bad could THAT BOOK really have been?"My memories were that the book was gimmicky and uninformative and therefore useless to me, myself having grown up with at least some experience in growing food. However, upon second look, I am forced [...]

    19. As a farm boy who never really wanted to farm, I do spend a great deal of time being nostalgic about my bucolic days in the country. At any rate, even though I refuse to have anything to do with cows (with the exception of eating them), I do at times return to the soil and grow a mess of vegetables.Unfortunately, living in a gentrified urban area means that our small garden plot suffers from the usual ills of a former-ghetto environment -- do shards of glass count as clay, sand, or loam? Which i [...]

    20. This is a very good book for anyone who wants to grow a market garden, even if there is little open ground to do so. By creating squares divided into specific grids, the author provides an easy guideline for would-be gardeners, who want results without too much work. For me, I found his chapters nicely laid out with tidbits on pests, water, soil, and structures. While I don't use too much square footing as I have plenty garden space, I've seen it in action at a neighborhood open garden, where ea [...]

    21. In my small yard a good principle. I apply to the Ronco school of gardening--you know set it and forget it. That's right, I plant my seeds, let the sprinklers and sun do their thing and pray that I'll get more that 4 tomatoes.

    22. Very thorough, simple explanation of how to garden with no weeds, wasted space and water, or expensive equipment, from building the boxes, to using the right dirt, to when to plant things and how much space to give them. There are‚Äč even explanations for how to adapt the boxes for various needs, whether it's adding vertical trellises for vine plants, making covers for shade or snow, being able to garden while in a wheelchair or on your balcony railing, etc. The only cons were the repetition of [...]

    23. Overall had lots of good information. The author is a bit eccentric and could have shortened the book a bit by not adding so much fluff. It was nice to know how one can pack lots of crops in a small space and this book does that.

    24. could have been shorter if homeboy didn't spend so much time bragging and making fun of old school gardeners

    25. I agree with many other reviewers. 5 stars for gardening content, far less for writing style. Mel Bartholomew is extremely repetitive and the majority of the book feels like an infomercial. Stop selling and bragging, just explain the process!While the writing was frustrating, my wife and I are extremely to start our garden this summer using his process.

    26. I may like the book even better once I actually get a chance to use it the technique. I will probably buy it for reference since it had some good information. It had really good content and ideas, but there were a few details that rubbed me the wrong way.A major thing that was irritating about reading through it: It read like a commercial. He was constantly patting himself on the back and saying how great the method was, different and better and easier than the way everybody else has always done [...]

    27. Not a bad idea for a new gardener to read, if they can make it through.This book takes some solid gardening concepts, ones which would help with a low-effort raised bed garden, and proceeds to beat the reader about the head with them. Here are a few of the main points: create a raised bed and fill it with a certain soil mix (an even blend of composts, vermiculite, and peat moss). Plant and tend each square foot separately (instead of planting in rows). Make use of vertical space with a trellis. [...]

    28. I first heard about this gardening method either watching the church's annual general report or seeing a link to it on the LDS website. It was highlighted in a story about teaching poor people in third world countries or in big cities with tiny plots of growing space to start gardens. The church would go in to teach and most of the time they used this method. I was intrigued so I bought the book.We always had a garden growing up and all I remember is LOTS AND LOTS OF WEEDING and never having lot [...]

    29. Incredibly annoying home-shopping-channel-esque tone made it difficult to get through this book. However, the actual material was very useful. If I rate to reflect the knowledge gained from the book, it would be a four or a five. If I rate the writing style I would give it a one. Sheesh, Mel, I already bought the book, why do you have to sell me the method at the beginning of every section? Highly obnoxious! Still, we are adhering pretty strictly to this book's guidance in setting up our garden [...]

    30. Frankly, I'm having a hard time remembering why I thought so highly of this book years ago. While there are some good charts and diagrams, the basic concept isn't all that (pardon the pun) ground-breaking. I remember my mother doing this stuff back in the early 70s. I never thought much about it then because she had a green thumb all the way to her shoulder and had all different kinds of gardening set-ups in our yard and over the years. The reason for my lowering my rating for the book, however, [...]

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