Little Rat Rides Little Rat can t wait to ride a horse just like her daddy did when he was young But when it s time for her first lesson she almost changes her mind No one said her horse Pee Wee would be so giant

  • Title: Little Rat Rides
  • Author: Monika Bang-Campbell Molly Bang
  • ISBN: 9780152046675
  • Page: 428
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Little Rat can t wait to ride a horse, just like her daddy did when he was young But when it s time for her first lesson, she almost changes her mind No one said her horse, Pee Wee, would be so giant But with a bit of encouragement from Daddy Rat and lots of help from Pee Wee her dream of becoming a fancy rider might just come true.

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      428 Monika Bang-Campbell Molly Bang
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    One thought on “Little Rat Rides”

    1. 1. Little Rate dreams of riding horses like her dad did when he was younger. Little Rat finally gets the opportunity to ride a horse named Pee Wee, but Little Rat is very scared because he is so big. Little Rat befriends Pee Wee and rides him. She likes it. Then one day Pee Wee gets spooked by a cat and Little Rat gets slung off the saddle. She was so very scared, but the instructor encouraged Little Rat to ride again, so she did. Little Rat and Pee Wee get to participate in the 4th of July hors [...]

    2. This was an inspiring little story about Little Rat overcoming her fear of riding horses. After seeing a picture of Daddy Rat riding a horse, Little Rat decides that she wants to do that too. So Daddy Rate takes her to Clodhopper Farm, so she can ride. After seeing the animals Little Rat thinks "maybe this is not a good idea." After a few incidents (getting thrown off, hurting her foot, having to clean the stall) Little Rat is scared and does not want to ride anymore. Then by the end of the book [...]

    3. A sweet beginning chapter book that may capture the interest of horse lovers, animal lovers, or timid children who could use some mild-mannered encouragement. First in a series.

    4. Little Rat Rides is one book in the series of Little Rat books. I have to say although I think this book is fairly cute and well written for an easy reader, I did not think it was anything special or worth noting. I would not choose this book to promote in a classroom or read aloud, but I can definitely see it as being a beneficial book to have around a classroom for free reading time practice. I did find it a little odd that throughout this book all the characters were animals, yet some were ab [...]

    5. I was eager to read this book about Little Rat after reading ‘Little Rat Sets Sail.’  This book picked up right where the other one left off, Little Rat was once again tackling something she was very scared to do at first.  Little Rat saw a picture of her father on a horse and she wanted to feel big and proud like he did.  When she got to the stables, she was scared to death because her horse Pee Wee was so much bigger than she was and, she thought he would be big and mean.  Once she rod [...]

    6. Little Rat longed to ride a horse like her dad did in the Fourth of July parade. Her dreams came true whenever she went for her first lesson, however it wasn't what she expected. There were farm animals that weren't as welcoming as her instructor and that made Little Rat very nervous. Also, her horse, Pee Wee, was a lot taller than she had imagined. Nothing was working out and Little Rat was very discouraged, but she put her fears aside and made the best of the situation. She got on Pee Wee and [...]

    7. Little rat has decided that she wants to be just like her daddy and ride a horse, which is a quite a task since she is so small. Her and PeeWee, the horse, start off rocky but PeeWee is a sweet heart and eventually Little Rat learns that PeeWee means no harm, even when he accidentally steps on Little Rat's foot. Throughout the practice Little Rat gains confidence and begins to do really well. She overcomes the bully that has been bothering her since the beginning. Little Rat does a great job at [...]

    8. Little rat rides, what a great story for children. This book is a little bit more in length, however it is an easy read for young children and visually moving. I loved the illustrations in this book and thought that there were very complimentary to the story. They use great color to make them prominent on the page, they are also well drawn to help kids appreciate them more. This is the story of a young rat, Little Rat, who wants to ride a horse in the 4th of July show like his father before him. [...]

    9. Another outing in which Little Rat overcomes her fears of something that starts out a little bit scary - this time horseback riding, this is aimed at readers who have already achieved some fluency. There are chapters and the text spacing is normal although there's still plenty of white space. I really like that Little Rat does just all right at the horse show - too often the road to success seems to come effortlessly in fiction. The biggest problem for me lays in this sentence: "She [Little Rat] [...]

    10. Little Rat Rides is a wonderful story about a little rat who wants to ride a horse just like her daddy did. Her daddy takes her to Clodhopper Farm to see Mrs. Mugpie who has a horse ready for Little Rat to ride. His name is Pee Wee. At first she was very scared to ride Pee Wee because he was so big. She finally got over her fear and got on Pee Wees back and started learning how to ride a horse. Pee Wee was used to new riders and was very gentle with them. He did get scared by the barn cat and it [...]

    11. Little Rat Rides is intended for a young audience, maybe 2nd or 3rd graders who are fairly advanced readers. One day, Little Rat decides to ride a horse. Little Rat is tiny compared to the horse, but she is bound and determined to ride that horse. The horse seems to be a softie at heart, but the size of the horse in intimidating. Also, there were a few instances where Little Rat found herself in trouble. One day the horse rode off with her and another time the horse accidently stepped on her foo [...]

    12. Little Rat Rides by Monika Bang-Campbell, and illustrated by Molly Bang is a great book for young readers who want to start reading simple "chapter books." The text is simple and printed in big font for a young reader to follow along and understand the story, and the illustrations are wonderful examples to further explain the storyline. The bright colors used in the illustrations make the story about Little Rat more interesting, as her ventures to ride a horse just like her father did. Each chap [...]

    13. I like the theme that keeps coming up in this series: overcoming fear. Both "Little Rat" books we have read so far have helped my young children learn about not being afraid of new things.

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