A Small Miracle Happened Dan accepts an interesting new job only to discover after he moves that he s the only Jewish gay man in a small Midwestern town On the first night of Hanukkah he s a bit homesick and very lonely The

  • Title: A Small Miracle Happened
  • Author: Mari Donne
  • ISBN: 9781623006372
  • Page: 150
  • Format: ebook
  • Dan accepts an interesting new job, only to discover after he moves that he s the only Jewish gay man in a small Midwestern town On the first night of Hanukkah, he s a bit homesick and very lonely Then the mailman delivers a box containing his menorah to the wrong house.Chris sees that misdirected package as an excuse to knock on his attractive new neighbor s door He doDan accepts an interesting new job, only to discover after he moves that he s the only Jewish gay man in a small Midwestern town On the first night of Hanukkah, he s a bit homesick and very lonely Then the mailman delivers a box containing his menorah to the wrong house.Chris sees that misdirected package as an excuse to knock on his attractive new neighbor s door He doesn t know a thing about Judaism, but he s willing to learn, especially if it means becoming better acquainted with Dan.Eager for company, Dan explains the meaning of the menorah and introduces Chris to less traditional amusements like a game of strip dreidel Soon they are celebrating long into the nights with sweet, sexy fun As Dan and Chris light a new flame each night, what started as a playful fling deepens into passion that promises to outlast the eight days of the holiday.

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    One thought on “A Small Miracle Happened”

    1. 4.5A fantastic holiday story. Dan just moved to a small town and being far away from friends and family was going to be celebrating Hanukkah by himself. The menorah his grandmother sent to him ends up at the wrong address and Dan's neighbour, Chris, brings it over. The men have never met before and they begin a flirty relationship over the 8 days of Hanukkah as Dan explains the history behind the holiday. I really loved this story. It was sweet but there's an underlying strength beneath each cha [...]

    2. 3.5 starsThis is a nice story about celebrating holidays -- and differences -- with stranger-turned-lover and family. The detailed into eight days of Hanukkah and what Dan and Chris were doing to fill them in was quite fun (my favorite was the strip dreidel!). So yeah, they fell in love in 8 days (kinda too fast, but it's holiday season, I'm forgiving :p) and the epilogue was sweet. It did take awhile for me to warm up to these guys. I felt like the writing style felt a bit 'dry' for me to enjoy [...]

    3. 3.5A very enjoyable holiday story. Nothing over the top and no angst, just two lonely guys who meet when they both need it and develop a friendship and more over the 8 days of Hanukkah.

    4. Christmas has been called a time of miracles, and many movies and books exist to "document" some people's belief in its power. But sometimes it isn’t Christmas that causes the miracle. It can be the small things in life that make a difference, just like a tiny pebble thrown into a lake can cause ripples all over its surface. This story is a perfect illustration of a seemingly insignificant event, the incorrect delivery of a package, causing a positive change in two men's lives. Yes, it happens [...]

    5. 3.75*This is a sweet and simple romance. Two nice guys, alone during the holidays, although for very different reasons.Dan has moved away from his close-knit family for work and Chris isn't welcome when his other relatives are around, since his being gay could cause stress.They spend the eight nights of Hanukkah together. I loved how Chris is so open and eager to learn about the Jewish meals and traditions and how Dan picks up on little things that are special to Chris, even on such short acquai [...]

    6. Dan is all alone for Hanukkah until the package containing the Menorah sent by his grand-mother is delivered to the wrong address and so enter Chris in his life. It wasn't an earth shattering story, I liked how it celebrated a holiday I'm not too familiar with by making the reader discover it through Chris' eyes. As a romance, it's sweet, but there isn't any sighing forever moment; you can sense though that it is the beginning of a solid couple. I really liked the writing, the words are very wel [...]

    7. I loved this book. need more? OK. I can understand that. You know how some books just resonate with you? A Small Miracle Happened by Mari Donne is one of those for me. It is a beautiful story of two men from different backgrounds and faiths that happen to meet because of a package delivered to the wrong address. The story that follows is one that really captured my heart.Dan has just moved to a small town where there is not a Jewish community and he does not know very many people other than his [...]

    8. 3.5 stars.A Small Miracle Happened by Mari Donne – B- This is a short sweet and sometimes sexy novella set mainly over the 8 nights of Hanukkah 2013. Dan is a Jewish man (although he doesn’t keep kosher, it is nevertheless part of his heritage) in a new town over Hanukkah. His neighbour Chris (short for Christian – guess what religion he is?) comes over when a package from Dan’s grandmother containing a menorah and other Hanukkah goodies is delivered to Chris’ place by mistake. They st [...]

    9. A romantic story of the MCs finding each other and pretty much began the first day of the rest of their lives.I felt the writing style was similar to . However, with the constrain of Hanukkah period, the characters wasn't get much development over eight days. But we did get hints, implications and various bits and bobs to see why Chris was how he was in the book. While Dan came from a happier household.The dynamics and basic principle of the characters felt similar to , with the bigger guy from [...]

    10. I really really enjoyed this holiday story! Dan and Chris are neighbors in a sterile and boring townhouse development - both having moved there for new jobs. Dan has noticed Chris and his rainbow flag acting as a curtain and he was by far the most interesting and colorful thing in the drab neighborhood. When Chris rings his doorbell and holds out the package from Dan's grandmother, he's so happy he invites him inside and opens the box. Inside are his favorite menorah and dreidel and some Hanukka [...]

    11. There is no doubt when it comes to me, I completely love Christmas! With a passion, but that one thing that my parents did do was raise me where you are open to everything. Well when the chance came to read this book, the fact that it is about a Jewish holiday didn’t make me not want to read it! And now after reading it, I couldn’t be happier that I did read it!I love the fact that Dan was willing to teach Chris about Hanukkah, and throughout his teaching we were able to learn more about the [...]

    12. This review was originally written for Joyfully Jay Reviews.Read Melanie's review in it's entirety here.4.5 starsA Small Miracle Happened by Mari Donne is a lovely, warmhearted romance set against the backdrop of the Jewish holiday, Hanukkah. Two young men, one Christian (literally) and one Jewish, have recently moved into neighboring condos. Dan and Chris are people out of place in this homogeneous Midwestern town, one by religion and both by their sexuality. The author employs the much used pl [...]

    13. A lovely, lovely story about Chris, a gentle man, whose family had not accepted his sexual orientation, and Dan, a fun and outgoing man, who had just moved into the neighborhood at the start of Hanukkah. A wrongly delivered package ending up on Chris's door instead of Dan's was the miracle that started an important relationship for them both. I loved how the two of them were different but how those differences complimented each other. Chris was such a wonderful man with a huge heart. I loved how [...]

    14. Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5Mari Donne delivers a charming, funny romance that happens during Hanukkah. Two men meet, find friendship and perhaps something more lasting during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. The story gently combines the celebration of this religious holiday and a slow building romance with realism, humor and affection. Lovely story. For my full review, visit wp/p220KL-1QwFor all my reviews and ScatteredThoughtsandRogueWords Best Books and Covers of 2013, visit scatteredthoughtsan [...]

    15. Read on 12-8-133.5 StarsWhile I liked this, I felt like the conversation was too formal at times. Maybe that was just me? I really liked Chris and Dan (and Dan's parents and sister). I loved when Dan's mom talked with Chris. I liked how Chris learned about Hanukkah and made it special for Dan when he couldn't be around his family. That right there made my heart happy. This one made me feel warm and fuzzy :)

    16. (4.5/5) This is beautiful. A story about interfaith relationship between a Jewish man and a Gentile man celebrating Hanukkah together in a shitty neighborhood. I imagined Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Dan and Sam Claffin as Chris and they looked hot in my head lol. The only thing I considered a con is that they reached the level of intimacy a little too soon--like, the first night they met? It was a bit unrealistic IMO.

    17. This book was just an okay read for me. After the second chapter I had to look to see how many chapters there were as I was bored already. It's always interesting to read about a different culture so learning more about Hanukkah was great. I just didn't connect with the guys and I was surprised how much sex in was in this novella and it wasn't hot.

    18. I just really liked this book! I enjoy Mari Donne's writing! This was a simple story but since I know NOTHING about Hanukkah, it was very educational and I loved learning about it through this book! Dan and Chris were lovely and suited each other and the epilogue was perfect! I do love those epilogues! I enjoyed reading this! :)

    19. I kinda liked this story because I find it a bit educational. Yeah, we learn a lot from books aye? I’m not sure how factual it was but who cares? It’s easy and romantic enough but I find it a bit rushed although given the premise, I didn’t see anything for the author to play with the story more.Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

    20. Really quite charming. Probably closer to 4.5 stars for me, tbh. Definitely added to my reread list of holiday novellas, and my reread list of holiday novellas is one of my favorite things. (Note: I live pretty far north and winter settling in is DEPRESSING. Stories like A Small Miracle Happened help keep me going.)

    21. Very sweet Hanukkah story. Some Favorite Quotes: The past three days felt stolen, as if he'd fallen out of the normal time stream."If I'm flipping the bird to that much of Leviticus, I might as well enjoy pork too."Surely it was a relationship if you slept together without fucking first?"His eyes were made to look at you."

    22. Started this this morning before work. Just finished. Glad I didn't get caught. Could not stop reading. Beautiful, beautiful story. The last chapter had me tucking my head away so co-workers couldn't see the tears.

    23. I don't know a thing about Hanukkah, so as well as being incredibly sweet, this story was educational for me too.I really liked how things were explained without being overwhelming and both guys were lovely, as was Dan's family.

    24. I thought this was a very sweet holiday, Hanukkah story. I really liked the characters and their instant connection to each other. I felt like there was a lot of story and character development in this novella, and I really enjoyed reading this one.

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