Locomotives in Winter Hunter a high school senior finds himself with no place to go and ends up sharing a bed with the friend and classmate he once had abandoned Brandon who has been in love with Hunter since ninth grad

  • Title: Locomotives in Winter
  • Author: Luke Hartwell
  • ISBN: 9781494229405
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hunter, a high school senior, finds himself with no place to go and ends up sharing a bed with the friend and classmate he once had abandoned Brandon, who has been in love with Hunter since ninth grade, finds having Hunter in his bed every night leads to some surprises After graduating, the two boys part Years later Brandon receives an unexpected call from Hunter, who hHunter, a high school senior, finds himself with no place to go and ends up sharing a bed with the friend and classmate he once had abandoned Brandon, who has been in love with Hunter since ninth grade, finds having Hunter in his bed every night leads to some surprises After graduating, the two boys part Years later Brandon receives an unexpected call from Hunter, who has been married twice and has a son Now, he s come to realize Brandon was always the love of his life Hartwell charts the lives of not only Brandon and Hunter but their friends Case, Jorge, and Scott, as well Readers also come to know Hunter s son, Ben, and Case s son, Taylor, who are best friends Locomotives in Winter is an intimate, sexy novel as well as an oddly literate novel with its title taken from a Whitman poem for readers looking to read something a bit out of the ordinary.

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    One thought on “Locomotives in Winter”

    1. Foreword:WTF have I just read?!One part of me try to understand and find an explanation and the other part is speechlessI am torn between my obsession for the writing style of Luke Hartwell and his ingenious skills to piss me off turn the story in a totally WRONG direction. This book deserves every possibly existing rating: from 1 to 5 stars. And it is not something totally unexpected about the books of this author. THE WRITING.It is unique in style and voice. It is intimate and erotic. It is of [...]

    2. I must say after reading Atom Heart John Beloved I was a bit disappointed by this book from the inimitable Luke Hartwell. OK so look away, a few spoilers ahead. The story started off pretty much like you'd expect a Hartwell novel to, with the gay guy straight guy crush.Both Brandon and Hunter are heartbreakingly beautiful and vulnerable and you feel an instant connection with both. Fast forward like ten or eleven years???? I felt robbed! MAJOR plot twist over the phone?! WTH? One of Hartwell's m [...]

    3. 2.5 starsMIGHT BE SPOILERISH--READ AT YOUR OWN RISKAfter reading Atom Heart and Nathan's Story, I was so looking forward to reading this book.I liked how the author incorporated angst done right with flawed characters and still made them redeemable. Unfortunately this book was a let down for me. The way I read this book it seemed to be divided into three parts. The first part was awesome: slow-building romance, geeky guy falls for the jock who is straight, they start experimenting and then thing [...]

    4. I'm thinking :DLuke Hartwell is an exceptional writer. But you don't always get what you expect , or what you want. This is a story about the transience ( is that a word??) Of love. In a way, I understand this. Love can seem like madness, completely taking over your mind. Then when it's over, you wonder what on Earth it was all about. But I must admit I craved a HEA for the childhood friends turned lovers. I got confused by the endless sexual partners , and discarding of characters. They all irr [...]

    5. I enjoy Luke Hartwell's books because they are usually different, insightful, and thought provoking. So I was a bit disappointed with this story in that regard. There was a ton of sex in this book and it reminded me a bit of The Back Passage where everyone's ass was up for grabs. The sex was hot, I can't lie, but it was also disturbing.I wish the author had used contractions more. It was very difficult and stilted reading the dialogue when contractions weren't used consistently.I don't know if I [...]

    6. This book wasodd. I really cannot make my mind up about it. Some parts I enjoyed (especially the beginning when the characters were in high school) but the plot seemed to veer about a lot and I wasn't particularly taken with the characters.Overall it was an interesting read but I was unmoved throughout most of the story and the characters never really came alive on the page for me.Full review to follow

    7. This is the story of Brandon who has known he was gay since he was thirteen. He grew up not knowing many friends until one day he gets paired with Hunter, who he thinks is really cute. As time goes by Hunter and Brandon become friends and they start hanging out all the time. They get along famously until Hunter finds out that Brandon is gay and is in love with Hunter. It isn't until senior year when Hunter gets kicked out of his house and has nowhere else to go he comes back to Brandon and ends [...]

    8. I love each of Hartwell's books for different reasons, but the writing style is always a reason I like them, and this book is no exception. The story is told mostly through dialogue, like some of Hemingway's books. Among the cast of characters, I really enjoyed the chapters on Taylor, the kid who grows up to be a famous athlete. Hartwell really does some brave things with that character, and I loved every sweet but controversial line. One thing I've noticed about Hartwell is he almost never port [...]

    9. This was such an odd book. I didn't get it. The dialogue between the characters was stiff and I kept thinking that real people just don't talk this way. The endless discussions about sex and constant sexual trysts didn't seem to serve any purpose. I kept reading wondering what the end game was and realized there wasn't one! I did like Hartwell's book Atom Heart John Beloved, but this one was a disappointment.

    10. Although all of Hartwell's stories and novels are very different from each other, they each have Hartwell's style. This one is probably Hartwell's most contemplative book and at the same time his most sex-themed book. Not sure how he pulled that off. Maybe because it's longer than the others he had more pages to explore both body and soul. I love it.

    11. 3.75I really liked some of the characters and hated others. I really liked the writing style and found it very interesting. But a few of my favorite characters were just dumped from the story line 3/4th's through the book.

    12. This was a very unusual read. It was a good book but definitely had a character make-up that was not the typical high school romance that spans over 15 or so years.

    13. Hmm not sure about this It's unlike any book I've read & I'm still trying to decide if I enjoyed it or not?Hunter made me mad A LOT! I liked him but then I wanted to slap him soooooo hard too Brandon, I felt the same, one moment loving him & the next wanting to shake him?Ben & Taylor were good characters, I was holding out hope for them both but then that also went another route To sum up you thought you were going to read one thing but ending up with something completely different?B [...]

    14. I love Luke Hartwell's writing. Atom Heart John Beloved and Nathan's Story were amazing, and I was convinced I would love this book just as much. But the storyline was not at all what I expected. Hunter was a highly unlikable character, and I couldn't understand why Brandon would agree to his "arrangements".I will definitely revisit John and Nathan's stories, but I don't think I will ever reach for this book again.

    15. My friend Louis Stevens recommended this book to me. this is a coming of age book story for the main character Brandon. He hears from his high school sweetheart Hunter after many years. Hunter takes Brandon on a sexual journey one that Brandon enjoyed until he came to his senses. A good coming to age story. I enjoyed it very much.

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