Raintree Inferno It s Time to Discover the Raintree TrilogyTwo hundred years after the Raintree clan defeated them the Ansara wizards are rising again to take on their bitterest foes As king it s up to Dante Raintre

  • Title: Raintree: Inferno
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: 9780373617623
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • It s Time to Discover the Raintree TrilogyTwo hundred years after the Raintree clan defeated them, the Ansara wizards are rising again to take on their bitterest foes As king, it s up to Dante Raintree to protect his clan, but his heart and maybe his loyalties may be fatally divided when Lorna Clay walks into his life Suddenly fire, always his to control, defeats himIt s Time to Discover the Raintree TrilogyTwo hundred years after the Raintree clan defeated them, the Ansara wizards are rising again to take on their bitterest foes As king, it s up to Dante Raintree to protect his clan, but his heart and maybe his loyalties may be fatally divided when Lorna Clay walks into his life Suddenly fire, always his to control, defeats him, taking with it his livelihood Unsure whether Lorna is to blame yet unable to walk away from her, Dante faces the fight of his lifetime, a fight even his strength and that of the Raintree clan may not be enough to win.

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      393 Linda Howard
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    One thought on “Raintree: Inferno”

    1. Nope. Can't do. I thought that maybe after the "brain-rape" the hero will somehow redeem himself, but instead when confronted by the heroine, he just laughs it off. And if that isn't enough, he forcibly removes her clothes. I feel violated and I'm only reading this. DNF @ 35%

    2. Disclaimer: I tried. I really tried to be unbiased about this book, despite the negative reviews I've seen on all sides. I'm sure it effected me anyway, no matter open-minded I tried to be.I did like one thing: that cover is pretty cool.Dante Raintree is the Dranir of the Raintree clan, a magically group of people at war with the Ansara, their rivals. Dante owns a casino called Inferno (which I thought was clever, but I'm a geek like that). And he thinks he has a problem with a woman stealing fr [...]

    3. Linda Howard returns to category with this the first installment to the Raintree Trilogy written by herself, Linda Winstead Jones, & Beverly Barton.I actually kinda liked this one. At least I liked it better than some of her latest books. Published by Silhouette Nocturne, it's all paranormal and that combined with the fact LH is one of my all time favorite comfort reads, made this book far more likable for me than if it had been written by another author.I really liked Dante the hero's paran [...]

    4. *spoiler free review*I first read this book in French years ago. This trilogy is written by 3 different authors, a thing I usually don't like. But as there is only three books and one of the authors is Linda Howard, one of my favorite author, I gave it a go.I really enjoyed Dante and Lorna. Dante is our typical Linda Howard hero: Alpha super hottie with jerkish tendencies. Lorna is no push over so they are a good match. Although their relationship is hot and fast paced some parts of the book wer [...]

    5. I always love Linda Howard's writing style because it's easy to read and definitely entertaining. This was one of her books that hooked me from the beginning. But cliffhanger!!! I had never thought there was a cliffhanger at the end!

    6. sebenarnya udah bisa diduga saya ga cocok baca contemporary romance + paranormal romance - pertama, karena romance kontemporer kebanyakan seperti mary sue, ceritanya cukup sekian dan terima kasih, do all women only read harlequin for the sex? O_o kedua, paranormal romance lebih mengutamakan sisi romance-nya daripada paranormal-nya, masih mending kalau cowonya cuma satu (jadi keselnya cuma karena cara penulis terlalu lebay deskripsi ttg romance-nya, nah ada juga kan yg cewenya dijadikan rebutan 2 [...]

    7. First of a trilogy each written by a different romance writer. Each story centers around one of the members of the Raintree royal family. The Raintree clan is a group of people with supernatural powers (which are strongest in the royals). In this book, the eldest Raintree royal - Dante, who has power over fire, owns a Reno Casino and has just caught someone he thinks is stealing. Lorna Clay is this person - and she may have her own psychic powers, but she is strangely unable to fully acknowledge [...]

    8. I was so desperate to read fresh LH material that I actually purchased this trilogy!! Overall I was pleasantly surprised by it, only book that let me down was the third one: Sanctuary. I liked Inferno but it just felt incomplete and didn't delve enough into the main charactersI'm used to LH really fleshing out her characters I guess. I liked Dante and Lorna, loved their conversational exchanges and how they got into each otherI didn't think Dante was as controlling lead me to believe, after all [...]

    9. Vayy arkadaş kitap nasıl bitti yaaaa son yazısını görünce sapıttım birden :S Neyse Haziranı bekliycez artık devamı için :(Yazar Linda olunca ne yazsa bayılarak okurum bu kitap da öyle oldu Lorna sağolsun güldürdü beni bazı yerlerde baya :D Bu arada Raintree erkeklerinin isimlerine bayıldığımı da söylemeden geçemeyeceğim :D Dante'yi okuduk sıra Gideon da hadi bakalım :D

    10. Raintree: Inferno is the first in the Raintree series by 3 different authors. I purchased this book as a 3 in 1 novel and was glad I did, as the ending was a cliff-hanger and I was eager to read more. I was surprised at first to learn that these trilogies were written by different authors and was a little put off by that. However, now having read all three, I can understand how each author created their own character but also stayed true to the plot.The modern Raintree people are descendants of [...]

    11. Harlequin Türkiye'nin Mayıs ayından itibaren yayınlamaya başladığı bir Mystery serisinden Raintree Serisi'nin ilk kitabı CehennemÇok ilginç ve serinin her kitabı başka bir yazar tarafından yazılmış bir seri buSerinin ilk kitabını en sevdiğim yazarlardan olan Linda Howard yazmışİyi bir çeviri ile bu yazatın neredeyse her kitabını okurum dediğim bir yazarRaintree Serisi Fantastik Paranormal Romance türünde bir seriLinda Howard'ın alanı kısaca.Kitabı okurken yine y [...]

    12. As the first novel in a trilogy, I found Raintree: Inferno by Linda Howard to be a weak start. It was a short, quick read, but I find myself lacking things to say about it, which is a sign of its banality. The plot didn’t hold my interest, and I found the characters rather flat. The controlling nature of the main male character irked me to no end. The romantic aspect of the novel seemed forced and unrealistic to me, mainly because of the male character, as I could not see how the female charac [...]

    13. Hey this one was pretty good! I didn't realize until the end that it was a "continuing" story (I was wondering how Howard was going to wrap it up so quickly; now I know) The story line was good, and I really like her "Raintree" world very unique! I've quit investing in just "ok" series, but I think I'll give this one a shot, it has quite a bit more potential then any of the other series I've tried lately.

    14. What?! I cannot believe how this ended. That was totally not an ending. But it got the job done and really wanting the read the rest of this trilogy. A great book that kept me interested and turning pages. Great creativity, imagination, characters, personalities, suspense, a little action, steaminess, and a gripping if somewhat cut short ending. Great for anytime. Enjoy!

    15. Exciting, sexy, and entertaining! I loved both of the main characters and the world that’s been created for this series. It’s intriguing and well done.My only complaint is that there is a HUGE cliff-hanger at the end. I prefer my books neatly wrapped up, even if they are intended to be a series.

    16. Well, that sucks. Here I am, trying to read down this mountain and at the same time attend to that stash of numbered romances I'd picked up for varying reasons and I pull out one that's so interesting that I feel the need to hunt down the other 3. This is the opposite direction of reading down; this is adding to. (mutter)Oh, it had its issuesOur H, powerful fire mage or whatever, runs a casino. A suspiciously successful player is spotted and dragged into his office. The h - gifted in ways she's [...]

    17. Rating: 3.5/5Heat Rating: 3/5Narrator Performance: Female: 4/5 - Male: 4/5While I enjoyed the story I wasn't expecting it to end on a cliffhanger. Not a bad one but not knowing it was coming bugged me a bit. More to come

    18. Great read. Looking forward to sequel. Gideon & lighting sounds intriguing. What will heroine be like? Mercy & Eve all special. Who is jaqual?

    19. Opinião dos três volumes: cronicasdeumaleitora.A série Raintree conta com três livros cada um escrito por uma escritora diferente. No entanto contam a história dos três irmãos Raintree.Sendo o primeiro o de Dante Raintree, escrito pela Linda Howard.Dante, tal como os irmãos, possui o dom orientando então o fogo, o seu elemento. Dono de um Casino muito conhecido chamado Inferno, e de onde ele gere os negócios da pequena família Raintree. Mas, alguém anda a ganhar demasiado dinheiro no [...]

    20. Not bad lah untuk cerita paranormal romanceandainya karakter dante dan lorna lebih dikembangkan,gak cuma membahas daya tarik antara dante dan lorna saja,mungkin buku ini akan lebih "greget"

    21. Oha ve yuh demek istiyorum orda biter mi ya? neyse ya merakımı gidermek için diger kitabı bulsam iyi olacak ;)Şimcik bu kitap hakkında bir şey söylemeden önce kapağını ne kadar çok beğendiğimi ifade etmek istiyorum.Düşünüyorum da içinde İnferno,Dante,ateş olan şeylere karşı zaafım var galiba. Hele bu kapağı ve 1-2 yorumu gördükden sonra ani bir kararla kitaba başlamam bunun doğru olduğunu gösteriyor.İyi ki de başlamışım çok hoşuma gitti.Karakterler sonra [...]

    22. illekitap/2013/05Üç farklı yazarın kaleminden çıkan "Raintree Serisi"nin ilk kitabı "Cehennem" İlk kitabı Linda Howard yazmış ve resmen kalemini döktürmüş Ne muhteşemdi amaYazarın kalemini zaten seviyordum, akıcı sürükleyici ve merak uyandırıcı yazıyor ki bu kitabında da öyle ve elinden bırakmak imkansız. Hani ertesi gün kalkıp işe gitmeyecek olsam dün sabahlar bitirirdim kitabı o derecede kaptırmıştım kendimiKonusu çok akıcı ve merak uyandırıcıydı. O [...]

    23. Our review can also be read at:gonepecanla.wordpress/2011Two hundred years after the Raintree clan defeated and abandoned them on a small Caribbean Island; the Ansara wizards are rising again to take on their bitterest foes. Despite their extraordinary powers and supernatural origin, the Raintree have largely blended into the modern world. They are bankers, cops, husbands, wives and lovers in the society of humankind. But now, from Nevada to North Carolina, the rejoined battle will measure the e [...]

    24. Salah satu nasihat yang paling sering disampaikan orang tua saat saya masih kecil adalah "Api, kecil jadi teman, besar jadi lawan." Buat Dante Raintree api adalah hidupnya. Ia punya kemampuan supranatural untuk mengendalikan api. Tapi kemampuan itu sepertinya kurang berguna saat kasinonya terbakar di hari pertama ia bertemu dengan Lorna Clay. Pertemuan yang membuat Lorna marah besar. Kenapa? Karena ia dikawal ketat oleh seorang petugas keamanan sekaligus orang kepercayaan si pemilik kasino yang [...]

    25. Bintang 5Raintree #1: InfernoJudul buku ini ditujukan pada kekuatan dominan Dante sang pemimpin (Dranir) klan Raintree. Mengisahkan penyanderaan yg berakhir dengan jatuh cinta. Dituduh bermain curang dalam sebuah kasino, terperangkap dalam kobaran api, perasaan takut Lorna pada Dante, gairah dan rasa curiga Dante terhadap Lorna yg dianggap memiliki keistimewaan yg berasal dari klan Ansara musuh bebuyutan klan Raintree. Kemudian diketahui kalau Lorna tak ada kaitan sama sekali dengan Ansara denga [...]

    26. Bu yorum aynı zamanda Romancekolikte yayınlanmıştır. Harlequin'in Mystery serisine başladığına en çok sevinenlerden biri de benim sanırım. Seriye okuduğum yorumlara dayanarak bittikten sonra başlama kararı aldım ve bu kararımdan oldukça memnun olmuş bulunuyorum. Kitap öyle bir yerde bitti ki, gel de çık işin içinden!Seriye özellikle severek okuduğum bir yazardan başlamak ise güzel oldu. Daha önce paranormal öğeleri çok hafif olan Linda kitapları okumuştum ama fa [...]

    27. Orijinali Kitap Esintisi adresinde.Linda Howard benim favori yazarlarımdan biri, ne yazsa okurum diyebilirim. Bu sefer üç kitaplık bir serinin ilk kitabını bu usta ellere teslim etmişler. Dante ve Lorna'nın ilişkilerinin anlatıldığı bu ilk Raintree kitabı seri için güzel bir başlangıç. Tek sorun kitabın sonu, oraya geleceğim az sonra.Raintree mistik güçleri olan bir klan ve ezeli düşmanları da onlara çok benzeyen ama güçlerini kötü bir amaç uğruna kullanan Ansara [...]

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