Sweet Filthy Boy One night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient or wickedly persuasive or regrettable They aren t supposed to be with someone like him But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her col

  • Title: Sweet Filthy Boy
  • Author: Christina Lauren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • One night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable They aren t supposed to be with someone like him.But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop out Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life follow Ansel Guillaume her sweet, filthy fling toOne night stands are supposed to be with someone convenient, or wickedly persuasive, or regrettable They aren t supposed to be with someone like him.But after a crazy Vegas weekend celebrating her college graduation and terrified of the future path she knows is a cop out Mia Holland makes the wildest decision of her life follow Ansel Guillaume her sweet, filthy fling to France for the summer and just play.When feelings begin to develop behind the provocative roles they take on, and their temporary masquerade adventures begin to feel real, Mia will have to decide if she belongs in the life she left because it was all wrong, or in the strange new one that seems worlds away.

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    One thought on “Sweet Filthy Boy”

    1. 4.5 Stars!!!Sweet Filthy Boy was one of those books that sucked me in from the very beginning. Sweet, sexy and hilarious, it was a real winner in my book! I love books that make me laugh, have heroines I actually like, and boys that make me swoon. This book had all three of those elements. Mia Holland is a recent college graduate. She has one weekend. One weekend to let loose, be free before the responsibilities her father has placed on her go in to effect. She’s expected to go to business sch [...]

    2. See my full review at Sinfully Sexy 4.5 "Sweet & Filthy" Stars!“What we know is the unrequited possibility, the temptation of the idea. The make-believe. The adventure. But when you choose the adventure, it becomes real life.” ~Mia HollandSweet Filthy Boy is my first book by the writing duo known as Christina Lauren. I know. I know.Holy shitty, shitright??? I am experiencing a bit of shock with respect to that fact myself. I mean, these authors write funny, sweet, charming and fantastica [...]

    3. hey did you know that every time a review includes a coughsmolderingcough image of the novel's hero & heroine, images of vacuously pretty models or ostentatiously pretty celebrities from Us magazine or various other perfectly pretty sticks of margarine that every time a reviewer does thata kitten or puppy dies?? truth!this is because I literally have a basement full of kittens and puppies. every time I see a review like that, I go down to my basement and pick a particularly cute kitten or pu [...]

    4. 3.5 stars![2 star beginning4.5 star story3 star ending]I do not read “light, sweet, & funny” books. To be honest, those bore me and I need stories with much more depth so I avoided the Beautiful Bastard series. This book, however, caught my attention. At first glance the blurb is quite simplistic and sounds like any other book but I had this nagging feeling there was a hidden layer to the story and I was right! (Sorry not going to tell you – you’ll just have to read and find out!)2 s [...]

    5. HOT DAMN!! The writing duo of Christina Lauren created another panty-melter. I read book 2, Dirty Rowdy Thing, first and then this one. I know, sometimes I’m backwards! :)Viva Las Vegas!I love books that at some point the characters end up in Vegas because you’re guaranteed for some crazy antics. And this book didn’t disappoint in that area. Mia and Ansel have just met and done something crazy that leads to Mia spending the summer with Ansel in his city, Paris. Who does that? Meets a guy a [...]

    6. Sweet Filthy Boy was a sweet, sexy, fun read. A perfect balance of humor, steam and romance. Recent college graduate, Mia, heads off to Vegas with her two best friends to celebrate. While in Vegas she meets Ansel, a gorgeous Frenchman. And after spending one night together, she wakes up with a gold ring on a pretty significant finger.Ansel makes her an offer she can't refuse, asking her to spend the summer in Paris with him. Mia decides to be spontaneous and takes him up on his offer, things are [...]

    7. 4 HOT STARSI loved it! Sweet Filthy boy was funny, sexy and cute! I think the title for the book, totally fit with the male characters personality. Ansel was amazing, he captivated me and I'm sure he will steal your hearts when you finally meet him to! What I loved more in this book like in Beautiful Players is that her characters are so real, they are not perfect they have their problems like us in our every day life!! The story begins with Mia who is in Las Vegas with her friends for vacation [...]

    8. 4.5--Ansel Loving--Stars!!Yep, even when he was stupid I LOVED Ansel! And what can I sayI love a good weekend in Vegas story! Look's Ansel, Finn and Oliver.What happens when you have 3 hot chicks + 3 hot guys + sluts on a trampoline???Dumb shit like (view spoiler)[get married (hide spoiler)]!!! But can I just tell you how happy that made me!!“I want to love all of my life as much as I love this night.”So some crazy things happened in Vegasis happened to be Mia and Ansel's story. Mia and her [...]

    9. 4.5 ~ 5 StarsSo a sad thing happened today, I deleted this review by accident. I truly enjoyed this story but sadly don't have my full review saved anywhere.All that I could find was my collageSeriously, I wrote whole review and it was up for months. I'm a damn menace with technology.

    10. 4.5 Filthy Boy StarsYou know those stories were people go to Vegas, get drunk, get married, and then get it annulled? Yeah, this isn’t one of the stories or at least not the full story. Mia and her girlfriends have just graduated college and to celebrate they go to Vegas. While in Vegas they meet three sexy men all from other countries. Ansel, Finn and Oliver are the trifecta of hotness and when they all get drunk, one thing leads to another, and they end up paired up and married. Finn, Harlow [...]

    11. 4 filthy French stars “Life is built of these little horrible moments and the giant expanses of awesome in between.” Sweet Filthy Boystarts off with a bang, in which Mia our heroine, takes a graduation trip to Vegas where she meets a sexy frenchman Ansel, and the two get married. Mia ends up following Ansel to France, where he returns to work and is hardly around. Mia finds herself mostly alone, in a foreign land, when she decides to make the most of her summer in Paris and with Ansel. Mia s [...]

    12. I just can't believe what I just read. I really want to think that the last 17 days I spent struggling. Trying to finish this book. All. Everything. Was a nightmare. But it wasn't. The book exist and I did finish reading it. My brain can't understand what happened.This ain't my first Christina Lauren's book, but I'm thinking it might be my last. What to say? Where to begin?The storyline. I don't believe there was one here and before you say anything, yes I need to bring the BB series to this con [...]

    13. 5 I love French Men StarsSweet Filthy Boy is a standalone and is part of the Wild Seasons series. I read the books out of order. I was really curious about Ansel since all my friends loved him and he’s mentioned a few times in the future books. I can honestly say, he’s my favorite Hero of the series.Nothing is sexier than a French man.This will be an audio review.I will do the audio versions of this series because it’s really good. Sadly this is from Mia’s POV, so I don’t get a male na [...]

    14. 3.5 Filthy starsLife is built of these little horrible moments and the giant expanses of awesome in between.The story starts with the wild weekend in Vegas where Mia and her friends decide to celebrate their graduation. Mia carries lot of baggage of her past and unsure future but that weekend she decides to let go of her life and for once wanted to be somebody else not tied up by burden of being a responsible daughter. Her wild side sees the light of day when she lays her eyes on Ansel. He is go [...]

    15. RE-READ“Which was your favorite? Living room, or bed, or floor, or bed, or wall, or mirror, or bar, of floor?”“Shhh,” I whisper. “You're weird.”“I think I need a cast for my penis.”Genre: New Adult Romance.Cover: 8/10Writing: 9/10Heroine: 6/10Hero: 9/10Hotness: 8/10Romance: 9/10Extra book Details: Heroine POV. stand alone. 304 kindle pages.Mia has just finished college, she's leaving for Business School in Boston in three weeks, much to her father's pleasure and her despair.Her b [...]

    16. 3.75/5I enjoyed reading this book and I loved the way Ansel and Mia tried to get to know each other better. Day by day, their relationship as husband and wife grew stronger and it was so cute seeing them together. I know this is erotic romance story, but too many unnecessary sex scenes irritated me a lot. I admit I skimmed through some of them.Aside from the fact that almost half the story revolved around sex, for some reason, this book was just right for me.On the whole, this was a lovely and s [...]

    17. Mia and her two besties, Harlow & Lola just graduated college and are off to Vegas to let loose & celebrate. But Mia's not the type of girl to just let it all go. Too much has happened in her past and the weight of the future she doesn't want to allow her to free, until she meets him. Ansel is spending the last few days in Vegas before he has to head back to Paris and to his job as an attorney, one that does allow him much time for much else. Seeing Mia from across the crowded club, then [...]

    18. 3.5 Very Sweet Stars It is a fact known, that once you get to Vegas. You tend to do something really Stupid. Regardless of what kind!, you just have to. (at least i did). >_>. And this Book is the big example of what worst could happen when you visit Vegas for the weekendSweet Filthy Boy. it's about three ladies. who recently graduated from college, and looking for a quickie Vacation in Las Vegas before going back to REALITY! Mia Holland tries to cope with her sudden change reality. after [...]

    19. 4,5 Filthy Stars!In a crazy weekend in Vegas, Mia meets Ansel. A sexy French guy who is vacationing with his friends. And in just one night they get to know each other and everything changes. They share things they didn’t shared with anyone else and something between them immediately starts to grow. In a impulse Ansel invites Mia to spend the summer in Paris with him and trying to run from her own life, Mia accepts. In the beginning things are awkward. Ansel is always working and adaptation is [...]

    20. 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion:I get so frustrated with these books because the endings just simply aren't satisfying for me. I really enjoy them otherwise, so that is where the frustration stems from. I always enjoy Ms. Lauren's characters and storylines (and her sex scenes aren't bad either *wink, wink*), but her endings just leave me wanting. I want a solid HEA! I want to see them succeeding in their dream careers together as a healthy functioning couple!! Other than the ending, I actually enjoyed [...]

    21. 4.5 Sweet, Filthy starsThis was my first book by these authors, and I have to say I really enjoyed it! I liked Mia, but I'm completely in love with Ansel. Swoon. I loved everything about him. I think I have a weakness for hot, charismatic French guys:) I didn't blame Mia at all, one night with Ansel dirty whispering French phrases in my ear, and I would have followed him anywhere too. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever been this jealous of a fictional character. Explore Paris by day, have wild Sexc [...]

    22. 4 starsMia is in Vegas with her friends and meets Ansel. He asks her to join him in Paris for the summer. Will Mia follow her sweet filthy boy?Im gonna pretend I didnt read the first 25%.(view spoiler)[ The insta lust, drunken marriage, blackout sex and going to Paris with a stranger didnt sit right to me. It was reckless and dangerous.(hide spoiler)]Despite how they met, their connection grew on me and I really enjoyed the rest of the book. I was worried the sex scenes were meh to begin with, b [...]

    23. 4 Cerise stars"I want to love all of my life as much as I love this night."I always find myself enjoying the work of these ladies. Witty banter, lovable main and side characters, and interesting situations will always be present. A rare miss for me, I found this to be a pretty solid read. Immediately after college graduation, Mia and her two best friends head to Las Vegas for some fun, boozing it up, and possibly a one-night stand. Ansel is also taking a break from stresses of reality. He is spe [...]

    24. I read tha wayyyy before. but only now I remember to say something: I expected more.After the Beautiful series I was expecting explosisive chemistry, great plot and I got a medium book.Let's see if book can do better.

    25. 4.5 FILTHY STARSSS!These two women never disappoints, ever! I've been a big fan since BB came out and the excitement is still strong! I think this even made my fire bigger and more intense!The entire story was beyond hilarious, for me. I can't actually put it down and people were giving me looks during my ride to school most times for giggling so hard. I actually don't know if I should laugh and giggle hard at the same time. My excitement jar is just overflowing with butterflies.The hero, Ansel, [...]

    26. It's official, Christina Lauren does no wrong! Each book seems to get better and better and the men are always super swoony! Ansel was the perfect blend of sweet and filthy. The book started out really strong but it kind of fizzled around halfway and then picked up again when the turn of events came about. But the conflict was resolved a little too quick and easily for my liking which is the reason for my four stars.

    27. 5 Filthy, Sexy and Sweet Stars!!!I am going to follow that rating up by saying that I’ve been and continue to be THE HUGEST CHRISTINA LAUREN FAN!On the surface it’s a simple story about Ansel meeting Mia in Vegas. Mia and her two best friends are in Vegas celebrating their college graduation. Mia was a dancer but an accident now makes that impossible so she’s set for a course her father has chosen for her to attend Business school after the summer. In Vegas, she meets Ansel. Again on the s [...]

    28. My Mia and Ansel:When celebrating college graduation with friends in Vegas, Mia meets someone special. First boy who doesn't make her nervous, first boy who brings her out of her shell. So after one crazy but significant night, Mia decides to do something dangerous - to follow this boy to France, to his home country. And so starts their adventurous romanceTense relations with her parents, no fulfilling past relationships, feeling like doing something exciting to enjoy her life. That's our heroin [...]

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