Beyond the Divide I can t get enough This series is a one of a kind Kristyn Eudes The team may have severed Kaylyn s connection with the entity at the Teague Hotel for the time being but their lives are left in shambl

  • Title: Beyond the Divide
  • Author: Skye Callahan
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  • Page: 291
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  • I can t get enough This series is a one of a kind Kristyn Eudes The team may have severed Kaylyn s connection with the entity at the Teague Hotel for the time being, but their lives are left in shambles Jonah is forced to take medical leave Cole s relationship with her fianc is crumbling under the weight of her paranormal career choice And Kaylyn s lingering c I can t get enough This series is a one of a kind Kristyn Eudes The team may have severed Kaylyn s connection with the entity at the Teague Hotel for the time being, but their lives are left in shambles Jonah is forced to take medical leave Cole s relationship with her fianc is crumbling under the weight of her paranormal career choice And Kaylyn s lingering connection to the other side particularly Jonah s dead mother leaves her with far questions than she has time to deal with But the paranormal doesn t take a vacation, and the team is thrown into a whole new investigation when an unseen force threatens a local family in their own home When their first night in the home turns up nothing, Kaylyn discovers that her mysterious connection to the other side might be the only way to find answers if only she can find a way to explain her hunches to the rest of the team But communication from beyond the divide isn t always what it seems, adding a whole new layer of mystery and confusion as the sisters try to decipher which threats are deadly and which are simply unanswered pleas for attention.Book 2 in the Aicil Paranormal FilesJoin the members of Aicil, a centuries old organization dedicated to researching and fighting the forces that stalk humankind from just beyond the veil of darkness Hauntings, occult objects, supernatural beings they re just the beginning for these investigators No matter how far you run, some demons never stay in the past.Previously published as Book 2 of the Fractured Legacy series by Skye Callahan.

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    One thought on “Beyond the Divide”

    1. Immediately after finishing Beyond the Divide I was giving it 4 cows. Before writing this, I reflected over the book for a while and decided to up my rating to 5 cows. Here's whyTo keep it short and simple, I honestly enjoyed it a lot more than Fractured Legacy.There was so much crammed in to this installment of the series! There was always something happening - whether it was Kaylyn and Cole on their assignment, what was going on in their personal lives, or something that was happening at the o [...]

    2. A great sequel to Fractured Legacy! As usual I read it in record time and When's the next one??Sorry, I'm not one for long winded semi pretentious reviews. If I like a book I like it and I really liked this one. I also don't like picking apart someone else's work. I can only imagine the time and effort it takes to write a book only to have someone critique it. I know authors appreciate honest reviews, but I'll leave the "Book Club dissertations" to the others.That being said, seeing Kaylyn evolv [...]

    3. This story starts off about a week after the end of the first book. A perfect spot to continue and Ms Callahan does a good job at refreshing the reader as she carried on with the story.The characters have matured a little or have learned to deal with their issues in their own ways. I like how Kaylyn attempts to improve herself but I also wish she would do it for herself and not because she felt responsible and owed that person but I could understand the situation too. I felt sympathetic for Cole [...]

    4. Kaylyn and Cole has a new case, an old farmhouse with paranormal activity and entities. As she struggles to understand her past and the file the organization as on her, she pushes forward in her investigation. Kaylyn is struggling to accept Jonah's mother's help in keeping her safe as she grows closer to Jonah. Not as intense as the first story in the series, it is still a page turner. The mystery of the farmhouse is slowly revealed, as Kaylyn learns more about her mother and Jonah's connection [...]

    5. I enjoyed the first book in this series better than this one. I really thought more would happen between the heroine and the boss, but everything was kept rather PG. It was a little bit of a letdown. Also, when I finished this one, there was still no release date or information for the next book. It could be a really good series, but I was starting to lose interest when I couldn't find the next book.

    6. A great bookI think I liked this book more than the first one if that is even possible. I liked the investigation they were on in this story better. Even though the first book is what the books are made around. I know that's not explained right. Sorry for that. I do like the characters and even the new one in this book. Leon. Read the first book before this one to understand what's going on. You won't regret it trust me. Do I recommend this book? Yes 100 percent

    7. Considering I got the 1st book free I was skepticalbut once I finished that I HAD to know what was happening. Both books although short reads were excellent and well written. Definitely kept my interest from beginning to end

    8. Very good read, great follow up from first book. Ending was abrupt and I had to go back and re-read to make sure I hadn't missed something.Hope the third book follows along the same lines, I would still recommend the series.

    9. Ok bookIt. Has mystery romance and something left dangling. I liked the book but someone needs to do a better editing of this book. Him /her etc

    10. Excited for this seriesSo, I've always been in love with, and intrigued by, the paranormal. I remember checking books out of my middle school library about Bigfoot and Nessie

    11. Much better than the second book! Still some grammatical discrepancies but fewer at least. Can't wait for the next in the series

    12. Suggest to read The story line keeps u guessing. I couldn't put the book down. So mesmerizing from the first book Fractured Legacy to this one.

    13. Great bookvery well written. Great story line. can't wait for book 3. I will have to keep my eye on this author.

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