The Pillars of Sand The epic conclusion of the Echoes of Empire trilogy Prophecy declared that corrupt politician Corajidin would rule the Shr anese Federation even become its new Emperor and sinister magic has helped h

  • Title: The Pillars of Sand
  • Author: Mark T. Barnes
  • ISBN: 9781477819548
  • Page: 192
  • Format: Paperback
  • The epic conclusion of the Echoes of Empire trilogy.Prophecy declared that corrupt politician Corajidin would rule the Shr anese Federation, even become its new Emperor and sinister magic has helped him defy death in order to do it But his victory is not assured, thanks to clashing rival factions that hinder any attempts to unify the nation Though he has taken increasingThe epic conclusion of the Echoes of Empire trilogy.Prophecy declared that corrupt politician Corajidin would rule the Shr anese Federation, even become its new Emperor and sinister magic has helped him defy death in order to do it But his victory is not assured, thanks to clashing rival factions that hinder any attempts to unify the nation Though he has taken increasingly brutal measures to eliminate all obstacles in his path, the dark forces supporting him grow dangerously impatient And the harder they press, the drastic Corajidin s actions become.Soon, only his most powerful adversaries will stand in his way Indris, the peerless swordsman and sorcerer who has long fought to end the Federation s bloody turmoil and the warrior poet Mari, Corajidin s own daughter and the woman Indris loves Fate has torn them apart, forcing them into terrifying personal trials But if Indris can bring to bear the devastating knowledge of the Pillars of Sand, and Mari can rise up as a rebel leader, Corajidin s enemies will rally and the decisive battle for the soul and future of the Shr anese will begin.This epic tale of intrigue, love, and betrayal, painted in the blood of allies and enemies by Mark T Barnes, concludes the Echo of Empire trilogy that began with The Garden of Stones and The Obsidian Heart.

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    One thought on “The Pillars of Sand”

    1. The land within and around Shrian was littered with the detritus of past empires, echoes of glory and the high watermark of civilizations lost to time, internecine war, and blind ambition. The author deserves full praise (and probably a much higher rating than my lukewarm three stars) for the grandiose concept and for keeping a tight control over plot and pacing in his debut epic fantasy series. The final (for now) entry is worthy of the previous set-up and ramps up both the action and the plot [...]

    2. Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths Reviews The Pillars of Sand is a fitting ending to the Echoes of Empire fantasy series. It is filled with intense action, revelations of ancient secrets, and the continued development of one of the most interesting and fully developed fantasy worlds on the shelves today. If you are a fantasy aficionado who adores world building, voluminous lore and ancient history, then you will be hooked on Echoes of Empire from the first chapter of book one, and very quickly, [...]

    3. For those who came in lateThis is High Fantasy which draws inspiration from the likes of Frank Herbert's Dune and the Star Wars franchise - but without the space or scifi elements. If you haven't started the series yet or if you've read up to book 2 and want to know if it gets better as it goes - it does. There is an initial learning curve with a lot of weird sounding names and cultures, but this is compensated by a glossary of names and cultures and terms that is in itself a delight for those w [...]

    4. I'd read some reviews of people who'd seen the ARC of this and I will admit to being somewhat jealous. The Garden of Stones was excellent, and challenged many of the fantasy genre tropes. A brave move for a debut author but one that might see this series as a high watermark of the genre. The Obsidian Heart took what Barnes had given and ramped it up: he was obviously more comfortable as a writer, with his innovative world, and the characters that inhabit it. Though all three books were released [...]

    5. 8/10The third book in the Echoes of Empire series continues even more powerfully than its predecessors with Barnes bringing us this time in a more epic scale story full with betrayals, unexpected twists, lots of mystery and some incredible ideas; and with the characters having to face a great war, while the addition of a few sci-fi elements brings a completely different taste to the story, and making it even better.A disease has broken out in Shrīan; a disease that threatens to kill the Rahns a [...]

    6. Awesome book! I loved all of the characters (well, the ones you were supposed to anyway) and liked that the majority of the characters were not human. I guess because Mr. Barnes made them all have human feelings, emotions, and goals. (like survival, love, power, loyalty, etc) - one one hand, I liked the characters, but if they are going to be non-human, why not ascribe non-human goals and emotions to them? In spite of that, it was a great read, and I'll buy (or borrow) any future books that Mr. [...]

    7. This needs to be on every fantasy fan's shelf (or kindle, or MP3 player) Too busy wiping away emotional tears right now to write anything of much use - except that I'm wiping away emotional tears. For someone so deeply buried in a nihilistic philosophy these days, that means a heck of a lot. Not much really makes the insides flop anymore, but this did, especially this book of the three. I even teared up for the bad guys. Truth is, the older I get, the less the big explosions matter - cause they' [...]

    8. I received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.“The Pillars of Sand” is an amazing addition to the “Echoes of Empire” series. Out of the three books this one is my favorite.There are 3 points of view used in book 3, Indris, his lover Mariam and the greatest warrior-poet Corajidin. Corajidin is also Mariam’s father and the one man who will lead Shrian to greatness.Corajidin is similar to Macbeth in his absolute belief that he is the true ruler of [...]

    9. The epic conclusion of the series Echoes of an Empire. Thrilling plot, very nice characters and perfect World building. This book contains schemes , twisting plots and fascinating character development that give the book and the series as a whole a very exciting flavour from different genres ( drama, sci-fi, paranormal and a very light taste of romance). I have spoken with the author of the series via email and he told me that there are going to be more than the three already published books. In [...]

    10. Have you read any of the Echoes of Empire trilogy by Mark Barnes? Then go NO further, hit your library, , your bookstore, your neighbor, that weird scifi kid down the street, go READ them.One of the most incredible, intriguing worlds I have ever read about in recent memory, great action, and again I use the word INTRIGUE, but great story and tension and I cared what happened. Lots of time you read something and can't wait for it to be over, all I wanted at the end of The Pillars of Sand was MORE [...]

    11. Having read the first two books I have become accustomed to Barnes style of writing and I must say, I like it more so now. The writing is very well done, very detailed and informative, and well edited. The characters have evolved, developed and have a very real feel to them. This is carried on through the three books in a fluid manner. The plot flow is nicely done. I like how the threads are brought to conclusion. This author is one to watch. I received an evaluation copy of the book in exchange [...]

    12. Wow, I finished this yesterday and I am already waiting for the next one! What an incredible ride! The Author does a great job of tying up loose plot threads, while leaving some open for future installments. Leaders fall, new leaders rise and conspiracies are revealed for what they are. Some epic magic and some epic battles really top it all off. There is so much character growth, and the revelations about some characters actual just leave you breathless, wanting more. I can't wait for the next [...]

    13. Phenomenal! Watch out GRR Martin!!Absolutely riveting, breathtaking and prosaic. Stunning world within a world. This new author has the makings of becoming the next GRRM or possibly even my favorite, Erickson. With time, growth and patience I think he may challenge them both. Bravo,bravo bravo!one thing though, don't say it's a complete series when the story isn't complete. lots of us HATE cliffhanger! LOLotherwise great job. Keep up the good work!

    14. A phenomenal conclusion to a very interesting trilogy. On the whole, I enjoyed the world building and revelation in the third book a lot. I can't wait to see further what Barnes writes in this fun and exotic world. As with the other novels in the series, I didn't find Mark's writing style easy to work through, but don't let that dissuade you. It is well written and very, very good. The series is worth a read, even if you find the first book to be a little over your head.

    15. spectacular end to a great trilogy Hard to do this without spoilers but let's say everything gets resolved and in the resolution more questions get asked. I would compare this with the best of The malazan books without the long monologues. Action driven and if I mayere maybe dragons!

    16. Amazing chapter of this seriesThis was, by far, my favorite of the series. I was amazed at how many twists and plot turns one book can have and still be readable. Indris and Mari have an amazing tale between them that has transcended all three novels. Bravo Mr. Barnes!!!

    17. Originally published at Reading RealityThe Pillars of Sand is an absolute stunner from beginning to end. Even the opening synopsis that recaps the events of the previous two books reads like an awesome story being told around a campfire, reciting the tales of the legends that have gone before.But don’t rely on that summary if you haven’t read the first two books in the Echoes of Empire series, get yourself a copy of the utterly fantastic first book, The Garden of Stones and then continue bre [...]

    18. 47North is an offshoot company of , but don’t let that stop you from enjoying it. This is the finale to the Echoes of Empire trilogy that began with The Garden of Stones and The Obsidian Heart. While this is the end of this trilogy, it still leaves many unanswered questions that I hope will create enough interest for the author to carry the series forward, perhaps from a different character’s storyline. I did like how this story arc ended and there was much to learn about the history of the [...]

    19. Exemplary! A Joy to ReadThree novels, this being the third, which tell a fabulously rich and varied story of the best cast of characters I have read about in years. Think Dune, or Shadow of the Torturer by Wolfe for the depth of philosophy, or the layers of political and military complexity (early Dune, any of Wolfe's Old Sun, New Sun novels). Needless to say, this trilogy has classic written all over it. Corajidin, as an evil antagonist, is the most human evil dude I have ever read about. Drive [...]

    20. An excellent ending. A few more solid twists, and continued excellent world building. The books have gotten better and better, with a deep and complex world. I look forward to seeing what the author does in the future, with either this world or another. Putting this series on my all times shelf. Additionally, the use of "foreign" language was very skilled in this series. Words "fit" without feeling like they were thrown in for "oh look, this is a foreign land, here's a new name for coffee!" effe [...]

    21. I'm torn on what to say about this one, because it closes an awesome trilogy set in a fantastically original and complex world, that this really only scratches the surface of. (If you want to know more detail, read my reviews of the first two.) I know it's not perfect, and it's probably not as good as the previous two (concluding books often have trouble), but just for the excitement it brought I've got to give 5 stars. This was the first time inwell, a long time, since I've craved the next book [...]

    22. Readers of my blog know that I am a near-fanatic aficionado of author Mark T. Barnes, the writer who reignited an affection for Fantasy. I consider myself fortunate to have been able toad all three installments of his ECHOES OF EMPIRE trilogy in quick succession; and now, for those of you who have held your breath waiting for it---here is THE PILLARS OF SAND, today!Readers of Fantasy: Drop everything! You owe it to yourself to read THE PILLARS OF SAND immediately!Aspiring Writers: Get over here [...]

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    24. Wow. This has to be my favorite works by an Aussie author ever. Mark T. Barnes has become one of my top 5 go-to authors. A review will be forthcoming - once I have finished basking in the afterglow and can say something more than itsamazingyouhavetogobuyitnow!!!

    25. This is by far the best one in the Tril. Lose ends are tied up and I got a better understand as to what the author was going for. I loves that the description of things were so detailed that I could picture it in my head.

    26. I received a copy of this book via netgallery.A big thank you to the publisher, for sending me all three books in the trilogy.Although I really liked the book overall parts of the story were very slow.I really liked Indris as a character.Book two had the best pacing of how the storyline moved.

    27. Quite a bang of a finishing. Not an easy read but interesting story line and hence the four star rating.

    28. A satisfying, believable ending for the genre. Very enjoyable series. Could see a companion series on the different species/races and/or prequels being popular. I'm definitely interested.

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