The Black Church When Daniel Ivanov s father dies in a freak accident he inherits all his worldly possessions including a hand woven Anatolian prayer rug whose bright colors and elaborate designs have been flawlessl

  • Title: The Black Church
  • Author: Toby Tate
  • ISBN: 9781940544144
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook
  • When Daniel Ivanov s father dies in a freak accident, he inherits all his worldly possessions, including a hand woven Anatolian prayer rug whose bright colors and elaborate designs have been flawlessly preserved over the past 600 years But the young lawyer soon learns the ageless tapestry is much than it seems when he begins to see the terror stricken faces of his loWhen Daniel Ivanov s father dies in a freak accident, he inherits all his worldly possessions, including a hand woven Anatolian prayer rug whose bright colors and elaborate designs have been flawlessly preserved over the past 600 years But the young lawyer soon learns the ageless tapestry is much than it seems when he begins to see the terror stricken faces of his loved ones within its intricate patterns And he is suddenly plagued by vivid dreams and dark visions of a mysterious Black Church standing amid mist shrouded mountains.As his life unravels around him, Daniel descends into a pit of madness and terror, driven by an ancient curse that threatens to destroy everything and everyone he loves, unless he can uncover its terrible secret.

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    1. Toby Tate's newest novella from the DarkFuse line involves an old Anatolian "prayer rug" originally from a church in Transylvania. Daniel Ivanov finds the rug while going through his deceased father's belongings. (His father's death, mimicking that of his grandfather's, being a particularly horrendous way to die.)Tate's easy storytelling style will have you reading this novella in one sitting--there is simply no place that feels "right" to take a break in the narrative. The story takes off from [...]

    2. You know, sometimes horror really tries to do too much. There was a time when horror stories were simple . . . when they were fun and frightening . . . when they focused on actually being horrifying, rather than on trying to build some sort of thematic, allegorical commentary on the human condition. That's not to say a good horror story can't have a deeper meaning, just that I prefer it when that message doesn't get in the way of the chills.Toby Tate smartly plays with that understanding in the [...]

    3. Another enjoyable novella from Darkfuse. As a club member I pretty much read them the day they are released and while the styles and themes range widely, these novellas are consistently entertaining and high quality.The Black Church is the second book that I have read by Mr. Tate. His stories are pretty straightforward and The Black Church is no exception, which is a traditional “cursed object” story with added historical elements that give it an extra point in my book. I don’t usually put [...]

    4. This was a good quick read, I read it in one sitting. This is the first book by Toby I have read, I haven't got around to reading Lilith yet but should soon. The story is centered around Daniel Ivanov and his family and friends. It starts out with Daniel's father trying to burn a old prayer rug in the trash can and he burns up and dies instead of the rug. After the funeral Daniel goes to his father's house and finds this rug and brings it home. Then strange things happen with this rug, movement [...]

    5. Reading a novella is akin to eating your favourite chocolate bar's yours, it's yummy and it doesn't last very long! At the heart of The Black Church is a Transylvanian prayer rug originating from the middle ages and bringing evil death to the descendants of the original church builders. Daniel Ivanov's father dies in unusual circumstances and part of his inheritance, an Anatolian prayer rug, is now owned by Daniel, and the slaughter begins! I loved the construction and pace of this short story ( [...]

    6. This is the first novella I’ve read from Toby Tate and I do have the novel Lilith still on my to be read pile, the author definitely has a style of writing I like, so easy to read it just subconsciously encourages you to keep going.The Black Church follows Daniel Ivanov whose life seemingly attracts tragedy when he inherits an old Anatolian prayer rug following the bizarre death of his Father. Daniel hangs the rug on his wall and then proceeds to see pictures of those he knows and loves, myste [...]

    7. Daniel Ivanov inherits his father's personal possessions after his father does in a strange accident. One of the more interesting items he receives is an old Anatolian prayer rug which he hangs on his wall. He is startled when faces of the people close to him start appearing in the rug and is horrified to see that it foretells impending disaster for themThis is another winner from Darkfuse and puts Tate on my list of must read authors. Tate writes a story that flows well and pulls you in with th [...]

    8. The Black ChurchThis was an awesome short story, it gave me the creeps all the way through. The characters were believable. I recommend this story to anyone who loves occult horror.

    9. I’d really enjoyed the previous book I’d read from Toby Tate, Lilith, so I was excited to pick up his latest offering, a novella entitled The Black Church. The fantastically dark book cover further piqued my interest. I love it! I haven’t been overly impressed with some of the DarkFuse covers but Tate has had brilliant ones for both of his.The story begins with Anton Ivanov desperately trying to destroy an ancient prayer rug that was passed on to him following the tragic death of his siste [...]

    10. More than anything, Toby Tate deserves recognition for picking a truly off-the-wall (well, floor) item to be the source of the evil in his latest novella. Longtime fans of horror have seen countless evil weapons, clothes, mirrors, and paintings, but this is the first time I can recall reading about an evil rug. It seems ridiculous. The basic premise of the story is that Daniel Ivanov inherits an evil prayer rug when his father dies, and then bad things start happening. There are so many ways the [...]

    11. This is the story of Daniel. One day he receives a tragic call informing him his father has died in a horrific accident.As he is going through his fathers belongings, he comes across a beautiful, ornate prayer rug. Daniel takes it home and hangs it on his wall. Soon he starts imagining he is seeing things in the rug, and people close to him begin to die horrible deaths. Is there something wrong with the rug or is Daniel losing his mind from grief? Now there is a race against time to find out wha [...]

    12. This short novella follows Daniel, his friends, and family. The tension was present from the beginning and had me turning pages. Thank you NetGalley and Dark Fuse Press for the review copy of this ebook. I enjoy stories that are haunting and creepy. This one fit the bill. No gore. The story would have been even better if I knew more about the characters. It's easier to worry about people you "know."There was a nice blending of past and present. Well done. I'm not sure I understood the ending - [...]

    13. Graphic and not for the faint of heart, but fast-paced novella of a horrible generational curse. Daniel Ivanov determines to break the curse before it consumes his son--or die in the attempt.

    14. Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/he Black Church is a typical example of a novella that should’ve been a novel if it wanted to have any real impact. Alas, as it now stands, the story is simply too short to explain everything properly, or to set up a scary momentum. While the plot itself was okay, and the idea behind it was actually pretty awesome, it never turned into a terrifying story. For that, it was over too soon.Daniel Ivanov inherits all his Dad’s possessio [...]

    15. Now this is how to write a novella. I admit that I had never heard of Toby Tate before being asked to review this book in ARC, and had not noticed that this was a novella, but after finishing it I must also admit that I am blown away on just how good this story was and how well written it is. From the front cover to the last page the reader can tell that plenty of effort and thought went into the book. But as you probably haven't read it let me try to give you a spoiler free look into what you w [...]

    16. Well-told horrorWhen Anton Ivanov burns to death in what seems like a horrific accident, his son Daniel inherits a mysterious prayer rug. It soon transpires that this prayer rug holds a terrible secret, one that Daniel gradually begins to learn through vivid dreams of a centuries old death in the Black Church of Brasov. And as Daniel begins to investigate the history of the rug, accidents begin to happen to the people he loves…"The child stared down at the floor as he moved toward Daniel, but [...]

    17. 3.5*WHAT IT'S ABOUT?Daniel inherits a prayer rug following his fathers unexpected death. He begins to notice odd things about the rug as well as having dreams about a Black Church. Daniel begins to wonder if the rug is somehow tied in to other tragic events.WHAT I LIKED.-The short chapters were engaging and kept the story flowing nicely.-It's a fun read that manages to incorporate both modern and historical story elements-The ending is fantasticNOT SO KEEN ON-For me the other characters weren't [...]

    18. Oh man, I think I'm the only person to not be crazy about this novella. Which sucks cause I expected to be based on an a friend's rave review. This was my first read by Tate and I found it to be very average. The concept was pretty good with an original locale for a backstory (when was the last time you read Transylvania horror story without a vampire), the execution was serviceable at best. Tate knows how to put words together to form sentences that weave into a coherent whole, but there is no [...]

    19. This is the first story from Toby Tate that I have read, but it definitely won't be the last! This was a fast read for me thanks to the crisp, clean writing. I didn't feel like there were any wasted or pointless words in this novella. It is also split into several short chapters, which is great for when you don't always have much time for reading without interruption. I don't want to say too much about it since I don't like spoilers, but I will say that you may not look at rugs quite the same wa [...]

    20. Im beginning to LOVE all of Toby Tate's work! His stories are so unique and intense!!! The black church was a phenomenal read - but too short!!! You know you love what you are reading when you dont want the story to end!!!

    21. This is a quick one from Toby Tate. Reminisant of an old school Night Gallery episode, except with an ancient rug of doom, instead of a painting. I liked the pace of this one and recommend it for a fast, fun read. 3.5 Stars

    22. Another very good novella from DarkFuseFor a full review, please go to examiner/review/the-bl and follow me on Twitter @josenher

    23. The title's a bit misleading; the story's really about a colourful prayer rug, but I guess that would've been a strange title for a horror novella. The ancient rug's a heirloom, handed down through generations and now inherited by the main character, Daniel Ivanov, after his father dies mysteriously – while trying to burn the rug.Not long after, Daniel is shocked to see faces of his family and friends appearing, one by one, amongst the rug's geometric patterns. And one by one they die. Delving [...]

    24. 2 AND 1/2 STARSToby Tate, author of Lilith, returns with a novella about a cursed prayer rug that has all the elements of a classic, but without adding anything new to the "cursed object" premise, manages for me, to come up short. Solid writing, characters, and dialogue, the tale is smooth and quick to read, if sometimes painfully predictable. But in the same way the Tales From The Crypt were predictable, you still want to stick around to view the carnage. Daniel's short journey to discover the [...]

    25. This short story goes back and forth in time: in the distant past where a church was being built and a tragic accident takes place, to the present where a cursed tapestry is ruining the lives of those who possess it. (Not to worry, this is not a spoiler since it begins from the start of the book.)Tate skillfully maneuvers back and forth in time without jarring the reader. The story flows seamlessly and you come to care about the young man who inherits it after his father's death. Most of the sto [...]

    26. I liked The Black Church well enough -- great creepy premise (who doesn't love a cursed object?), and what might have been a very interesting historical frame -- but it didn't feel fully fleshed-out somehow. Too long for a short story, but not long enough to deliver enough detail to do the premise justice. I liked it enough for a solid 3 stars; I just wish Tate had gone deeper into the history and mystery bits.

    27. There is not much I can say without giving away the plot and the story away. I can say that rugs can be dangerous. It was a fast read and enjoyable. It had fine characters and a good storyline.***I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

    28. Very interesting. Fast paced. I always enjoy reading about cursed objects. Definitely recommend this.

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