Protective Mate Life isn t meant to be easy but for Zachary Bennet the last two years have been downright hell The one shining light in his life his precious daughter Hayley Deciding he needs a clean break Zack g

  • Title: Protective Mate
  • Author: Toni Griffin
  • ISBN: 9781311946911
  • Page: 319
  • Format: ebook
  • Life isn t meant to be easy, but for Zachary Bennet the last two years have been downright hell The one shining light in his life, his precious daughter, Hayley Deciding he needs a clean break, Zack gets a new job in a small town called Leyburn in the hopes they can settle down and live a peaceful life.Between worry over one brother s increasingly erratic behaviour and cLife isn t meant to be easy, but for Zachary Bennet the last two years have been downright hell The one shining light in his life, his precious daughter, Hayley Deciding he needs a clean break, Zack gets a new job in a small town called Leyburn in the hopes they can settle down and live a peaceful life.Between worry over one brother s increasingly erratic behaviour and constantly walking in on the other two making out with their mates, Simon Holland is ready to pull his hair out All he d ever wanted in life was a mate and a family When his wish is finally answered with Zack s arrival, Simon finds out first hand how far hate and bigotry can drive some people But life wasn t meant to be easy and Simon would protect what was his to the end.Please Note PM has been reedited, and expanded by 25 K.

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    One thought on “Protective Mate”

    1. 1.5 starsWhen I first read the blurb, as well as reading the first chapter, I thought this could be better than the previous two books. I'm a huge fan of M/M family theme, so Zack as a single-father with two years old daughter is just a delight. Unfortunately, the story becomes BORING very quick. There is no real issue in Zack and Simon's relationship. Yeah, sure, the in-laws are threatening to get Hayley (Zack's daughter), but they're human. What can human do to fight wolves??! THAT is not a co [...]

    2. A scared gay man with his overprotective mate. Sound familiar?Even though I kind of liked this one, one thing really ruined it for me. 2 year old girls do not talk like that! I have 3 boys myself and the youngest is almost 2. Even if they are extremely smart for their age and can form complete sentences, they do not talk like Hayley did in this book.I almost DNF-ed it when there was an interesting development with one of the MCs from the other books. MPREG! Never thought I would be cheering when [...]

    3. 2.5This was a 4 till the end then it dropped to a 2 (an ok). SO I went middle.Which was really too bad, cause I was looking forward to the rest of this series.Some have said what is said at end in spoilers, To have it come out of the blue, with no explanation at all, even if it's covered in next book, some possible back ground should have been said here. While sometimes I don't mind that type of situation coming up in a book, it has to be done with some kind of reasoning. (Not just to jump on th [...]

    4. Same formula as the others in the series: traumatic/life changing event happens propelling the more effeminate main character to pick up stakes and move to Leyburn in Victoria.Once there, immediately find their mate, but have some reason to postpone mating. Use this time to get to know one another.Finally mate, hot sexy times, finds happiness, have something terrible/traumatic happen, mate saves the day, the end.The only thing different in this one is the introduction of possible male pregnancy [...]

    5. Sto rimanendo piacevolmente sorpresa da questa serie, che migliora di libro in libro, almeno secondo i miei gusti personali.Mi piace l’argomento ‘figli’ nel m/m romance, quindi questo volume acquista automaticamente punti bonus e poi la bimba è adorabile, ti fa venire voglia di spupazzarla!Simon e Zack sono dolcissimi insieme e, anche se l’andamento del disbroglio della matassa è abbastanza prevedibile, la nascita e il consolidamento del loro rapporto è molto carino.Finalmente anche i [...]

    6. This third story in the ‘Holland Brothers’ series definitely wasn’t easy on my heartstrings or my tear ducts. Neither of the main characters had it easy, but Zach had such an awful time of it before he ever met Simon! Simon is so ready to meet his mate, it is hard for him to hold back—but he knows he has to, so Zach gets a chance to learn to trust again. This setup between the mates is nicely different from what the previous two Holland brothers went through so far in the series.Zach has [...]

    7. Protective Mate (Holland Brothers, #3) by Toni GriffinEnjoyable fast read, part of the Holland Brothers series. Best to read in order.I really liked Zach and Simon's romance story.I also really enjoy Toni Griffin's writing.

    8. bianchianita1971/2Tra i fratelli Holland fin'ora Simon era stato quello rimasto più in sordina; ora finalmente anche lui ha la sua storia! Simon desidera disperatamente incontrare il suo compagno predestinato: dopo che due dei suoi fratelli si sono felicemente accasati, sente ancora più acutamente la mancanza di qualcuno di speciale con cui stringere il legame ma il destino è in agguato! Zack ha vissuto molte tragedie nella sua giovane vita ed ora sta cercando di fare di tutto per proteggere [...]

    9. 1,5 stars.I do ask myself "Why I still bother with this serie?!" And the answer it's still "Because I'm curious of the other two brothers." But there's a limit to curiosity too!!At first I thought this book could be better than the previous two but it's not! *cries*There's really no issues between Simon and Zack -the grandparents-in-law of his daughter didn't really mattered, they really didn't had a chance against werewolves. Their relationship was smooth as oil, no angst, no nothing. =/But the [...]

    10. I liked this one better than the first two. I was easily engaged in the story and felt like I was able to know the characters at least a little bit more than the characters in the previous stories. The conflict was pretty basic and I think was way too short considering what it was about. It just kind of pops up and disappears within a max of three pages. The mpreg also kinda gets sprung on at the end of the story but Hayley was so cute and I liked the way Zack and Simon's relationship evolved. E [...]

    11. This was just okay for me. Everything was very simple and even. Very narrative for the first part so you don't get a sense of emotion or of the heart break that comes before. No real threat. Smooth realtionship, no angst. Just simple. Not sure about the ending though. This new development was thrown out there without any explanation, forwarning or cause.

    12. Zach’s story starts off when he meets a woman! She ends up his BFF and the mother of his daughter but ends up leaving him essentially a widower and a single father. Her family ends up being super creepy and Zach flees, luckily to land in the same Pack as his Mate, Simon. Simon is one of the middle Holland brothers and seeing his older brothers mate up has him yearning for his own start at a family.Though both Zach and Simon want to mate, Halley – Zach’s daughter – provides a few wrinkles [...]

    13. I liked this. I thought it was cute with Hayley :) I am sucker for cute kids. I thought Zach deserved a break in his life after everything he's been through and Simon and his family were just that. I liked that Zach put Hayley first before anyone else. It showed he really was a parent first since that's all he knows. I also liked how Simon slid into the roll of being a partner without question. As far as the other thing at the end: (view spoiler)[So ummwhat changed all of a sudden that made Bria [...]

    14. I have to say as much as I loved the series the first time around, this newly expanded version is just that much better. I feel like I am getting to know the characters better, and there is much more history revealed, which draws me into the story even more.The final chapter of this book reveals a HUGE secret that will be expanded on in the next book, and I cannot wait to read it. I highly recommend this book and the entire series. I am completely hooked on the Holland brothers and their familie [...]

    15. I adored this book. Kid!fic is kind of a not so secret love of mine and in this story the author manages to write a kid who isn't a brat, isn't unbelievably perfect AND doesn't give us "too much" of themtal win in my book.Zac broke my heart. He had such a rough go of things and so many trials and obstacles that I was just really happy that he found Simon and found a home with the Hollands. His past came knocking though and while the resolution to his troubles was a bit weak, it didn't take away [...]

    16. This book followed in the footsteps of it's predecessors - insta-love with the mating bond, the usual shifter things including mental telepathy and hot alpha males, the closeness of the pack - but this one had something additional thrown in with the inclusion of a child.For me, it's very much a light read without much thinking involved - a little bit of escapism into a fantasy world. The strength of the story was in the handling of Hayley and not glossing over her presence and what that meant fo [...]

    17. Loved it :).An awesomely intense read between 2 men finding the lost connection of love through physical and emotional intimacyThe sex was awesomely hot and intense the book was very well could feel the emotions of both the main characters Zach and Simon will definitely be reading the rest of the series :)

    18. Sarebbero state 3 stelle non fosse per la rivelazione finale da Ai confini della realtà e anche a quel " a lavoro" ripetuto a iosa Si dice "al lavoro" cribbio!!

    19. Cute and sweet - there's a fair bit of emotion as well that had me tearing up at times! The story isn't very complex though; but it is solid. I enjoyed it for a quick hit of PNR.

    20. I am loving this series!! Its the second best werewolf series I've ever read!! I cant wait for Ricks story!!

    21. This may well be the snarkiest review I've ever written. You've been warned. What a selfish, cruel, lousy excuse for a human being! Let me just decide that even though I'm going to die let's cross being a parent off the bucket list. You know, on a whim, because it won't be a big deal for a child to have her parent die when she's a baby. It couldn't possibly result in Reactive Attachment Disorder, an incurable, debilitating, and potentially life destroying mental disorder, because I'm hiding my h [...]

    22. “Un compagno protettivo” di Toni Griffin è il terzo libro della serie paranormal romance M/M “I fratelli Holland”. Non avevo delle reali aspettative nei confronti di questa storia. Il primo libro della serie l’ho apprezzato, il secondo mi aveva un po’ deluso e questo doveva essere un po’ il mio punto di svolta per decidere se andare avanti nel leggere questa serie.Il libro mi è piaciuto, mi ha emozionato, mi ha fatto sorridere e l’ho trovato un po’ differente dalle storie pre [...]

    23. 4 STARSReviewed by VickiThree books, three screwed up men! I’m sensing a trend….Zack seems like he’s off to a good start in life, his parents are fine with his sexuality, he has his best friend Sarah his corner and a bright future ahead of him. Then tragedy come knocking and he loses everything. Except the one bit of happiness in his life, his daughter Hayley. Zack’s life has gone to crap, so he decides to make a move, finding a new teaching position in Leyburn, he sells his house and of [...]

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