Life After Hadley is Lost Living is a struggle with her family gone leaving her the lone survivor of a horrible car accident As Hadley struggles to overcome the grief that comes with the loss of her family she

  • Title: Life After
  • Author: P.A. Warren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hadley is Lost Living is a struggle with her family gone, leaving her the lone survivor of a horrible car accident As Hadley struggles to overcome the grief that comes with the loss of her family, she wonders if she wants to continue living Life doesn t feel worth living until she meets Avery Avery who makes her want to feel things she shouldn t so soon after her tragiHadley is Lost Living is a struggle with her family gone, leaving her the lone survivor of a horrible car accident As Hadley struggles to overcome the grief that comes with the loss of her family, she wonders if she wants to continue living Life doesn t feel worth living until she meets Avery Avery who makes her want to feel things she shouldn t so soon after her tragic loss Avery who makes her want to live With Avery s love, will she be able to overcome the grief or will it consume her

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    1. The best part of Life After is Avery. Seriously, the guy is absolute perfection. I mean, he can win not one, but TWO, stuffed animals from the claw machine! Who can do that?! But what I love most is how he is always, always there for Hadley when she needs him. And the scene where he sets up a Christmas Tree for her in Aprillted my heart!!Miss Hadley is a total mess after her family's death. This is a story about grief and finding the will to go on after you just want to lie down and die. With a [...]

    2. Book Talk Reviewsfacebook/VampiresBite2012michelle808205/I first have to congratulate Peggy Warren for an amazing job. This is one of the best books i'v read so far this year.I really enjoyed this book. Main character Hadley has lost her family and she isn't coping well. Hadley ends up moving in with her aunt her boyfriend who she hardly knows. Also living with her aunt is her boyfriends younger brother Avery. As Hadley go's threw a depression she also starts falling in love,but feels bad about [...]

    3. I received a copy of Life After by P.A. Warren in return for an honest review. 18 year old Hadley is dealing with the aftermath of a horrific accident. She was in a car crash along with her parents and her baby sister and she's the sole survivor. In addition to grieving the tragic loss, she's also dealing with survivor's guilt, and the knowledge that her last words to her father were less than kind. Her Aunt Jenny (her mom's sister) makes a 9 hour drive to help Hadley make funeral arrangements a [...]

    4. We always think that when a terrible accident happens and someone survives and the others parish, that the person that survived was " lucky" or meant to be here. I've never really thought of how much guilt and questions of why me? would that person have to live with. Author P.A. Warren gives such a great insight to those feelings, from the anger, sadness and the guilt to be happy again. I had a hard time putting the book down (for me if you don't get me captured in the first chapter, I never fin [...]

    5. First I don't do spoilers. I love reading a book and working my way to the great parts, I won't ruin a book for you by giving all the details!18 year old Hadley just lost her family in an accident. Mother, father and younger sister, only Hadley survived.He aunt whom she hasn't seen in years comes to pick up the pieces and take Hadley home to Texas with her.Hadley is dealing with survivors guilt. She can't handle the fact that her family is gone yet she survived.Avery lives in her aunt's home. He [...]

    6. I'm speechless right now I honestly didn't want to finish it it was so good it wanted it to lasts it moremetimes we need to learn the hard way There's time in life that will bring you rough moments Though situation when you don't have the strength to keep on but there's always a light at the end of the road that will guide you This book had me with a lot of different emotions I felt every moment It reminded me when I was 15 y/o When you think is the end is when someone will show the opposite. Ev [...]

    7. * I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review. *This was P.A. Warren's debut novel and it was a great one. She was able to make the reader feel as if they were on the journey with Hadley. The book starts out with the tragic loss of Hadley's entire family and it continues as it follows Hadley through heartbreak, depression, survivors guilt, healing, happiness, hope and finally love. This book was well written and had a steady flow throughout. I enjoyed how the reader was able [...]

    8. I found this book incredibly easy to read, it was quick, easy and had a good plot with well rounded characters. However, at times I felt I was reading a fan fiction, and found some of the exchanges between Avery and Hadley to be extremely cliched, sometimes bordering on banal. Despite this, while reading I did feel like like the narrator (Hadley) was given a very realistic teenage voiceSpoilers:I felt that Hadley's flashbacks of the accident were sometimes quite repetitive. Although I understand [...]

    9. If you are looking for a steamy sexy book look elsewhere because this is not the book for you. However if you are looking for a book that will reach out to every emotion from heartbreak to happiness pick up this book. This book starts out with a tragic loss of Hadley's family. This book follows Hadley through heartbreak, depression, guilt, healing, happiness, hope and finally love. Throughout Hadley's journey she had Avery who was her rock and stood by her. He has tragedy in his past too. I love [...]

    10. Life AfterP.A. Warren*gifted by author in exchanged for an honest review*This is a heartfelt, emotional read. Losing someone you love most and wondering why your life was spared?Hadley is lost and struggling from losing her family. Grieving is hard for her and she wonders if she should keep living. I absolutely loved Hadley and Avery's story and the emotions that it brought out of me. This story is about dealing with grief and loss that all of us go through sometime in life. You feel the pain an [...]

    11. I love it and I'm glad I got the chance to read this book! It's a beautiful story about a girl named Hadley who in the face of tragedy thought she lost everything only to discover that what's important and everything she needed has been right there in front of her all along! Such an amazing story, such ease and precision from start to finish, wonderful characters and development very well written! I enjoyed reading this bookwhat I love most is that it's so well written that I felt such a strong [...]

    12. Share a smile you might save a life :)This story filled me with every emotion, one could have 18 year old Hadley just lost her family in an accident and she is the only survivor. She is to live with her aunt in Texas and try to put back the pieces of her life. All thru this book I ask myself what would I do if this was happen to me ? This is one story everyone need to read just to feel the struggle and see how Hadley handled her depression. I encourage you to read it and tell a friend you might [...]

    13. What would you do if you lost everyone important in your life in one moment? How would you react? How would you cope?Life After is a sweet novel that follows Hadley in the her "Life After" that one moment. This young woman faces deep bouts of depression and strong moments of despair. Her rock through it all is Avery.I don't want to give you any spoilers. I will tell you that I connected with Hadley and most of the time when she was in tears so was I. Her growth and strength had me cheering her o [...]

    14. Life After is a good read but I found it to be slow at times. Hadley survived a car crashed that took both parents and her sister away from her leaving her with her aunt Jenny who she knows of but doesn’t really know. Jenny does what she can to support Hadley and help her through this tragic but the Avery is the light to Hadley’s dark. He makes Hadley smile though the hardships and support her through tough times. Avery has his own dark past and knows what it’s like to feel loss and he see [...]

    15. Life AfterBy: P.A. Warren**Copy provided by author for an honest review**This was a great emotional story about healing and learning to live and love again. Hadley has had her whole family taken and is the sole survivor of a car accident. She is an emotional wreck. She fights suicide and depression. Avery is a great sweet guy who has gone through his own tragedy and understands what Hadley is going through. He helps Hadley get through her depression and also helps her in ways he does not even re [...]

    16. Well that was an emotive read. Definitely needed tissues and a private place to wallow slightly!There is an underlying cleverness in the way this is written, as it is done from the very personal view of the main character. So the somewhat selfish, sometimes rambling nature of the discourse works - because that is the whole point of the story. At first I didn't get it, but as the well crafted story unfolded, it made sense, and it worked.

    17. First of all, I want to congratulate Mrs. Warren for publishing her debut novel. I'm not one of those that gives many details as to not spoil anything for the upcoming readers, but I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It was emotional at times, and I loved the transition Hadley took on her journey of healing. My favorite character was Avery. Although he had overcome many demons of his own, he was a genuiely good, and likeable guy. This was a sweet story of love, healing, and learning to forgive and [...]

    18. What can I say? I so looked forward to the release of this book! I was not disappointed. You know you are reading a good book when you start to feel the emotions that the characters are feeling. I cried with Hadley. I laughed with her. I felt like I was on the roller coaster with her. Avery was her savior and she knew it.I also love how the author placed bits of herself in the book. IE the squirrels and Luke Bryan.It was a very good book and I truly enjoyed reading it. I cannot wait until I get [...]

    19. What a wonderful story, tragic but shows the wonderful strength of a young woman who lives, loves and laughs after a journey thru grief. The story shows that 'family' is what you make of it, and with God, love support anything is possible. I'd love to read more about their journey thru life.

    20. Hadley has lost her family. She is the only survivor from the horrible accident that left her alone. Her Aunt brings her to Texas to live with her. There she slowly learns to live, trust, and love again. Through Avery's patience and love she heals.

    21. As soon as I started this book I had to fly through it to see if Hadley got to the light at the end of the dark tunnel! A story of loss, love and everything inbetween. Keep the tissues close. Oh and Avery, swooning here ;-)

    22. Loved the story line. I get emotionally attached to the charters and with these I was on an emotional roller coaster. I laughed felt their depression and cried. Great book!

    23. Category /Genre: Contemporary RomanceReceived from: P.A. Warren (in exchange for an honest review)Recommended for: 18+ due to sexual contentGrammar/editing: B – a few small errorsHadley is the only survivor when a truck hits the family car and her parents and little sister are killed. The survivor’s guilt is tremendous and she contemplates suicide. Again and again, she is in desperate shape, but always Avery is there for her, even before she knows who he is. Is the love he offers enough to a [...]

    24. There were quite a few typos in this book, not enough to completely distract from the story, but enough that it needs an editor. There were a couple of instances where it seemed like a sentence or two was missing. The paragraph just didn't quite make sense. Also, the timeline seemed off. It's Thanksgiving and months later it's Christmas. Again, I think an editor could tighten things up.Hadley's grief felt realistic. One minute she thinks she's getting past the pain, the next it all comes crashin [...]

    25. ohhh!You go Hadley!What a book what a ride! Thank you Ms Warren.I picked up this book to read after I read the blurb about it. That blurb was a tease. A tantalizing tease just enough to get under my skin.How do you continue on in life when all that is familiar, all that is home and comfort and love is taken from you in a blink of an eye?Hadley's and her family were in a horrible accident and she is the only survivor. How does she pick up the pieces and move on with her life? Can she? Will she? M [...]

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