For Always Malyn Reed meets and quickly falls in love with Beau Brogan who seems to be perfect in every wayExcept for the fact that he died in Malyn Reed has been able to see spirits her entire life Now t

  • Title: For Always
  • Author: Janae Mitchell
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Malyn Reed meets, and quickly falls in love with, Beau Brogan, who seems to be perfect in every wayExcept for the fact that he died in 1910Malyn Reed has been able to see spirits her entire life Now that she s almost seventeen, she has learned to differentiate between the living and the dead, making her gift feel less like an evil curse She ignores the spirits sheMalyn Reed meets, and quickly falls in love with, Beau Brogan, who seems to be perfect in every wayExcept for the fact that he died in 1910Malyn Reed has been able to see spirits her entire life Now that she s almost seventeen, she has learned to differentiate between the living and the dead, making her gift feel less like an evil curse She ignores the spirits she encounters on a daily basis, which has made living side by side with them slightly easieruntil she moves to Dandridge, the second oldest town in Tennessee.Beau Brogan has been dead for a hundred years In life, he was a hard working country boy who loved his family and stole the hearts of many southern belles But all of that came to a tragic halt at the age of nineteen when his life came to an untimely end In death, his spirit has been entombed in a ghostly life of loneliness and misery that he wishes would just enduntil the Reeds move in.

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      312 Janae Mitchell
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    One thought on “For Always”

    1. As a lover of guys from the south myself, this was a real treat for me. Between the romance and the obvious controversy (each of them being on different plains of existence)there was enough tension to keep me turning the pages. The relationships had great dynamics and the settings were well described. I definitely look forward to reading more by Janae!

    2. A book that had me hooked on page 3. I read this over a holiday weekend while camping with my parents. Every time I would start laughing , I had to fill in my Dad as to what was happening. Although I was the one reading it, we all 3 were enjoying it. This is a definite MUST READ. I can only hope that there are sequels. There were people who were mentioned in the telling of the story that I am interested in their stories.

    3. Wow! just wow, I totally didn't expected this. It was on my app and I just stared reading so I didn't know what it was about but I'm speechless, this story is just Awesome!! I need to know what happens in the next book. I'm really rooting for Malyn and Beau till the end of the whole mess with darkness; their eyes on Beau! I want to get inside and save him, I like him a lot, he is just awesome!In a place I totally chocked, I just want to complete reading whole series!!!It's definitely a must read [...]

    4. Janae is excellent storyteller. I enjoyed the first half of the book.The second half went south with the Takers and Astral Projection.

    5. This is a paranormal romance with a touch of suspense. This is the first book in the For Always series. This could be read as a stand alone, but I am buying the second book. I recommend this for any young adult, paranormal lover. This book is done in the point of view of several characters, but it is very detailed, not confusing at all. I was entranced from the first page, Beau is simply dreamy, I adore his mannerism. Nellie is the perfect definition of a grandmother. And I was so happy Malyn ha [...]

    6. This storyline sounded intriguing to me. Beau is a ghost and Malyn moves into his house with her grandmother, Nellie (both of Malyn's parents have died). Malyn can see and communicate with ghosts and Nellie can sense them but can't communicate with them. Malyn usually ignores ghosts but she makes an exception for Beau and gets to know him. She starts to fall for him and realizes how hopeless their situation is for her. In the meantime, she starts a new job and becomes best friends with Beth, who [...]

    7. In For Always by Janae Mitchell, 16 year old Malyn and her grandmother have moved to a new home in a new area. Malyn finds a new best friend called Beth who has a very cute brother called Jace and Malyn gets herself a job in Beth’s and Jace’s parents cafe and marina shop.Soon after moving into the new house Malyn finds herself falling deeply in love with the gorgeous Beau who seems to feel the same way about her. Their love is perfect except for one thing Beau is dead!!!Beau decides that he [...]

    8. Janae, your a new Author to me and I have recently came across your For Always Series. I started reading them on Wednesday and finished them both lastnight. I couldn't put them down. You have ripped my heart out of my chest In a good way♡ The roller coaster of feelings and emotions I went through reading your books made me ugly cry alot Lol You have managed to write a Dream World that we would never had the honor of being in without your amazing writing. There were times I have been in Malyn's [...]

    9. I won this book in the Firs-Reads Giveaway. I wasn't sure that I would like it to begin with but I did. It's a kind of long book, about 441 pages. I don't like to give the story line when I give a review because when I read reviews I don't want the book spoiled for me. The main people in the book are Malyn Reed and Beau Brogan. She is about 17 and has been able to see spirits all her life. I loved Malyn and Beau. You won't be able to put the book down until you finish it. I highly recommend thi [...]

    10. Not my cup of tea. To be honest I didn't think the book was ever going to end and I was dragging through the second half. It wasn't even the love triangle as much as I hate those, and let's be honest, Jace was being a real jerk by not giving up on her. She told him to move on and he kept forcing himself into her life in ways she didn't want. Stalking is not cute. I guess it was more so the takers that were annoying me. I just couldn't find myself interested in them at all.

    11. This book was free on the other day and after reading the synopsis I snatched it up. Having been in a bit of a book rut lately I was excited to try something in this genre that did not look like it was the same old plot in a fancy new outfit. Nope, this book is a whole new specimen!I loved the characters, and the story, but not a big fan of the triangle and not a fan of Malyn, the 16 year old heroine, falling in love so fast with both dudes. She is too young for all those feels.

    12. If you love paranormal and want a super-sweet love story, this is definitely your book! I can't even count how many times I went "Awwww" Janae Mitchell really makes you root for her characters, and sometimes I even thought I heard their voices in my head! With the way it ended, I'm totally looking forward to book #2!

    13. I'm torn on this one because I really loved it at first, but it seemed to lose focus about halfway through. The author started throwing in too many obstacles, and each one was overcome all too easily. I also found the forced dialect to be distracting, and in my head Beaux had the voice of Forrest Gump. Very not sexy.

    14. For Always is such a good book. The way Janae writes helps the words flow along the pages and you can't put the book down. Malyn is such a good character, you love her from the beginning. And the same with Beau! This is one of the best books I've read recently. Go, read this! Love these characters as much as I do. :)

    15. I really enjoyed reading this novel. The characters are well developed and just so likable. The author did a great job setting/maintaining the tone of the story. I won't delve into the plot (I hate spoilers) but this is a story worth your time!

    16. I just happened to stumble on this treasure and am so glad I did. It is an amazing story that kept me wanting to read and not put the book down. can't wait to read more 1 clicking the next book now!!!!

    17. I felt like this was two separate books combined into one. The first book would be the romance, which I really enjoyed, and the second being the astral projection. This didn't seem to mesh into one book, in my opinion.

    18. A great ghostly love story set in TN. I loved the southern twang dialogue. Since I'm from SC, and a southern girl myself, this was a lot of fun to read. The ending left some loose ties, so I wonder if there will be a sequel?Update: There is a sequel!!!

    19. I really really really love this book and the whole series. This is one of the books that I still have in my mind because I loved the characters so much once I read it. That is the best kind of books.

    20. I bought this book on kindle to read since I'd won "For Now" on First Reads. I loved this book so much. I will start reading "For Now" later today, when it's not 3 A.M. Can't wait to see what happens next.

    21. Loved it! Really liking these stories right now and this was great. We meet Beau and then we meet Malyn, who can see ghosts This book is the start of a series so the story continues across two more books. Wanna know more?? Read it!

    22. This book is awesome! I have always loved romance books and the paranormal. This book is a perfect mix of both. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. 5 stars! I would recommend.B Dumas

    23. Had the pleasure of meeting Janae in Knoxville this summer and couldn't wait to read a book set in East TN!

    24. This book grabs you with the first chapterhangs on to youd makes you want more!! I highly recommend this book!!

    25. I couldn't stop readingI highly recommend this book!! Its not just for young adultsI'm sixtyish and I loved it! Can't wait for Book Two!!

    26. I really love the story! I love the writing and the dialogues. Amazing read.Jan 25, 2017 - Re-read. Still an amazing book!!!

    27. From what everybody is saying it sounds like my kind of book. I can't wait to get my hands on it and see how good it is for myself.

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