The Mountain Place of Knowledge The burial chamber of a Mayan sorceress is uncovered atop a sacrificial pyramid at Caracol ruins in western Belize Translation of ancient metallic scrolls and a year old diary reveal a secret ent

  • Title: The Mountain Place of Knowledge
  • Author: Marshall Chamberlain
  • ISBN: 9780974098265
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • The burial chamber of a Mayan sorceress is uncovered atop a sacrificial pyramid at Caracol ruins in western Belize Translation of ancient metallic scrolls and a 1100 year old diary reveal a secret entrance to the interior Trinium, the Place of Knowledge, was created by an advanced civilization.When a flash of blue light kills their official, the UN assigns their scientisThe burial chamber of a Mayan sorceress is uncovered atop a sacrificial pyramid at Caracol ruins in western Belize Translation of ancient metallic scrolls and a 1100 year old diary reveal a secret entrance to the interior Trinium, the Place of Knowledge, was created by an advanced civilization.When a flash of blue light kills their official, the UN assigns their scientists from Africa, John Henry Morgan and Mary Ellen Rollins, to investigate They find a powerful scepter and learn the cause of the official s death Protection of the mountain s secrets requires cooperation from Belize, the United Nations, NATO and the United States But leaks of the find cause one nation to deem the mountain a threat to world order To neutralize the danger will bring great risks.

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    1. Check out my blog to see Reviews of Books and Movies as well as Recipes and DIY projectsI received this book for free in exchange for a fair and honest review.The Mountain Place of Knowledge is written by Marshall Chamberlain and is the first in the Ancestor Series. The book revolves around a location in Caracol Ruins of Belize. An ancient Mayan priestess penned a journal that has been found and is being translated, but the words found on the pages describe things that cannot be in the real worl [...]

    2. The story starts as two scientists, Calvin Stanvich and Donald Courtney, and a young boy are exploring a Mayan ruin. Lead there by a sorceress ancient diary that Calvin has translated but not shared the full content, a strange blue light is triggered and Donald and the young boy are killed. Calvin has other plans for the things described in the diary. Unfortuantely, the death of Donald has brought too much attention and now the UN Institute for the Study of Unusual Phenomena (ISUP) has sent John [...]

    3. I originally won a copy of this book from Library Thing, but never completed my obligation to review it. Subsequently the author contacted me to offer an ARC for me to review, again requesting only an honest review.“The Mountain Place of Knowledge” by Marshall Chamberlain is a superb, masterful blend of reality with cutting edge science fiction. With Chamberlain at the helm, it is not always evident where reality ends and science fiction begins. “The Mountain Place of Knowledge” is unlik [...]

    4. “The Mountain Place of Knowledge” by Marshall Chamberlain has been revised and is now available in a 2nd Edition. It now is an even more superb, masterful blend of reality with cutting edge science fiction. With Chamberlain at the helm, it is not always evident where reality ends and science fiction begins. “The Mountain Place of Knowledge” is unlike any book you have read before; it is in a class by itself, and is truly a “must read” book. Ancient alien technology takes center stage [...]

    5. When I got this book I was fairly excited about the idea behind it, but as I started reading I found that my focus often wandered off. As a result it took me a lot longer to read than would be normal for a book of this size. Things in the story seemed too arranged at times, fairly convenient when they needed to be and that was a little off-putting in places. The characters seemed well thought out, but the plot was all over the place. I felt that the book couldn't decide if it wanted to be a stor [...]

    6. I liked this book due to the fact that it has flares of James Rollins in it. The story was intriguing, but it could have been put together a bit better. The story starts out with mysterious happenings and events taking place in the jungles of Belize, and then circles the globe as key characters are brought into the story. Again, the story is set up and plays out alot like many of Rollins's book would have, however, some of the descriptions of the actual sites, the mountain, the caves, even the c [...]

    7. REVIEWTwo scientists, Calvin Stanvich and Donald Courtney along with a young boy are exploring a Mayan ruin. What led to this exploration was an ancient diary that Calvin had been translating. Calvin didn't share it all, he kept some of it to himself, a secret. Then a tragedy took place. Donald and the young boy die due to the triggering of a strange blue light. The things that Calvin had withheld that he found out in the diary were things he had other plans for. The problem with his plans is th [...]

    8. Disclosure: I was sent a pdf copy by the author in order for me to write an honest review.I'll get my gripe out of the way - I read this on my Kindle, and it defaulted to a tiny font which I couldn't read. It didn't like my trying to enlarge the font, and kept blipping to half-pages or repeats with a couple of lines added or random enlargements to fit 6 words on a page. This was frequently frustrating, though I used it as an exercise in "not allowing myself to be negatively affected by technolog [...]

    9. I received this book from Library Thing's Member Giveaways.It took me awhile to read this book because it was sent to me in PDF format and converting it to epub really messed up the formatting (paragraph breaks in the middle of the sentence for instance). I couldn't find the book on my ereader either (it ended up being a problem with the software reading the title, so it put the book after Z, where I'd never think to look for it). Reading it on the computer was difficult because if I ever had to [...]

    10. This is a great read. I don't always like science fiction but this one is very well written and I enjoyed the characters. (I do wish there was more of a romance between John Henry and M.E.) Calvin Stanvich, Curator of the Belize Museum of Natural History has found a burial chamber of a Mayan Sorceress, Myakka, at the top of a sacrificial pyramid; the chamber contains a diary, ancient metallic scrolls, and 1100 year old codex. As he translates it, the diary talks of a sentinel tree that opens a s [...]

    11. Be forewarned: The Mountain Place of Knowledge is not a stand-alone creation, but Book One in the 'Ancestor' series. Therefore, one can expect an action story that will link to future books. That said: it's a thriller highly recommended for readers who like their action nonstop, their characters well-drawn, and tension revolving around an archaeological discovery: an ancient Mayan sorceress's tomb.Investigators of the Belize discovery face a mysterious death light which has already killed a U.N. [...]

    12. I received a PDF of this book in exchange for a fair and unbiased review. It was a bit frustrating to read on my NOOK. An ePub or mobi file would have been better.Right off the bat I thought I had made a mistake in agreeing to read this book. I do not ever read fantasy books and chapter one was certainly in that genre. I was relieved when continued reading was not fantasy. Well, not completely that is. Yes the storyline is wound around a fantasy world and alien encounters in the distant past. Ho [...]

    13. I found The Mountain Place of Knowledge an interesting and fascinating work. A mountain in Belize that holds all knowledge. A place mentioned in the writings of ancient people, but a place that has been forgotten for centuries. A place that when two enter, they can communicate telepathically. A place that allows you a bird’s eye view of what has occurred in the past. I imagine a place that one would enter with awe and wonder.Such a place was found by interpreting the writings of an ancient pri [...]

    14. I actually read and reviewed the second book in this series, The Ice Cap and the Rift, before I read this one (the first). I mentioned that I probably should have read the first first and the author read my review. He wrote back to me and asked if I would like to review the Mountain Place of Knowledge. Of course I said yes and it was sent to me! Thank you so much. A lot of the questions I had are now answered--whew---This book is every bit as good as the second. It really keeps you turning those [...]

    15. This book had a very good idea behind and it was not something I had read before. The descriptions of the people and places within the book helped me to imagine being in the locations myself so that I could get into the story more.However, I thought the middle of the book was a bit drawn out and it could have been a little tighter. The ending of the book left me feeling unsatisfied as it left a lot of questions unanswered ready for the next book in the sequence, a storyline for which had already [...]

    16. Seemingly uncertain of its own genreWith a premise that was without a doubt interesting, this book could have been a whole lot better than it was. Teetering between science-fiction, political mystery/thriller and spiritual quest as the 'focus' of the story, the characterisation, descriptions and ultimately the plot of the story kind of got lost in the confusion.A testament to this problem of seemingly too many disparate story lines came in the form of multiple endings. Just when you think the au [...]

    17. THE MOUNTAIN PLACE OF KNOWLEDGE by Marshall Chamberlain was a different, but good read. Covered with political intrigue, high-tech mystery and just a hint of magic, this story is fairly robust and should fit a wide audience.What I liked about Mr. Chamberlain’s writing style was the way he could create an effective and complex story while still maintaining readability. Too often I see complex books written in a complex manner. In my opinion, this severely limits the audience that the book will [...]

    18. A pseudo-historical alternate sci-fi reality in which a few incorrect scientific claims builds a world where extraterrestrial intelligence plays a significant role on the development of human society. Strongly recommended for fans of Zecharia Sitchin and David Icke.I received a free copy of this book for review. I'm not into spies or aliens and it's difficult for me to suspend my disbelief about alternate chronologies that drastically change human history. However, I do derive pleasure from read [...]

    19. First, this isn't the type of novel I usually read but it sounded interesting so I thought I'd give it a try. I was expecting a fast-paced adventure with other wordly intrigue. It started slow with a UN organisation that is set up to investigate unusual phenomena and a sudden strange death in the field of its director at a mountain in the jungle of Belize. This probably another one of those books that started in the wrong place.I kept reading through several POV hops and eventually got into the [...]

    20. Anyone who has studied the ancient Mayan civilization, or read Chariots of the Gods, must admit there is evidence that the Mayans, at least, made monumental attempts and used vast amounts of labor and resources to contact entities from 'out there.' Within murals or pictographs are clues that eerily reference a visit from a superior technology from space.In this book, Chamberlain explores the implications of this theory. He also explores the possible technologies and reasons behind this close enc [...]

    21. I really debating between about the rating to give the book. I usually love a good sci-fi, somewhat mystical adventure story. The story definitely held up its end of the bargain, without getting bogged down too much on the science/technical end of things.Unfortunately, there were several places where at the very least the use of a spell/grammar checking program, or better still another set of human eyes, would have been extremely beneficial. I'm not sure if this was caused in the creation of the [...]

    22. I received this book for a fair review.Oh boy! An ancient aliens book. Drs. Morgan and Rollins have to find out why Dr. Morgan’s mentor died, and see if there is any truth to claims of an ancient “magic stick” that belonged to a Mayan sorceress.Now, I like thrillers of all sorts. They are just some of the best books for escapism that I’ve found. This one started out strong. It ended with a whimper however, and not with a bang. Between the results of the major showdown, and who the over-a [...]

    23. Review: THE MOUNTAIN PLACE OF KNOWLEDGE by Marshall ChamberlainEleven and a half centuries ago, in a Central American jungle, a sudden brilliant blinding light, powerful enough to destroy, would not attract much attention, simply due to the paucity of population. Nowadays, with global Information overload and a planetary population in the billions and a society ruled by the Greed Motive, secrecy is, literally, a thing of the past. Jump in for a globe-ranging, tension-laden adventure, and be prep [...]

    24. Given To Me For An Honest ReviewThis book is a very good read from a new author. It isn't like the usual type of action thrillers that we are usually getting now. This is a very great change. The Mountain Place of Knowledge is #1 in a trilogy so we still have 2 more books to wait for. This book will have you reading and unable to stop until the end. You might even think it is all true, that is how good it is. Marshall Chamberlain is an author to watch. I wanted to give 10+ stars but only allowed [...]

    25. I received a copy of The Mountain Place of Knowledge in exchange for a review. Had I not received a copy of this book I probably wouldn't have read it. The Mountain Place of Knowledge drew me in from the beginning. It was mysterious, exciting and I found it difficult to put down. The ending left me satisfied yet craving more. The majority of my library is either on my nook or kindle, but when I find something that I really enjoy I go out and buy a physical copy of the book. That's what I ended u [...]

    26. For the most part I liked this book. I liked the plot line and the twists that were in it. I had a hard time getting engrossed in the story as some parts needed to be edited. I think some parts of the book do need to be edited out. It felt like a lot of filler to me. I think that with some of these parts gone the action would be more intense and gripping. All in all I will probably read the second in the series because as a reader, I need to have an ending.

    27. A spy novel of the West vs China with aliens thrown in. It took a little while for the story to develop and midway through the book the story started building to what I had hoped would be a wonderful climax, but sadly the ending in my opinion fizzled out. At times the book read more like a documentary than a novel.

    28. I read this as a sc-fi and adventure thriller similar to the Raiders of the Lost Ark series. Set in Belize it has magical qualities with a hi-tech twist.

    29. Terrible story!!!Did not enjoy this story at all,too much killing,and man using knowledge and technology to destroy himself and this beautiful earth!!!

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