Guilty Innocence A letter that reveals a horrifying truth Natalie Richards finds than she bargained for when she snoops through her boyfriend s possessions evidence that Mark Slater was once convicted of a brutal kill

  • Title: Guilty Innocence
  • Author: Maggie James
  • ISBN: 9780957558359
  • Page: 473
  • Format: ebook
  • A letter that reveals a horrifying truth Natalie Richards finds than she bargained for when she snoops through her boyfriend s possessions evidence that Mark Slater was once convicted of a brutal killing Heartbroken by what she s discovered, Natalie s dreams of a future with him collapse.Only the other person jointly sentenced for Abby Morgan s murder, the twisted aA letter that reveals a horrifying truth Natalie Richards finds than she bargained for when she snoops through her boyfriend s possessions evidence that Mark Slater was once convicted of a brutal killing Heartbroken by what she s discovered, Natalie s dreams of a future with him collapse.Only the other person jointly sentenced for Abby Morgan s murder, the twisted and violent Adam Campbell, knows the truth That Mark played no part in Abby s death.Meanwhile, circumstances have thrust Mark back in contact with Adam, who, aged twenty five, is domineering and chilling than ever Can Mark rewrite history and confront his nemesis A gritty novel examining child murder and dysfunctional families, Guilty Innocence tells of one man s struggle to break free from his past.

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    One thought on “Guilty Innocence”

    1. I really enjoyed this novel, the third book written by Maggie James but the first I have read, I'll definitely be reading the others. This book was hard hitting and gritty, pulls no punches, incredibly descriptive writing of scenes and conversations that had me drawn in as if I was in the book too. Excellent psychological thriller, it delves into the hearts and minds of a number of central characters all connected by one horrific event.It tackles deep interpersonal issues including the results o [...]

    2. Utterly brilliant. I raced through, desperate to find out what happens at the end, but this book deserves a slow, thoughtful second read. Complex plot, fascinating and real characters and a damaged MC who is both hero and villain. Wonderful writing.

    3. In a story which will have real-life echoes for many, two eleven year-old boys kidnap and kill a toddler. Mark Slater is one of those boys and with his new identity he has carved out a place in society for himself. He has a decent job and a girlfriend, even though he is not supposed to have a relationship because of his child-killing conviction. Mark knows he's innocent. We find out about him, the other boy, the dead child's family and his girlfriend, Natalie. Mark acknowledges his own weakness. [...]

    4. I actually first read this book back in 2014 and found it quite a harrowing read. So how would I feel reading it again knowing what was going to happen? And the answer is that it was STILL a very difficult book to read due to the subject matter that the plot revolves around. Time hasn’t softened the direct and hard hitting narrative and I certainly haven’t become desensitised to the issues raised here even though I have read many books of a similar nature since.When Natalie finds the letter [...]

    5. Guilty Innocence is Maggie James’s third novel and what an achievement. One of the best books I have read in some time. The Blurb tells the potential reader the bones of the book, what it doesn’t state is the journey they are about to undertake. A harrowing, gripping story of two 11 year olds who admit the abduction and senseless, brutal murder of a 2 year old child.Fourteen years later they have false identities and Mark, alias Joshua, is attempting to get his life on track. However he is h [...]

    6. Guilty Innocence is about two people searching for answers and justice after earlier events in their lives. The story takes you on so many twists and turns that you quickly become engrossed in it. Two of the characters (Mark and Natalie) made me feel a range of emotions from frustration to sympathy. Some of their thoughts and actions made me wonder what on earth they were doing, but they redeemed themselves in the end. They are both products of what happened in their childhoods and the author ex [...]

    7. This is a beautifully written book that spares readers nothing.Two young boys, hanging around looking for entertainment, walk away with a toddler. What happens next sickens and disgusts the nation. The boy's names are on everyone's lips as they are sent to a detention centre. They are deemed too young for prison.Years later they emerge with new names and identities. Mark (Josh) has a good job and keeps his head down. He was found guilty along with Adam who actually murdered the little girl Abby. [...]

    8. Guilty innocence by Maggie james. When Natalie snoops through her boyfriend Mark’s possessions she finds more than she bargained for. Mark was once convicted of a brutal killing. Heartbroken by what she has discovered, Natalie’s dreams of a future with him collapse.Fantastic read with brilliant characters. Couldn't put it down. 5*. Bloodhound books.

    9. donnasbookblog.wordpress/I have read a few of Maggie’s books now and enjoyed them so I was really keen to get my hands on a copy of this book and well, I certainly wasn’t disappointed!!  I love the new cover and the blurb really draws you in, I couldn’t wait to get started.  The pace of the book was spot on, I loved the way the characters interacted and the way they were described to bring the story to life, some tough subjects are handled and for me it was really well written.  I thoug [...]

    10. Guilty Innocence is quite a hard book to review. Why you may ask? Well that would be the subject matter. This really is not going to be for every one. As soon as I started it, it reminded me instantly of the Jamie Bulger case. It is one that will certainly intrigue the reader without a doubt but the actual murder of little Abby was hard going I have to admit. I will say a big BUT though, as it is without a doubt my favourite book by this author and is one that readers should give a chance as, ap [...]

    11. I just didn't like this book at all. I gave it two stars just for the amount of work the author put in to writing all. those. words.I don't think the book was poorly constructed. I don't think the plot was too outlandish. I just didn't like any single character in the entire book. I wanted to smack the main character nearly every chapter. Too riddled with guilt. Too full of self-importance. Too OCD. Too impulsive. Jeez man, get a grip. I wanted to smack his on-again-off-again girlfriend for eati [...]

    12. Guilty Innocence is a strong psychological thriller and an unusual story written with excellent characterizations of damaged people trying to go forward with their lives but unable to escape the horrors of the past. The story line and Ms. James writing draw you into these desperate lives and keep you turning pages, looking for what happens next in tempo with the characters themselves. A very good read!

    13. A compellingly, disturbing read. I was hooked! Guilty Innocence was well written, full of twists and turns, with believable likeable characters and psychological intrigue. This was my second book my Maggie James and my favourite so far!

    14. This book was very poignant and very well written it also has a beginning , a middle and an end . So many books don't . I gave this book 5 stars as it was worth them

    15. Thankfully this book was tastefully written and not identical to actual events otherwise there's no way I would have finished it. Maggie James had just enough detail but not too much to turn me off.

    16. This is the second time that I have read this book, the first time being when it was originally published in 2013 and boy oh boy it was just as jaw dropping this time round as it was then.  I really believe that this is Maggie James's best work of all the books that she has written and I have read them all.  There is a saying that it is not all over until the fat lady sings well in this story it would be on the last line of the book because there is no working this one out, no second guessing [...]

    17. I absolutely love this book. It is not an easy read and raises issues that makes the reader think again. The characters are realistic and develop gradually throughout the book into their Adult versions. The story is heartrendingly brilliant. There are twists and turns and unexpected events that build on the intrigue and suspense to such a level that you just keep turning page after page. It is an excellent book from a brilliant author.Joshua and Adam were 11 years old when they were convicted of [...]

    18. My Review:  5/5This book blew me away.  The storyline, the characterization, the pacing…I liked everything about it.When Mark’s girlfriend Natalie finds an old letter from his past, his life as he knows it starts to unravel.  She discovers the hidden truth about him.  Years ago he was convicted of killing a little girl.  Except there’s a catch…he didn’t do it.  He sets out to reveal the truth about what really happened all those years ago.I instantly liked Mark.  He is a victim [...]

    19. Guilty Innocence is Maggie James's third novel. It is a gripping story of two 11 year old boy's who kidnap and murder a two year old girl. Fourteen years later Joshua, now given a new identity and called Mark, is trying to live a normal life following his release from prison but is haunted by the events of that day and the effect on the child's family.Mark is holding down a job in a building merchant's and has a girlfriend Natalie, but it is early day's. Natalie is also struggling to live with s [...]

    20. Thought-provoking book about the dark, murky aspect of guilt or innocence.This book is a must read and at the same time very difficult to read because it is based on crimes that have actually happened in the past. Crimes by young children or even younger children are shocking but real. It made me recall the 1993 murder of James Bulgar.Slowly and skilfully James takes her reader from the present back to before the crime. As the plot develops, the characters come to life and it is difficult not to [...]

    21. This is the first book of Maggie's that I have read so was unsure what to expect. I was moved by the story and at times found it challenging to read as the story revolves around two 11 year old boys torturing and murdering a 2 year old girl and follows one of the boys who has had his identity changed as he is older. The story starts off with Natalie finding a letter from a woman to her grandson explaining his mum never wants to see him again and is changing her name, which has been sent to him i [...]

    22. Maggie James offers up psychological thriller like no other in 'Guilty Innocence', another one of her amazing reads that had me sucked in from the very beginning. New to the genera of psychological thrillers I am honored to have found such a great author to begin with. James does a wonderful job setting the story, in the beginning, for the twists and turns in the ride ahead; and she always delivers a wild ride for sure, this book is no different. I highly recommend this book, you won't be able t [...]

    23. The notion of family is central to Maggie James' novels, which explore the gap between the idealised concept of the nuclear family and the reality of many family lives today: so often dysfunctional, dislocated, dissembled. Her third novel 'Guilty Innocence' is about the disintegration of the nuclear family and how the young people damaged by such ruin try to recreate the family in their own lives. These young people do not come from typical nuclear families, of the sort that eleven-year olds Jos [...]

    24. This was an enjoyable read, if a very dark storyline. It reminded me very much so on the murder of James Bulger as this was two 11 yr old boys who tortured and killed a two year old child, only difference it was a girl. They got 10 yrs and then out with new identities. There was even a part in it that was so similar it’s eerie, in a photo one boy was looking down and wouldn’t make eye contact (defiant) and the other one was a rabbit in headlights (terrified) that was so like it was in realit [...]

    25. I found this a particularly harrowing read, for various reasons.My heart went out to so many of the characters.Maggie James has taken a controversial look into a crime that is never an easy read, whether in truth or fiction.The story evolves and we see mainly from Marks perspective and how he is back in contact with Adam, and how fate has it's own plans.Maggies writing is sensitive where needs to be, gritty and brutal in others, with a touch of heartbreak all the way through.An extremely worthy [...]

    26. This isn't an easy book to read and it isn't an easy book to review due to the subject matter. After being released from prison Mark struggles to move on from his past. He knows to do that he needs to prove his innocence. He goes about it the wrong way which gets him in more trouble. This is a really well written story. Due to the subject matter it's not a book for everyone. It's rare I read a book where I don't like any of the characters but this is one of them. Each character seemed to annoy m [...]

    27. Wow what a good readI read this book in one sitting I have up on going to bed because I genuinely could not put this book down, the storyline is brilliant although a bit sad for Abby yet I can understand why it had to be a child. The evil in one of the characters are obviously some sort of psychopath that's how it comes across, and I am glad it comes across that way otherwise you wouldn't get the concept of the book, it's an amazing story you should definitely read this book on e you start be pr [...]

    28. Somewhere between 2.5-3 stars. This was pretty good, but you must suspend disbelief quite a bit, and there was too much repetition about Natalie's size. (view spoiler)[The ending tied together a little too neatly in one aspect, and was left unsatisfactorily open in another. An epilogue should have been included with the outcomes of Mark's, Shaun's, and Natalie's hearings. I especially would have liked to know what Shaun's reaction was to finding out Mark was innocent. (hide spoiler)] All in all, [...]

    29. I'm not sure if I enjoyed this book or not. The main character, Joshua/Mark is probably the most irritating character ever and I became bored reading about him. Natalie annoyed me too and I found myself wishing she'd eat one chocolate biscuit too many and explode.Then there's the brutal murder of a young child, which is the most distressing topic for a book.That said, It's far from the worst book I've ever read, and I do enjoy this authors work but it's a long way from the best book I've read to [...]

    30. Long, but entertaining. Evened out.I liked the story and the details. It was hard to understand the motives behind the main character's actions majority of the time and I really thought he must be on the spectrum with how inappropriate his actions were, but I still found myself rooting for him. I enjoyed the closure the author gave to all ends of stories and characters when she was wrapping up the novel. Thank you for that! I will be able to sleep easier after the full circle conclusions! 💙 [...]

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