Doctor Who Into the Nowhere The Eleventh Doctor and Clara land on an unknown alien planet To the Doctor s delight and Clara s astonishment it really is unknown It s a planet the Doctor has never seen It s not on any maps it s

  • Title: Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere
  • Author: Jenny T. Colgan
  • ISBN: 9781448141838
  • Page: 241
  • Format: ebook
  • The Eleventh Doctor and Clara land on an unknown alien planet To the Doctor s delight and Clara s astonishment, it really is unknown It s a planet the Doctor has never seen It s not on any maps, it s not referenced on any star charts or in the TARDIS data banks It doesn t even have a name What could be so terrible that its existence has been erased

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    1. The Doctor and Clara land on a planet that's not on any maps and neither the Doctor or The TARDIS have any knowledge of it. After a series of harrowing experiences, a walking skeleton beckons them to follow. Will they survive their meeting with the King of Bones? Of course they will. He's The Doctor!I got this from Netgalley. Thanks, Netgalley!Into the Nowhere is a short adventure featuring The Eleventh Doctor and Clara. Unlike some Doctor Who fiction I've read, The Doctor and his companion, Cla [...]

    2. "Planet with its own atmosphere, not on any star charts, not recorded, not in the Tardis databanks. Well, that's not right, is it?""You don't have to find out. You're not the policeman of the universe," said Clara. "No, wait, that's exactly what you are, isn't it? You've got the box and everything."Jenny Colgan has rapidly risen in esteem to become my favorite female Doctor Who author. (Justin Richards is my favorite male Doctor Who author and will most likely stay that way.) She completely nail [...]

    3. I absolutely loved this book, for the simple reason that Clara's complex character was explored in a way it hasn't been in the show. The plot it brilliant too; a proper adventure. It's a quick, fun read and definitely worth it -- especially if you're a huge Clara fan like myself.

    4. Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere (Time Trips) is part of the "Time Trips" series of novellas, and it is my very first Doctor Who read.Admittedly, being Italian, I did not grow up with this TV series, and, although I have watched the occasional episode, it has never truly appealed to me - I think it had something to do with the production itself.I do however love science fiction and I am very glad to have picked up this title, as I enjoyed every line. I felt that the story was very well constructed a [...]

    5. Um. Yeah.One star + another for all the lovely skeletons. I liked the skeletons.I'm not sure what the rest was about. Maybe I'm too tired, or maybe I'm just too dim, but I admit I didn't really get the point of the whole thing at all - I think something of importance happened there at one point, but maybe I blinked, or something, and basically, I think there were metaphors? Maybe? Or something. Something to do with religion, I think. Or, yeah, maybe I'm just not smart enough for this kind of dee [...]

    6. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.This Doctor Who short story had a very strong beginning but quickly fell apart once Clara and the Doctor went planet side. The characterization of the 11th Doctor and Clara was phenomenal. One of the best I have read. I could clearly see and hear the Doctor and Clara having their unique, quick and witty back and forth dialogue. I could see the Doctor caress the TARDIS, hear the sound his hand made against the machine, and Clara [...]

    7. I received a copy of this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Also posted on my blog, Rinn Reads.From the very first paragraph of this book, I immediately knew it was more skillfully written than previous Doctor Who reads – at least in terms of the description. The story wasn’t quite as fun as some of the books aimed at younger audiences. Jenny T. Colgan captures the personalities and mannerisms of the Eleventh Doctor and Clara really well, and I could easily pictu [...]

    8. As a long time fan of Doctor Who I am ashamed to admit I've read very few DW books (although I did enjoy Patrick Ness' Fifth Doctor story, Tip of the Tongue recently). If they're all as good as Into the Nowhere (part of the Time Trips series) then I've been foolishly denying myself and have some serious catching up to do.This is a beautifully described story which manages to be chilling at one moment then touching the next. The Eleventh Doctor and Clara come across a mysterious planet without a [...]

    9. NOVEMBER 2015 UPDATE: I am still in denial about last night's episode of Doctor Who (Face the Raven) so I thought I'd re-read this adventure featuring Clara and the Eleventh Doctor. Also it's quite apt timing considering it has been 52 years since Doctor Who was first shown on TV.Into the Nowhere is just as good if not even better the second time round. There were bits I obviously missed before and now I understand it more. It includes interesting characters who may not be as monstrous as you th [...]

    10. I really enjoyed it, being the massive doctor who fan that I am, I got to relive the show through a book AND it featured one of my favourite Doctor/Companion pairings. The story was like a dose of fanfiction, except everything in it was canon, which made me even more excited about the events that were taking place. I also loved the references to other events and characters from the tv show, as well as the snarky sarcastic comments by both Clara and the Doctor, as well as the relationship growth [...]

    11. One thing fans always want to know about novelizations and extra adventures: are they true to the characters? No fears here - I could picture the Doctor and Clara in my head. He can't resist meddling, and she can't leave him to it, and here they make an excellent pair as they investigate the secret of this mysterious, missing planet. The story seems a little rushed, but there's a limit on what can be done in 49 pages.Disclaimer: I received a free copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest rev [...]

    12. Into the Nowhere was a fast paced and fun read. Both the Doctor and Clara were beautifully written, I could imagine Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman behaving just as these characters were written - well done! My only complaint would be that the ending was a bit rushed and, for me, wasn't really explained. This is the reason I'm only giving it four stars. Still a very good story and I recommend it to any Whovian.I received a complimentary copy of this book to review. I was asked to give my honest opi [...]

    13. I have never read a Dr Who book before but am a fan of the tv series . I found the book very enjoyable. The story grabbed hold of me and took me on an adventure on a bleak dead planet with many hidden secrets. I didn't think Dr Who books could be this good. The author captures exactly the atmosphere, thrills and drama of the tv show . I shall be telling everybody to start reading these books and i'm looking forward to reading another myself.

    14. I enjoyed the chance to spend more time with Eleven and Clara, and they were well characterized, but some of the central metaphors seemed kind of strained, and the villain was a rather lazy cliche. The story seemed to have more ambition than could be fulfilled in something so short - even if It didn't quite succeed, it was a good effort.

    15. I had a few minor nitpicks with it, bit overall it was a good story. She did good with continuity and had some nice nods to the doctors (mostly nine and ten), and wrote eleven's doctor pretty accurately too.

    16. When the Doctor and Clara land on a planet neither the Doctor nor the Tardis recognize, it doesn’t take long for the Doctor to want to start exploring. But the more of the planet they see, the further into danger they seem to be. As they try to navigate traps that seem to be alive, they start finding messages, and Clara’s fear grows. Can the Doctor help her through her fears, and does he know more than he is letting on?I would classify myself as a fan of Doctor Who, but I have never read any [...]

    17. See full review @ The Indigo QuillI received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Doctor Who: Into the Nowhere is the eleventh doctor’s turn to be captured in print by the Time Trips series. He and Clara stumble upon a mysterious planet with no name or known history. Not even the TARDIS knows where they are. Not long after they leave the safety of the TARDIS, they realize that the world might not want its secrets uncovered and it seems as if the elements themselves turn agains [...]

    18. There isn't a single aspect of this plot that is believable, even for a Doctor Who novel. The first half is a rip off of "The Mind Robber" (2nd Doctor) with a far off operator manipulating a "place with no name" and the Doctor and companion overcoming obstacles to get to the fortress where the operator is holed up. In The Mind Robber, the operator is manipulating imaginary things in imagination land, in this novella, we are supposed to believe that a Jabba the Hut sized computer hacker is contro [...]

    19. Lately, I've been binge reading Doctor Who novels and short stories. I just can't get enough. That was going really well until I reached Into the Nowhere. It's the first Doctor Who short story I read that I really didn't care for. There were several things I didn't like about it.The biggest thing that bothered me is that the way the author portrayed the eleventh doctor drove me absolutely crazy. It was like she was trying too hard to develop his wit and sarcasm. It just came off as forced and aw [...]

    20. This is a great short story featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Clara set between the last two Eleventh Doctor TV stories, The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor. They arrive on a planet which apparently doesn't exist and inevitably bad things happen, involving skeletons and a really creepy villain.Colgan really nails the characters here, perhaps more than virtually any Doctor Who author has managed. She really gives us an expansion of Clara, especially given how in the show more time wa [...]

    21. I’ve pretty much loved all of the Doctor Who Time Trips Series and this book is no exception. While in some cases the size of the book does not gel with the price. I think that they are getting better about that. While overall, the story here is a little lackluster and for some people having Clara be so close to the beginning of her time with the Doctor rather nearer to the end might be a bit weird. I found the whole thing wonderful and if my time permitted me; I would have read the whole thin [...]

    22. A short story that has Clara and the Doctor (portrayed by Matt Smith) on a planet which no record of the planet exists. This duo cannot let this mystery go unsolved and they are on their way to investigate.I have read this author's other book in this universe and she has a good grasp of the characters. She does a good job with their portrayals and she includes their mannerisms that the reader has no problem envisioning the characters. I will say that Clara was a little off but not enough to detr [...]

    23. Jenny Colgan definitely has The Eleventh Doctor down. I was glad that this time, she wrote a story with current companion, Clara. I liked that it was obvious that this story took place after The Day Of The Doctor. There were a lot of references to things in the past, particularly K-9 at the very beginning of the story.I also liked how when they landed on the "Nowhere" planetaka "Anthony" she referenced Gallifrey too. Jenny kept with canon quite a bit. Even the fez attempts to make an appearance. [...]

    24. While I was generally content with this book, there were a few things that made it imperfect. I think the characterization of Clara was the thing that bothered me the most; Jenna Coleman plays a very nuanced character that is almost hard to nail down into an archetype, and unfortunately that doesn't translate well in a text-only environment. I did appreciate the Doctor's jokes, and I feel like he was well-written (except the line about him fixing his eyebrows, because come on's Eleven. His eyebr [...]

    25. The wait is almost over! That's right, Whovians, the Doctor is set to return in August. Until then, BBC Books has a great new series of e shorts to tide us over!The second installment in the series is from Jenny T. Colgan, who also recently penned the Doctor Eleven adventure Dark Horizons. In "Into the Nowhere" Doctor Eleven and Clara land on an unmapped and unnamed planet that immediately seems intent on killing them! They can leave if they can only get back to the TARDIS, but nothing intrigues [...]

    26. Tight, atmospheric tale that fits seamlessly in the Eleventh Doctor's Universe. It should be pointed out how the television show goes out of its way to establish "absences" in its timeline to allow and make these expanded universe tales more rewarding. The only drawback here is the use of some cliched dangers, but that is more than made up for by the expert handling of how they effect, and are ultimately handled/vanquished by the Doctor and Clara. I think the best thing that can be said of any D [...]

    27. *I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks to Randon House UK, Ebury Publishing and Jenny Colgan*2.5 starsThe Eleventh Doctor and Clara arrive on a planet that doesn't exist but they soon discover how dangerous it is.There were parts of this story that I liked (seeing more of the Eleventh Doctor with Clara and certain points of the plot) and parts that I didn't (certain points of the plot and I didn't find the story as engaging towards the end) but ove [...]

    28. I really liked the characterization of the Doctor and Clara, the vivid imagery, and the Biblical references. I was particularly fascinated by how it explored Clara's opinion of the Doctor in a way that's never really gone into depth about on the tv show. Not so hot on the fatphobia represented by the villain character (seriously, be more imaginative than making a character who is fat because he's lazy and evil). Also, there needed to be more justification for why the skeleton robots retained the [...]

    29. I have to admit I am behind on my Doctor Who watching so I know nothing about Clara and 11 and their backstory. The TARDIS takes them to a planet that has no name and it looks like no one lives there. Of course there is a reason for this and it is a good story and the Doctor does his usual thing and upsets the apple cart on the planet, A good read for the fans and a nice way to dip into the series without having to worry about all the back history to try and catch.Digital review copy provided by [...]

    30. This was an awesome imagining that really let me feel like the eleventh Doctor and Clara could continue traveling together forever! I know the writer has to be a HUGE fan to be able to wrote the characters so well and come up with a completely new adventure unlike anything ever seen in the actual series :) I really enjoyed it and would love to read more adventures by her with any of the doctor and companions! Really a gem for true Whovians!***This book is suitable for mature young adult through [...]

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