Printer s Devil Court A mysterious manuscript lands on the desk of the step son of the late Dr Hugh Meredith a country doctor with a prosperous and peaceful practice in a small English town From the written account he has

  • Title: Printer's Devil Court
  • Author: Susan Hill
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A mysterious manuscript lands on the desk of the step son of the late Dr Hugh Meredith, a country doctor with a prosperous and peaceful practice in a small English town From the written account he has left behind, however, we learn that Meredith was haunted by events that took place years before, during his training as a junior doctor near London s Fleet Street, in a neigA mysterious manuscript lands on the desk of the step son of the late Dr Hugh Meredith, a country doctor with a prosperous and peaceful practice in a small English town From the written account he has left behind, however, we learn that Meredith was haunted by events that took place years before, during his training as a junior doctor near London s Fleet Street, in a neighbourhood virtually unchanged since Dickens s times Living then in rented digs, Meredith gets to know two other young medics, who have been carrying out audacious and terrifying research and experiments Now they need the help of another who must be a doctor capable of total discretion and strong nerves Remember that what you know you can never un know If you are afraid, then A gripping and suspenseful mystery by one of the masters of the genre Susan Hill has been a professional writer for over 50 years Her books have won the Whitbread, and John Llewellyn Prizes, and the W Somerset Maugham Award and been shortlisted for the Booker Prize Her novels include Strange Meeting, I m the King of the Castle and A Kind Man, and she has also published autobiography and collections of short stories Her ghost story, The Woman in Black, has been running in London s West End since 1988 Susan Hill is married with two adult daughters and lives in North Norfolk.

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    One thought on “Printer's Devil Court”

    1. I like to read a good ghost story at Christmas. Unfortunately this wasn’t really it. It is a novella, almost a short story and easily readable in one sitting. It revolves around four medical students who share digs. The story is written my one of them and is found by his family after he dies many years later. Two of the group are interested in experimentation with the end of life and bringing back the dead. They have the truly daft idea of capturing the last breath, which they think has potenc [...]

    2. In 1983, Susan Hill wrote a decent ghost story called The Woman in Black that was turned into a brilliant West End production. Since then she’s been coasting on her reputation as a horror writer, churning out extremely dull ghost novellas every now and then that nonetheless sell quite well due to the Woman in Black’s success. So it goes with Printer’s Devil Court, which is the worst thing by Hill that I’ve read to date.Set in some time that could be the Victorian or Edwardian era, Hugh M [...]

    3. Part of the Kindle Single series, Printer's Devil Court is a brand new short story from Susan Hill. In the tradition of her well-known historical ghost stories, the most famous of which is The Woman in Black, it's a spooky, atmospheric tale set predominantly in early-twentieth-century London. Against a backdrop of impenetrable fogs and bleak winter storms, a young trainee doctor becomes unwittingly involved in a devilish scheme devised by two of his acquaintances, which will come to haunt him fo [...]

    4. So here we are with the last (that I am aware of) of Susan Hills "ghosts stories" and I must admit this one though no great shocker did catch me out hence the high review.So another short ghost story in the classic - British fireside story - if it was in another season I would almost be tempted to call it a Christmas Ghost story. This one is typically atmospheric and perfectly illustrated, instilling a perfect sense of time and place. The story - and here it gets tricky without giving away spoil [...]

    5. ¿Una historia de fantasmas escrita por la misma autora de "La Dama de Negro"? ¡Claro que quiero leerla!Con este hype fue con el que empecé este libro en el que, si bien la autora sigue haciendo gala de su capacidad para crear escenarios tétricos, góticos, cargados de ambiente, lo cierto es que la trama resulta bastante floja.Seguimos a un grupo de jóvenes doctores en el Londres post-victoriano, dos de los cuales piensan que han encontrado la forma de devolver la vida a los muertos. A nuest [...]

    6. First of all, what a beautiful, beautiful cover. I mean, look at it. It’s gorgeous. It’s textured, too, which makes it all the more lovely.However, the story within wasn’t nearly so lovely to read. In fact, it was dull. Extremely dull. And the science didn’t really make sense – granted, it’s more of a ghost story than a piece of science fiction, but you’d expect the science to add up, wouldn’t you?The characters are unexciting and not nearly fleshed-out enough. I found that I did [...]

    7. A young medical student has taken rooms in Printer's Devil Court in London, sharing them with three other medical men. One evening, the four men have a discussion as to whether the story of Lazarus could possibly have been true – is it scientifically possible to bring someone back from the dead? Two of the men hint that they have been carrying out experiments on the subject and ask Meredith and the fourth man if they would like to join in. The fourth man considers the whole idea to be blasphem [...]

    8. This is the first Susan Hill story I have read, and I must say I was disappointed. The tale starts of well with Victorian doctors conducting experiments in the hope of successfully resurrecting a cadaver. The premise, although not original, promises a gripping ghost story in the Victorian Gothic tradition. Unfortunately, it doesn't deliver on that promise. Any ghost story worth penning needs a chilling twist, the kind that raises the hairs on the back of your neck, but the climax to this story i [...]

    9. I was looking for something spooky, atmospheric, and ghostly for Halloween reading. Susan Hill has carved out a niche writing supernatural tales, as well as a fine police procedural series, so I gave this a try. The most appealing parts of this were her descriptions of murky London, but the plot was slight. The story needed more suspense to create the creepiness I hoped the story would have.

    10. This is my first Susan Hill novella and must admit I like these old fashioned horror settings. I think this works much better as a period horror instead of a horror period book, I know you are probably wondering what is the difference between the two. The book is more period with a dash of supernatural (horror), I found that the novel balanced nicely. Like most horror films, this book has clearly divided the audiences which is okay, you either find yourself on one side of the fence or the other. [...]

    11. This is a beautiful book to look at. It's a smaller size than normal, hardback and with beautiful textured artwork. The publishers have done all that they can to entice the reader into picking up this book. Sadly, the beauty of the book stops at the cover. Four Doctors live together in shared quarters. James and Walter decide that they want to try and achieve the impossible by bringing someone back to life. An act that is witnessed by Hugh. Oddly for an author who is so good at writing ghost sto [...]

    12. Once again Susan Hill manages to chill the bones, and keep the reader holding their breath. Three medical students. who are also close friends and share rooms, make an unholy pact.One of them has the bright idea to bring back life,! Rafe states that Jesus brought back Lazarus's daughter, so where is the harm?What follows. haunts Hugh for years,, and now it is time fro him to fcae his demons, in Printer's Devil Court It did remind me of the classic book Frankenstien by Mary Shelley , ( not as gor [...]

    13. What a shame, I've read several of Susan Hills books and have always been a fan-but this novel is far from her best. It started with promise but came to a dismally predictable and dull end. Thoroughly disappointed.

    14. Not quite up there with: 'Woman in Black', 'Dolly' or 'Small Hand' - but nevertheless a good creepy ghost story of a read.

    15. Listened to in audio format.I have read all Susan Hill's Simon Serrailer series so I know the quality of her work. Printers Devils Court is only 1.5 hours long but it has taken me 3 days to listen and I very nearly gave up listening.This book is definitely a slow burner and the story did not start for me until part 3. For me the story really began years later when Hugh returned to London to visit his stepson.Printer Devils Court was a decent novella, maybe if the story was longer we could of fin [...]

    16. Creepy little book I'd say. The narration and the deception was truly breathtaking. This was my first Susan Hill book I'd love to read more of her work soon.The concept was somewhat clichéd but I liked it somehow and also the story line was nearly predictable. Nevertheless, the way it was expounding was unique so a good 3 starts for this creepy little book.

    17. This little book with its beautiful textured cover was a pleasing read. Ms Hill as almost, but not quite captured the classic victorian ghost story. The crazy science needed for the procedure on the bodies was dead on.A pleasing read.

    18. Hugh Meredith is a junior doctor in the first decade or so of the twentieth century, lodging near Fleet Street in London and training nearby at the fictitious medical school of St Luke’s. He is drawn into a mysterious enterprise set up by fellow students Walter Powell and Rafe McAllister, namely bringing a dead person back to life. The results of witnessing the experiment come literally to haunt him in this novella by Susan Hill. The question I asked myself is, does this short story (a little [...]

    19. Firstly, this book isn’t a novel; I’m not really sure you could even call it a novella; it’s more like an extended short story, which is fine. I’m a pretty slow reader but I read this in a couple of hours. Printer’s Devil Court is home to four medical students. One night when they are gathered around the fire talking the conversation takes a sinister turn. The narrator, Hugh, soon finds himself being drawn into some dark goings on in dark corners of basements and disused mortuaries.The [...]

    20. Susan Hill's latest spooky offering, Printer's Devil Court, was published by Profile Books in 2014. At a little over a hundred pages long, I shot through it in no time, and I enjoyed it a great deal. It's perfect reading material for these cold, wet, gloomy winter evenings.Following the death of Dr Hugh Meredith, a hand-sewn manuscript is sent to his stepson by the London solicitors dealing with his estate. The small book, entitled 'The Wrong Life', contains the late doctor's account of certain [...]

    21. I like Susan Hill. I first came across The Woman in Black when I was about 15 and it scared the life out of me. When it comes to the traditional ghost story, Hill is up there with the best. Sadly, this story really disappointed me.I hadn't realised Hill had released a new ghost story until I stumbled across it in my local library, and as Halloween is approaching I figured now would be the best time to borrow it. I'm a big fan of Gothic Literature that deals with themes such as re-animation and m [...]

    22. Originally published on My Books Are Me2.5 StarsThis book was a bit of a let down and was not what I expected - was I meant to be scared? The book takes place at the turn of the century and follows three medical students who decide to do some experiments, taking inspiration from the story of Lazarus. They seem successful in their task, but main character Hugh does not like what he's been witness to, and he soon leaves London for the country to take up the position of a country doctor. A few deca [...]

    23. Having previously read and reviewed Dolly and been a little unimpressed by it, I decided to give Printer's Devil Court a go. Mainly because I don't like to give up on a writer without comparing their other works, but especially not one with such an extensive back catalogue as Susan Hill. I'm glad I tried this book, like Dolly (and most of Susan Hill's novels) it is classed as a 'chiller' but, much like Dolly, I found that it wasn't really scary it just had more suspense to hold my attention.With [...]

    24. I really love Susan Hill's writing. This is the fourth work I've read by her, and I'm excited to read more.Printer's Devil Court is a Victorian ghost story in the vein of M.R. James or Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and the plot is reminiscent of Frankenstein. The story's overall tone is very Victorian, so if you have a problem with slow, old-fashioned pacing and style, you may not want to pick this one up (I can see that many other reviewers weren't fans!) Printer's Devil Court is not as good as The [...]

    25. I enjoyed this. A quaint little ghost story that was quite Dickensian in its telling.It was a neat little read, easy on my repairing brain, and I suppose in terms of length it must fall into the novella/novelette range. Susan Hill left a lot up to the reader's imagination in her telling, and this is most refreshing.As a ghost story it was cute. Lots of questions and no real answers (which I like) as it keeps you thinking after you've finished. If you're looking for a book that's not taxing but i [...]

    26. Dr Hugh Meredith – country doctor in the West Country – leaves his step-son a manuscript which reveals some very shady goings on from when he was doing his medical training. What he witnessed during a macabre experiment carried out by his fellow medical students haunted him for the rest of his life.His story is likely to haunt the reader as well. This is an atmospheric and unsettling short story from a master of the macabre and ghostly and will delight anyone who enjoys understated ghost sto [...]

    27. I really enjoyed Printer's Devil Court but it lacks much of the spooky charm of her other ghost novellas. It is not a ghost story in the traditional sense, and combines elements of science fiction, unlike much of Hill's previous work. The characters are as developed as they can be for such a short story, but they aren't particularly memorable or relate-able, but the story does end with one of Hill's trademark creepy conclusions.Although this is no Woman in Black, that book in particular was hard [...]

    28. This is a Kindle 'Single' novella rather than a novel, by Susan Hill, the modern master of the spooky story. I enjoyed it; it helped pass a long car journey and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys her work, but it is derivative of many classics of the genre and ends rather too abruptly for me, with a few plot holes left unfilled, which frustrates me when the story is short. I do wish would let you give half-stars, as this is a 3.5 for me.But as someone who loves to write ghost stories I k [...]

    29. This short story was interesting, but fell short. I was expecting more of a ghost story, and was disappointed that this aspect didn't play as much of a part. The whole thing felt really drawn out, which made it a little boring. This is my least favorite thing I've read by Hill so far. It was an interesting concept, but would probably have been better suited to a full novel. It was well written, as usual.2.75/5

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