Mistress of the Solstice THE DARK ESSENCE OF RUSSIAN MYTHAs the head priestess of the ancient Solstice cult Marya must sacrifice a virgin every year She copes with this gruesome duty by assuming a mask of cold detachment as

  • Title: Mistress of the Solstice
  • Author: Anna Kashina
  • ISBN: 9780983832041
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE DARK ESSENCE OF RUSSIAN MYTHAs the head priestess of the ancient Solstice cult, Marya must sacrifice a virgin every year She copes with this gruesome duty by assuming a mask of cold detachment, as her father the evil tzar Kashchey devours the maidens souls to maintain his youth and power It is his power alone that keeps Marya s kingdom safe from all enemies or so shTHE DARK ESSENCE OF RUSSIAN MYTHAs the head priestess of the ancient Solstice cult, Marya must sacrifice a virgin every year She copes with this gruesome duty by assuming a mask of cold detachment, as her father the evil tzar Kashchey devours the maidens souls to maintain his youth and power It is his power alone that keeps Marya s kingdom safe from all enemies or so she was raised to believe.When Ivan arrives on a quest to stop the virgin sacrifices, Marya throws all her magic against him To maintain her life and that of her father she must destroy Ivan before he completes his quest But can she find it in her heart to do so Baba Yaga, Leshy, Vodyanoi, and the ancient animal deities come alive in this beautifully crafted romantic story that will take you into the authentic world of Russian fairy tales with a dark, sensual twist.

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    1. Mistress Of the SolsticeAnna KashinaEbook★☆I received a copy of this book from Netgalley inexchange for an honest reviewI am very upset that I did not enjoy this novel. I'm very fascinated with Russia amd even morefascinated by Russian folklore.I cant really tell you what this book is about. I felt at times it drug on and I honestly got bored.Bored enough to where I was just reading words on the pageto get the book over with, but not really taking it in.I hate to knock any authors writing be [...]

    2. Immortals, primals, shapeshifters, and mere humans populate Ivan and Marya, a dark and daring fantasy novel by Anna Kashina. Taking inspiration from Russian folklore, Kashina has created a captivating fantasy novel about how love can be exploited or liberated.Marya is the Mistress of the Solstice. Her twisted upbringing by her father Kaschey the Immortal robs her of proper emotions. A powerful sorceress in her own right, Marya prepares a virgin girl for sacrifice every Summer Solstice. The poor [...]

    3. For this and other reviews please visit Zemfirka Blogs.Digital review copy provided by Dragonwell Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for fair and honest review.What a mess! I think I picked this book up and kept reading against my better judgment, sincerely hoping it will get better. The premise sounded intriguing enough to get me curious but the execution left a lot to be desired. In addition, I cringed at the sexualization of the traditional Russian folklore characters; there was something f [...]

    4. It’s been over a hundred years since one of my maternal great-great grandfathers left Russia to avoid serving in the Tzar’s army. I’m still fascinated with Russian, and indeed all of Eastern European folklore. Anna Kashina puts Russian folklore to excellent use in her romantic fantasy/epic novel Ivan and Marya (Drollerie Press, 2010). It’s not an epic on the scale of Lord of the Rings, though like Tolkien did with Anglo-Saxon folklore in his novels, Kashina weaves the kind of tale my Rus [...]

    5. Have you ever read a short story and wished there was more? What came before or after? Another voice or just a bit more. Often, that’s the mark of a good short story. The questions don’t really need answering, but that you’d like them to be means you were invested and you’d like to read on. It’s always with a sense of delight that I pick up a book that delves back into a quickly visited world.I first encountered Mayra, mistress of the solstice, in a short story called ‘Solstice Maide [...]

    6. Marya is the high priestess of her land and as such it's her responsibility to make the yearly virgin sacrifice to their god, a sacrifice that will ensure her land and its people live in love. It also ensures her father, the Tzar, maintain his power. She believes this is a good and right thing. She's proud of her country and of her father. And if she's distant from everything, cold and hard, it's only that she was taught to be so by her father.Ivan is the youngest son of the Tzar of a different [...]

    7. I received this book from Netgalley for my honest review.When I was a little girl i loved, loved, loved reading Russian fairy-tales. They were my favorit! I loved the lore, the abiance, the third/youngest-son hero, the poor girl becoming enchanted everything appealed to me!So, maybe because of this obsession, I have to read this book! :DAnd I liked it! Really! It was like returning to those times for me. It had the same flavour, the same appeal!Obviously, I'm a little bit older now, so the story [...]

    8. The take on Russian folklore was interesting (and new) to me and the plot was good with some exciting reveals at the end, but I never felt like I got to know or care about the main characters. Marya was a mystery to me--I never really got how she could so easily participate in the repeated sacrifices of village maidens and her feelings for her father were just plain creepy and not adequately explained for me to find the whole thing plausible. Ivan seemed to just be a cut-out hero character stuck [...]

    9. I would like to thank both NetGalley and Dragonwell Publishing for granting me the chance to read this eARC in exchange for an honest review. Though I received the e-book for free that in no way influenced this review. Had it been possible I'd have given this book 3.5 stars! BlurbAs the head priestess of the ancient Solstice cult, Marya must sacrifice a virgin every year. She copes with this gruesome duty by assuming a mask of cold detachment, as her father—the evil tzar Kashchey—devours the [...]

    10. Mistress of the Solstice, by Anna Kashina is an intricately woven fantasy. Infused with Russian folklore, this story centers around a young man, tied to prophecy, who has come to stop the yearly solstice—and it’s virgin sacrifices—from happening. I really enjoyed the way this story makes use of an interesting narrative—and one that I’m not used to seeing used often in fantasy literature. We get a first person perspective from the Mistress of the Solstice—Marya and a third person per [...]

    11. Received from NetGalley for review.Mistress of the Solstice is quite unlike anything I have ever read before, and I was in equal parts disgusted and fascinated as I read it; I still can’t decide if I truly enjoyed it or simply got swept up in Marya and Ivan’s bizarre tale. Figuring out my thoughts has proven to be rather more difficult than I’m used to, but I can’t deny that I devoured this book in one sitting and had no real desire to stop reading it until I reached the end; in many way [...]

    12. This was a very interesting twist on several Russian folktales. It wasn't a straight retelling but a story with fairy tales woven into it. There were characters that are well known, such as Baba Yaga, and the lesser known Primal Spirits. It was very much like reading Grimm's Fairy Tales, only with some naughty bits worked in. Because I'm sure I would have remembered if Grimm's had that much sex in it.AnywayThe writing style was rich and brought life to the story, especially the parts with Baba Y [...]

    13. I requested this book because I was feeling nostalgic for the fairy tales of my childhood - the cat that walks around the gold chain, the mighty knights, the triple-headed dragon, the old hag in the chicken-foot cottage So I was really excited to see that an English-language book was embracing all those elements and more to maybe bring those bizarre and captivating stories to the mainstream literary awareness. The author is Russian, so I was feeling pretty confident that she would stay true to t [...]

    14. Review originally featured on Bookluvrs Haven.I am not very familiar with Russian folklore, or fairy tales. I've heard of Baba Yaga, but not sure where I came across this dark character, to be honest. After reading this novel I am certainly as curious to explore Russian fairy tales, as I was absorbed in the dark twists of English ones.This was quite new territory to me, and having no or extremely limited background or knowledge, it took me a little while to get into this story after the introduc [...]

    15. What drew me to the book was a new avenue of folklore for which I am not currently familiar. I am a sucker for folklore. I have read the Brothers Grimm, Goethe, Rhymes of Mother Goose, Aesop's Fables, and other lesser known Western folklore. I have also recently become familiar with the tales from the Celtic histories of Ireland (who isn't intrigued by a giant named McCool?). The Slavic stories were completely new to me, yet so very familiar. Baba Yaga is remarkably close to the witch in Hansel [...]

    16. I received a free ebook copy MISTRESS OF THE SOLSTICE from Reading Deals Review Club in exchange for an honest review. Fantasy is not my favorite genre but I wanted to challenge myself with something I don't normally read. I chose this particular book for several reason. First, I was intrigued by the title as I am a believer in mystical thinking and the power of the celestial world. Secondly, the cover looks old fashioned and a little earthy. . And finally I chose this book because it is based o [...]

    17. Ivan og MaryaMarya er Midsommersmøyen. Ivan den dumme er den usannsynlige ridder i skinnende rustning som kommer for å redde den uskyldige møy.Et eventyr i gammel stil. Styrken er en eventyr-tradisjon jeg ikke er vant med i en tydelig stilart. Som i mange eventyr er det historien som bringes fram og personene blir litt papp-masje-aktige. Figurene har svake og sterke sider som gjør fortellingen spennende.Jeg mottok "Mistress of the Solstice" fra Dragonwell Publishing via LibraryThings "Early [...]

    18. Mistress of the SolsticeBy Anna Kashina; Dragonwell Publishing; 2013"Mistress of the Solstice" is a powerful tale of magic and misdeeds! Myra, who is the Mistress of the Solstice, yearly picks a virgin for her father, Kaschey the Immortal to sacrifice. The villagers think the sacrifice necessary for good health, and good crops, when it really is needed to keep Kaschey alive.Required to be unfeeling to carry out her deeds, Myra transforms herself and searches out men to take care of her physical [...]

    19. This novel is a re-telling of an old Russian fairytale and as such a very enjoyable read. Kashina manages to capture all the elements that make fairytales such fun to read and adds a voice of her own to it as well. I loved how she wrote a large part of the story through the eyes of Marya, giving Marya a depth that wouldn't have been possible if Kashina had stuck too close to the original fairytale format. Having read tons of fairytales (Russian fairtales included) a lot of the story elements wer [...]

    20. I am very torn about this book. It was written well and the premise was intriguing, however it just didn't connect for me. The backdrop of the story and the world established in the story were beautiful. I could visualize the village and the side characters, but when it came to the main characters I feel like the story started to loose steam. I felt like I never really got to know Ivan and Marya in a way that made me understand them and their actions. I did not understand their relationship and [...]

    21. I got this copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This is a very interesting story for me. I'm not familiar with russian folklore but I surely enjoyed this one. After finishing the book I made a quick search on google about Ivan and Marya and found out that this is actually a mix of different stories.Aside from being educational (I searched a lot of russian words and characters from the story), I love the fact that it has a fairytale feel about it but it's darker and obviously for [...]

    22. Gaining its inspiration from dark European fairy tales, Anna Kashina's book, Mistress of the Solstice is the story of Marya, an apparently cold and heartless young girl, in many ways older than her years, who helps her father sacrifice a virgin to appease the spirits and ensure success every year. Actually, the sacrifice is adding to her father's vitality and longevity. Marya's fate seems entwined with her father's fate like two tree roots, until she is wooed by Ivan - a young man on a mysteriou [...]

    23. What a fascinating book! I am not a great fan of fantasy but this one was done rather well. The Russian proverbs and fairy tales interwoven with the story made for interesting reading throughout and made the shape shifting and magic that were constant themes through the book seem quite natural. The darker themes of ritual sacrifice, murder and some less than pleasant sexual innuendos make this a book better suited for a young adult audience but the book appealed to me as a mature reader and I fo [...]

    24. Very good story, it's almost fairytale like with it's various magical creatures, potions and enchantments as well as the quests, brave/cunning warriors and an evil character dominating everyone.A quick, easy read, it's very easy to get drawn into the story. The book is written from two characters perspectives, Marya the 'Mistress of the Solstice' whose job it is to pick the virginal girl to be sacrificed and Ivan, the dashing prince who wants to prove his worth to his father and captured Marya's [...]

    25. (I received this book for free through First Reads.)I am a sucker for mythology and fairytale stories, and "Mistress of the Solstice" was just what I had been needing. This book was a refreshing break from the YA fantasy stories I have become used to. From its language to the intricately built world and characters with real dimension, you can feel the great care that went into writing this story. It is relatively short book, but it is a beautifully crafted dark, and magical tale. The characters [...]

    26. In Kashina’s fantasy novel, Marya is the priestess of the ancient Solstice cult and must sacrifice a virgin every year. She manages to cope with the unsavory duty by remaining detached as her father—the evil tzar Kashchey—devours the maidens’ souls to maintain his youth and power.When Ivan arrives on a quest to stop the sacrifices, Marya attempts to stop his efforts by utilizing her magic. And so the story goes in much the same manor as a Grimm fairytale.The writing is rich and truly bri [...]

    27. Thoroughly Enjoyable! A delightful quick read but extremely well written."I was provided with a free copy of this book so I could give an honest review." The characters are engaging, the action was fast paced, and the blend of fairytale with folklore was enchanting. I read this in one sitting and enjoyed every word. Even the font and page details were lovely. Highly recommended to anyone who likes fantasy genre.

    28. Mistress of the Solstice tells of the tale of Ivan the Fool and Marya the daughter of Koschey the Deathless. Ivan is tasked with confronting Marya to get access to the needle where Koschey has hidden his death. Helping him, guiding him in this task is the Wolf, a primal power of legend. Characters of Russian folklore are sprinkled throughout, some familiar others not so much. Similar to Catherynne Valente's Deathless.

    29. I have long been a fan of this author; I picked up Princess of Dhagabad when it first came out. Now, while I was disappointed that the first book she publishes in years isn't the sequel we've been long anticipating, this was incredibly enjoyable. Parts of the book made me think of Stardust, but overall I enjoyed the characters and how they reacted to the plot. I just wish the book had been a bit longer!

    30. Didn't necessarily keep me on my toes but it was still enjoyable. I also like that is was a stand alone book. We go through the story from Ivan and Mayra's point of view. Ivan was a great character. I love how he was a mixture of straight forward almost childish naivety and cunning. Mayra, well eh I don't have any strong feelings for her.

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