The Misbegotten Dark truths Beautiful lies Bath England Rachel Crofton escapes the binds of her unhappy employment as a governess by marrying a charming self made businessman She sees a chance to create the fa

  • Title: The Misbegotten
  • Author: Katherine Webb
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dark truths Beautiful lies.Bath, England, 1821 Rachel Crofton escapes the binds of her unhappy employment as a governess by marrying a charming self made businessman She sees a chance to create the family and home she has so long been without, but her new life soon takes an unexpected turn.Through her new husband s connections, Rachel is invited to become the companionDark truths Beautiful lies.Bath, England, 1821 Rachel Crofton escapes the binds of her unhappy employment as a governess by marrying a charming self made businessman She sees a chance to create the family and home she has so long been without, but her new life soon takes an unexpected turn.Through her new husband s connections, Rachel is invited to become the companion of the reclusive Jonathan Alleyn, a man tortured by memories of the Peninsula War, and tormented by the disappearance of his childhood sweetheart, Alice.Starling, foundling servant to the Alleyn family, is convinced that Alice, the woman she loved as a sister, was stolen from her Did Alice run away Or did something altogether sinister occur Starling is determined to uncover the truth Others want only to forget, and will go to extreme lengths to do so.Rachel s arrival has an unsettling effect on the whole Alleyn household, and suddenly it seems that the dark deeds of the past will no longer stay contained.Shattering truths lurk behind Bath s immaculate facades, but the courage Rachel and Starling need to bring these truths to light will come at a very high price.

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    One thought on “The Misbegotten”

    1. Η παρορμητική και εκδικητική Σταρλινγκ ζει κ αναπνέει πλέον για δύο μόνο στιγμές, να μάθει τι απέγινε η Αλις και για να παίρνει ευχαρίστηση βασανίζοντας τον υποτιθέμενο δολοφόνο της. Η θεοσεβούμενη και γλυκιά Ρειτσελ απλώς βρίσκεται στο δρόμο της. Τι θα γίνει όταν οι ιστορ [...]

    2. I was captivated by ‘The Misbegotten’, a wonderfully readable, utterly compelling story, set early in the eighteenth century. It is story of dark secrets, terrible losses, devastating lies, of the lives that they affect, and of truths that may be brought to light at a very high price.It is the story of Starling, a founding, a girl-child found walking from the marshes. She who has the good fortune to be found by a good-hearted young woman. Alice took in the child, she gave her a name, she bro [...]

    3. 3,5 προς 4. Μπορώ να πω ότι νιώθω ανακούφιση που το τελείωσα. Όταν ξεκίνησα να το διαβάζω δεν ήμουν σίγουρη κατά πόσο θα το συνεχίσω. Όσο όμως περνούσαν οι σελίδες η πλοκή άρχισε να αποκτά ενδιαφέρον και δεν ήθελα να το αφήσω ούτε για μια στιγμή. Βέβαια υπήρξαν αρκετές φορές που [...]

    4. Rating: 4.5 starsIn 1803, Alice and Jonathan are in blissfully love, but they face opposition. Lord Faukes is both Jonathan's grandfather and Alice's benefactor, but as much as he dotes on Alice, he insists that Jonathan makes a fine marriage, something that orphan Alice cannot provide. The young lovers defy him and continue to meet in secret, aided and abetted by their adoring servant Starling.In 1821, Alice had been missing for twelve years and Jonathan has become a recluse, driven half mad by [...]

    5. Historical fiction is not my favourite genre, but when I do read it I would always choose to read about ordinary people, I'm not a fan of novels based around the aristocracy or royalty. I was tempted to read Katherine Webb's fourth novel The Misbegotten by both the beautiful cover and the fascinating description of the story. I'm so very pleased that I did. It's a huge hardback, over 500 pages, but I've been completely engrossed by it over the past few days. It really is a wonderfully written no [...]

    6. The first thing you should know about this book is that it does not give up it's secrets easily. The second thing you should know about it is that those secrets are well worth the wait. The mystery girl within the entire story is called Alice and although it has been a long time since anybody has seen her she has a very strong presence even though she is believed to be dead. The characters are very strong in this book, some more likeable then others, but none are easily forgotten. Three characte [...]

    7. Thrilling and packed with secrets and revelations. I love this author and absolutely enjoy everything she writes.

    8. Rating 2.4* out of 5. The first 200 pages or so were pretty good and then it just started going in circles, getting nowhere. Rachel Crofton is alone in the world. Raised as a lady, but now penniless since her parents are both dead and left her with nothing due to debt. She makes a living working as a governess, until, miraculously, a man called Richard Weekes proposes to her. After careful consideration, she accepts. He is no gentleman, but runs a succesful business. Although, not that successfu [...]

    9. "Este livro foi um pouco contraditório para mim, não pela história mas essencialmente pela tradução e quem sabe por causa dela, pelas personagens.A mulher Esquecida é o primeiro livro da autora editado pela Saída de Emergência, sendo também o primeiro livro que leio de Katherine Webb. A plot do livro é boa, a sua base e até o seu desenvolvimento está bem construído, a autora consegue surpreender e não desconfiei até ter o facto à minha frente, sabemos situações passada na guerr [...]

    10. 🐁🐁Katherine WebbDas fremde Mädchen640 SeitenNachdem ich mich durch die ersten 100 Recht lahmen Seiten gekämpft habe, und die Geschichte dann doch etwas Schwung bekam, war ich doch sehr neugierig wie es weitergeht.Leider verliert sie sich in an den Haaren herbeigezogenen und ziemlich übertriebenen Wendungen. Wie auch "Das geheime Vermächtnis", welches ich abgebrochen habe, kann mich die Autorin nicht überzeugen und einen weiteren Versuch wird es nicht geben.

    11. A compelling, absorbing and intriguing story about how secrets can come back to haunt us! Set in Bath in the 1800s, Rachel Crofton, a governess, marries a wine merchant and through him comes into contact with Jonathan Allen, a man who has suffered the horrors of war. He is also tormented by memories of his childhood sweetheart, Alice, who mysteriously disappeared whilst he was away fighting. With the help of Starling, Jonathan's servant and also Alice's close companion, they try to discover the [...]

    12. Υπέροχο!!Οτι καλύτερο για να κλείσει η χρονιά!

    13. Γρήγορο, έντονο, με μυστήριο,δράση όλα σε ένα μυθιστόρημα. Χαρακτήρες καλοδουλεμένοι, πλοκή δυνατή!Πολύ καλό!

    14. Η αλήθεια είναι πως ο τίτλος με παραπλάνησε, ευτυχώς, καθώς νόμιζα οτι θα διάβαζα ένα ευκολοχώνευτο, ρομαντικό βιβλίο.Ήδη, όμως, από την αρχή βυθίζεσαι στις απαρχές του 19ου αιώνα, με ήθη παλιά, νοοτροπίες διαφορετικές. Η συγγραφέας καταφέρνει με την πένα της να σε μεταφέρει σ [...]

    15. Custou um pouco até ficar agarrada à história, só mais ou menos quando cheguei a meio do livro é que tive vontade de o ler sem parar para saber o que tinha acontecido à Alice. O que me desagradou foi os capítulos serem muito grandes, muito densos, as páginas muito preenchidas; gosto mais quando há mais parágrafos e mais espaço, facilita mais a leitura, não cansa tanto.

    16. Two of Katherine Webb’s books featured in my Top Ten from 2012 – The Unseen and A Half Forgotten Song. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her latest – unusually for me (I have an aversion to heavy hardbacks) I read it in the traditional way rather than on my Kindle, and loved every single one of its 531 wonderful pages. No modern thread this time, but the story covers two timeframes. 1803 and a young child – called Starling because of the flocks that accompany her arrival – wanders i [...]

    17. I have read all of Katherine Webb's books; the first two I adored but the last one, A Half Forgotten Song, was a disappointment to me. However I afford my favourite authors an 'off day' so I downloaded this one in the hope my faith could be restored in her beautiful words and convoluted stories; I was not disappointed.The story begins in 1803. Alice Beckwith and Jonathan Alleyn have adored each other since they were children, having carved their initials in a tree at the age of 10. Alice is the [...]

    18. I really enjoyed all of Webb's books. I read them in order of when they were published. I enjoyed The Legacy, but thought that The Unseen was much better (better written, better characters, better mysteries, etc.) Then I went on to read A Half Forgotten Song. After loving The Unseen so much, I was a bit disappointed but still thought it was an excellent read. Anyway, I was nervous to read The Misbegotten; I was hoping it would be better than The Unseen or equal in enjoyment. I was pleasantly sur [...]

    19. Ms Webb has conjured up such a passionate yet disconsolate tale with all the trappings of a classic in the making. Set in the 1800's, rich with the misery and social wranglings, its' story, surely, concerns the complexities of love in all guises. War plays a hefty character entwined within the narrative but makes no excuse for it's cause or effect. Beautifully drawn, though difficult to imagine in our world today.Rachel would be our main character though her bias is running alongside that of equ [...]

    20. Ο εναλλακτικός του τίτλος θα μπορούσε να είναι το δέντρο της αγάπης!Απίθανο και άκρως ατμοσφαιρικό ανάγνωσμα με μαγικές περιγραφές και πολλές δόσεις μυστηρίου και αγωνίας.Αξιολάτρευτοι και αρτια δομημένοι ήρωες, απροσδόκητες ανατροπές και σκοτεινά μυστικά που έρχονται [...]

    21. I did enjoy this book but found it long winded in some parts, for example Jonathans experiences in the war, I would have also felt some satisfaction if there was a conclusion to the Abi thread in the story. I found Katherine Webbs "The Unseen" more atmospheric and gripping, but on the whole I enjoyed this book.

    22. Katherine write such good books. It starts of a bit sad. A little girl comes wandering to the farm house. She is wearing a dress that has been stitched by mixed scraps of fabric woven together. Upon her feet she has leather slippers tied on with string. Her undergarments are baggy, filthy and stinking. I have another review on ireadnovels.wordpress

    23. Demorei imenso tempo para ler por causa da gripe mas acho que valeu a pena . Não é de todo um romance d época convencional mas tem um charme enorme por causa de um crime que é cometido Não se consegue largar o livro até descobrir quem matou a Alice . Mas mesmo assim não consegui dar 5 * porque acho que lhe falou qualquer coisa . De qualquer forma recomendo .

    24. What a brilliant story - quite a long book but absolutely worth reading. Written in 'old English style' in the 1800's in Bath, full of mystery and intrigue, and almost a love story. Some horrible bits, never to be forgotten - Katherine Webb definitely in my top 10 authors now.

    25. Ενα βιβλιο στο στυλ που μου αρεσει , στην αγαπημενη μου εποχη και χωρα (1800 & Αγγλία),ιδιαιτερα καλογραμμένο με καλα δομημένους χαρακτήρες .Το απόλαυσα απο την πρώτη έως την τελευταία του σελίδα!!!!!!

    26. I wasn't sure when I started this book if I was going to like it but kept going and then suddenly I was hooked and could not put it down thoroughly recommend it.

    27. So enjoyed this! This is one of those books that I'm compelled to rattle through to discover the answers to the secrets. In 'The Misbegotten', the mystery is the disappearance of Alice Beckwith. Her vanishing haunts those she left behind - her sweetheart, Jonathan and Starling, a foundling who loved Alice as a sister. Their lives become entwined with Rachel who proves to be the catalyst in untangling the lies and enigmas. The novel is set in early C19th Bath and the sights and sounds and atmosph [...]

    28. Protelei a leitura deste livro durante algum tempo porque algumas pessoas que o leram não deram uma crítica muito favorável. Aqui está a prova de que os livros despertam diferentes sentimentos em cada um! Adorei a história, prendeu me desde o início e nunca me cansei nem tive vontade de o pôr de parte. O único senão será a forma como a escritora muitas vezes se perde em descrições. De resto é um livro que não me foi indiferente

    29. felt this book was missing something and couldn't really get into as did have high hopes for this based in early part of the 19th century in bath

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