Alberte og Jakob Kanskje det merkeligste gjennombrudd i v r romanlitteratur etter Sigrid Undsets Jenny skrev Helge Krog da Cora Sandel debuterte med denne romanen i Forfatteren ble hilst som et nytt stort navn

  • Title: Alberte og Jakob
  • Author: Cora Sandel
  • ISBN: 8252501966
  • Page: 462
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kanskje det merkeligste gjennombrudd i v r romanlitteratur etter Sigrid Undsets Jenny , skrev Helge Krog da Cora Sandel debuterte med denne romanen i 1926 Forfatteren ble hilst som et nytt, stort navn i nordisk diktning Hun var et par r eldre enn Sigrid Undset, og romanens hovedperson Alberte jevngammel med Jenny.Det er en fortelling fra en by nordp om embetsmannsda Kanskje det merkeligste gjennombrudd i v r romanlitteratur etter Sigrid Undsets Jenny , skrev Helge Krog da Cora Sandel debuterte med denne romanen i 1926 Forfatteren ble hilst som et nytt, stort navn i nordisk diktning Hun var et par r eldre enn Sigrid Undset, og romanens hovedperson Alberte jevngammel med Jenny.Det er en fortelling fra en by nordp om embetsmannsdatteren Alberte og hennes bror Jakob Familien har kommet s rfra og har aldri maktet sl r tter verken i byen eller landsdelen Ogs Alberte selv er p alle m ter annerledes enn omgivelsene vil hun skal v re Ikke minst n uttrykker sitt mishag over den klossete og sjenerte datteren D rlig konomi har tvunget faren til ta henne ut av skolen, skj nt det ikke er noe hun heller vil enn lese Alberte stenger seg inn i et panser av taushet, innesluttet og redd, et panser som b de verner og knuger Ikke desto mindre er det hun av alle bokens personer som lever det sterkeste, mest personlige liv Innerst inne eier hun livsvarme, og vi aner at noe stort er i ferd med spire fram i henne Alberte og Jakob er f rste bind i en triologi, men kan leses som en selvstendig roman.

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      462 Cora Sandel
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    1. But a wound opened inside. Delight and melancholy welled up simultaneously from the depths of her mind. She could not understand why nor protect herself from them. They streamed over her together with the light, making her shrink with painful impatience. Tears came, God knows how. One moment she was crushed to the ground by life's misery, the next, new strength coursed exulting through her - it was like madness.It was easier to love the younger Jacob. Escape the suffocating Selmer home. Mrs. Sel [...]

    2. An Inner WorldAlberte is a young woman living in a small town in northern Norway at the very beginning of the 20th century. The winter world is dark and cold, while the summers are bright and magnificent. One encounters Alberte struggling with the immense cold stealing coal and kindling and occasionally sneaking into the kitchen to drink enormous quantities of scolding coffee to stay warm. I cracked up when she was sneaking around getting kindling and coal for the stove in her room to make a lit [...]

    3. There is much that is familiar here - the sensitive and artistic young girl at odds with her provincial, bourgeois surroundings - but three things in particular make it stand out. Firstly the subtlety and richness of Alberta's inner life is powerfully done, and far in advance of much being written at the time. Secondly its critique of the patriarchy is similarly well done - no hectoring or long lectures, but done with clarity and suggestions of repressed rage. Finally the prose itself is just lo [...]

    4. This is a brilliant, bleak, beautiful piece of writing. The prose is raw yet refined. Cora Sandel certainly knows how to capture the essence of loneliness. This book resonated deeply with me; it placed its finger roughly on sore places.

    5. “The truth was Alberta only knew what she did not want. She had no idea what she did want. And not knowing brought unrest and a giddy sensation under her heart. She existed like a negative of herself, and this flaw was added to all the others.To get away, out into the world! Beyond this all details were blurred. She imagined somewhere open, free, bathed in sunshine. And a throng of people, none of them her relatives, none of whom could criticize her appearance and character, and to whom she wa [...]

    6. A literary friend here in Oslo loaned me this book, one of a trilogy by Cora Sandel based on her own experiences as a young woman in Norway at the turn of the twentieth century. This first volume is set is a grim little town in the far north, and the story is about as bleak as they get. Sandel's alter-ego, the young woman Alberta, is plain, shy, tremulous, and almost mute with anxiety both at home and abroad in the community. It's almost impossible to like her, her parents, or most of the narrow [...]

    7. Excellent first in a trilogy , a young woman trying to find her voice in a small village in northern Norway. Semi-autobiographiclal

    8. When you're young and you're frustrated by your emotions, your inability to make the world work the way you think it should, life can seem unbearably unjust. You may even think of taking your life to end all this hurting, and even succeed at it, as did my own poor sister. But you may get a glimpse of the drabber, infinitely more hopeless lives of older, saddened and resigned people who despite all that, go "back to it" day after day, step by step, until it's ended, and realize that there it is, [...]

    9. Poetic style with a emphasis on personification, making feelings seem more like affects than emotions, and also leads to a sense of alienation. Also an interesting portrait of a small town in the Northern part of Norway, and how that town is viewed by the capital (Kristiania - now called Oslo). A sympathetic and well written heroine.

    10. "To get away, out into the world!", 9 June 2016This review is from: Alberta and Jacob (The Alberta Trilogy) (Paperback)Read during a trip to N Norway, which undoubtedly brings the dark, bleak world of the teenage 'heroine' to life.I absolutely loved this book and the descriptions of Alberta's feelings as she struggles to survive in a middle class home under the eagle eye of disapproving, disappointed Mama. Her walks with Papa almost lead to meaningful conversation but not quite:"She and Papa rep [...]

    11. The story is set in a small town in Norway, above the arctic circle. In the novel, part one of three, Alberta must deal with the harshness of the location and with the repression and narrow values of the community in which she lives. The main character senses that she is different from others and recognizes her inability to fit in to regular community situations. She reflects on the turmoil associated with that (as you might describe the feelings of an adolescent of today.) Sandel is able to cap [...]

    12. Det som grep meg mest med boka var Albertes reaksjoner i de sosiale situasjonene hun ofte havnet i. Alberte er en introvert, og utfordringene dette byr på i samfunnet hun bor i - en nordnorsk bygd i starten av 1900-tallet - er både vanskelige og fæle. Sammen med det veldig levende protrettet av Alberte gis også et godt innblikk i de falske (klasse)linjene som blir trukket i sanden, og hvordan dette forringet tilværelsen til barn, ungdom og voksne av begge kjønn. Det var enkelte scener i bo [...]

    13. Cora Sandel really managed to capture the pain of loneliness and the longing for just a little more room, a little more freedom, while being trapped by borders of impossibility drawn around you by others. Alberte's possibilities in life are controlled by societal conventions, and her life becomes encased in a narrow tunnel because of it. Yet she has an incredibly rich inner life, so many feelings, thoughts. Her mind is incredibly rich, and one of the things that made it worthwhile to read this b [...]

    14. min kopi af bogen fra ca 1930 er udgivet i 1970. bagsiden citerer anmelder, der kalder bogen en bedrift i kvindelitteraturen. forfatteren er en stoe kunstner og bogen er lødig. ingen af de 3 ord ville man bruge på den måde i dag.fantastisk beskrivelse af det indestængte liv. Det ser ud til, at der skete noget med borgerlige kvinders opfattelse af deres liv og roller omkring 1925erne. Dette er den 3. bog fra perioden, hvor kvinderne er meget utilfredse med de muligheder de får som mor og gif [...]

    15. * 1000 novels everyone must read: the definitive list: Family and SelfSelected by the Guardian's Review team and a panel of expert judges, this list includes only novels – no memoirs, no short stories, no long poems – from any decade and in any language. Originally published in thematic supplements – love, crime, comedy, family and self, state of the nation, science fiction and fantasy, war and travel – they appear here for the first time.

    16. What a depressing book! Everybody's unhappy, they're always cold, and anybody decent has the good sense to leave town. A classic!We came across this author while in Tromso, she lived there for some years. One of the local museums had some of her paintings and a description of her books. They sounded so interesting we had to read them.

    17. "But she had not mobilized all her courage, not summoned up her strength over the past two weeks, for nothing. Those who are not bold by nature can be rash, once they have unleashed themselves."

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