The Boy in the Boat If you re looking for one of the most thrilling memoirs of the year make sure you read The Boy in the Boat This is a totally engrossing real life thriller that reads like fiction than fact A compulsi

  • Title: The Boy in the Boat
  • Author: Brian O'Raleigh
  • ISBN: 9781480058903
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • If you re looking for one of the most thrilling memoirs of the year make sure you read The Boy in the Boat This is a totally engrossing, real life thriller that reads like fiction than fact A compulsive page turner that will have you burning the midnight oil Brian O Raleigh never knew why his family fled Ireland but he learned early to escape his father s demonicIf you re looking for one of the most thrilling memoirs of the year make sure you read The Boy in the Boat This is a totally engrossing, real life thriller that reads like fiction than fact A compulsive page turner that will have you burning the midnight oil Brian O Raleigh never knew why his family fled Ireland but he learned early to escape his father s demonic rages by slipping away from the Alexandra Private Hotel to the beach and the Kathleen R, the fishing boat that was to become his refuge and sanctuary At the age of 18, in trouble with the law himself, Brian leaves England for Australia seeking to overcome a growing dependency on alcohol and the damage it was wreaking on the lives of those he loves In a style that is both raw and compelling, The Boy in the Boat tells the riveting story of Brian s childhood, his triumph over alcoholism, his inspirational journey towards recovery, and eventually to the profound revelation that he was moulded and shaped during his childhood years for the meaning and purpose of his life This is a truly engrossing memoir Read what the leadings critics said about this book.The Australian Irish Echo O Raleigh is a convincing writer and this book deserves ranking with Angela s Ashes He mixes dialog, narrative and reflection in a story that is always engrossing, often scary and sometimes funny Australian Woman s Day From raw and compelling prose a moving portrait emerges of Brian From cowed child to fierce rebel and finally to an adult battling his own inner demons This is a finely crafted memoir.Australian New Idea Brian is no angel He s an infuriating drunk and an irresponsible brute which is why this story of ultimate redemption is so powerful Review Ballarat Courier In this searingly honest memoir O Raleigh chronicles the abuse that would leave him scarred for life The fact that he can now write about his tumultuous origins, given over to crime, drugs and alcohol, must mean that he has at last conquered his own inner demons This is an engrossing read 5 Star Review.By Tina Beana January 28, 2015 It takes a special kind of courage to tell the world about all the mistakes you ve made, about years of emotional and physical abuse by a parent, decades of alcoholism, pulling no punches, but that s exactly what Brian O Raleigh has done in this memoir Yes, it was a difficult book to read on many levels, it s not easy for a reader to watch a character sink further and further into an addiction, to see them lose everything at one point But this man succeeded in turning his life around He tells a dramatic and compelling true life story that reads like fiction than fact.

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    One thought on “The Boy in the Boat”

    1. This book was okay overall. The author is a great person. He went through several challenges and made it through all of them. His father was an abusive guy similar to mine and his school teachers were all child beaters just like mine. Where he chose to fight I chose to become really quiet in real life.This is a wonderful tale of struggle of the author but unfortunately in terms of writing it's very triggering. I had to wade in through 68% of the book and each time I sat down to read I felt very [...]

    2. Brian O'Raleigh is a storyteller no doubt. He has a gift with words. “The Boy in the Boat” is the second book I have read by this Irish born author and his writing is eloquent and flows smoothly. The kind of story I can best enjoy curled up in the bed or in front of a fire.In “The Boy in the Boat” O'Raleigh descriptions paint vivid pictures of what otherwise could be dull boring syntax. He engages many of the reader's senses. For example as a young boy during an interview with the headma [...]

    3. Thought provoking.Thought provoking.Family dynamics in a household with drunken, abusive parents can have divesting effects on childern. This is a story of the struggle to overcome the inherited addictive tendencies and the emotional damage inflicted by the parents.

    4. Agonizing to read but so compelling at the same time. Truly sad story and the sadness stretches on for so long until the very end when things turn around a bit. At the same time of all the sadness there is humor weaved in, in true Irish form. Beautiful writing and achingly honest.

    5. Boy in the boatLoved the story, very honest but run together words are aggravating. Hard to imagine the author survived. God had bigger plans!

    6. I enjoyed this book immensely.My ancestors and my husband's are both from Ireland.We finally got a honeymoon after 22 years and spent a week there.I read everything I see on Ireland and this book was outstanding.Helped me understand my husband's life by reading memoirs of someone that had also lived with a father who was an alcoholic.Thank you

    7. A raw accounting of Brian O'Raleigh's abusive childhood at the hands of his father and the Catholic priests that were supposed to be teaching him. This was a brutally honest book and I have to say that I did not like Mr. O'Raleigh for the greater part of his adult life. As a child, I felt for him as I grew up in an abusive home myself. While my childhood dysfunction was not due to alcoholism, I knew all to well the fear, hatred and lack of control one feels as a child in this situation. However, [...]

    8. This is about an Irish guy with an extreme drinking problem, who had an abusive father with a drinking problem. It is actually pretty well written, and takes you back to his childhood in England, later traveling around Australia and England, and includes a few chapters on a sailing adventure. It does become rather frustrating reading about his repeated episodes of "quitting drinking", stopping to have just one beer after work and ending up blacking out at 4 am, and then denial that he has a drin [...]

    9. had no idea when I started the book that it was a memoir. It reads line fiction and now the I know it is a true story, I find it very sad what his childhood was like, looking forward to reading what happens after age 15 in a few more pages.Wow I can't believe that this man survived his youth and adulthood. It is so hard to read about someone's troubles with alcohol but I am so happy he survived it and created a happy life for himself. The writing was vivid and felt like I was there witnessing hi [...]

    10. I enjoyed this book. I feel as though the author really unleashed himself in this one and told everything that he wanted to say. I'm not sure entirely if this was autobiographical, but it had that feel about it. Brian goes through many tough times in his life, when it feels as though the world is crashing down on him. He has an abusive father and later turns to alcohol to release his pain. It's interesting to see Brian fighting for his life and going through these difficult stages. It's a remark [...]

    11. I enjoyed this book, and it's probably close to a four star rating. I was more than half way through this book before I realized it is a memoir (on kindle, I never see the title after I begin reading)I thought it was a wonderful piece of fiction. This is the story of a young English boy (born to Irish parents) who has a rough childhood and then falls into the fate of so many Irish--the bottle!Well written, fairly dark, but truly inspirational.

    12. Nobody is perfect, be it parents or child, Brian seemed to lead a lot more of an enraged life style than his father, drink and violence followed him no matter how hard he tries not to be like his father. It takes Brian some years to admit he needs help and stick with it, it takes a lot for many to admit they need to change. I stuck with this book, and I'm glad I did. Looking to read the sequel.

    13. "The Boy in the Boat", by Brian O'Raleigh, is a fascinating memoir of the upbringing and life of an Irish boy deeply rooted in anger, abuse, and alcohol. The story spans several decades, following the life of Brian O'Raleigh spent running from himself and the law, travel spanning from England to Australia. It was hard to put down once I started reading.I won a copy of this book in a giveaway.

    14. A beautiful story about courage, persistence and overcoming the adversities. Individual personalities are strong and it's not easy to learn how to work as a team. Rowing demands that of this crew. It's interesting to see how these individuals slowly meld into one dynamic, unstoppable force that is victorious at the 1936 Olympics in Germany.

    15. I enjoyed this book -- almost as much as "Angela's Ashes" (F. McCourt). The writing style is very similar -- I didn't feel that I was reading a memoir, more like a novel. Some similarities between the two authors' lives, but also some major differences. Thoroughly enjoyed. Looking for the sequel now!

    16. This is the authors story from abused,to abuser to redeemed Sometimes the memories are raw and graphic but the authors controlled yet sometimes lilting writing style allows the reader to stay connected emotionally to Brian both as a young boy and as a grown man.I am just surprised he lived long enough to write it!

    17. It took me forever to read this book. This does not reflect the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I enjoyed learning more about rowing which has always been a sport I have wished to learn how to do.

    18. Good read. The insight to living in Washington State during that time period was interesting. Even though you knew what the outcome was, the way the story was told added some suspense and it was hard to put down.

    19. Enjoyed reading about Brian's life, particularly as he grew and overcame his anger and other issues. A very worthwhile read.

    20. Amazing insight to a beautiful sport and miraculous come from behind finish. Well written , edge of the seat , cheering for our team.

    21. Good readEnjoyed book. A little long winded. An adventure among the crazed drunken Irish. Not saying all Irish are drunkards. A good read.

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