The First Misadventure They re darling They re daring They know their shapes They re chicks on a mission and on this their first mis adventure the Chicken Squad launches a galactic backyard expedition Meet the Chicken Sq

  • Title: The First Misadventure
  • Author: Doreen Cronin Kevin Cornell
  • ISBN: 9781442496767
  • Page: 347
  • Format: Hardcover
  • They re darling They re daring They know their shapes They re chicks on a mission, and on this, their first mis adventure, the Chicken Squad launches a galactic backyard expedition.Meet the Chicken Squad Dirt, Sugar, Poppy, and Sweetie These chicks are not your typical barnyard puffs of fluff, and they are not about to spend their days pecking chicken feed and chasinThey re darling They re daring They know their shapes They re chicks on a mission, and on this, their first mis adventure, the Chicken Squad launches a galactic backyard expedition.Meet the Chicken Squad Dirt, Sugar, Poppy, and Sweetie These chicks are not your typical barnyard puffs of fluff, and they are not about to spend their days pecking chicken feed and chasing bugs No sir, they re too busy solving mysteries and fighting crime.So when Squirrel comes barreling into the chicken coop, the chicks know they re about to get a case But with his poor knowledge of shapes Big is not a shape, Squirrel and utter fear of whatever it is that s out there, the panicky Squirrel is NO HELP Good thing these chicks are professionals.But even professionals get worried Especially once they see that round, shiny, green, BIG thing in the yard What if it s a UFO full of aliens who want chickens as pets It s up to the Chicken Squad to crack a case that just might be out of this world.

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    One thought on “The First Misadventure”

    1. A list of things I don't understand:1. Why do the chickens have two names? This did nothing but confuse me.2. Naming one chicken Sugar and another Sweetie doesn't help me keep them straight. To be honest, I had a hard time identifying the chickens throughout the entire book.3. Why are the chickens attributed a "specialty" if it doesn't tie in with the plot? I get that this is going to be a series, but introducing a specialty without giving it a place in the story just feels like bad expository w [...]

    2. These chicks are something! Dirt, Sweetie, Poppy and Sugar love to solve mysteries. This time is not the exception. When Tail, the squirrel, comes asking for help, he knows he is in the right place. Unfortunately he is not really good at providing clues about what he saw. Big and scary? Not really helpful. Enormous and frightening? Still useless This lack of progress would have discouraged anyone, but not the chicken squad.We loved this book. We loved it because the story is hilarious. We loved [...]

    3. It's a good thing JJ is always around to keep an eye on the Chicken Squad because if he wasn't who knows what kind of trouble they'd get into! This was a cute funny spinoff of the JJ books.

    4. *ARCChicken Squad by Doreen CroninThis is such a fun book. I am glad the humor is still there in a book for older readers. I love the fancy words, the mystery, and the way the chicken squad works together. They talk and act just like a group of third graders. My favorite character has to be the dog, but they are so likable. Don’t expect a great piece of literature out of this book, but it is a fun story; kids will love it, and will bug their parents for more. Really, is there anymore you could [...]

    5. Chicken Squad are on their first case, when Squirrel comes to the chicken coop with some serious panic. And the Squirrel doesn't know the shapes well, so the Chicken Squad has even more difficulties, guessing the actual problem. But, they are still brave and start working together.I loved the cover. will definitely attract the little ones. Although it's not an interesting thriller, it will be good if this is read aloud in children's book clubs. It is educational and the kids will like the myster [...]

    6. This was really cute. I love that the chicks all have their own personalities and that they are all quite hilarious. It's adorable that J.J. the dog is tasked with keeping them in line, and yet he lets them believe in their UFO mystery. A fun story for young readers.

    7. My first graders LOVED this book! They never guessed what the "BIG" and "SCARY" thing was, but it was fun listening to their guesses and how they changed as more clues were revealed. Too cute!

    8. The chicks from the J.J. Tully mysteries get their own story in this adorable early chapter book spin-off. J.J. Tully makes an appearance as well.

    9. Great fun to read aloud with my six year old mystery-loving granddaughter. We laughed our way through it!

    10. We were given this book through a reading event at my daughter's school. At that time, my daughter would best be described as a "reluctant reader". This book changed that. We read it every night, gave the chickens different voices, and just enjoyed how silly the story was. It's been a few years and she is now a voracious reader, but she still loves this adorable book. It was responsible for her learning to love reading. Highly recommend.

    11. I read this book aloud to my six-year-old who still tends to take things literally. It was pretty hard for him to follow what was going on. The five main characters in this book completely misinterpret everything going on around them for the entirety of this book and the reader is supposed to realize it (even though it's never explicitly until the epilogue) and think it's funny. This book would be better for a slightly older and more socially mature kiddo than mine.

    12. Definitely a transitional book for older kids preparing them for books without pictures. The illustrations were all in black and white and were sporadic throughout the book. Sometimes they would be on both pages and sometimes there would be none. The writing was for older children as well as the words were more advanced and contractions were used. The story was entertaining and if I were of that age group I would want to check out the rest of the series.

    13. When a hysterical squirrel comes rushing into the chicken coop saying something “big and scary” is in the yard, it’s up to retired search-and-rescue dog J.J. Tully and four adorable chicks to solve the mystery. The audiobook swiftly moves from serious gumshoe mystery to outrageous silliness, with expert pacing. A terrific series of short mysteries.

    14. I think this would be an adorable book to help second grade/third grade writers to understand the importance of descriptive word choice. It's also good for independent reading choice for late 2nd and early 3rd. Cute cast of characters, good dialog, adorable pictures to match and enhance the text.

    15. An early reader book with about as much depth as a cartoon, confusing characters with a lot of hard to follow dialogue, jokes that weren't funny and a plot that revolved around a squirrel thinking a grill was an UFO. I'll consider giving the sequel a shot just to see if the series gets better, but not at all impressed.

    16. Reminiscent of Hank the Cowdog and other famous farm/ranch heroes, the chicken squad is serious about their duties in the yard. When the squirrel comes to them for protection, they deliver. So much fun to see these little chicks do what they think is necessary to make things right. Looking forward to more adventures with Poppy, Sugar, Dirt and Sweetie!

    17. I tried to like these books. I love Doreen Cronin's picture books. This one, we just struggled through. I couldn't get into the storyline and characters. It was painful. We have the second one, too, that we haven't been able to finish. I think I'll probably just stick these books in our Little Free Library and maybe not even finish the second one.

    18. The misadventure that started it all, with J.J. Tully, retired search and rescue dog, as narrator tells the story of how the squad solved the mystery of something "Big and Scary" as described by Tail the squirrel, and helps him learn his shapes as they search for clues to what is lurking in the yard beyond the coop.

    19. Andrew's review: "I would give it six stars. I wish that there could be six stars on the website. I liked the book and there could be about six stars of the planets for one of the I liked when the squirrel came along and when the chickens said 'don't be scared of J.J. It's only a dog.' Don't be scared of any dogs. I also liked when they licked each other and rolled in the grass to get camouflaged."Lindsay's review: Andrew got a little distracted by the stars aspect of reviewing this book. This i [...]

    20. Cute mystery early-reader with a main character who thinks she's a hard-boiled (rimshot!) noir detective and is actually an adorable fluffy yellow chick with a bossy-big-sis complex. Will we ever find out why Poppy lives in a shoe?

    21. Beginning reader series. This one didn't grab me although I really enjoy her picture books. Story focuses on four chick babies and the retired service dog who lives with them and keeps an eye on them. The get into mischief. Not as funny as I had hoped.

    22. I rate this book five s4ars because it was a great book. If you like chickens you will like this book. my favorite part was when they blew up the barbcue.

    23. Members of the chicken squad were helping their friend squirrel find out what was big and scary out in the yard. They used their skills to enhance the search. Together they figured it out

    24. The chicken squad was a very simple read. Super cute, super silly, and I loved the sketched pictures.

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