A Life Less Ordinary Teen Wolf AUIt takes a few years but eventually they manage to agree on something Derek Hale is an asshole and Stiles Stilinski is in love with him Words complete

  • Title: A Life Less Ordinary
  • Author: Jebiwonkenobi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 295
  • Format: ebook
  • Teen Wolf AUIt takes a few years but eventually they manage to agree on something Derek Hale is an asshole, and Stiles Stilinski is in love with him.Words 19209 complete

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    One thought on “A Life Less Ordinary”

    1. extremely clever and smartly paced. there's too much "space" between the vignettes. but still feelz veered from despair to rage to disgruntlement to satisfaction like they were leashed to a deranged yorkie chasing squirrels. seriously, while most of this is snappy and darkly funny, at one point i felt as wounded as stiles was supposed to be, and as angry. had to shake my head to clear the phantomscause for a second i forgot it wasn't me all this emoscandalo was happening toeat writing.

    2. So here's the deal: not every Sterek fan will like this, but this, this is my kind of Sterek. And Jebiwonkenobi is simply my kind of author. This is a quirky, quirky story. So you are going to have to like quirky. All that this is, is five different snippets of interaction between Derek and Stiles. It is very much in the vein of 500 Days of Summer in the sense that you don't know where in the timeline each vignette takes place (how close together these moments are - though clearly they are in ch [...]

    3. Happy, happy, happy!Read. Read. Read.This was really well written and just tons of fun. Each chapter was like its own adventure within the whole story and it was awesome.I devoured it.I loved it.

    4. Relationship vignettes of adventure and coming together in this Sterek. Fun, entertaining and Wartank was my favorite, but the threads are just a little too loose in weaving them.

    5. Five chapters and five little adventures. Great fun and yet I felt I was missing bits, wanting more around the edges of what was there.Derek and Stiles getting together actually happens off page and Reggie is never explained it was like missing a few vital steps. What's here is really good, just

    6. Surprisingly effective. Rachel's review did a great job of summing up what makes this especially distinctive and impressive. I'd just add that for a Sterek that includes witches, giants, and the joys of eating Hot Pockets as a running motif, its view of dating and relationships felt surprisingly mature and realistic--as in, closer in feel and pacing to actual relationships I've had in my life or observed in fellow human beings as opposed to any relationship ever depicted in a romance/romantic co [...]

    7. This perfectly shows the push pull of Derek and Stiles - their reluctance, their resistance, their inevitable feelings that form despite the deflection and denial.How do you say something was exceedingly smart and witty and captures our beloved guys in a comforting but still refreshing way?? Through a series of events Stiles grudgingly comes to realize some things; Derek is humanized not idolized. Every tidbit of info that Stiles learns about him gets emblazoned in his brain. He can't let it go [...]

    8. This was disappointing. More so because the potential was there be great; particularly the sparks of humor.Worst of all? All sex happens off page. I'd rather there be none then happen off paged I think we all knew my feelings on no sex Sterek.

    9. 3.5 starsI wasn't too sure how to rate this - on the one hand I really liked a lot of it, but on the other there were a couple of niggles and I felt like it could have beenMORE, you know?So the good stuff - everyone was in character and it was pretty fun. I like the way everyone was written and the writing in general actually. There were some cool things happening with the different parts of the action plot too, although I would have liked to see more of them. 4 stars for the good bits.But then [...]

    10. It sounds simple, the way it rests in his mouth, like he’s stating any other basic truth. The sky is blue, the sun is bright, the days are getting longer, and Stiles Stilinski - against everyone’s better judgement, including his own - loves Derek Hale.Brilliant! *forcefully throws all the stars at Jebiwonkenobi*This fic is told in 5 impressively written segments, each providing the reader with a glimpse into the complicated and intense relationship between Stiles and Derek. Each segment is s [...]

    11. I've got happy feels. I'm drowing in 'em.Jebiwonkenobi - second fic, second win.Incredible character portrayal (especially Isaac as seen from the outside, the non-exaggerated portrayal of Derek's emotional retardedness for a change, and Stiles's very own, very funny voice and particular brand of humour), stupendous interactions (because the characters are just the way they're supposed to be and because Jebiwonkenobi is just good at feelings) and great storyline. (I like parentheses today.)It's g [...]

    12. So this scrolled across my feed today (and with a 4 star rating, no less). I had it marked as read, but I couldn't remember anything about it. Huh. I decided to "reread" the first few pages which turned to reading it all. I think the first "read" mark was an accident, so I'm very glad that this came to my attention again. Very enjoyable.

    13. This story is a series of 5 vignettes that were sort of mashed together, but it lacked the cohesiveness and depth to make it into a complete story. BUT I did like the snark and the Sterek characterization, so it's worthy of being read.

    14. Oh my gosh, so very nearly 5 stars and the perfect Sterek to pull me out of a reading slump. This feels a little raw, unpolished and there's no sexy times but it's touching, frustrating and spectacularly written.

    15. I have no idea what a hot pocket is, but it sounds rude to me. Other than that, i liked this little piece of fiction.

    16. What there was of this was lovely, it's what wasn't there that keeps me from being able to give this more stars.Each of the situations Stiles and Derek are put in is handled wonderfully, but between the scenes there were time jumps that were incredibly jarring. The tension was lovely to start with, but then we jump to another scene and find out that we missed Stiles and Derek getting together. Erm, well, at least as together as they got in the middle. Stiles sort of tells us about it in flashbac [...]

    17. This one had a little angst and humor at the end, which I loved, but including giants was just kind of weird.

    18. loved the vignettes, the writing, what was actually there, derek taking the panic, Hot Pockets, REGGIE!!, Wartank, stiles, the sad sad sad 'i love you', protective and for-your-own-good!derek, the characterisations, but hate-hate-hated that such large chunks were missing. wanted to rate it a three for how frustrated the left-out bits left me, but it's just too good for anything less than a four.

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