The Madness Sixteen year old Marnie lives in the idyllic coastal village of Clevedon Despite being crippled by a childhood exposure to polio she seems set to follow in her mother s footsteps and become a dipper

  • Title: The Madness
  • Author: Alison Rattle
  • ISBN: 9781471401039
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sixteen year old Marnie lives in the idyllic coastal village of Clevedon Despite being crippled by a childhood exposure to polio, she seems set to follow in her mother s footsteps, and become a dipper , escorting fragile female bathers into the sea Her life is simple and safe But then she meets Noah Charming, handsome, son of the local Lord, Noah She quickly developsSixteen year old Marnie lives in the idyllic coastal village of Clevedon Despite being crippled by a childhood exposure to polio, she seems set to follow in her mother s footsteps, and become a dipper , escorting fragile female bathers into the sea Her life is simple and safe But then she meets Noah Charming, handsome, son of the local Lord, Noah She quickly develops a passion for him a passion which consumes her.As Marnie s infatuation turns to fixation she starts to lose her grip on reality, and a harrowing and dangerous obsession develops that seems certain to end in tragedy Set in the early Victorian era when propriety, modesty and repression were the rule, this is a taut psychological drama in which the breakdown of a young woman s emotional state will have a devastating impact on all those around her.

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      316 Alison Rattle
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    One thought on “The Madness”

    1. Alison Rattle’s debut novel was The Quietness which I absolutely loved so I was excited to read this, her second novel which I chose as my seventh book from June 2014 – Chrissi Cupboard Month. As well as the stunning cover art which took my breath away, the story inside is both beautiful and poignant. Set in early Victorian times, it follows the life of our main character, a sixteen year old girl called Marnie who was crippled from an early age by infection with the polio virus. Marnie is de [...]

    2. Review by Beth - 4.5/5I didn’t have the pleasure of reading Allison Rattle’s The Quietness but fell head over heels in love with Marnie and her life in Clevedon. This book is sad, it’s sadder than sad and every inch of that sadness is beautifully created by Rattle’s choice of language.I defy anyone not to love Marnie’s character. She seems younger than her sixteen years due to her lack of education and life on the beach with only her mum and her mum’s ‘friend’ for company. She li [...]

    3. I have never read anything quite like this before. This story rippled my interest because it was such a unsual story. I must say The Madness is literally unputdownable. Alison Rattle fabulous descriptions of Marine's frock and Noah's silk white stockings were an added bonus of detail. Alison has painted such a convincing picture of the sea and the shabby little house that Marnie lives in to the very grand manor that Noah stays in. It shines bright and clear that Alison Rattle is a perfectionist [...]

    4. An interesting and sad tale about obsession set in Clevedon, a small seaside resort in Somerset. Marnie, a young local girl, meets Noah, the son of a prominent and prosperous business man, and finds herself feeling a dangerous attraction for him which leads to the madness of the title.I found the Victorian setting and the historical information with regard to bathing huts and 'dippers' fascinating. A 'dipper' is someone who helps wealthy ladies submerge themselves in the sea mostly for health re [...]

    5. Every single person in this book was an asshole, but I give it 4 solid stars anyway.I loved the setting, Clevedon is a real place and the Pier is real, and really was made in 1869 so those atmospheric touches really added to the enjoyment of reading. I had a hard time imagining the clothes though, even with Googling (and seeing those creepy wasp-waist illustrations where the woman's waist is pinched in the middle and then sausages out like a deformity. How the hell did that ever become fashion?? [...]

    6. I think this is the part where I declare my undying love for Alison Rattle’s writing. I didn’t think she could top The Quietness, but she has. The Madness is a terrific piece of work. It’s an unusual story, but unusual in a good way. It stands out against other books in the genre. I loved how the narrative splits between Marnie and extracts from Noah’s diary. I thought this was really effective. I could just see what was going to happen to poor Marnie. I fell in love with Marnie. She com [...]

    7. Loved. A little slow in the middle, but otherwise so compelling and well-written. (view spoiler)[And sad. (hide spoiler)]

    8. ‘If you look like a beggar, then you are the most beautiful beggar I have ever seen.’Love leaves no limits, and that is especially true of The Madness. This novel surprised me, quickly changing from a teenage romance to a terrifying obsession and although I didn’t love this book, it certainly had me on the edge of my seat throughout.Marnie has little to live for before she meets Noah. As a cripple, few people want to speak to her and most are scared of her after she witnesses the death of [...]

    9. A beautifully written novel about loneliness, love and rejection. SpoilerI hope Noah didn't get his happy ending.

    10. This is the second book in a row (after Inland) that was about a young lady who kind of snaps and thinks she's a mermaid. That was not intentional. This one, however, had a very interesting historical setting.Young Marnie lives in Clevedon, a small seaside village in England, and spends her days working for her mother's dipping business. "Dipping" is when a person gets dunked under the seawater for a few moments by a practitioner of this, with supposed health benefits. They do this with the help [...]

    11. 'Love Letters to the Dead' is an unflinching novel about grief, guilt and growing up, all told in the format of letters to those we have already lost. Ava Dellaira's debut novel has an idea I continue to feel envious of, with her writing filled with the brutality we come to accept in this world. Laurel's voice was full of anger and, full of her frustration. However, I still found myself feeling disappointed. It fell into the traps that its predecessors have found themselves stuck in before: tryi [...]

    12. Somerset, 1868: Crippled by polio as a small child, Marnie lives with her ma and not her pa, Smoaker, in a seaside village famed for its sea cures. The sea is her life and she looks forward to being as well respected a dipper as her ma. However, shunned by the local children due to her limp, her life is a lonely one, until she meets Noah, who is staying at the mansion with his family. They are worlds apart but as he takes notice of her, Marnie starts to dream of a different life.I live in a town [...]

    13. This is the first book I've read by Alison Rattle and I found it a superb example of historical fiction which brilliantly conjures up a sense of the place and time of the story. It's set in the year 1868 in the seaside town of Clevedon. I love reading about the Victorian era and it was a nice change of pace from a lot of the more contemporary books I've read lately. The main character Marnie has been crippled by polio and walks with the aid of a stick. She has been taught by her Ma to love the s [...]

    14. I have been excited about getting a copy of this for almost a year now and I am so glad to say it was totally worth the wait.The Madness is a YA historical novel set in a Victorian seaside town and tells the story of Marnie, the daughter of the local dipper. A dipper is someone who helped well to do ladies dip in the sea as it was thought at the time to be beneficial to their health. Marnie assists with this day to day and it is because of her work she meets and falls completely in love with the [...]

    15. The year is 1868; Marnie is 14 years old and partially crippled by Polio. However, she loves the sea and it is in her blood. Living in Clevedon, a small seaside village where the rich and privileged flock to take the ‘sea-cure’, Marnie helps her mother who is a dipper – someone who helps the rich into the sea in the horse drawn bathing huts. Marnie is ridiculed by the villagers who see her disability as something more sinister than just being an unfortunate consequence of a terrible diseas [...]

    16. ‘The Madness’ is the first Alison Rattle novel I have read, and I would definitely read more of her work based on this. Her great strength is that she gets the balance of research exactly right: the novel, set in the Victorian Period, is very atmospheric and clearly well-researched, yet at the same time, it is not so bogged down in historical detail that it becomes at all dull. It is very clear when reading the novel that Alison Rattle has a passion for history, and I particularly enjoyed th [...]

    17. I began this book knowing where it was set and a little of what it would be about however I wasn't prepared for quite how much this book would affect me emotionally.We are taken by Alison to Clevedon, in those days a seaside village, and we meet the spirited Marnie. A young girl who is taunted by her fellow villagers because she has a leg damaged by polio. She dreams of meeting her father whom she dreams of and escaping the world she lives in. She helps her mother by dipping the rich ill who com [...]

    18. I really enjoyed this book a lot. It is very easy to get into and hard to put down. It follows the story of Marnie the local dippers daughter. She has a twisted leg form a case of polio when she was five which leads to cruelty from the local villages. Marnie finds comfort and a sense of belonging when she is in the sea, her wild and free spirit catches the eye of the local Lords son Noah whilst he is visiting from London. For him they have fun together whilst he is bored away from the thrills of [...]

    19. *Spoilers*I chose this book partly because I thought it sounded interesting, but also because the cover is beautiful! However I was disappointed, although I did enjoy the historical context of the story, I found the main character Marnie selfish and unlikable.Clearly she has a tough life, and she is cruelly betrayed, but she seems to show no sympathy towards any of the other characters. Seriously, she feels absolutely no guilt or sorrow at all about a death which she could easily have prevented, [...]

    20. Very good, I really liked it. However, two things bothered me: First, Noah acted like he was totally in love with Marnie and yet suddenly couldn't care less about her, which I found a little hard to believe. Although I guess it is possible. Most of all though, I was really annoyed with the sudden change of perception why go from third-person to first-person out of the blue? I really didn't see the point, and I liked it better in third-person, I felt it "fit" better with the story. I guess it was [...]

    21. I believe a book is well-written if it fulfills what it intents to do. The Madness acheieved just that.I felt Marnie's spiral into obssession, I felt the tension, I felt the increasing hoplessness of her situation.And I hated it. I hated how sad it became. I hated how (view spoiler)[Marnie never got her happy end (hide spoiler)]And most of all I hated (view spoiler)[Noah. That bastard. (hide spoiler)]The thing is, the book wanted me to feel those emotions in the first place. I wanted to make me [...]

    22. 'The Madness' by Alison Rattle is one of the most phenomenal pieces of historical fiction that I have read. Situated in 1868 in Clevedon( a charming seaside town in England), Marnie Gunn is an outcast in her village, however she has been swimming in the azure blue sea ever since she was born and the sea helps her to think beyond her disability.'The Madness' is about Marnie's journey towards thinking beyond physical disabilities and learning to live her life to the fullest.

    23. This was such a beautiful read I didn't want it to end. The era is evoked brilliantly; life's hardships and pleasures are captured through the eyes of Marnie, a teenage girl with more than her fair share of troubles. Her character is complex, sometimes sympathetic, sometimes objectionable, but always very real. It's hard to believe this is only Alison Rattle's second novel. The writing is so accomplished. Definitely one of my favorite books of 2014.

    24. I felt a strange solemn feeling at the end of this novel. Forced almost to tears. What a gripping tale. To say much more would give the story away. But sum it up, Marnie - a cripple girl - falls madly in love with a rich 'toff' called Noah, who first leads her to believe he feels the same. But after while, he changes his mind. A cracking novel!

    25. i looooooooooooooooved the relitonship was so beatfuil this bok give me all of the bookish emitons.

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