Shiver He s a wolf without a pack Graphic novelist Aidan Harte writes about the kind of heroes he knows he ll never be He s returned to the forgotten gold mining town of Chatanika Alaska to scatter his fa

  • Title: Shiver
  • Author: Tiffinie Helmer
  • ISBN: 2940148689348
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Nook
  • He s a wolf without a pack Graphic novelist, Aidan Harte, writes about the kind of heroes he knows he ll never be He s returned to the forgotten gold mining town of Chatanika, Alaska to scatter his father s ashes and close out the bastard s life He plans to get in and get out without seeing a soul That is until he falls into a trap She s a raven who s clipped herHe s a wolf without a packGraphic novelist, Aidan Harte, writes about the kind of heroes he knows he ll never be He s returned to the forgotten gold mining town of Chatanika, Alaska to scatter his father s ashes and close out the bastard s life He plans to get in and get out without seeing a soul That is until he falls into a trap She s a raven who s clipped her wingsRaven Maiski s thrilled that old man Harte is dead It couldn t have happened to a nicer guy But she s not happy about the return of his son, Aidan, her enemy, her lover and soul mate who promised twelve years ago never to step foot back in Chatanika She ll never be able to keep her secrets unless she runs him out of town But word of the miser s death spreads like a gold rush, and danger erupts in a quest for treasure that will either lead to redemptionor blood.

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    One thought on “Shiver”

    1. Shiver is the latest in Tiffinie's series Romance on the Edge. Just when I think they can't get any better they do ! You will Shiver in dread, Shiver in frustration and you will Shiver with desire .Aidan thought he could make it in and out to finish the last chapter dealing with his father. But that hard hateful man has yet more pain in store for his son. Now as Aidan trapped in the deadly cold, snow falling slowly around him he knows the promise to stay away is about to be broken.But a promise [...]

    2. This was my first book by Tiffinie and now I am truly sorry I waited so long. The story line was extremely captivating, and had me rooted to my chair from start to finish, and the characters gave off just the right vibe to make the story realistic with everything they go through. This is an actual book too, not one of the ever popular, but extremely overdone trilogies, or one that ends on a cliffhanger. It has a start, a middle and a finish!!!!! This is the third book in the series, but can be r [...]

    3. SHIVER is the 3rd book in Tiffinie Helmer’s “Romance on the Edge Series”, but it was so cleverly written, it can be read as a total standalone, while still part of a wonderful series.In SHIVER, we get a wonderful glimpse into the unique life style of people living in the Interior region of Alaska. The descriptions are so meticulous and accurate, making the readers feel like they have personally visited Fairbanks and the surrounding area. Just reading about the magnificent landscape and the [...]

    4. This is the first book that I've read of Tiffinie Helmer's, but not my last. What an exciting & wonderful story, it will make you laugh one minute and the next minute you have tears in your eyes or you'll go from being angry to being happy or feel sorrow to being giddy like your on cloud nine or sexually frustrated to completely sated. It will make you shiver in the most extraordinary ways, the book name fits perfect. You never know what to expect with each turn of the page and that makes fo [...]

    5. LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! Did I mention I loved it? I just finished this book and can say Ms. Helmer did it again; another hit! It was odd to me since I really didn't like Aiden in Hooked all, but from the moment I started Shiver I just loved him. The heartbreak he experienced while in love at a young age, the lack of love at the hands of his own family, and then the awful memory (and guilt) he will forever live with for the rest of his life for his final actions towards his father, almost b [...]

    6. Shiver was pimped (cough) I mean recommended to me by a friends, and dang her hide anyway. She knows There are not enough hours in a day to read all the good books out there, and now I have another author to add to my list!Shiver takes place in Alaska and gives a wonderful look at the life and culture of Chatanika, a small town near Fairbanks. The first page and grabs hold of you until the end. Shiver provides both external elements of suspense. From a bear trap,a hit over the head, shots fired, [...]

    7. This book left me speechless, breathless, and any other word for just ridiculously in love! Aidan Harte is the perfect anti-hero. He's wounded, smart, talented, driven, and flawed. Watching him become the man he wants to be as he faces the mistakes of his past and the woman he's loved and lost. Raven is funny, strong, and vulnerable and I love her entire family. Good thing we get to read about them all! The tension, the passion, the danger and the surprises kept me turning the pages until the ve [...]

    8. The first book I've read by this author and I have to say it will not be my last! Ms Helmer kept me spellbound, sharing every emotion right along with her characters. The action was fast-paced and kept my eyes riveted to the page, at times hurrying, trying to help Aidan or Raven, or Fox. The title is well-chosen, I had to do most of my reading in the evening and I was literally shivering due to the weather outside AND the landscape in the story! An excellent book, well written. Tiffinie Helmer i [...]

    9. This was such a great book! I loved the characters, the plot, and the constant range of emotions I went through as I was reading this. It felt real and solid and was just incredible. An absolute MUST READ!

    10. Heart wrenching romance and murder mystery! I loved this story! It is my 5th Tiffinie Helmer book and I've loved them all so far! They have very strong women and hot, strong, silent types for men. But eventually both of them let their emotional sides show! The story will have your chest squeezing for Aidan, you will laugh at Fox and his antics, and wonder how many times Eva will have to patch Aidan up! And now a bit about the storyAidan has returned to Chatanika, Alaska - something he promised n [...]

    11. I've read thisI'm just waiting until its released to post my awesome review!Here's my review.Absolutely Amazing5 stars!This book is amazing! You won't put it down. I had the honor of getting an ARC copyIKR!!!;-). This book has it, drama, family, danger and death. Now you're wondering who dieswell buy it, read it and find out! Aiden is a man who has always wanted to belong to a loving family and to be the hero. After Earls death, Aiden is forced to go back to Chatanika. He tries to get i [...]

    12. A great read with wonderful characters. KC, the moose, in Moosed Up sucked me into Ms Helmer's books and I've been a fan ever since.This book proves that she has what it takes to keep bringing readers back book after book. The mystery keeps you turning pages and the struggle to deal with the choices made, good and bad, but done out of love give this story real depth and heart.

    13. From the very first scene, I was drawn into Shiver. Aidan and Raven are destined to be together, and even though they seemed determined to stay apart, their love won’t be denied. Ms. Helmer’s latest book is a riveting tale of secrets and passion that kept me reading long into the night. As with all of her books, I highly recommend Shiver.

    14. 4 Stars -Shiveris an adult contemporary romantic suspense thriller by Tiffinie Helmer and the 3rd book in herRomance on the Edgeseries.

    15. Absolutely loved this book. I couldn't put it down. The story, the action, the romance and the details Tiffinie puts into all her books. Amazing!

    16. This is sort of a typical romance in the way the female and male leads bounce back and forth towards and away from each other like rubber bands, but most of the reasons in both of their cases are rather legit. There is a lot of family history, town history and personal history between Raven and Aidan and everyone in the town of Chatanika. This author definitely knows her settings, characters and culture. A good level of detail no matter the scene but not too much in most cases. It's very easy to [...]

    17. I have been a fan of Tiffinie Helmer for some time now and could not wait to read her latest book. Let me tell you it did not disappoint. It is the 3rd book in this series, but it can easily be read as a stand alone novel. I loved the characters, it had a great plot line and plenty of emotional ups and downs and lots of action. And lets not forget it also had some steamy scenes that could melt snow. I am also convinced I need to pick up pottery and a trip to Alaska might just have to be in my fu [...]

    18. Awesome story!!! I tried to read it slow and take my time. But that was impossible. Can't wait for the next book. Very glad you quit your job Tiffinie, because we need more books from you!!

    19. Characters - 3.0Story(s) - 3.5Narration - N/AOverall - 3.25It was an okay read but the pace was too slow for me.

    20. Graphic novelist, Aidan Harte, has returned to Chatanika, Alaska to clean out his father's house after being gone for a long time. His former love, Raven Maiski is not happy to learn of Aidan's return. She is afraid to risk her heart to him again and she has secrets that she wants to keep from him and from her family. Someone else also wants Aidan to leave and tries to run him off, getting more dangerous as times passes and he remains in Alaska.Tiffinie Helmer has written some interesting books [...]

    21. Another fantastic work by Tiffinie Helmer. Anyone who has read Tiffinie before will have come to expect fantastically descriptive novels that leave you wanting to read more of the same. This the 3rd book in her ‘Romance on the Edge’ series is an outstanding example of the work. The general story-line can be found through any internet search; what a search wouldn’t say would be that you the reader will be drawn into the lives of the characters, wanting to know them personally and in the cas [...]

    22. One of these days I'm going to have to go back and read all these books in the order they should be instead of the "series" they are in. I'm hesitant to purchase sometimes cause when reading the blurbs I get a sense of deja vu and think I've already read the book when that isn't the case at all I've only seen a preview in a previous book I've read. Don't get me wronge books are awesome and I'm not trying to put down the author, I'm just someone with memory problems that gets confused easily and [...]

    23. Okay. First of all, this book was well written, and I usually really enjoy this author. That being said, I have to say that I despised Raven, and was afraid of how far Aidan would go at any time; it never seemed like he had a complete lid on his temper, and I'm not sure that I believed he had it under control. This book languished on my TBR pile; I knew it ha a secret child trope, which is always so difficult to pull off; having kids, I can't imagine not telling their father about them at all, m [...]

    24. I have to say Aidan is my favorite hero of all the Tiffinie Helmer Books. Aidan appeared in Ms. Helmer's Book "Hooked". A tortured soul he was and needed his own book. Wow and did this author write him as an awesome character. Raven was a strong willed Alaskan woman and I can relate to that. Fox stole the show so to speak of some scenes. Loved the names of all the characters. Loved this book and have read it several times.

    25. The sins of the fatherAidan returns to Alaska to take care of his father's things following his death. He is reunited with the love of his life, Raven and learns she has a son, his son. This is a wonderful book full of mystery. intrigue and of course romance all of which take place in the beautiful and potentially deadly state.There are so many elements to this story it is hard to name them all. Trust me this is definitely worth a read!

    26. As the third book in this series it was phenomenal. Characters from previous books and novellas blended nicely. As always she creates this beautiful place in Alaska and gives us an adventure like no other, with a side of hot steamy sex. I do believe Lynx has been my favorite character from the Wild Men of Alaska series, however Aidan has captured that role. Looking forward to the next adventure!

    27. I loved this book! I've read all of Ms. Helmer's books, and this one is by far my favorite. I couldn't stand Aiden in Hooked), but after learning more about his story in Shiver it was easier to sympathize with him, and root for his happy ending.

    28. Though this is the third book in Ms. Helmer's "Romance on the Edge" novels, it is the first book I have read. A wonderful standalone novel of love lost, found and lost again, it is the romance story of second chances. Set in the wild Alaskan outback, the suspense part of the story will keep you turning pages long past bedtime. I have no doubt I will be picking up other books in this series.

    29. Aidan Harte is forced to confront the past after his father dies. When he returns he feels the need to hide how his father died, but his old love Raven has an even bigger secret. Will they be able to forgive each other and save their family or will they let the past ruin the future they could share.

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