Nexus As national governments cede society to international and soon to be intergalactic corporations Sontem launches the Nexus and the Argus two intergenerational starships sent as emissaries to the cosm

  • Title: Nexus
  • Author: Nicolas Wilson
  • ISBN: 9781491290798
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • As national governments cede society to international and soon to be intergalactic corporations, Sontem launches the Nexus and the Argus, two intergenerational starships sent as emissaries to the cosmos, but whose sole mission is to secure mining rights for the parent company The ships are armed with the best of mankind s minds and technology, and a sense of manifest destAs national governments cede society to international and soon to be intergalactic corporations, Sontem launches the Nexus and the Argus, two intergenerational starships sent as emissaries to the cosmos, but whose sole mission is to secure mining rights for the parent company The ships are armed with the best of mankind s minds and technology, and a sense of manifest destiny Captain Anderson Grant of the Nexus, the second starship in Sontem s budding armada, prepares to boldly fight and screw where no man has before But Anderson and his crew struggle to maintain their humanity in the face of deception, exploitation, sexually aggressive aliens, and a system that ultimately respects its crew for their genetic capacity than their individuality.

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    One thought on “Nexus”

    1. What is it with aliens and sexual experimentation?I received a free copy of this book for an honest, non-reciprocal review. And I'm quite pleased I did, for the story certainly kept me interested until the end. This book reminded me of those classic old-school scifi stories where all the alien races are interested in finding out is what the human space explorers are like in the sack. Admittedly, being old-school, the detail in such exploration and experimentation is limited, just like on the Nex [...]

    2. Fast-paced sci-fi that pulls no punches.Captain Anderson Grant works for Sontem, a powerful corporation devoted to for-profit space exploration. As he and his crew are careening through space, he encounters a planet inhabited by a sentient alien race. He accompanies a small detachment to initiate diplomacy. The catch is that the alien race is telepathic, and their customs do not recognize formalizing agreements through paper. To seal the deal, the alien diplomat, a female nicknamed Sam, penetrat [...]

    3. The story starts by introducing us to the Captain of the exploratory space vessel, Nexus. It is the second ship to leave under the guidance of the Sontem corporation to seek out new worlds and establish mining contracts with them. The captain is a foul mouthed and has no internal filter. He speaks his mind, and he does in a way that people respect. This even includes a young man who gives the Captain a poor first impression by harassing a young woman. He is renamed Private Dickbite by the Captai [...]

    4. "Nexus" by Nicolas Wilson, is a highly original and enjoyable science fiction story, set on Nexus, a star ship that sets out to explore the galaxies and which actually should have been named the Enterprise, had the corporation that built it not been sued by the copy right holders. Very entertaining references to other science fiction work, much talk about sex and original interaction with aliens make this an odd but rather well done new helping in the genre. Wilson uses worm holes, aliens and ot [...]

    5. The starship Nexus has a mission to seek out new alien civilizations to negotiate trade and mining rights for their employer, Sontem. I was truly impressed that a lawyer was part of the greeting party! But, the mayhem they find parodies Star Trek. The Captain reminds me of a Catch 22 character. It's a highly entertaining read, with scattered bits of real science and cultural issues. I highly recommend this book, and I look forward to their new adventures.

    6. Interstellar RomcomI missed out on some of the American humour. How to describe it? In keeping with the books styleInsurrection, Wacky Races, "Invasion of the sex crazed telepathic alien"

    7. I’ll be honest: I’m not normally a fan of books written in the first person perspective. With few exceptions I find the style to be an excuse for lazy, sloppy writing. It’s a simplistic form and explains why so many young adult authors choose it. But I’m thankful that “Nexus” fits into that rare category of first person books I genuinely enjoyed. The writing has punch, flows nicely and is frequently witty. The dialogue is also clever and wonderfully well written.“Nexus” follows t [...]

    8. Nexus is a huge spaceship sent from Earth to further explore the universe, and subdue aliens, Standard scifi then? Far from it. The narrator is the arrogant, bullying, sex-obsessed captain, who gets away with his behaviour because of his sense of humour and intelligence. His value as the captain becomes evident not so much when he is pistol-wielding his attacks on bear-like or other weird aliens but when he instigates a momentous decision cusp in the plot about three-quarters way through. The ne [...]

    9. Utter trash. I was given this book for free from the author, so I felt some obligation to finish it, but I just couldn't. I tried. I really did. But the vast majority of fanfiction I've read on the internet is better than this book.This book is what a 14 year old writes in high school when he's just discovered that girls are hot and wants to screw one. Almost every page there was a sexual joke or reference. It never bloody stopped. All the aliens are sexual in some way, one is a giant single-cel [...]

    10. Contains Mild SpoilersNexus is one of those difficult books to review. Mostly because I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s basically an R-rated Star Trek, if all of Star Trek’s jokes were about sex. So here are the bad points. It’s vulgar. Excessively so. Practically everything that comes out of the Captain’s mouth - who is *of course* our main character - is some sort of joke about sex or genitalia.The Captain is almost textbook Mary Sue (Marty Stu) - in charge of the ship and unquestionable a [...]

    11. Set in the future, the reader finds the Captain of the Nexus out in space. The mission is to discover new life and planets in order to set up mining contracts for the Company, a powerful organization on Earth. The crew meets up with a variety of aliens, from single-celled blob creatures to tumor ridden ugly Rhino beings to violent Chewbacca-like creatures. Throughout their adventures, it becomes clear that the Company doesn't play fair and the Captain must make some crucial decisions as to the f [...]

    12. Nexus tells the tale of a starship carrying hundreds of crew that heads into the galaxy to seek out new life and new civilisations – and make mining treaties for the benefit of the corporation who sent them out. Their captain is a sex-obsessed smart-arse and the rest of the crew aren't much better. I found myself irresistably imagining Carry on Star Trek for the first half of the novel (for the non-Brits reading this, the Carry On films were a series of innuendo-laden comedies – Nexus has mu [...]

    13. As mankind journeys outward, we encounter other species and societies. The art of the deal is central to our long term planning and the crew of the Nexus has been prepped for their multi-generational journey.This book reads at a fast pace. I finished it in two sittings. The dialogue is extensive, rapid fire and very clever. The main character telling the story is larger than life and provides an anchor point for the story. The other characters only show depth during storytelling diatribes, but t [...]

    14. A journey through space, leaving a sarcastic trail behind.Nexus is the story of the titular spaceship, captained by the sarcastic Captain Anderson as he leads the crew from planet to planet, negotiating trade agreements and dealing with the various issues that arise from command.Nexus is a character heavy, dialog driven story as the strength of author Nicolas Wilson is his ability to write witty and sustainable dialog. Overall, the style is bawdy and wry as the captain's usual mode of communicat [...]

    15. koeur.wordpress/2014/08/04Publisher: Victory Publishing Date: july 2014 ISBN: 9781301673568 Genre: SciFi Rating: 1.0/5Publisher Description: Captain Anderson Grant of the corporate starship Nexus boldly explores alien worlds (and occasionally the alien women, too). Grant and his crew struggle with the company’s version of manifest destiny, as well as its attempt to coerce them into military force. They begin to question whether the largest threat to their mission and their safety will come fro [...]

    16. First, I have to confess this was my first read of a harder science fiction novel, so take with a grain of salt. I thought the story was fun and enjoyed traveling with the crew of the Nexus into unknown worlds and civilizations. I really loved the Abhijna one celled beings that could morph into something the Nexus' own captain could love - Sam. The banter was humorous and light and the author is a polished, well-written author. I am excited to read his next book The Necromancer's Gambit - being [...]

    17. Kicks mainstream sci-fi out the airlockRecently, I've picked up a lot of sci-fi books which are Star Trek / Star Wars wannabes. This is not one of them. From the opening paragraph, Nicolas Wilson lets you know you're not in for a glossy sanitized vision of the future. Quite the opposite. The best comparison I can make is Douglas Adams on Viagra with the Parental Guidance filter turned off. But that doesn't quite do it justice. Nexus has its own unique style.Interestingly, Nicolas Wilson categori [...]

    18. “Nexus” was published in 2013 and was written by Nicolas Wilson. Mr Wilson has written nine novels as well as some short stories. This is the first novel of “The Sontem Trilogy”. I obtained a galley of this novel for review through netgalley. I would categorize this novel as ‘R’ as there is Mature Language, Mature Situations and Violence. The novel is written in the third person and is set in a far future where space exploration has just begun in ernest. The primary character is Ande [...]

    19. This is a somewhat unevenly written book. The concept, a starship sent out to explore and secure mining and similar rights for the company that owns it, is certanly good. The technology makes sense and is internaly consistent. And the detail put into the alien cultures encountered was well executed.But there's a certain immaturity in the characters. I'd be hard pressed to come up with more than one conversation that doesn't revolve around either sex and/or violence. A crewmember does something r [...]

    20. I received a copy of this book for honest review. 'Nexus' is the first in a sci-fi trilogy set on a ship called the Nexus, captained by Anderson Grant. This book is really different and extremely amusing. The story was well crafted and intelligent, and very uniquely told. The characters were all quite quick-witted and fun, though a lot of their names were confusingly similar. This book isn't bogged down in description, as the story's mainly told through dialogue exchanges. I'd say it's something [...]

    21. Nexus is fast paced. It is action filled. The story is told mainly in dialog. Saying all of that it should have more than three stars but it just did not make the grade for me. The dialog just tried to be too cute. I had trouble tell who was saying what. The characters did not have names. They were identified by their position on the ship. There was little character development and a lot of character bashing. All of that fast paced action is the set up for the series. Everything that happened wa [...]

    22. A fantastic blend of scientific innovation, quirky characters, and an intriguing story all form the backbone of Nexus. Now most of the science in the novel isn't by far "ground breaking," but it actually carries quite a level of intelligence that is rare for most indie sci-fi. But what I truly enjoyed about the novel was the chemistry between most of the characters, and although it bounded more often into the sexual realm that what I personally prefer, it remained humorous and didn't come out as [...]

    23. Sci Fi Fo Fum: I Smell the Blood of a Great New Series!Nexus, by Nicolas Wilson, is a fun, campy science fiction read. If Harry Dresden and Kathryn Janeway had a son, he'd be Captain Grant Anderson.With snappy dialogue, gleeful sexual innuendo, and exciting action, Nexus is an excellent book. It would make a great comic book, television series, and running gag on Saturday Night Live.Pick up this imaginative read today, and go where no man has gone before.

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