Thirty One and a Half Regrets While Rose recovers from a broken heart she finds herself at odds with her sister and business partner Violet Rose buries herself in her landscaping work but becomes worried when her employee and fr

  • Title: Thirty-One and a Half Regrets
  • Author: Denise Grover Swank
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 479
  • Format: ebook
  • While Rose recovers from a broken heart, she finds herself at odds with her sister and business partner Violet Rose buries herself in her landscaping work, but becomes worried when her employee and friend, Bruce Wayne Decker, goes missing In the meantime, Fenton County assistant D.A Mason Deveraux has been patiently waiting to begin a relationship with Rose, but she reWhile Rose recovers from a broken heart, she finds herself at odds with her sister and business partner Violet Rose buries herself in her landscaping work, but becomes worried when her employee and friend, Bruce Wayne Decker, goes missing In the meantime, Fenton County assistant D.A Mason Deveraux has been patiently waiting to begin a relationship with Rose, but she realizes she needs to confront the demons of her past before she can embrace a new future She needs to find out the truth about her birth mother.But her past isn t her only demon An undercurrent of tension has been spreading through Henryetta, Arkansas since drug lord, Daniel Crocker s arrest six months ago Still, she s not prepared for a nightmare come true Crocker s escape from prison Crocker carries a grudge and he s determined to make Rose pay, but he plays a game of cat and mouse, forcing Mason and the Fenton County Sheriff s department to hide Rose on her birth mother s farm But will it be enough to save her

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    One thought on “Thirty-One and a Half Regrets”

    1. First off, Denise, you can stop breaking my heart into thousands of tiny pieces okay? Seriously. Knock it off. Secondly, holy crap!!! What a roller coaster. I am completely lost in this series. Any one who knows me or has read my reviews of the other Rose books knows that I am a DIE HARD Team Joe supporter. IF YOU LOVE JOE THIS BOOK WILL CRUSH YOUR SOUL!!! Why Denise? Why.I absolutely LOVE the growth this story shows. Our Rose has shown an incredible change since book one and boy does it work fo [...]

    2. Thirty One and a Half Regrets is the fourth book in the Rose Gardner Mysteries by Denise Grover Swank. I am such a HUGE fan of D.G. Swank. I have loved every single thing she has written. I have been in love with the Rose Gardner series right from the start. I have been with Rose from the beginning as she first began to finally find herself. I feel like she is part of my family. You need to start at the beginning with this series as each book is an important step in her life. Make sure you inclu [...]

    3. Rose has grown out of some of her quirky innocent funniness but she's still fun and ready to move on with her life!!!! If she doesn't get killed in the process. Oh My and her love life has really taken off you really don't want to miss this. There are mysteries at every corner from Daniel Crocker's jailbreak to politicians coming to town and the population expanding. Denise has done it again with a great story its sensitive, sweet and something you can recommend to your teen or your grandmother. [...]

    4. No secrets. No rules. No regrets.By far my favorite installment of Rose. Well worth the wait. I was provided an early copy in exchange for an honest review and honesty is all you will get. Spoilers!! I knew I had a lot of expectations of Rose and Denise, but I was only 30% into the book and all my hopes and dreams came true. This was raw with emotion, mystery, thriller, suspense, drama and romance. I loved watching all of the characters grow and become comfortable. I adored watching Rose finally [...]

    5. I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I am quickly learning as I read Denise's new releases that she is always going to be full of surprises and that she appears to have a goal of surprising, shocking, and amazing her readers. 31 1/2 Regrets accomplishes them all! Not only does this book show how Rose has grown and changed. A change long in the making I might add! But Rose does something I worried she wouldn't do. She stood up to those that sought to control her, to change her, [...]

    6. The best of the Rose Gardner series! That is pretty impressive, because they have all been great. This book shows so much growth in all of the characters, even the minor, supporting folks. Rose has grown so much and embraces her new self. She faces her past, deals with her present, looks to the future. I am so happy for her. There are some surprises, and some things that happen were (at least to me)expected, but NECESSARY for the story to go forward. I do not want to go into detail because I do [...]

    7. RoseRose Rose!!! This girl gets herself into so much trouble. Without even trying!! I love this book!! it was amazing!! I can't wait to see what kind of trouble that Rose finds herself in. I am also hoping maybe that she will find her way back to Joe!!!

    8. Today's review is on Thirty-One and a Half Regrets by Denise Grover SwankI was recently allowed to read an ARC of this latest installment in Swank's Rose Gardner Series and I have to say that I have zero regrets after reading it. In fact, this fourth installment is my absolute favorite of them all so far!On the heels of her break up with Joe, Rose is hesitant to start any new relationship. She needs time to heal her broken heart and to come to grips with what has happened. Not only that, she nee [...]

    9. Wow! I didn't think I could enjoy the books about Rose any more. Boy, was I wrong! This is by far the best book of the series. It has suspense, drama, romance, and a thrilling cliffhanger. I couldn't put it down. Rose has developed into a wonderful and interesting woman. No longer do we laugh at her naive antics, but we do rejoice in her accomplishments, celebrate her new relationships and cry with her when she is sad. I'm proud of the steps she has taken over the last few books but none are as [...]

    10. By far my favorite Rose book yet!Rose is sassy, brassy, and has finally came out of her " comfort" zone. She tells how she feels and holds nothing back. Mason is the perfect gentleman, giving her space yet letting her know he's there when she's ready. When Dan comes back in the picture and Rose is in danger. Once again it's Mason who has her back. Secluded farm house, a hot sexy DA and Rose. Who needs electricity with the chemical reaction and sparks that ignite when those two are together. But [...]

    11. BEST one yet LOVE LOVE LOVE how Rose has grown and matured she makes me proud! Her relationship with Mason is awesome. I love Joe but he is broken and needs to fix Joe before he can EVEN think of going for anyoneCan I PLEASE kick Hilary's butt?You had me up and down worried sick all the emotions that this book has done is incredible if you love Rose you will LOVE thirty one and a half regrets!

    12. I could not stop reading these books.I could not stop reading these books.I was so interested in this series. I can not wait for the next book. I haven't decided yet whether I want to see Rose with Joe or Mason. I feel for both of them and they both sacrificed for Rose and love her. Ugh I want to see both of them with her.

    13. 4.5 Intense Starsis series is starting to heat up Rose is focused on moving forward in her life facing her past and planning for the future.just as pieces begin to fall into place, enemies from the past make their presence known and attempt to tear away Rose's happiness. with several twists and turns and some action packed thrilling moments, this addition to the series turned up the intensity addition, the chemistry between Rose and Mason is HOT yet incredibly sweet and sexyI love the balance th [...]

    14. I stayed up late, and got up early to finish this book because the pre-reviews said it was by far the best book of the series. I suggest taking your time and reading it at your own pace. It's good enough because we are all vested in Rose Gardner, but it's not the best book in the series. It's a slower read for sure, and I found myself wanting to get to the end already, but you will see Rose develop and come into herself more. I'm just not sure I like the new Rose? What I loved about Rose was her [...]

    15. ~~I received and ARC in exchange for an honest review~~I believe that Denise has written the best book ever! There is action, sex, visions, and Muffy. And who doesn't love Muffy! Rose has become a very strong and independent person in this book. She has become stronger and she has friends that love and care about her more than ever. Her relationship with Violet is volatile and she finally lets Violet know how she is really feeling. All I can say is ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME!! I am glad that Denise mad [...]

    16. Denise Grover Swank ("Swank") knocks it out of the park and beyond once again as book 4 is an absolute amazing read. I loved it! She never disappoints (unless you're on Team Joe. I'm Team Mason all the way.) Swank is truly an awe-inspiring author who knows what her readers want and always delivers without fail. Her talent doesn't just stop at her brilliant story-telling, it's also the in-depth, loveable, and wonderful heroines (and supporting characters) that she creates, all of whom continue to [...]

    17. ReviewHow do you heal a broken heart?Rose underwent the biggest and most toughest breakup with Joe, with him not being able to stand up for himself he reverts back to his parents control.But a broken heart can be mend right? Walks in Mason . . .But Rose's broken heart isn't the only thing, Daniel Crocker broke out of jail and is on the hunt for Rose. Worry about her safely, she goes into hiding but there's another problem . . . there's a leak in the police department that may get Daniel Crocker [...]

    18. The girl that lived under her mother's cruel tyranny has blossomed into a young woman that attracts the lunatics. However, the lunatics pale in comparison to the men in her life. Rose is forced to make a painful choice, but it's all apart of the journey. Rose is slowly discovering who she is in all aspects of her life. The past crashes into the present, yet the once isolated young woman has a variety of people who love and support her. Shes learning to stand on her own, to accept who she is, and [...]

    19. Of the series, I have enjoyed this book the most to date. The series keeps getting better and I have become so vested in the characters, Rose, Mason, Joe, and Violet. I agree with the other readers that you see a transformation in Rose in this book. She became more confident and not afraid to face conflicts. Mason was truly swoon-worthy. He was patient with Rose wanting her to be ready though he wanted her for months. Moreover, he treated her with respect, more like a peer while protecting her a [...]

    20. I think I say this every time…but I’ll say it again. Denise has knocked it out of the park, AGAIN! This is my favorite Rose Gardner installment yet. All of us Rose lovers out there get to once again watch her grow. It’s so much fun to read Rose really come into her true strength as she faces her past in more than one way. She learns even more to trust herself and her instincts and her confidence is much more evident in all of her actions. I won’t give anything away…but this is a book n [...]

    21. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review. I have to say this is my FAVORITE ROSE GARDNER BOOK in the series so far. I love all the unexpected but expected twists and turns. You have to read to see what I mean. I am so glad that she stood up to her sister. I am also glad she has stood up to Joe and that she is growing up more and more. Rose is becoming her own woman and not having anyone one shape her into what they want her to be. This series is a MUST READ by Denise Grover Swank. This [...]

    22. Loved, loved this book, number 4 in the series and my favorite one so far.Rose finally comes into her own in this book, she has grown so much. She finally stands up for herself. There is so much excitement, suspense, action and love in this book, there is something for everyone. It is so well written that you will feel like you are part of the story too.I am not going to give anything away, you must read this book yourself. You will not be disappointed.I received an ARC of this book in return fo [...]

    23. Love this series so far. Although I must say that I am not a fan of love triangles and am worried that this is starting to develop into one. Also, Rose was a little more skittish in this book but not a clumsy and curious. But she seems to be making smarter decisions, but I think Mason is the reason for this. He tends to make her stop and think of the consequences a little more than she did before. I just love Mr. Mason!!

    24. This is the best Rose Gardner book yet. I love this series. The characters are wonderful and the story is great. I would highly recommend this book. Rose has grown so much in these books. I feel it is best to read the books in order starting with Twenty eight and a half wishes. I feel this way because of character development and plot line continuation. Denise Glover Swank is a wonderful writer.

    25. Yep, got it this morning, listened when I could throughout the day (at work). Walked in the house and read the rest. Loved it! Love Rose and Mason!!! Want joe to find his happy, but with someone else.

    26. I just love these books so much . I have enjoyed seeing roses character evolve from the timid fearful girl in the 1st book to the strong young woman she is in this book . FAB

    27. I love this series so much that I stopped reading what I was reading, and bought this the day it dropped (January 9) when I got up at 5 a.m. I was finished with it the next day, and it only took me that long because I had to waste 9 hours going to work!This is book 4 in the series, and the plot keeps moving forward: Joe is still gone (or is he!?), but Mason isn’t, which is good since Daniel Crocker has finally found a way to escape from prison, hellbent on getting to Rose. With the ever-presen [...]

    28. OMG! OMG! OMG! How can one person put a bunch of words on the page and make them come to life??!!! Denise Grover Swank does just that with the 4th installment of the Rose Gardner series. Book 3 left Rose reeling from the breakup with Joe. Thirty One and a Half Regrets gives us a look at the new and improved Rose. She has grown into a strong, independent woman who is trying her level best to move on with her life. She stands up for herself finally, she faces her past and opens herself up to the p [...]

    29. How many times can I say I love this book? I believe that it is the best of the Rose Gardner Mystery books thus far. A roller coaster ride throughout. I did not want to put it down. Seriously, I was like "Can someone answer that phone please? I'm busy here." while huddled under the blanket reading by flashlight. Rose has definitely grown by leaps and bounds throughout this series. Go Rose! This book has family drama, broken hearts, possible new loves, politics, police on the take and so much mor [...]

    30. I was one of the lucky ones - I got to read this book before it was published. I honestly have to say that this is my favorite Rose book to date. I absolutely love who she is turning into and feel like she is finally allowed to come into her own and be who she is supposed to be. I haven't felt like she was able to do that while she was with Joe and she seemed limited on what she could do/be. Even though she is always finding herself wrapped up in some kind of mystery or bad scenario, she was bei [...]

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