McQuade The Lone Wolf Takes A Mate McQuade Jenner was a lone wolf He didn t need some antiquated idea of one mate for life messing up his perfect bachelor lifestyle On any given night he could find a biker groupie human or shifter reck

  • Title: McQuade:The Lone Wolf Takes A Mate
  • Author: Lynn Richards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 466
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • McQuade Jenner was a lone wolf.He didn t need some antiquated idea of one mate for life messing up his perfect bachelor lifestyle On any given night he could find a biker groupie human or shifter reckless enough for a one time fling with a wolf He could bed a woman when he felt the need and go home to the solitude he enjoyed And that s exactly what he d intended to do tMcQuade Jenner was a lone wolf.He didn t need some antiquated idea of one mate for life messing up his perfect bachelor lifestyle On any given night he could find a biker groupie human or shifter reckless enough for a one time fling with a wolf He could bed a woman when he felt the need and go home to the solitude he enjoyed And that s exactly what he d intended to do the night Rose Spencer walked into his life alone, wet, and trouble just waiting to happen He d never intended to get involved with the innocent Rose she was a life time commitment and McQuade didn t do commitment But what was a wolf protector supposed to do when the woman his wolf wanted was threatened by a low life lion shifter Rose Spencer wasn t the bar scene type She d never have stepped foot inside the shifter bar unless she d been trying to protect her sister again When would she learn that Alice was quite capable of taking care of herself and that she was the one suddenly in need of protection This is a title intended for mature audiences only and contains approximately 46,000 words.

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    One thought on “McQuade:The Lone Wolf Takes A Mate”

    1. My Rating: ★★★½GOOD: The characteristics of a 3 star book include: interesting characters, a decent storyline, and unique story elements; there was something about the story that I didn’t completely connect with; the book is a solid read. I would recommend it to a friend.My Thoughts: McQuade: The Lone Wolf Takes A Mate was a quick and enjoyable read. Based on the description I thought this would just be a meet-and-mate shifter story. True, it was that, but the story contained a depth th [...]

    2. A perfectly enjoyable quotidian erotic shifter romance featuring a lone wolf resisting his mate and a lovely BBW learning to get a back bone. The romance was sweet and hot. The evil sister part wasn't so good nor was the lion threat but overall fun stuff. I look forward to passing a lovely afternoon with more of Richards Paranormals.

    3. McQuade liked his life just the way it was then Rose walked into the bar and his word changed forever. When Rose got a call from her sister needing a ride Rose came to the shifter/human bar even though she knew it would be dangerous on the way there her tire blew now soaking wet with a broken car and no sister to be scene Rose has to try to dry off and walk home. On the way to the bathroom a group of lion shifter try to stop her to take her but McQuade stops them. Rose is not McQuade's type but [...]

    4. McQuade Jenner had no plans to take a mate, he was a rolling stone and never wanted the responsibilities of having to care for a woman more than satisfying their primal needs in bed. That all changed when a drenched Rose Spencer walked into a shifter bar. The innocent beauty doesn't realize she has drawn the attention of several shifters who would love to take her, whether she would want it or not.Stepping in and temporarily marking her as his, should have been simple. McQuade though is finding [...]

    5. 3 1/2-4 stars. I wasn't sure how to rate this one. I really did enjoy it. I thought the writing style was good, and the H was very alpha. The h seemed a little annoying at times, especially at the suspense climax. It was a quick read, and because of its potential with the plot, I thought it would have benefited from being longer. The ending was just too abrupt. I realize this is probably considered an erotic romance, and I don't usually have an issue with it. The intimate scenes were very spicy, [...]

    6. hmmm kind of a 3.5 really no world building or anything but its not very long, enjoyable shifter smut :)i is what it is having said that is he really a lone wolf if he in a pack??

    7. Entertaining but too short. There were many questions unanswered at the end. I would have loved more of this story.

    8. With so many books written in the paranormal genre it's hard to set yourself apart from the rest. In this work by Lynn Richards the storyline is nothing new, but it's definitely entertaining and HOT and had me breezing through it to reach its satisfying HEA. This story is basically boy meets girl, boy tries to fight his attraction to girl, and ultimately boy stakes his claim of girl. The boy this time around is a super sexy wolf shifter who's experienced heartbreaking loss in his past which has [...]

    9. Reviewed for: Where the Night Kind RoamSo here we go again an insecure BBW female that doesn’t think she deserves a good looking man just because she has some curves. Why can we not have a curvy girl that rocks her curves and loves it? Seriously?! Why not why does almost every bigger female we read about have to be so down on themselves? So basically we have Rose our innocent virgin who has never had a relationship because shes on the bigger side because of course there could never be a guy th [...]

    10. Well, this is the 2nd book by Lynn Richards I have read now and I'm LOVING them I'm in a BBW & Shifter frame of mind lately and I'm so glad I found this author!!I love McQuade and he fought so hard but Rose was just too much woman for him (oh you will get what I'm talking about when you read this story)!! ;-) I just know that they are going to write a story about his friend Briggs!! hint, hint Here is the write-up from :McQuade Jenner was a lone wolf. He didn't need some antiquated idea of o [...]

    11. I received this book in exchange for an honest and fair review.4.5 starsMcQuade is your typical werewolf. possessive, hot, and oh so irresistible. Rose is the complete opposite. She let's her older sister walk all over her. Works herself to the bone, doesn't feel that she is in the least bit attractive and was not prepared for the onslaught of lust when she walked into a shifter bar after her car gave out on her.I loved the tension between the two mc's. McQaude is not in the least bit ready to s [...]

    12. Ok, so this is probably one of many books where theres a "lone wolf" - you you just KNOW hes not gonna stay LONE by the end of the book!Thing is, although i knew how it would turn out, i really enjoyed reading this!We start the book with McQuade sitting alone in a bar in a Shifter Bar looking for a girl to hook up with for one night - thats all he ever wants - an itch that needs to be scratched, an that one night and no commitments is perfect for him.In walks human Lisa. Drenched from the rain, [...]

    13. McQuade and Rose. Well Rose has a sister from hell whom she is always having to bail out. Her sister is 'the beautiful one' and Rose sees herself as the chubby, passably pretty one. She ends up at a shifter bar where her sister is supposedly waiting for a ride home. Only her sister isn't there and the car she was going to pick her up with is by the side of the road a ways back with a flat tire. Then to top it all off, the bar is full of shifty shifters looking for a woman and not about to take ' [...]

    14. Need a good shifter book that seems to have it all? Look no farther, this is the book for you. McQuade is a lone wolf, not ever thinking of taking a mate. Rose is a reserved loner who thinks no one would want her. I loved reading her bloom a little. Not every curvy woman is strong and confident about their looks, so to say Rose has low self-esteem is a stretch. With the support system that was portrayed in the book being only her sister, it’s a wonder she was not severely depressed. With a sis [...]

    15. This book is incredibly hot and it is a hit for this author. I am already a fan of this author so when I saw the new book I had to get it. Let me tell you it did not disappoint. My only problem was trying to stay away from it while trying to get other things done. The relationship between McQuade and Rose is not an easy one. McQuade is use to being his own man and is not and does not want a mate. Rose on the other hand has been put down for so long she doesn't know what to do when something or s [...]

    16. This book had me glued to my kindle. Hot shifters, fun lore, a plus sized heroine, friendship, hot bikers, heat, a bit of humor, and even some suspense. Seriously, what is not to love? This fast paced read had me immediately checking their backlist to see if they had any more shifter reads I had some how missed, so that I could read more from them. I loved how the characters were all flawed, yet real and likable. I hope to read more about them in the future. If you are a BBW fan, a shifter fan, [...]

    17. He may think is a loner, but his WolfThis story was hot, sweet and I loved it. While they are new to me authors, I will be reading more of their work.McQuade had no interest in females except for a one nighter. Well, until Rose stepped literally into the lion's den. Yeah, he wondered why the curvy little woman who made his usually quiet wolf howl, was coming into this danger den of low life shifters. Compelled to step in when she is threatened, he now has to talk his wolf out of his compulsion t [...]

    18. Standard 3 stars, maybe 3.35This was essentially exactly what it says on the tin - lone wolf takes a mate. Curvy, inexperienced, dowdy but secretly attractive downtrodden sister accidentally walks into a shifter bar. Lone wolf likes, takes, mean sister causes hassle, other shifters cause hassle, downtrodden insecurity issues cause hassle, all's well that ends well. The end.

    19. This was a lot better than expected. McQuade "the lone wolf", a distant alpha type, who doesn't do relationships falls slowly pretty hard for Rose. It did take him a bit to realize that she was his mate but he's still a overprotective, growly, sexy alpha male.

    20. Exactly what I expectedEven though this book is a little predictable, that was exactly what I was looking for. I needed a strong Alpha, a h who gets what she wants, a little bit of a storyline and some sexy bits. All boxes ticked.

    21. Definitely a keeper =) Though part way into the 60% of the book there were quite a bit of grammar mistakes. Otherwise, great read.

    22. Great ReadA quick and easy read with some really hot love scenes. Loved the strength of the heroine and bull headed hero.I did wish that there had been more of a scene with Rose and Alice. The ending felted unfinished. Otherwise this was a great read.

    23. Lone Wolf Growl!!!I love this story and if you have not read it yet you must! I have also been wanting Briggs story for a long time. Hopefully that will be this year?Must read Lynn Richards Rocks!!!

    24. Meh it was something to pass the time. I was frustrated with Rose's character. She seriously lacked. I mean she hardly sold up for herself. I wanted to choke her.

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