Pawn of Innocence Camile can hardly believe the luck of her chance encounter with a tall dark stranger and it eventually leads to what she hopes to be a sizzling vacation romance But she slowly learns chance had nothi

  • Title: Pawn of Innocence
  • Author: Chameleon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Camile can hardly believe the luck of her chance encounter with a tall dark stranger, and it eventually leads to what she hopes to be a sizzling vacation romance But she slowly learns chance had nothing to do with it, and unlucky is the word that begins to best describe it as events take a terrifying turn She quickly finds herself knee deep in a web of lies and deceit, aCamile can hardly believe the luck of her chance encounter with a tall dark stranger, and it eventually leads to what she hopes to be a sizzling vacation romance But she slowly learns chance had nothing to do with it, and unlucky is the word that begins to best describe it as events take a terrifying turn She quickly finds herself knee deep in a web of lies and deceit, and the object of an abduction that turns out to have far reaching consequences Once back home, she overhears a conversation that leads her to uncover the shocking truth of her abduction, and forces her to face something she never thought she would have to face again Him.

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    One thought on “Pawn of Innocence”

    1. At first glance, you'd think this was one of many romance novels that line bookstore shelves. We start with a rebellious heroine with a sterling pedigree who meets a mysterious stranger in exotic locales. But what sets this novel apart is that it also incorporates elements of suspense, action, and thrills, giving it near-universal appeal. And that's saying a lot, because I don't normally read romances, but I can say I was fairly impressed with this one.Our main character, Camille, comes from a w [...]

    2. I imagine that the competition in the arena of romance novels is pretty stiff, so much so that a debut author could have a tough time cracking the code to get his or her share of the readership. A smart new writer would do what Chameleon has done and added a mixture of non-romance-generic subplots guaranteed to draw the interest of those readers hungry for something new, but non-paranormal, in the romance genre. Here it is… action and adventure in abundance, provide a thriller format to the st [...]

    3. What happens if you’ve got everything that money can buy, but you feel that your life is nothing but a prison? Would you be willing to give it all up, even your own identity, for freedom?Camile has the world at her feet. But she’s miserable because there’s something missing in her life. Constantly watching over her shoulder, and being followed by her bodyguards, Camile rebels against her father’s rules, always searching for that missing piece. And one day, when she had escaped from her f [...]

    4. The thing I loved most about this book was the absorbing plot. From the very beginning the reader is drawn into Camille's privileged world.But she is unhappy with her life where she is forced to hide away from the world unless she is accompanied by body guards. Camille is feisty and head-strong, determined not to be tamed and when she escapes for a holiday to Turkey she experiences the first stirrings of love for a stranger who rescues her from a mugger.When she returns home, Camille is unable t [...]

    5. After reading this book all I can say is…whew. This book started and ended clearly, no confusion at all. As for the middle of this book, the author created obstacle after obstacle just to get us to the point we all were expecting. She took romance to a new level by adding a bunch of mystery, action and drama in the middle. Now, I think she did a bit too much in the middle and can easily cut some things out.The story follows Camille, a daughter of a rich guy who makes weapons. She’s feeling c [...]

    6. Sights and SoundsLovely and wealthy, Camile evades her bodyguards to spend time lazing on the beach. When a handsome stranger helps her with her suntan lotion, Camile’s heat is not due to the blazing sun.After Camile is nearly kidnapped, the attempt foiled by the handsome stranger, she doesn’t tell her overprotective father. But when she discovers her mother was killed by an assassin’s bullet and not in a boating accident, Camile fears past violence and present danger may be related to her [...]

    7. Pawn of Innocence is a story of discovery, love and finding your own place in the world. It centres around Camille. A young woman who has everything she could possibly ask for. The only problem is her father. Due to a tragedy that took her mother's life. Camille's father isn't taking any chances with the thing he values most. She is forever watched by bodyguards. As a way to deal with this claustrophobic surveillance, Camille escapes on breaks abroad. Challenging her father's intentions and auth [...]

    8. Pawn of Innocence is a love story of an unlikely pair brought about through recklessness and realization. Camile is young, beautiful and rich, well her father is, and because of circumstances that happened when she was a child, she must constantly be surrounded by bodyguards. Camile wants to escape her "prison" and be able to go about on her own, even when she finds out the truth behind the need for her protection. But what she doesn't know is she can't get away from her father's watchful eye, a [...]

    9. This is an interesting story of the daughter of a very rich man, who wanted to protect her from getting kidnapped or any other danger to her life from his own enemies, so he employed bodyguards for her. Daughter did not like being followed by two bodyguards wherever she went. She wanted to live a normal life; she ran away from home without caring for the dangers to her life. She paid the price for her such behavior, when she got kidnapped by enemies of her father. She was then rescued by a man, [...]

    10. I have to give Pawn of Innocence a 5 star because I loved Armand and Camille's adventure, but also because of the awesome sights and sounds feature! This is the first time I've seen this cool thing done where at various points throughout the book, there are links and if you want to hear the music the author suggests, or see how she envisioned the ball gown, or cabin in the woods, you can click the link and it will take you to pictures and sounds!I loved the adventure Camille was on rather she di [...]

    11. I found this to be a really sweet story - enjoying it more than I expected. The beginning with the silly, spoiled little rich girl (Camille) almost put me off, but I persevered and I'm pleased I did. The story drags a little with the counselling conversations, yet jumps around quickly in others so that I couldn't understand how one scene had morphed into another. Still, by halfway through I was hooked and I definitely enjoyed the second half of the book more than the first. Armand definitely des [...]

    12. PAWNS OF INNOCENCE is the story of Camile, a young lady who finds herself overwhelmed by her father's protection. Despite his wealth, Camile is carefree until she learns the truth behind her mother's untimely death. Still upset over her lack of freedom, Camile ventures out on her own and winds up in a strange country with strange and scary men. Only then does she realize how pertinent her father's warnings had been.Told from Camile's point of view, the story is interesting and engaging. However, [...]

    13. “Pawn of Innocence” by Chameleon is a very enjoyable and rewarding read. I was hooked from the first scene when a handsome stranger offers to rub sun-lotion on Camille’s skin. The well written chemistry sets the tone for a likeable and relatable heroine and an easy flowing narrative that keeps you going.As the story progresses the romance is disrupted by dangerous events and then by some surprising discoveries. Without giving anything else away I will say that I loved Camille and found the [...]

    14. I quite enjoyed this book. Great plot, lots of action, plenty of twists and turns that kept me guessing, and well developed characters. I very much enjoy the concept of being imprisoned by your own money. The author does a wonderful job of portraying that. Camile's desire to experience life, real life, is constantly just out of reach, and the dangers if she gets there are very real. I loved Armand as well, with his mysterious background, and even more so when we learn about his history. Well put [...]

    15. When I read romance novels, I am certainly not looking for murder and mayhem. Ii prefer feel good romance. This book had so many twist and turns to get to the heart of the lovers and ultimately between the legs. Chameleon took story telling to the max but then again that's what good story telling suppose to do.It was a little too over the top for me but the author succeeded in telling some kind of story and there is an appetite for such stories out there.

    16. I really liked this book. I connected with the characters so much so that I wanted to shake them when they made decisions that jeopardized their relationships. Camile was a bit of a brat, and she didn't seem to realize the severity of the situation. Armand need to focus in order to protect her. There were a few twist along the way, which I loved. This book will not disappoint.

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