Seducer Fey When Celtic mythology meets genetic engineering charisma and long life can be sold The mid twenty first century has brought about advancements for social justice and genetic engineering The scientifi

  • Title: Seducer Fey
  • Author: Cullyn Royson
  • ISBN: 9781620151419
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Celtic mythology meets genetic engineering, charisma and long life can be sold.The mid twenty first century has brought about advancements for social justice and genetic engineering The scientific quest for immortality is popular than ever Physical appeal, however, isn t just about youthfulness Any researcher who discovers the secret to charisma will make millWhen Celtic mythology meets genetic engineering, charisma and long life can be sold.The mid twenty first century has brought about advancements for social justice and genetic engineering The scientific quest for immortality is popular than ever Physical appeal, however, isn t just about youthfulness Any researcher who discovers the secret to charisma will make millions During a prospective college visit to Dalhousie University, Danny and her crush, Cassidy, are invited to the home of an eerily captivating student named Taban There Danny learns that her DNA could be used to create a form of genetic therapy to give people longer lives for a hefty price Danny s life is at risk because her rights to her DNA would get in the way of this plan Cassidy vows to protect her friend Unfortunately for the two young women, Taban has other motives contains some mature themes

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    One thought on “Seducer Fey”

    1. Got this book as a free ebook through GoodReads and loved it. The story was great. I think it was the format that for me had moments where it was a challenge to followrry there is still nothing as wonderful in this world as paper and ink.The twists and turns kept me hooked. I am hoping that there will be another book following the adventures of Danny and the gang.

    2. 2.5 starts out of 5I received a copy of this story for an honest review for Amber's Reading Room.Our genetics tell the history of the world. DNA links us to early settlers, kings and queens, and maybe even biblical figures. But what if those genetics hid something more. What if they linked us to ancient myths? For Edana “Danny” Reyes, myth becomes reality when she finds out that her DNA marks her as a Genetic Fey. The scientific community and various businesses would kill for her genetics, b [...]

    3. Seducer Fey provides a possible vision for the future that’s both exciting and frightening at the same time. Royson's original story and beautiful writing drew me into her fascinating world of Celtic mythology, fluid sexuality, and intriguing young characters in search of answers to questions about their identities.Imagine genetically engineered children, their features and personality traits chosen as one would choose a meal from a menu. And advanced communication technology that allows you t [...]

    4. Cullyn Royson has written a fascinating futuristic world that is completely different than anything out there. Combining Celtic mythology and genetic engineering in a groundbreaking premise, I couldn't put it down. Seducer Fey also hits on social issues of today while making you feel as though you are in a different world. Rich characters and world building added much more to this story. Great book!

    5. Seducer Fey was a wonderful coming of Age book. Its a fantasy ,in the future book, but very believable story with great characters.I know it is more a YA book and I'm far from a YA lol, I really enjoyed this . I would read more books by Cullyn Royson in the future.

    6. Somewhat awkwardI wanted to like the booke Celtic mythology is intriguing, but the dialogue was stiff and forced, and at times I'd have to re-read a sentence or passage multiple times to understand it as it was awkwardly worded.

    7. This book really wasn't for me. In fact, I couldn't make myself finish it. That doesn't mean it was all bad. The author is clearly intelligent and did a great deal of research regarding Celtic lore and genetics. The text was well-written and flowed with ease. As for the story, some of it was fairly interesting. I enjoyed the portions of the story that had to do with the lore and even the genetics and how it all tied in. However, I think the audience for this book would be pretty young despite th [...]

    8. I received an arc copy in exchange for an honest review, so I'll be honest: I really don't think this book was for me. On one hand it focused on the generic, almost over used, fae genre, but was told with a very different story basis. However, on the other hand, I think it was a bit too different for it's own good. DNA and the fae are certainly something I've never thought of mixing before. The general basis was that in the future, descendants of powerful fae possess very desirable traits; longe [...]

    9. I won this book from First Reads giveaways in exchange for an honest review.Seducer Fey is a decent beginning entry into the sci-fi fantasy genre. The plot, which the reader assumes is set in the future, primarily deals with ancient Celtic lore and the various races/creatures. Fairies have become the focal point by a group of scientist because of their longevity and a the targeted group are trying to remain in hiding. Genetics have become the way of the current society and ways are always searc [...]

    10. Seducer Fey is a breath of fresh air compared to other media in the sub-genre of modern* supernatural creatures.For starters I enjoyed a vision of a society where people are more aware of the differences between gender and sex. Knowledgeable about the what our culture, and hence society, expect of us because of those differences. And a novel that avoids so many of the tropes, and the scary implications about gendered roles in society that follow, in popular romantic fiction.I was particularly de [...]

    11. Seducer Fey was suggested to me by a friend and I found it enjoyable. I liked the ease of the read, a great option if you’re looking for a quick escape from reality. It was a little slow in the beginning, and the layout of the story took some getting used to, but once you got into the rhythm of the story teller there was a good story to be read.My favorite parts of this book was the lore and the science, Royson did a wonderful job of blending the two in an understandable way. The character div [...]

    12. Actual rating 2.5 stars. I received a Kindle edition of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review, so here goes:I really wanted to like this book. It has all the elements I'd usually like - Nova Scotia connection, romance, a little science, some theoretical suspense, some history - but I just couldn't get into it.I know it's probably not PC to say this but I feel like the sexuality and gender identity component was so over-emphasized and so much time spent on it that the actual [...]

    13. If you like sci-fi and are interested in genetics, Seducer Fey is a potential book that you might enjoy.  I received Seducer Fey in exchange for an honest review on .From what I understand this is the initial book in a series therefore, in this book there is a lot world building.  She did a marvelous job at creating a futuristic world, with very great detail.  I also felt that the world building took away from character development, which is very important for me.When reading a book I am usua [...]

    14. YA Celtic urban fantasy about how descendants of the Tuatha de Danann and other figures from Celtic myth are the key to slightly future humans unlocking genetic secrets.With many, many, many queer characters (including pan and genderqueer characters--not just gay boys) and characters of color, characters with disabilities, all thinking about their identities in VERY earnest fashion.Well, um. The ideas were really good and the characters weren't awful, but oh, the prose. The prose is SO bad. No o [...]

    15. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed reading this book. I found Seducer Fey very interesting and completely different from any other book I have read with its blending of Celtic mythology and genetic engineering. It starts off slow but starts getting really interesting towards the middle of the story. A lot information and world building happens in the beginning of the book. I felt that all that information at once was a bit much to take in. I really think a [...]

    16. As the glossary in the back described, perhaps this is best labelled " plot queer". It can't decide if it will be science fiction, lgbtqia consciousness-raising, Celtic mythology, young adult, alternate future, eroticism, or high school fantasy. All in all the writing was a bit immature, with some passages being so full of descriptive adjectives that by the time the reader has waded through them, the action has either moved on, or hasn't happened at all. I suppose the title should have been a gi [...]

    17. Seducer Fey is such an interesting concept. While the book is not for everyone, fans of Sci-Fi will really like it. The author is very intelligent and did an incredible amount of research to write the book. At times I felt like I walked into an advanced biology class in college by accident where I had slept through the first part of the semester and the science was a bit beyond what I would typically read, but it was sweet none the less. It is kind of an eclectic mix of mythology and unusual rel [...]

    18. This was a very interesting book. It branched out to a new way of writing. It is the first book I have ever read that combines Celtic mythology and Genetic Engineering! All and all it was an interesting read. The characters were set up well and moved at a nice pace. However, the book seemed sort of "cheesy" and slow at times. The whole book combined a great balance of knowledge and story. I give this book a 3.75 or a 4 out of 5. I would recommend this book to people who have basic knowledge of c [...]

    19. Did I miss the story?I read a lot of fantasy fiction, with amazing female characters who make a difference to the communities they inhabit. I know it's simplistic, but I always think that these stories need strong characters, a dynamic, dilemma based story, and some way in which characters are changed by their experiences. This book had none of these features, and seemed more like an episode of a soap than a fantasy book. I'm not sure if it will play to a teen audience, but it really didn't work [...]

    20. I received this book as a gift in exchange for an honest review.I have to say this book was great. Once I got past the first few pages, I really started getting into it. I will say the first few pages were just so slow I found it boring. I am really glad that I kept reading because I enjoyed the rest of the book. If you find yourself having the same trouble I had, give it a few more pages, you will be glad you did. I am sure you will enjoy the book as much as I did, if not more!

    21. At first I must say the book puzzled me with all the descriptions of technology. I did think that maybe the book wasn't going to be very good. To my surprise the story grew on me and I ended up not wanting to put the book down the more I read. I would love to see more of Taban and what happens with the rest of the characters.

    22. I received a copy from the author. Seducer Fey is an interesting read. The idea that the fey as a race dies out but their attributes live on in the human race from mixed relations was intriguing. Figuring out the motives of he various players was definitely a fun read. It's definite worth the read.

    23. The story is blurry, mix of names (difficult to follow who is who), uncertain sexuality, strange relationst my cup of tea. The premise was interesting but the execution left much to be desired.

    24. Different but a little juvenileI liked the book but it's predictability was a little boring. Character s could have been given a little more dimension and interest.

    25. This was a wonderful book, and I am really, really looking forward to more. Brill! I really adore the attention to detail, and the much more open an inclusive view of the future. Thank you!

    26. I haven't finished this story yet, but it's very nice and probably the most unique story I've ever read.

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