A Little Too Broken FROM BRAD VANCE his first full length romance novelWhen Jamie walks through the door of the Humane Society it s not just an animal who needs rescuing that day Tom is there to adopt another service d

  • Title: A Little Too Broken
  • Author: Brad Vance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • FROM BRAD VANCE, his first full length romance novelWhen Jamie walks through the door of the Humane Society, it s not just an animal who needs rescuing that day Tom is there to adopt another service dog into the Canine Comrade Corps, but it s Jamie his heart goes out to But each man turns away, walks away, from the potential pain, the rejection, the knowledge that it FROM BRAD VANCE, his first full length romance novelWhen Jamie walks through the door of the Humane Society, it s not just an animal who needs rescuing that day Tom is there to adopt another service dog into the Canine Comrade Corps, but it s Jamie his heart goes out to But each man turns away, walks away, from the potential pain, the rejection, the knowledge that it ll all end in tears Jamie knows damn well that the HIV he contracted from an unfaithful lover has put him out of the dating game forever in the small town of Santa Vera Tom lost his legs in Afghanistan, and got new ones, yeah, but with a side order of PTSD to go, he thought grimly The real problem is that only now does he realize he s gay, now that the revelation would be just one too many things to put his family through, after everything else they ve had to deal with So both men grin and bear the loneliness, put their feelings on a shelf, even as Jamie s volunteer stint at CCC turns into friendship and, despite their resolve, something

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    One thought on “A Little Too Broken”

    1. Two guys who are physically damaged in different ways and therefore fighting the prejudices society hands them. This book gave me a different view on many things, for me it wasn't about the romance so much as more about dealing with everyday life when you have disabilities.Tom is a war veteran from Afghanistan and loses both his legs during action and Jamie is HIV positive after one silly night we're he didn't take the necessary precautions and will now pay the price for the rest of his life. Bo [...]

    2. Excellent! There's no question this should be in my all-time-top-10 list. As well as in my best-traditional-romance list, where I intend to collect best romance that concentrates on the story, instead of being mostly smut. This is realistic romance. It deals with many hard real life themes, such as war, war veterans, disability, PTSD, HIV, drugs, rape, abusive relationship. But also service dogs, pets, friends, volunteer work, family, love.This is the kind of romance I love to read. A story that [...]

    3. 3.25 stars, rounded up because part of the price goes to a veterans' charity, and because it so rang a bell with me in its frustrations with the American health system and the way our priorities for public spending are screwed up.This is the story of two men with major problems. Tom is a veteran dealing with losing his legs in Afghanistan and the associated PTSD which is more of a challenge than his physical recovery. He's also mostly avoiding the fact of being gay and closeted, even though he h [...]

    4. Two beautiful people who connect so wellBeautiful story about Jamie and Tom, two men who's life are heartbreaking They are sensitive, beautiful convincing personalites.When they met each other there was a connection and they were drawn to the other.The overthinking in their minds was so realistic.The concept wounded war veteran and HIV and their living conditions was outstanding heartwarming described. Goosebumps !They had to be creative with their technique in bed and that was really awsome.The [...]

    5. Another different and enjoyable romance from Brad Vance. A slow burn friends to lovers romance with two amazingly strong MC's that each believe they are too broken to be anything but on their own. Jamie's now living with HIV because of some bad judgment and poor decisions in the past. Tom is living with PTSD and the loss of his legs after a tour in Afghanistan and on top of that he is trying to deal with his realization that he is gay and attracted to Jamie. The main focus of the story is the tw [...]

    6. 3,5 starsTom, a war veteran, suffers from PTSD and has lost his legs in Afghanistan. He works as a trainer for service dogs. Jamie is HIV positive, lonely and feels unworthy of love. He meets Tom when he comes to an animal shelter to adopt a cat. From the first moment Jamie feels attracted to the veteran. Tom’s missing legs don’t matter to Jamie. He just sees the man that Tom is. The last thing either of them expects is to find someone else who knows exactly how they feel and it’s moving t [...]

    7. This is another story that break my heart, Jamie is HIV positive and Tom, a war veteran, suffers from PTSD who also lost his legs in the war.In my humble opinion, this story is not a romance per se, after all, these 2 wounded souls finally got together at 70 % of the story.The author mentioned the veterans, healthcare systems, even Obamacare was mentioned in this story. I don't live in America, but I learned a thing or 2, and I can really say Americans, your Health system sucks.Moving along with [...]

    8. This is a new to my author and I'll definitely check out more of his works.These 2 guys have a lot to deal with life has kind of given them the shortest straw. I was glad to see how both Jamie and Tom improve their situations by becoming friends. They bolster each other and while they don't have the same issues, they understand each other.I had a hard time reading about how Jamie got HIVat Daniel should be punched in the head.Could have used a bit more steamy details, but I'm still quite pleased [...]

    9. 3.5☆.No-one's too broken to find love. Such a bittersweet, emotional story.

    10. The hardest part of self publishing is getting your book in front of the right audience.This book scored on so many levels for me that it's scary. There's one long internal angst/monologue in the middle of the book that alone makes the book worth reading.I'm almost glad that I came upon Brad's writing through totally different works: BDSM gay porn Luke's Brutal Abduction - The Whole Story and his free short stories. Even The Worst Best Luck was a good step on the way to this.After that, I listen [...]

    11. This was an enjoyable read of how Jamie and Tom come together despite a lot of personal obstacles. Their issues are pretty topical right now - wounded war veterans, PTSD, Obamacare - and tho the author does go quite in-depth regarding some of these topics, the progression of their relationship was pretty spot on. It's at a great price right now so if you like hurt-comfort (with mild to moderate heat) then this is probably the story for you.

    12. Wow.I REALLY wish I had more than 5 stars to give this book. I love everything about it, from beginning to end!

    13. When Jamie meets Tom at a pet shelter, he is immediately attracted to the ex soldier and offers to volunteer for his organization, which trains emotional dogs for war veterans. What he only finds out later is that Tom not only trains them, he has one himself, after losing both legs and suffering from PTSD. But Jamie has issues as well, he is HIV positive and thinks even if Tom was gay and interested, nothing good could come out of it. Tom denies his homosexuality because he thinks his family cou [...]

    14. When Jamie goes to the local Humane Society looking to adopt an animal, he does not realize that he maybe walking into his future. Tom is looking for a new dog to train in his Canine Comrade Corps, but there maybe more in store for him than just a dog.Two men both resigned to living lonely lives. Jamie is HIV pos. He believes that love and a partner to share his life are in the past. Tom was injured by an IED in Afghanistan, leaving him without his legs. Both men suffer from PTSD. This undermine [...]

    15. ★★★☆☆½Two tortured characters, for different reasons, meet in an unlikely place and become friends then lovers. I enjoyed it although, maybe due to the themes, became PSAish in places and was more political than I want to read in a romance story. Tom had lost his legs and had PTSD and struggled to find meaning every day and was coming to the realization that he was gay and Jamie was hiv positive by a previous unfaithful lover and both were lonely and had surprisingly much in common. T [...]

    16. A Little Too Broken is not broken at all. The story of a war veteran who had lost his legs and had PTSD and a gay man who had contracted HIV. They both had friends around them but both had a facade up of having as normal lives as they could have, under the circumstances.They were lonely. To me, there is nothing that can hurt you more than loneliness. It can make you feel badly about yourself; it can make your health suffer and most of all, it can make you give up on life.These two men found each [...]

    17. I can only imagine how lonely it must be for some people in this world who feel as if all hope is lost. I really enjoyed this realistic portrayal of two guys with so much baggage finding each other. I hope the "Daniels" of the world stop doing what they do.The romance was secondary to the plight of the guys but I enjoyed the slow build. A highlight was the back and forth scenes of Tom and Jamie in their respective showers. Nice! And I loved Tom's family's reaction to Jamie.

    18. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! So sweet. The romance went really slow, which made sense and was written so well. The disabilities (physical and psychological) were written so realistically and pulled at the heart strings. The reaction of Tom's father brought tears to my eyes. This is one of those books that I have been thinking about after finishing it. I love when a book does that. Tom and Jamie were wonderful.

    19. A beautiful read. I really like the build-up of the relationship. The two men built up the relationship and didn't rush into it. It was known them being together wouldn't magically solve all issues but would fill some of the holes that they carried.I did feel that the changing POV was well written and incorporated nicely. I do wish that the sex was used more effectively with descriptions and discussions concerning both men's issues. Overall I really enjoyed the read.

    20. So right brain won the argument with left brain, which resulted in me finally reading this book after passing it by for over a month. A romance with an HIV-positive MC? A disabled veteran with PTSD? Full of prejudgements, I figured it would be a pity party filled with trite lines like "You deserve better than me," and "I just can't let myself get close to anyone."What I got instead was crisply-written context on the Walter Reed scandal and VA backlog on processing disability claims as well as hi [...]

    21. I'll admit it was three things that appealed to me about reading this book, although if the other two reasons weren't great ones, the third wouldn't have mattered. One, it involves animals and the Humane Society. Two, half of the proceeds goes to benefit IAVA (Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America) and the Wounded Warrior Project. And three, the price. No, I'm not a cheapskate, and I would've paid more, but when it was recommended to me, it was on sale. So, there. However, the first two rea [...]

    22. When I read the description of this novella, I just had to read it: An HIV-positive guy and a double amputee war veteran get together over saving homeless dogs to train as service dogs. How cool does that sound? Built-in angst and legitimate survival. Wow.Unfortunately, the total of the parts didn't meet my expectations.When Jamie comes into the Humane Society to adopt a cat as a companion to his pet, he meets Tom who is there looking for another dog to train as a service animal. When Jamie hear [...]

    23. 2.5 stars!I really hate giving bad reviews because I realize there's a huge amount of work going into writing a book. But there's no reason or excuse for the bad wording problem this book has. It's confusing and frustrating. The author goes from using Tom's voice to using Jamie's and then all of a sudden its he author's voice not the characters'. There is no spacing between paragraphs and there's no warning that the perspective is changing. I had to go back and re-read so many times, it made me [...]

    24. This is my first Brad Vance book, but it will not be my last if A Little Too Broken is any indication of what the rest of his work will be. ALTB is the story of love, forgiving yourself and others, friends and feeling like you are worthy to be loved. Jamie is a very out gay man, that is HIV positive and Tom a still closeted war veteran that suffers from PTSD and has also lost his legs. Throughout the book, there's a theme of you have to love yourself before you can be ready to love someone else. [...]

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