Chaysing Dreams Life secrecy deceit danger No no Run escape Run Her inner voice is shouting She has to run faster She s about to get caught No no She has to get away Please she must escape Run faster As long as

  • Title: Chaysing Dreams
  • Author: Jalpa Williby
  • ISBN: 9781478703099
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • Life secrecy, deceit, danger No, no Run, escape Run Her inner voice is shouting She has to run faster She s about to get caught No, no She has to get away Please, she must escape Run faster As long as Tess Sanoby can remember, she has always had the same nightmares, where the girl in her dreams is running for her life with an unknown force chasing her Each tiLife secrecy, deceit, danger No, no Run, escape Run Her inner voice is shouting She has to run faster She s about to get caught No, no She has to get away Please, she must escape Run faster As long as Tess Sanoby can remember, she has always had the same nightmares, where the girl in her dreams is running for her life with an unknown force chasing her Each time, right before the girl is caught, Tess awakens, shaken with fear and confusion Who is the girl What do these dreams mean Getting through the growing pains of high school with her best friends Jack and Kylie, and then being accepted into her dream college, Tess is excited to start her life of independence There, she meets the mysterious trainer and mentor, Chris, and she instantly feels a strong connection with him Unfortunately, Chris wants nothing to do with her Although Chris continues to give her the cold shoulder, his overprotectiveness and the occasional slips of sensitivity confuse Tess Not understanding Chris or their relationship, she is on a constant emotional roller coaster with him Could her best friends be the stable force that she desperately needs Unfortunately for Tess, the she tries to connect the missing pieces of her life, the obscure her past and future appear to her To make matters worse, she realizes she has fallen hard for a man who may be her worst enemy As passion ignites between the two, she can t help but surrender her heart and soul to him Tess is unexpectedly exposed to a world of secrecy, deceit, and danger, causing her to be running for her life, chased by the unknown Can Tess escape and save not only herself, but also her loved ones Or, will she be caught, leaving her no choice but to face her worst nightmare Chaysing Dreams is the ultimate love story, full of suspense, friendship, betrayal, tragedy, and sacrifice In this epic tale, you will laugh and cry with Tess a story full of twists and turns, keeping you guessing until the end.

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    One thought on “Chaysing Dreams”

    1. This was a really good read. The author has a great imagination, but more importantly, the ability to lay the story out in a solid way that never let's it get bogged down in descriptive text that doesn't add to the story. Tess, the main character, is a loveable young woman. She's bright and athletic, has a great family, and a good life. The author rounded her out so well, that you can literally see her as a real person. Her volunteer work at The Angels, and interactions there, are touching. Seei [...]

    2. The wait was worth it! This book was amazing! I have read a lot of books, many of them from the paranormal or fantasy genres, but this one definitely stands out. It takes a paranormal/fantasy theme, tosses it with some YA/NA angst and steamy romance, and shakes it up with a lot of suspense and mystery! It was like nothing I've ever read before. The author really brings you into Tessnia's life and makes you feel like you are apart of it. Tess thinks she ordinary, but in reality, she is anything b [...]

    3. Have you ever found yourself reading a book and the main character seems to get into one mess after another. It seems like just when she’s has solved one problem, another one comes up? I have and I can’t even remember how many times I thought to myself - just once, I would like to see a smooth ride and have the main character get what they want and have a nice go of it for a change. I realize now that was wrong. We need conflict in our books and our characters need to be flawed. I just finis [...]

    4. Once again I was given a copy of this book by the author for my honest spoiler free opinion. I hope I do it justice.I loved reading this book; there was not a moment that I wasn’t intrigued. Right from the start Williby sparks your interest with a “dream.” And not just any dream the same dream young Tess has had since she can remember…This story is about the life of a 15 year old high-school student named Tessnia. She is a very bright young lady and very athletic. Her innocence screams o [...]

    5. Life is perfect for Tessnia and she breezes through it. Her parents are supportive and school is a showcase for her straight A's and fantastic athletic ability. The only cloud on her otherwise pin-straight horizon is the strange recurring dream that leaves her quaking in terror, but with her best friends Kylie and Jack at her side, life is a content and orderly adventure. When Tess starts University, she expects no less than the best, but when Chris meets her on the track, she soon learns that t [...]

    6. “Chaysing Dreams” by Jalpa Williby is a fantastic debut novel. It combines romance, adventure, a coming-of-age tale and a touch of science fiction into one well-written and engaging package.The book tells the story of Tessnia, a smart, athletic and accomplished high school student. She gets straight A’s, stars on the basketball team and the track team and volunteers at a facility for handicapped children in her free time. She’s looking forward to college and eventually following in her p [...]

    7. I received the ARC from the author for an honest review.Chaysing Dreams is a story about a girl named Tess who is your average girl with beyond ordinary gifts. The story takes you from Tess's younger years in high school through her college years. The author does a wonderful job of integrating normal high school teenage years with a story that is not so ordinary. You meet her parents and aunt-instantly becoming a part of their family. You are drawn to Kylie, Tess's best friend, who is her exact [...]

    8. Really cool premise for this, with lots (and LOTS) of possibilities, in terms of where she goes with the storyline from here. I really liked the character of "Joe" (don't want to say too much!) and found I couldn't put the book down, I so wanted to see where everything was going and the mystery of what was different about Tess, and who this person was in her life. I have tons of questions about her parents now too, and loved how she ended the book.ough now I'm going to have to pick up book 2 to [...]

    9. I really enjoyed reading this amazing book!! I couldn't put the book down. Jalpa williby is an amazing writer. I can't wait to read more. I was lucky enough to get the arc for an honest review:) my review also can be found at nerdgirlTess Sanoby is a 16 year old girl that keeps having the same nightmares, where a girl is being chased. Tess doesn't know who she is because she can never see her face, she just knows she is terrified and trying to run for her life. Is it her? Tess is a very smart an [...]

    10. This was a beautifully written book because it captured my emotions and was so interesting. I felt joy, love, laughter, and sadness. I actually cried at one point.I was intrigued from the very beginning trying to figure things out. This first book touches on many moments of Tess's life that are key to the storyline. I didn't understand it all at first, but it made so much sense by the end why the author done it this way. In the first chapter Tess is about to turn sixteen, but by the end of the b [...]

    11. is it possible to give this story more stars? That's what this well written story deserves!!! I really enjoyed my read through I liked the characters and the hole story plot of it. I have to say yes it did take me a couple of chapters to really get into this story but when I was able to I couldn't stop turning the pages and that is a wonderful thing!! I loved the happy and the sad is this story and the Love. I enjoyed the journey that Tess went through and everything that she has had to over com [...]

    12. Engrossing.Miss Williby has created a fascinating story, a true page-turning, Romantic Thriller. The intrigue begins from the start and throughout the novel the reader can't escape the feeling that the proverbial Damocles's Sword will fall at any minute. I don't like spoilers so I will not include details, except to say Tessnia is a spunky, lovable heroine and the book is an action-packed, definite must-read. Well done. On to book 2.

    13. Chaysing Dreams by Jalpa Williby  I was given this book for an honest review.So, I finally just finished this book!. It was good! At first i thought that I really wasn't going to be able to read it all the way through! When it first started out I was kind of bored! And yes I know you are probably wondering why in the world I keep putting an exclamation point at the end of all my sentences but you will just have to keep wondering for a little bit longer! Like I was saying, this book started out [...]

    14. **** Review Originally Posted at:Pink Fluffy Hearts: Diary of a Coffee Addict****"Chaysing Dreams" by Jalpa Williby was a story with a good premise that I really wish I liked more. The writing and idea had a lot of potential, but it took a long time for the story to get moving.The book is almost 400 pages, but Williby could have told the same story with a lot less. "Chaysing Dreams" could have been a lot shorter since most of it seemed to be filler for me instead of plot points that would actual [...]

    15. If you are looking for a story that has pulse-pounding suspense, a love destined by fate, and a twist you never saw coming, then Chaysing Dreams is your perfect choice. Fate has a funny way of twisting and entwining the chords of our lives. What we carefully plan for our life is sometimes dismantled thread by thread until we are facing that which we have carefully ignored and hidden away. Fate is a cruel master, but a sweet friend. Choose thoughtfully and wisely the path you follow and always tr [...]

    16. This is so heartbreaking in the end with the sacrifice that Chayse/Joe/Chris makes. He literally gives up his life, his love and his freedom so tess can live a normal life and have happiness and a future. I hope they find him and she fights for him he so deserves that. She is his heart and soul what keeps him going. Poor Guy.tess is a unusually talented girl with dreams. Dreams that seem real so real that they do seem to come true. She has the perfect life. Great grades, awesome parents and frie [...]

    17. Are you ready for a ride of your life? I amThe moment I picked up this novel, I am sure I am going to have some roller-coaster moments. The novel started with a vivid description of Tess's dreams telling her to wake up and escapes. What a nice opening, are you ready for a ride of your life?What I like about the author is the cleverly use of quotes that intrigued me. There is this quote/sentence that clearly what Tess, the main character is facing. Here goes, "I'll give you that, Tess. You were n [...]

    18. It's a romance novel that had some great love scenes, an interesting storyline and a sequel that's an absolute requirement. The author drove the line with an interaction between two people that was obviously fated. Neither could escape the other and you don't want them to either.This is the kind of story that you feel. Jalpa writes so you feel the emotions, the sensations and the physical pain as clear in your mind as if you were truly there. Unfortunately and maybe it is due to the age the char [...]

    19. Brief Synopsis: Tess is living a fairy tale life, perfect in every way. She's beautiful, plays varsity basketball, has the perfect parents and family life, never gets into trouble, is her school valedictorian and has gorgeous guys fighting for her attention just about the time I was thinking things are just too perfectBAM. It was like a roller coaster ride when you are going up that first steep hill and you can see for miles everywhere, the entire city is beautiful, the trees, the sky, yet with [...]

    20. Chaysing Dreams (Chaysing Trilogy Book 1) by Jalpa WillibyHow do we show our children the love of reading? Read. The simple first step is for children to see their parents enjoying books. If we're going to encourage kids to read we need to do it too. Read for pleasure, information, instructions, connecting with others, and so on. Read. Have your young adult read a little more than they've been reading lately. Find new authors, just to enjoy.For those of you who enjoy a little romance, and myster [...]

    21. Tess is everyone's idea of the perfect girl. She's at the top of her class and the center of her parent's world. She has a recurring nightmare and a strange, dark cloud of foreboding that descends on her occasionally, but otherwise, her life is perfect. We meet her just before her sixteenth birthday and watch her grow up, page by page. This book was a borderline read for me. There's a hint of the paranormal here, but it's so sidelined that it almost doesn't bear noting. I bounced between a two a [...]

    22. Adds a whole new meaning to ‘reader empathy’!Chaysing Deams by Jalpa Williby seizes the reader’s imagination from the first line and never lets go. Here is a writer with verve, imagination and a great story-telling talent. This is a romance story, yes, but romance with super helpings of mystery and creativity. It is an extraordinary tour de force that pushes the reader’s every emotional button. Such is Williby’s empathy with her main character’s heartaches and joys, that the reader i [...]

    23. **I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest and fair review**If you love well-developed characters and a well-written romance novel, you will fully enjoy "Chaysing Dreams" by Jalpa Williby.When I saw this book, the title instantly caught my attention. It's a very interesting title and the spelling of "chaysing" captured my curiosity. I just knew there was more of that to come and I wasn't disappointed. I'll have to be just a bit vague here so as not to give aw [...]

    24. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to keep this review short and sweet. I can't really go into too much detail about this book due to the fact that I can't describe the storyline without revealing its mystery. This is just one if those stories that you'll have to experience for yourself. I must admit, when I first began readingChaysing Dreams I almost wanted to give up. However, something kept pushing me to give it a chance and see where it takes me. Luckily I listened to that pesky little voice b [...]

    25. Dreams. They come to us in the night taking us to places both familiar and foreign. They have the power to give us both delight and horror. Dreams free us and bind us all at once. Those of us who remember each and every nightly adventure see it as either a blessing or a curse. For as long as Tess can remember she has had the same reoccurring nightmare. Despite her best efforts she can not shake the same scene from playing night after night. Each morning she awakes with the same feeling of anxiet [...]

    26. Tess' StoryIn Chaysing Dreams, by Jalpa Williby, Tessnia Sanoby to have it all. She's beautiful, athletic, and intelligent. She has a great relationship with her loving parents. Her strong friendships include Kylie and Jack. She's earned her place on the high school varsity basketball team. She performs volunteer work with challenged children.Below the glittering surface of her life is darkness. Tess has experienced freakishly realistic dreams, full of sight, sounds, and smells, for as long as s [...]

    27. This story caught my interest right from the beginning. Tess is a smart, lovable high school student who has a passion for life. She is the only daughter of two respectable, kind, and loving parents. I became suspicious because Tess seemed to be too perfect in a perfect life. I knew that, sooner or later, something horrible was bound to happen, and I was not let down. When the "black cloud" enters into the story, I wanted to keep reading to find out what was causing this strange thing to happen. [...]

    28. Right off the bat, Chaysing Dreams has your wheels turning. The beginning of the book sets the tone for what is a roller coaster ride of a book. I found the story to be engaging and exciting. The beautiful cover and the clever title were what initially attracted me to this book, but the book blurb is what had me practically salivating to read it, the first few pages hooked me, and the following pages kept me turning them.Although Tessnia is pretty much perfect in every way, I found the emotional [...]

    29. Tessnia Sanoby may come off as just your average high school girl as Chaysing Dreams by Jalpa Williby gets going, but it soon becomes clear that there is far more going on inside of Tess than even she knows. As she excels through high school in both athletic and academic achievement and then moves on to college, bits and pieces of the mystery unravel, which kept me highly entertained. There have been quite a few YA fantasy novels to hit the shelves in the last several years, and I’ll admit to [...]

    30. In Chaysing Dreams we meet fifteen year old Tessnia. A natural athlete and intelligent girl, we quickly learn that she has been plagued by the same nightmare for years. In it, she runs through a forest, and hears the word "Run!" being shouted at her, as the sounds of heavy breathing and pounding feet are just behind her.This book follows Tessnia's life from high school through to the end of college. During these years Tess chooses to shelf her social life and focus on her studies and running tra [...]

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