Leave the Lights On When love throws you a curve swing for the fences Parker Wood s dreams of becoming a professional baseball player are shattered when he s injured in a devastating car crash After two years in hospita

  • Title: Leave the Lights On
  • Author: Karen Stivali
  • ISBN: 9781619215580
  • Page: 374
  • Format: ebook
  • When love throws you a curve, swing for the fences Parker Wood s dreams of becoming a professional baseball player are shattered when he s injured in a devastating car crash After two years in hospitals and physical rehab facilities, he s ready to move back to his childhood home and take over the family landscaping company The house and business are his, now that his When love throws you a curve, swing for the fences Parker Wood s dreams of becoming a professional baseball player are shattered when he s injured in a devastating car crash After two years in hospitals and physical rehab facilities, he s ready to move back to his childhood home and take over the family landscaping company The house and business are his, now that his father has passed.Sophie Vaughn has suffered through a hellishly public divorce from a husband who couldn t manage to stay faithful for two months of marriage Determined not to let her personal drama impact her successful wedding and party planning business, she buys her parents old house, hoping the comfort of familiar surroundings will help her heal.When Parker and Sophie discover they re neighbors once again, it s as if time has stood still Their friendship is quickly rekindled, along with the decade long crush neither of them ever admitted having Then the heat between them exposes a long held secret that threatens to tear them apartunless they can detach from their painful pasts and move forward together.Warning Contains sultry summer nights, steamy pool side encounters, and you ll never look at a jar of peanut butter the same way again.

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    One thought on “Leave the Lights On”

    1. TWO MAYBE THREE SWEET STARS.I think my book heart must be broken, my sweet, love radar needs to be fixed. This book had everything going for it that I normally adore and even now I'm not sure why it didn't work for me, so with a heavy heart and a some confusion here are my 'Leave the light on' book thoughts What's it all about?Parker Wood had it all, the dream girl, great friends and a promising future as a professional baseball player, but when all those things came crashing down after a life c [...]

    2. Leave the Lights On was a pure comfort read, well, that’s if you don’t count all the steamy scenes. Those might make you a little uncomfortable, but in all the right ways! Both Sophie and Parker have had a rough patch. Sophie was married for two months before finding out her dirt-bag-of-a-husband was cheating on her, so she’s divorced and living back in her family home while her parents migrated to Florida. She now concentrates on her party/wedding planning business, but things are about t [...]

    3. Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance4 stars!Leave the Lights On by Karen Stivali is a wonderful contemporary romance that features two highly likeable characters. I was almost immediately swept away to another place after reading just the first few pages and easily finished this book in one sitting. This author has a smooth writing style and I instantly became involved and invested in the storyline.The story opens as Parker Woods has finally moved home after rehabilitating after a devastating [...]

    4. This is just the sweetest book ever! I loved everything about this story!!The story starts out with Parker Wood moving into his deceased fathers house and taking over his lawn care business. He is greeted by the mailman, who happens to tell him about Sophie Vaughn also being back in town, and living in her parents house right next door. Memories flood Parker of how they were best friends throughout high school, also with Joey Nardo. Parker remembers how much they both adored her but never made a [...]

    5. 2.5 Stars at best from meThe first word I think of when it comes to this book? Boring. So- Sophie and Parker- our main characters- get together very quickly in this book. Now, that's not always a bad thing, if the author can keep the interest alive. Sadly though- for me she didn't. The entire book is nothing but a mish-mash of pretty much every typical romance novel cliche you can think of. From cheating to trust issues to someone being a virgin, friends kissing their friend's significant other, [...]

    6. Wow, what a sexy and sweet book. I adored Parker and Sophie together. Parker was amazing, sexy, and strong despite all he had gone through. Sophie had her share of heartache. It was so sweet seeing them pick right up from their childhood friendship and give into their attraction for each other. Absolutely adored this book from start to finish!!

    7. Parkers is away at collage and wants to become a pro Baseball player. One nice when he was driving he gets into a car accident and that changes his life for ever.-Parker moves back to his old house after his dad passes away and takes over the family landscaping business.-Sophie went to school with Parker and she has lived Parker from the moment they met. After Sophie's parents move to Florida she moves back to her old house. She has a job as a wedding planner.-When Sophie noticed that Parker was [...]

    8. Very sweet romance with a little bit of drama to keep it interesting.Sophie is a great heroine and was easy to relate to. I found her parents annoying and a little unbelievable, but they weren't featured too prominently.Parker was an amazing book boyfriend (not gonna lie, an inexperienced hero is pretty swoonworthy for me). I loved how he handled most situations with maturity, although I'm not sure he was straight forward enough with his ex.Sophie and Parker together? So sweet, so loving, and ve [...]

    9. Real Vote 3,5Blog Tour on my blog November 9thpleaseanotherbook.tumblr/p“Leave the lights on” ammetto di averlo scelto solo perchè avevo letto che era stato letto e approvato da Tiffany Reisz, la scrittrice della serie “The Original Sinners” una delle mie preferite, e che quindi speravo che quel nome fosse una specie di garanzia per me. Per fortuna che il mio intuito si è rivelato esatto e se di certo non è la storia del secolo è stata sicuramente una lettura piacevole. Naturalmente [...]

    10. I received my copy from the publisher through NetGalleyPeople following my reviews will know that I do not like protracted drama. I love it when the characters in a (love)story have issues they need to deal with. I enjoy the tension a misunderstanding can create for the characters as well as for the reader. What I have a hard time reading are books in which the issues aren’t really issues, or where the problems seem to appear out of nowhere. And what I dislike most are characters drawing the i [...]

    11. Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakRating: 4.5 StarsTwo old friends, scarred people, brought back home by issues from their past, destined to meet again and perhaps, brave enough to start something that was supposed to happened years ago…Parker Wood had dreams of becoming a professional baseball player, but all his dreams went downhill when he was injured in a car crash. It didn’t help that his longtime girlfriend broke up with him to marry someone else prior to the accident. Spending tw [...]

    12. Review originally posted here: thebookpushers/2013/11/06/I’m a big fan of both second chance love stories, and friends to lovers stories. After reading this blurb, I knew this story would be right up my alley.Sophie and Parker are both moving back into their childhood homes after the lives they thought they wanted fell apart. Picking up their friendship is just another natural thing for them, and they both quickly realize the crushes they had were mutual. Acting on those feelings is more inten [...]

    13. I received a copy of this book from the author for the purposes of an honest review. All opinions are mine.**This review originally appeared on Night Reads**At some point in their lives, I think every woman, happily married or in a relationship or otherwise, has always thought about the one guy in their past that was more of a “best bud” than a “best they ever had.” Karen Stivali gets to explore that same what-if scenario in her book Leave The Lights On which will be published on Novembe [...]

    14. Robbie’s ReviewDo you ever need to read a book that makes you feel like you’re wearing your favorite sweater and sipping hot chocolate in front of a warm fire even if you’re not? Have you ever read a book whose story came to you at just the time? Author Karen Stivali has written that book and it’s appropriately named Leave The Lights On. Parker Wood and Sophie Vaughn are both in recovery mode when their lives reconnect after years of going their separate ways. Guarding their hearts even [...]

    15. Originally posted on thebooktart/book-review/thLeave The Lights On by Karen Stivali reminded me of dark chocolate. A delicious treat with sweetness and some bitter dark notes that added to the rich flavor… And now I’m hungry! But it’s true too. ;) I kept thinking how sweet this romance was and then there were moments when I’d sigh and want to hug the main characters hurts away.Parker and Sophie have both been wounded. Parker’s physical wounds cost him his dream job and his internal one [...]

    16. Slick‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsReview copy provided for an honest review4.5 STARSAs I finished this book I asked myself, “Why in the hell have you not read this author before?” My only excuse if that I didn’t take the time to do it, I will however be reading her backlist soon. Leave The Lights On is one of those feel good books, but it’s also steamy, sexy, and unbelievably well written. Friends forever and both recovering from scars; some physical, some emotional [...]

    17. Leave The Lights On came right on time for me to read. I have been reading these crazy books with cliff hangers and bad guy meets good girl good girl tries to reform bad guy but gets her heart broken. So to say that this was a breath of fresh air is an understatement. I love a great love story but this is a love story that comes with lots of twists and turns and in the end the question remains will is love strong enough to endure all the obstacles.My lord my heart went out to Parker Woods. All P [...]

    18. What a pleasantly surprising read! I never know what I'm going to get when I start a new romance novel, and this one definitely threw me for a loop. I was hooked from page one. Hooked into Parker's story, hooked on the fact that these were childhood friends, and totally enamored with everything about this potential couple. Romance lovers rejoice! This is the type of longing-sigh inspiring, toe curling, book that you've been looking for.I'll happily admit that Parker stole my heart. I'd have let [...]

    19. *Received a review copy as part of a blog tour in exchange for an honest review.*The friends-to-lovers scenario tends to be one of my favorite romance story lines, and Leave the Lights On didn't disappoint. From the beginning the chemistry between Parker and Sophie was abundant and it didn't take long for them to give in. Sometimes a slow burn is nice, but these two jumped in pretty quickly, which both was believable for their relationship and prevented a lot of the all-too-often used communicat [...]

    20. From the very first page I was hooked! I couldn’t put the book down. Parker was living the perfect life. He had a great girlfriend (he thought), playing college baseball, and living with his childhood best friend Joey. Then his girlfriend stops by the dorm.“I’m so sorry. I never meant for it to happen.” “There’s someone else”Everything changed. Parker couldn’t believe it his girlfriend had cheated on him. When Parker is involved in a horrific accident, his dreams of being a profe [...]

    21. The night Parker Wood's girlfriend breaks up with him after admitting that she is pregnant with another guy's child, he has a horrific car accident that lands him in hospitals and rehab centers for over two years. Gone is his dream of becoming a professional baseball player. After returning to his childhood home after the death of his father, he is surprised to see Sophie Vaughn is living next door to him again.Sophie is one of Parker's oldest friends. She had bought her parent's house after get [...]

    22. Karen Stivali is one of those authors I know I can rely on to give me a sweet romantic story when I need a break from all the dark angsty books I love so much.A lot of my friends don't like it when I recommend a book because of that reason. My friendsI can definitely recommend this book! And you don't even have to be afraid. This story is 100% sweet romance.Parker and Sophie have both been through their share of crap in the love life department. Now, they aren't damaged beyond repair, but they a [...]

    23. Leave the Lights On is a sweet childhood friends-to-lovers romance that warmed my heart. There’s not a lot of high drama in this, and there is just the right amount of tension to make this a really enjoyable romance. Karen Stivali does a great job of taking a simple, everyday story and sprinkles just the right amount of conflict with the sweet so that you can’t help but want Parker and Sophie to have their HEA. Sophie is recovering from a cheating spouse kind of divorce, with her own family [...]

    24. Parker found out his girlfriend was cheating on him and leaving him for another guy. Looking for a distraction he drove off and was in an accident that ruined his chances of becoming a professional baseball player. He ended up in the hospital recovering from his injuries for 2 years. Sophie was seen as an embarrassment by her parents, when everyone around knew her husband was cheating on her and she didn't get back to settle things with him. Now Sophie is back to her hometown next door to Parker [...]

    25. Leave the Light On by: Karen Stivali 4 heartwarming stars***Arc provided for an honest review***this book is a wonderful, heartwarming book. It is a classic love story. It’s different from a lot of the other book out right now because there isn’t all the drama, its like a breath of fresh air.Sophie is a sweet, caring women who has just gotten out of a divorce from her cheating husband. She moves back to her childhood home and not long after her childhood best friend Parker moves in next door [...]

    26. MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS…READ AT YOUR OWN RISKThis was a nice read. I liked Parker and Sophie together, and it’s too sad they didn’t share their feelings for each other when they were younger. All that time wasted, but at least they were able to reunite. Love like that is so rare. Parker’s best friend was funny and I liked him, but I did get mad at him when he made a pass at Sophie. I did forgive him at the end because he apologized and I really did feel bad for the guy. To have so much mone [...]

    27. This was my first read from this author. I found it to be up they with one of my favorite reads. It had an innocence that was unexpected but welcomed. Parker and Sophie had a love story that captured me from the start. Parker was going to be one of the hall of gamers in baseball. He was destined to be one of the bests. His life was planned. Go to college, be drafted for the majors, play along side with his best guy friend, marry his highschool girlfriend all planned. Until one day his life turne [...]

    28. What happens when two childhood best friends who had feelings for each other without the other knowing move back to town around the same time. Will those feelings return? Will their friendship pick up where it left off?As other reviewers have been labeling this story, this is one of second chances. I believe that we can all relate to having that childhood or teenage crush that we continuously think back upon and wonder "What If?" "What if I told them how I felt?" "Where are they up to now?" I kn [...]

    29. I really liked this book. It was a very sweet and gooey book. There was a lot of heartache in the past for Sophie and Parker. First off I love that Parker was a baseball player (we have gone over my athlete fetish) and the fact that they were best friends growing up. So Parker and Sophie both move back into their parents homes for different reasons and see each other again for the first time in years. They both have had major disappointments and had crushes on each other when they were growing u [...]

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