Passing Strange Things had gone wrong from the very beginning at the Almstone Flower Show including a missing fortuneteller But events take a decidedly macabre turn when the fortuneteller is found and Detective Insp

  • Title: Passing Strange
  • Author: Catherine Aird
  • ISBN: 9780553240795
  • Page: 271
  • Format: None
  • Things had gone wrong from the very beginning at the Almstone Flower Show, including a missing fortuneteller But events take a decidedly macabre turn when the fortuneteller is found and Detective Inspector Sloan and Detective Constable Crosby arrive to investigate a murder for which there seems no means, no motive and no opportunity.

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    One thought on “Passing Strange”

    1. Something seems to have gone wrong with the judging of the vegetables and fruit at the Almstone flower festival when some tomatoes which definitely aren't the best on show win first prize. This is the first indication that things aren't all they should be. The second is the dead body of the fortune teller AKA the District Nurse, Joyce Cooper. Sloan and Crosby have their work cut out to unravel the mystery - especially as Joyce seems to have been one of the nicest people imaginable.I enjoyed this [...]

    2. I really wanted to love this book. I'd read another book by this author a while ago and was fairly luke-warm about it, but kept hearing good things about her so I thought I'd try another one.It started off well with some of the elements I enjoy in a murder mystery including a village setting and a varied group of characters. But I didn't really get to know any of them and there was no one I could really root for so I found myself losing interest in the second half of the book.

    3. Another cozy British mystery from Catherine Aird. "Passing Strange" is a story from her Inspector C.D. Sloane series about the bucolic English countryside and the murders that occur for a host of unusual reasons. This time, Inspector Sloane tackles the murder of the county nurse at a Horticultural Society Flower Show in the village of Almstone. Clues include a possible inheritance, a question of identification, a drunk cup of tea, and flower-arranging wire. Aird's stories always conjure up image [...]

    4. Well, each year in the small village of Almstone there is the local Horticultural Society Flower Show, where locals enter their flowers, fruit, veggies etc to be judged all in a friendly competition. This year, however, is different. The fortuneteller, aka Nurse Cooper, is found dead under a tarp at the end of the day when the tents all have to come down. She was a gentle soul, and according to all, would never hurt a fly. So why on earth was she killed? This is the puzzle that Sloan and Crosby [...]

    5. I found this book very disappointing. There is virtually no detection in it at all. The case is solved by a flash of inspiration. The culprit was easy to identify. Most annoying of all is the dialogue which consists almost entirely of what I would describe as "smart repartit" If you want to read this type of English country murder then look no further than The Flaxborough Chronicles of Colin Watson.

    6. The wrong tomatoes win the blue ribbon! Someone's parked their mini in front to the gate and it's time to milk the cows! The Priory is in want of its heiress, but no one can say for sure if this girl is the girl. Well, no one except the nurse. Guess what? Fans of British cozies will love this series featuring Sloan and his inept D.C. Crosby. The wit is sharp as a knife and the characters are always fun.

    7. I honestly thought I had this one figured out. The setting of the fair was very fund and as always, I loved the pace. I find I can chew one of Catherine Aird's novels very quickly! Great stuff.

    8. I love this series, such a nice blend of humor and mystery. Sloan and Crosby are an excellent detecting duo.

    9. Like the rest of Aird's Inspector Sloan books, the central idea is sound but the narrative went off the rails quite a few times. I figured out who the culprit was by the middle of the book. It's easy if you read detective fiction and are mindful of the clues gathered. The ending relies on deus ex machina, which annoyed me.

    10. Detective Sloan is a good solid protagonist for Aird's mysteries, with lots of insight into the mentality of the various small towns in his jurisdiction. His foil, Constable Crosby, is a bit of a moron, which provides excellent comic relief throughout the book. In Passing Strange, Sloan is called in when an old nurse is murdered during a village flower and vegetable show. Through interviews and introspection, Sloan tracks the killer, follows and discards several red herrings, and eventually capt [...]

    11. Another moderately pleasant installment in the Sloan series. None of the characters were particularly compelling this time; Richenda had potential, but spent most of her screentime refusing to say a word. The murder itself had no real points of interest, beyond happening at a fair in a fortuneteller's tent. Still, there are no great flaws in it, beyond 'not particularly interesting'. If you like the Sloan series you'll probably like this one as well.

    12. When the district nurse is murdered at the annual flower show, Inspector Sloan searches in vain for a motive.

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