Storm Front The Darker the Storm The Deeper the PainLove knows no bounds when two people are destined to be together One fights to maintain the distance while the other battles to close the gap The Brighter the

  • Title: Storm Front
  • Author: Lisa N. Paul
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Darker the Storm, The Deeper the PainLove knows no bounds when two people are destined to be together One fights to maintain the distance while the other battles to close the gap.The Brighter the Light at the End Will they move forward together or finally close the last remaining door to their past It s time for Ryan and Ashley to decide But once that decision isThe Darker the Storm, The Deeper the PainLove knows no bounds when two people are destined to be together One fights to maintain the distance while the other battles to close the gap.The Brighter the Light at the End Will they move forward together or finally close the last remaining door to their past It s time for Ryan and Ashley to decide But once that decision is made, there will be no going back Always Reach for the Light A Neighborhood bar where old wounds heal, friends become family, and some become lovers Danny s on Main is where their story continues Where they all shelter each other during the Storm Front

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    One thought on “Storm Front”

    1. Review posted at: Swept Away By Romance4 stars!I have to be honest, had I not committed to read this book for the blog, I wouldn’t have read it. Thursday Nights was such a disaster for me that I had no desire to continue on with this series. Well I am here to say, Storm Front far exceeded my expectations! There was a lot that I loved about this book, and here are a few things: 1. I am partial to rock star heroes and “second chance at love” stories and Storm Front gave me both! Storm Front [...]

    2. Remember the past but live in the presentStorm Front is the second book in the Charistown Series. I loved Thursday Nights and really looked forward to reading more from this awesome family that was made of choice, not force. Actually, can I apply to be one of Danny's Dolls? When I finished reading this book I found it hard to write the review for several reasons. (1) I was feeling very emotional and had to keep wiping the tears that were blurring the page (2) Then, when I got to the end and was [...]

    3. Finally the story of the mysterious relationship between Ryan and Ashley. Did you read Thursday Nights? No? Well you don’t HAVE to. This is the sequel and both are stand alone books, but you know the schpeel… you always get more out of the plot and the characters when you’ve read them all… blah blah blah. Truly, it is worth reading the series. I promise. Although I do have to admit. I loved this sequel more than Thursday Nights. I really did. Storm Front is unreal.So if you read Thursday [...]

    4. I decided to take another trip to Danny's on Main and what a trip it was!This is book 2 in the Charistown Series. I for one loved Thursday Nights and Max and Janie. But you get a taste of everyone in book one and This is Ryan and Ashley's story.I do not cry ~~ period ~~~ Ever !! I've cried maybe 3 times out of the thousands upon thousands of books i have read. The beginning of this book tore me to shreds. I cried my eyes out. I dont want to give you any spoilers, but what I will say is Lisa N. [...]

    5. As much as I'm dying to give this book 5 stars, I just can't. It hinders on one thing. Ryan has no respect for Ashley. Anyone who respected someone would never parade girls around in her house. Yes I know she pushed him away, and yes I know he was hurt. The fact remained that it was a pussy move. She owned the house. It wasn't even an apartment. I could over look the fact that he slept with other people while being in love with her (which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine, I DNF books for less), howev [...]

    6. This is a must read series, with Thursday Nights being the first book. However you can read this one as a stand alone. There are some repeats in this book, but they go along with the story.I laughed, cried and got angry while reading this book. It is about first loves and losses and trying to find your way back and the importance of good friends.Take a chance on this author, I doubt you will be sorry you did.

    7. meangirlsluvbooksStorm Front, the second novel in Lisa N. Paul’s Charistown Series, is a thoroughly satisfying read from start to finish and one of my favorite novels in 2014. I’ve been in somewhat of a book rut lately, reading a lot of really good books, but nothing phenomenal enough to leave me with a book hangover. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes you come across a novel that fits your mood perfectly. A novel whose story seeps into your soul, makes an impression on your heart, and [...]

    8. *ARC Provided for honest review*I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to read Storm Front prior to release! I am a huge fan of Thursday Nights and love Lisa Paul's writing, so I was very excited to return to the Charistown series. This time we'd be focusing on Ryan and Ashley, and I was so curious about them. Wow, what a truly amazing story theirs is! Storm Front takes place around the same time frame as Thursday Nights, however we spend a good deal of time in the past, learning all about th [...]

    9. 4.5 Stars!Storm Front, is the second novel in Lisa N. Paul’s Charistown Series. I read Thursday Nights a while ago, and I have to say, I enjoyed Storm Front’s plot synopsis even more than the first book. This book left me feeling so darn happy. With all of the sadness that happened in the story, and as angst filled as it was- I was so grateful for how it turned out. The story is about Ryan and Ashley, childhood friends whose connection was first as friends, but then blossomed into love and t [...]

    10. I was honored to get a advance copy of this book by Lisa! All I can say is. I loved loved loved it! I was a huge fan of Thursday Nights. I really loved all the characters and I was intrigued to know more. As you know, Thursday Nights was Max and Janie's book, but we got a glimpse in the lives of their friends. I will admit I'm dying to read Lyla and Gage's story. There is something about them that pulls at me. So I wasn't sure how Ryan and Ashley's story was gonna grasp me. When we saw them in T [...]

    11. Ashley well, she knows how to do things to a man, "Jesus Christ," Ryan muttered as Ashley sauntered in her red bikini. The combination of her golden, sun-kissed skin and toned body had Ryan's di** so hard that it could have been used as a diving board." Years away from someone can well show you how much they can change, and I must say Ryan liked the changes Ashley has made, "I'm sorry, Princess, it's just every time you swear, well kind of turns me on." She narrowed her eyes at his statement and [...]

    12. I LOVED "Storm Front" so if you're wondering whether to read it or not, I'm here to tell you stop wasting time and just READ IT! You can thank me later. :)I was going to write a full review but the more I think about it the more I realize I don't need to as "Storm Front" is just as good as "Thursday Nights." This time it's Ryan and Ashley's story and it's definitely worth the read as it's a hot one. It's got all the passion, the romance, and best of all, all the members of the "family" that we l [...]

    13. Throughout Thursday Nights, I knew there was something special between Ashley and Ryan. I thought I had it all figured out, but I was SO very wrong! I love that this book doesn't start right where Thursday Nights left off. In order to appreciate what was going to happen, you have to know what happened in the past. Lisa did an amazing job of drawing me into the story of 17 year old Ashley and 19 year old Ryan. This is truly a feat because I find it difficult to get into stories about characters s [...]

    14. I have been looking forward to this book for so long, so I was really excited when it finally arrived on my kindle.I loved the story of Ryan and Ashley and the author managed to evoke many different emotions from me while reading this book. I smiled, laughed, cried, even got nervous butterflies in my tummy, was angry and then finally finished with a big ol grin that I could not get rid of. You know you have read a good book, when you can say you felt so many different things.I cannot say enough [...]

    15. Such a heart wrenching but beautiful love story! Bring your tissues!! I loved Thursday Nights (book 1 in Charistown series) by Lisa N. Paul but book 2 Storm Front…. WOW! It tore my heart out, stomped on it and then ever so slowly started putting in back together until it was finally whole and beating strong again. OMG! What a journey! I will admit tears were streaming down my face at times, but I couldn't stop reading. I absolutely love her writing and how so invested I get in her characters!! [...]

    16. I totally totally luvd this book it was amazin the story characters everything was great I luv ashley it was so sad in some part I felt so sorry 4 her she had been through so much an Ryan OMG he is just gorgeous I luv him an he wanted 2 b with Ashley so much but there was so much in there way stoppin them gettin 2gether this series is brilliant can't wait 4 more xxx

    17. I loved going thru the backstory of this couple. Could have been a 5 star read but Ashley got on my nerves and the resolution was kinda drug out too much. I mean 5 years come on!

    18. This book did not grip me in any way whatsoever and I really wish it did. I was waiting to for things to pick up. Really sorry that I didn't like it.

    19. ARC Was Given To Blog For An Honest ReviewI feel like it was forever before I was able to hang with the gang again at Danny’s on Main. That’s the popular hangout of a crazy group of friends. I first met them in Thursday Nights and it was story about Janie and the incredibly sexy, smoking hot Max. During my time with these two, I met Ryan and Ashley, The author left little teases throughout the book about these two so by the end of Thursday Nights you were itching for more of Ryan and Ashley [...]

    20. I am so excited about this book! My favorite friends from Charistown are reunited, but this time it is Ryan and Ashley’s story that we find ourselves in the middle of, I cannot get enough of these characters. Any of them. They are all flawed and none of them have bring glowing pasts, but they have all managed to find each other in Danny’s, the neighborhood bar. This one bar has proved to provide the best of friends and the biggest family of all.Ashley moved to Charistown to escape from her l [...]

    21. I actually ended up reading this one twice. Why, you ask? Well, because when I was offered the chance to read this one, I hadn’t read Thursday Nights yet. I went back and read that, to go back and re-read Storm Front. I must say, I got a much better understanding of it after reading book #1! To be completely honest, I have been in such a book depression lately (hence the lack of review post) & this book got me out of it!Ashley & Ryan were childhood friends (LOVE these stories!). Just w [...]

    22. Years ago Ryan and Ashley were best friends and first loves. Ashley's brother Leo was their other best friend. They were young and in love thinking nothing could tear them apart. Jealousy comes between them and stars the rift and a hurricane finishes their friendships off. Years later Ryan tracks Ashley down and tries to convince her for another chance. The Ashley he knew isn't the woman standing in front of him now. She is different but still the love of his life. They become friends again even [...]

    23. Well where do I begin. Let me start by saying that Lisa Spivak-Paul is a truly amazing author. I feel so special to be one of those that got to read this early. I have been waiting what seem like forever for this book. I fell in love with this crew in Thursday Nights and I have missed them so much. When I started this book I was so nervous and anxious to dive back into there lives. I seriously felt like I was going to see family I haven't seen in for ever. Heart racing, & butterflies in my s [...]

    24. Storm Front by Lisa N. Paul is the second book in her fantabulous series, Charistown.Oh Holy angst-fest. This book was painful and heartbreaking and un-put-downable! We first met Ashley and Ryan in book one, Thursday Nights. They live together, are very close, but aren't a couple. Their friends are trying to figure out the dynamics to their relationship, but to no avail. Rewind seven or so years, and we learn that they pretty much grew up together. Ryan was Ashley's brother, Leo's, best friend, [...]

    25. 4.5 starsOh Ryan and Ashley! I loved them in Thursday Nights and wanted to know their story. Well, I got what I wished for but it about broke my heart!This is an epic story of love. They meet when she is 15, he is 17. Both fall but it takes two more years for them to admit it to each other. Oh and he is her brother Leo’s best friend. Awkward.Leo- wow. Just amazing.Once Ryan and Ashley get together the sparks fly! The passion was astounding. Their banter is hilarious and their friendship beauti [...]

    26. First of all I wanted to say Thank You to The Author Lisa. N Paul for allowing me to read the ARCH before the book was released. I actually won the ARCH by default. Lucky Me!!I have read and loved the first book of the Charistown Series Thursday Nights. I just couldn't wait for the second book Storm Front to be released. Let me start by saying the story has only gotten better. I will not give any spoilers so I have to be very careful in this review. Believe Me when I say I want to shout it to th [...]

    27. What can I say about Storm Front, OMG it blew me away.I loved Thursday Nights and was so happy that Lisa N. Paul decided to write more about this group of friends who met at a bar, their interlinking lives and dramas was so well written, the pain, laughter and love these friends feel for each other is like no other.Ashley and Ryan in this book have gone through so much in their lives, to finally connect with each other again after 3 years apart was very turbulent but so emotional.I don't mind ad [...]

    28. WOW, a Big Storm comingAshley has all she really needed, her brother Leo and the one person who stole her heart at the age of 15, Ryan. Ryan and Leo are best friends you could say they are so close they feel like brothers. They have been friend early on in age and both loved music so the started a band named Storm Front. Ashley and Leo's parents are absentee parents they provide their needs and wants but not love. RYAN can't hide his feeling for Ash any longer he talks with Leo he is fine as lon [...]

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