Never Again Just when she had finally moved on He moved back When college freshman Liz Wagner hears her ex s voice for the first time since he moved clear across the freaking country she does what any respectabl

  • Title: (Never) Again
  • Author: Theresa Paolo
  • ISBN: 9780698143777
  • Page: 415
  • Format: ebook
  • Just when she had finally moved on He moved back.When college freshman Liz Wagner hears her ex s voice for the first time since he moved clear across the freaking country, she does what any respectable girl would do Dive into the girls bathroom.Zach Roberts the Zach Roberts is back And he s everywhere Liz looks infiltrating her friend group, buddy buddy with her brotheJust when she had finally moved on He moved back.When college freshman Liz Wagner hears her ex s voice for the first time since he moved clear across the freaking country, she does what any respectable girl would do Dive into the girls bathroom.Zach Roberts the Zach Roberts is back And he s everywhere Liz looks infiltrating her friend group, buddy buddy with her brother It s enough to ruin college altogether But what choice does she have but to put on a happy face and pretend he didn t leave her vulnerable and alone in a pile of emotional wreckage Pretending works, until tragedy strikes and the only person available for comfort is the one person she wants to stay away from When Zach turns out not to be the jerk she convinced herself he was, but the boy she used to love, Liz needs to decide whether to open her heart again to the boy who tore it out.

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      415 Theresa Paolo
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    One thought on “(Never) Again”

    1. Quick review for a quick read. Honestly, it wasn't as if I disliked "(Never) Again" for its intentions or writing. Theresa Paolo knew how to move through the narrative's story and knew how to get into Liz's mindset as she toggles between her present life and the past as a former lover comes back into the picture after leaving her in a world of hurt. But, and this is a big but, much of this story came across on a very surface level. A lot of the conflict really felt unexplored for emotion and whi [...]

    2. Holy crappit, this book was beyond amazing. Lizzie and Zach have unbelievable chemistry. The kind that makes you want them to just jump each other every time they're together, but you know they won't. So when they do gah, it's like YES! Totally awesome.I love the storyline, filled with heartbreak, but also filled with just the right amount of humor. Zach's jokes were hilarious, and his relationship with Lizzie's brother Josh is so bromantic, I wish I could find two guys who look like them and ta [...]

    3. I loved this book so much. The heartbreak is so real, the emotions so enticing. I would have dove into the bathroom if I saw my ex, too! :) I recommend this to anyone who loves NA Romance, or a swoon-worthy good guy! READ THIS BOOK! :))))Love, ALLA KAR :)

    4. 5 I'll Never Let You Go StarsBefore I get into it, I'm just going to point out that I wrote "Lexi" several times on that picture before remembering the main character's name was "Lizzie" Whoops! Guess that means I really identified with her, haha. I read because I love CHARACTERS. Give me a character driven book and I'm all over that like pregnant women on all-you-can-eat buffets. (Never) Again had just what I was looking for right now. A torn heroine, a boy who needed some MAJOR making up to do [...]

    5. I won't write a review for this because I have wayy too many to write and I am not good at juggling. So I shall sum this book up in a single word (and gif)ORABLE. Oh and yes this was an AWESOME NA so I've finally had my break through (although Defiance was kind of like it but nevermind that I love this book too much). I am probably going to re-read it :P

    6. Loved this book! It was very sweet and had a great story! Didn't like Zach at the beginning but he's now on my top 25 list of book boyfriends! Loved it!

    7. DNF - For now.Really not liking the Heroine, and not feeling any connection or interest with the rest of the characters or the storyline either.I may return at some point.

    8. Una historia amena y perfecta para reconciliarme o mejor dicho, reencontrarme con el mundo del NA sin mezclar lo sobrenatural, ha sido más que maravilloso: espléndido.La historia de Liz y Zach puede parecer la típica historia de dos adolescentes enamorados que tienen que separarse por un motivo, puede parecerlo y diría que en parte lo es, pero no me ha importado en absoluto, porque era eso lo que estaba buscando, una historia que siguiera una línea sin que mi corazón estuviese en juego y a [...]

    9. Oh Zach how I love your chocolate chip colored eyes. This book has one of my FAVORITE wake up scenes ever. (Let's just say there might be wood involved.) I loved Zach and Liz's story. Theresa had me laughing, and swooning. And did I mention crying? I'm pretty sure I was up at 2AM sniffling into my pillow with this one. The idea of first love is sweet and fun and when they move on it can be hard. But I was very happy that Liz got another chance at her first love.

    10. ★★★I don’t know what the hell is going on with me, i’ve been reading tons of romance novels and ugh they’re so cute i can’t stop. (Never) Again is one of the first book that i’ve read that is not so…dramatic(?) or that makes me feel like im in a rollercoaster of emotions, it was a cutesie read nice for having a good time and thank god it was not full of steryotipes! I gave the book that rating because even if the story starts fast for me was hard to read and i didn’t connect [...]

    11. Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Associate Reviewer - Marta C:*eARC received from the Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMy first read from this author and most definitely not my last! I loved it! The emotions just tore me apart; yes I even cried.(Never) Again is a story told in first person about Liz Wagner and how she's starting life in college. At eighteen she knows all about heartbreak, as the boy she loved moved away and never kept in touch. Falling into depression, s [...]

    12. This is a great New Adult title full of swoony romance, college life, and difficult decision making. Liz is perfectly happy with her group of friends, her somewhat stable boyfriend, and life in general. She had a great high school romance that teenage girls dream of until her boyfriend, Zach, moved away and eventually just stopped calling, ripping her heart out and ruining her senior year of high school. When he shows up again, all the old feelings of love and pain show up again with him. Liz qu [...]

    13. This was an okay contemporary romance, but it dragged.The characters in this were okay, but I didn’t love them. Liz was stubborn and didn’t like to listen to what other people had to say, and Zach was such an ass to suddenly stop calling her.The storyline in this was alright, but it got a bit repetitive. It felt like we just kept going over the same ‘he left me’ thing over and over again, and Liz was too stubborn to even consider why he did it.We did get one steamy scene between Liz and [...]

    14. Actual rating - 2.5(Never) Again dragged. I'm glad it was only short!I can't say i liked any of the characters. Liz annoyed me. All she did was moan about how Zach left her, and kept wondering why he did it. Why she couldn't just ask him is beyond me. The love interestes weren't any better. They both had moments where they were arses, and Zach's excuse for not phoning her was a load of crap. The book was dull and repetitive, and i couldn't wait to finish it.

    15. This was a great read. I basically finished it in one sittingaying up late into the night to find out what Lizzie was going to do! I felt like I knew, but I just had to see how it all unfolded. Lizzie frustrated me a little with her indecision, but I really understood where she was coming from so I could forgive her back and forth behavior. I like it when an author paints realistic characters that I can relate to.This book is a sweet read and I thoroughly enjoyed it :)4.5 stars from me.

    16. (Never) Again is an awesome must read N/A contemporary romance that captivates you from the first paragraph with characters that are totally relatable and swoonworthy. Lizzie and Zach will have you laughing, crying and shouting at the pages as they struggle to recapture a lost friendship and love. What a great debut novel for this author. Can't wait to read what's next.

    17. I really enjoyed this book. The characters are great, and I felt so much for them! I wanted to know how they fell apart and I so wanted them to work things out. Paolo does a wonderful job of taking the reader through a wide range of emotions. The writing is great, very honest and real. I can't wait to read more by Theresa Paolo!

    18. I loved this novel! It was such a sincere, sweet NA. I totally understood where the main character was coming from. I'm not someone who writes spoilers, so I won't go into details. But you need to read this novel! It made me remember how fantastic it is to surrender to your heart, and fall in love. OH, and the kisses, my gosh. They rocked. Please write more Theresa Paolo!!!!

    19. I really wanted to like this book. I loved the description and from the reviews it seemed right up my alley. I just finished a string of really heavy YA/NA books and I wanted to read something light and fun. (I mean you can only read about so many abusive childhoods before you start getting depressed.)This book is definitely light and fun, but sadly it was severely lacking in a lot of other positive attributes. At best it was mostly kind of blah at worst I was extremely annoyed by all the charac [...]

    20. Snagged from NetGalley.I was enjoying this one, enough that I was twenty minutes late to work this morning, up until chapter 16. Chapter 16 contains the catalyst event that propels the story and the characters towards the ending. I did not like the way the heroine handled the event at all. Maybe if I was younger and less experienced at dealing with crises, I could perhaps relate more, but as it stood, I spent a lot of time rolling my eyes. I also wanted a more mature resolution conversation to t [...]

    21. (Never) Again is a second chance story of two high school loves that were separated and reunited in college. Liz and Zach never had closure and true healing from their separation, which lead to a sad breakup, leaving our two main characters hurt. Yet as fate would have it, they cross paths during their freshman year of college and all the old hurts, bitterness, and attraction comes rushing to the forefront of their world. They must decide if what they had is what was meant to be or if they are m [...]

    22. For me, this story was another lesson in “don’t settle for less than the best.” When a guy treats a girl that they’re dating like they aren’t important…it’s time to say goodbye. If a guy is pressuring you to do things you are not ready to do…show him the door. And don’t lie to yourself…don’t pretend that your relationship is everything it should be, when it’s not. There are so many girls out there, and some guys, who could learn from this story what Liz had to learn the h [...]

    23. (Never) Again is a sweet romance that has some intense, serious moments. When Liz runs into ex-boyfriend, Zach, on her college campus, she panics. After all, he's the boy who broke her heart. Her first love, the boy who left town and stopped calling. She's understandably pissed and wants nothing to do with him, except he keeps showing up everywhere. He doesn't seem to care that she has a boyfriend. A boyfriend she loves. Except her love for Joe is vanilla compared to the double-dutch chocolate g [...]

    24. There were some major issues with this story that I could not overlook. First, let me talk about the things I found interesting about this story.The author, Theresa Paolo, did a wonderful job of drawing me into the story in the beginning. She gave me enough information to keep me intrigued as to why Liz was so conflicted with Zach's return. I enjoyed watching her struggle with her emotions and how the author went about bringing it to the page.I also enjoyed Zach as a character. He was picture pe [...]

    25. My first read from this author and most definitely not my last! Never Again is a story told in first person about Liz Wagner and how she's starting life in college. At eighteen she knows all about heartbreak as the boy she loved moved away and never kept in touch. Falling into depression she let her school work slide and missed out on going to the college of her dreams. Now she's rebuilt her life and has even managed to find happiness with Joe and then one day everything changes. Zach Roberts is [...]

    26. 3.5 starsI enjoyed reading (Never) Again and would have rated it higher if only I had gotten past how much Liz annoyed me.Good lord the girl went on and on about Zach not calling her after he moved across the country and how he broke her heart so what does she do when he comes back to town? She ignores him, she tells her best friend she's over him and that shes happy with her current boyfriend (ugh don't start me on that loser) Look I get it, she was heartbroken when Zach stop all communications [...]

    27. Check out more of my reviews on my blog gemmareadstoomuchforittomenormNever) Again is book #1 in the Again series. This is the first book I have read by this author and I was gifted a copy in exchange for my honest review.It’s been ages since I have read a college romance so straight from the off this book made me smile. What also made me chuckle in agreement is that in the author bio at the back of the book it says that Theresa Paolo has a hard time accepting that she’s nearing 30 which is [...]

    28. Liz was heartbroken when Zach her high school sweetheart moved out of town due to his parents relocating. He promised to stay in touch but then he just stopped calling. It was hard for her to move on because there was no official break up, and it took her a while to accept it was over. Now she's at college and she's finally moved on. She goes to a local college and rooms with her best friend from high school. She also has a boyfriend, Joe, and everything is peachy until she walks into class one [...]

    29. Chose not to finish 9/9/13Thank you Penguin/NAL/Berkley for sending me this egalley to review!! Unfortunately, I actually chose not to finish (Never) Again. I REALLY, REALLY have been looking for good New Adult romances and I love the college aspect of the book (although are freshman even allowed to stay off campus? I don't think my school was allowed to but maybe others who knows) but I was actively disliking Liz, the main character. Liz had a very immature voice for my taste. Clearly she was n [...]

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