Daughter of Empire My Life as a Mountbatten A magical memoir about a singular childhood in England and India by the daughter of Lord Louis and Edwina Mountbatten Few families can boast of not one but two saints among their ancestors a great au

  • Title: Daughter of Empire: My Life as a Mountbatten
  • Author: Pamela Hicks
  • ISBN: 9781476733821
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • A magical memoir about a singular childhood in England and India by the daughter of Lord Louis and Edwina Mountbatten Few families can boast of not one but two saints among their ancestors, a great aunt who was the last tsarina of Russia, a father who was Grace Kelly s pinup, and a grandmother who was not only a princess but could also argue the finer points of naval law.A magical memoir about a singular childhood in England and India by the daughter of Lord Louis and Edwina Mountbatten Few families can boast of not one but two saints among their ancestors, a great aunt who was the last tsarina of Russia, a father who was Grace Kelly s pinup, and a grandmother who was not only a princess but could also argue the finer points of naval law Pamela Mountbatten entered a remarkable family when she was born at the very end of the Roaring Twenties As the younger daughter of the glamorous heiress Edwina Ashley and Lord Louis Mountbatten, Pamela spent much of her early life with her sister, nannies, and servants and a menagerie that included, at different times, a bear, two wallabies, a mongoose, and a lion Her parents each had lovers who lived openly with the family The house was always full of guests like Sir Winston Churchill, Noel Coward, Douglas Fairbanks, and the Duchess of Windsor who brought a cold cooked chicken as a hostess gift When World War II broke out, Lord Mountbatten was in command of HMS Kelly before being appointed chief of Combined Operations, and Pamela and her sister were sent to live on Fifth Avenue in New York City with Mrs Cornelius Vanderbilt In 1947, her parents were appointed to be the last viceroy and vicereine of India and oversee the transfer of power to an independent Indian government Amid the turmoil of political change, Pamela worked with student leaders, developed warm friendships with Gandhi and Nehru, and witnessed both the joy of Independence Day and its terrible aftermath Soon afterwards, she was a bridesmaid in Princess Elizabeth s wedding to Prince Philip, and was a ladyin waiting at the young princess s side when she learned her father had died and she was queen Vivid and engaging, well paced and superbly detailed, this witty, intimate memoir is an enchanting lens through which to view the early part of the twentieth century.

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    One thought on “Daughter of Empire: My Life as a Mountbatten”

    1. Won this on Giveaways. Unedited CopyLady Pamela Hicks may not be a name everyone is familiar with. However, the people she been affiliated with (Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, the Vanderbilts, Winston Churchill, Douglas Fairbanks, Gandhi); are certainly recognizable to all. Hicks attempts to reveal her life story to the memoir-loving masses in “Daughter of Empire: My Life as a Mountbatten”.“Daughter of Empire” immediately jumps into the lives of Hicks’s parents (Lord Louis and Edw [...]

    2. I should start off this review by stating that I won this book over at . I am not normally a person who wins contests, so this was quite exciting for me. Not to mention I was notified that I had won on my birthday! However, the fact that I won this book in no way influenced my opinion on it.This book, Daughter of Empire: My Life as a Mountbatten is the autobiography of Lady Pamela Hicks. She is the second daughter of the famous Lord Louis Mountbatten. I knew a little bit about her father because [...]

    3. (I had to repost this review as I mistakenly filed it under the Kindle edition and couldn't change it.) This was a good read. For someone with no political leanings to speak of, born and raised in the US, it was interesting to read about someone who is related to a large percentage of European royalty (not hard, they're all interrelated anyway)and has a couple of saints in her pedigree. Her take on "normal family life" growing up was curiouse apparently felt it was fine that Mummy and Daddy both [...]

    4. Having always had a love for History, especially British, it was with some curiosity that i approached this one - being not an expert, but neither a stranger, in what concerns the Mountbatten family and its role in 20th century England.Well i can tell you this was most certainly worth my time - its a fascinating window to a time not yet out of living memory, but that slowly starts to fade and will in a generation's time be relegated to history books and documentaries.Lady Pamela Hicks (nee Mount [...]

    5. Lady Pamela, wrote about what she witnessed and participated in. She was realated to all the European Royality. It was a very interest read; not like something a historian would write. It was so personal.

    6. Lady Pamela Hicks, through her incredibly vibrant parents, was present in the world altering events of the 20th century. Was it intentional that she would write of her first 30 years with such detachment, or is this sum total of what she thought and felt about these experiences? Is she emotionally this guarded or has there been no reflection on her witness to history?For her early years she describes her grandmother and other caretakers, the marvelous letters she received from her parents (and t [...]

    7. This is an entertaining book about and by the younger daughter of Lord Louis Mountbatten and his beautiful and talented wife Edwina. I read the e-book version. She had an interesting if not somewhat lonely childhood but knew that she was greatly loved by her very busy, globe trotting parents. She lived in India during the time that her father was the last viceroy and supervised the process where India and Pakistan gained their independence. She was a bridesmaid in Princess Elizabeth's (later Que [...]

    8. I received this book for free through First Reads.This is a fast, easy read describing the early life of Pamela Mountbatten. Pamela Mountbatten had an interesting childhood - on many levels. With multiple ties to the British royal family - and many other European royal families - and a war-hero father, she led an incredibly privileged life, and had an insider's view of events most of us only read about in history books.Her family was frankly unconventional. While she seems to have been close to [...]

    9. This was a GoodReads giveaway. Break out you tea set and sit down to a wonderful time with a true and proper English Lady. A wonderful story. This story is written just like you are sitting across the table from Lady Pamela Hicks as she tells you the tale. So much rich history. I wish I had a sample recording of her voice, since it is so easy to imagine I was sitting directly across from Lady Pamela. I'm sure she is a great conversationalist. There are so many details I would have loved for her [...]

    10. Thought it would be an interesting glimpse inside the privileged life of the upper class during wartime in Europe. It was hardly interesting. As previous mentioned, the words sounded like Ms Hicks recorded them and they were written down. She just casually goes through her many trips, her parents many affairs, her relationships with these new "friends" of both mummy and daddy. Her menagerie of animals, people, servants, cooks, teachers, schools and foreign friends were intermingled throughout th [...]

    11. Not quite as gossipy as I'd hoped, but an interesting and quick read. recommended for anyone who enjoys royal biography or early 20th century aristocrat/manor house-type stories. I wish she would write the "next volume," there is a lot of story left to tell from her later life.

    12. My favorite way to learn about history is through the reading of biographies and autobiographies. I enjoyed Lady Pamela Hicks's tale of her childhood and was bemused by her mother, who left her children with a nanny in a hotel near Budapest while she traveled the world with her lover - during the Abyssinian crisis. The mother at one point lost the piece of paper on which she had written the hotel's name and had to retrace her steps through Europe to find her children. Lady Hicks's father also ha [...]

    13. This memoir gives insight into the Mountbatten family in England. She was raised with wealth and privilege, but with some unconventional pets due to her parents’ travel, including a wallaby.Her parents stayed together, but each had lovers who were part of the family and lived in from time to time. During WWII, she and her sister were sent to New York, where they got to experience life as guests of the Vanderbilts. Her mother was active in war support while her father was a key figure in naval [...]

    14. Honestly, this was like a slightly longer bio. The author gave very little personal reflection on a rather traumatic childhood, i.e. her mother left her sister and herself at a hotel in Switzerland and then forgot where it was?!?! Not exactly Mummy-of-the-Year material. But, Ms. Hicks just seems to chalk it up as a funny escapade. I don't think my children would find that one bit amusing. And, the fact that her parents had what was basically an open marriage and they were all one big, happy fam [...]

    15. Pammy was the daughter of the 1st Earl Mountbatten and Edwina and she is a first cousin of the Duke of Edinburgh. She spent some time with her family in India when her father was the last Viceroy of India. There are some funny stories, though it is awkwardly written, jumps from one anecdote to the next, but some were amusing. (I called her Pammy because she makes a point about not using a nickname like 'Pam', then proceeds quite unselfconsciously to have people call her Pammy through the rest of [...]

    16. I dithered about the rating for this book. It's probably objectively more of a 2/2.5* book; while it's pleasantly written, there isn't much thoughtful introspection, historical contextualization, or even juicy gossip. The format is a very memoir-standard "first I did this; then I did this; then I did this", without a lot of room for deviation.But dammit, I enjoyed it. Pamela lived an interesting life, surrounded by interesting people, and even though she herself may not have been the most intere [...]

    17. After seeing the movie "The Viceroy's House, I was inspired to read this book in order to place some fact amongst the fiction. Coincidentally, I began this book on the day the author's sister passed away so there was added poignancy to the reading. A very readable book, filled with memories and anecdotes of growing up a Mountbatten and Pamela's observations of her time in India during a period of great change.

    18. Her life is fascinating. However, a lot of it the events that she is describing are very open to interpretation by history. I would have liked this better if it had been written from a more subjective point of view, a true biography rather than a memoir.

    19. I enjoy this read. I was keen to learn more after seeing the movie. Though there is a small section on her life in India the book was very good. Enjoyed reading her take on the QEII and also her parents. Amazing life Pamela had a humble account of her life.

    20. A wonderful memoir written with wit, humour and a sense of history. A great read. I wish the author would write about the next part of her life.

    21. Very interesting to learn more about the extended royal family! Not a completely riveting read, but interesting.

    22. This was an optimistic view of what must have been a pretty awful childhood, however as life went on, the social life improved. Easy reading but it felt like there were gaps missed, which would have given the book more balance.

    23. Fascinating book. This woman has had an incredible life. If you are interested in history, and particularly history about the British royal family, this is a book for you. Pamela was both a bridesmaid and later a lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth II. If you watched "The Crown," you'll remember the African safari where QEII got the news that her father had died, making her the queen. Pamela was with her on that trip. Her experiences in India are amazing. Her father was the last Viceroy of India, [...]

    24. Ein sehr imformatives Buch. Ich habe das Buch richtig verschlungen. Es war sehr spannend, so viel über das englische Köningshaus zu erfahren.

    25. A cleverly written memoir of a British hon's childhood and young adult years. Vivid, lively, and great fun.

    26. I suppose I'm being unreasonable to want more information, because being discreet is all a part of being this sort of person. There are a few charming and/or interesting snippets, but she says a lot of things like " X took the queen's wedding photographs, much to Cecil Beaton's chagrin." Fascinating, but not really relevant unless you get to know more. Why was X chosen? What were X's pictures like. When did CB find out and what did he say? Why would he expect to be chosen? Were there any repercu [...]

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