Antique Dust Ghost Stories This ghost story tells about a one time bomber pilot who is now an antique dealer and keeps getting involved with ghosts While this is his first book for adults he has been writing ghost stories for

  • Title: Antique Dust: Ghost Stories
  • Author: Robert Westall
  • ISBN: 9780670812011
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This ghost story tells about a one time bomber pilot who is now an antique dealer and keeps getting involved with ghosts While this is his first book for adults, he has been writing ghost stories for young adult readers such as The Machine Gunners.

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    One thought on “Antique Dust: Ghost Stories”

    1. See this and the rest of the crap I write @ my blogBark's Book Nonsense I’ve always believed that old things are haunted but I never realized that the quiet little world of antique buying and selling was so cut-throat! I listened to this collection of eerie stories on unabridged audio. They’re all stories about antique dealer Geoff Ashton, except for one or two that are stories told to him or are about a close relative. My copy was narrated by R.C. Bray whose voice is wizened and quite perfe [...]

    2. 4.5 stars!This is one fantastic short story collection! Dedicated to M.R. James, these stories do have a James-ian feel to them that I loved.As in James' collection "Ghost Stories of an Antiquary" , these stories have a connecting thread. Instead of finding lost manuscripts and that type of thing, in this book the connecting thread is one Geoff Ashden, a combat veteran and an antique dealer. He is sometimes featured in the tales and sometimes just relating them. I found Mr. Westall's writing ski [...]

    3. 4.5 starsANTIQUE DUST: Ghost Stories, by Robert Westall is a collection of short stories similar in style to the writings of M.R. James. Geoff Ashden, an antique dealer is the central character in this theme of stories relating to either he, his antique dealings, or (as he ages) people who know and tell their tales to him. "odd things still happen to people, even though they no longer seem to happen to Geoff Ashden."Whether it be a cursed item or a haunted local, Westwall weaves these stories of [...]

    4. there was only 1 story in this book I didn't like, the rest were good. my favorite 2 were the last day of miss dorinda molyneaux and the ugly house.

    5. Read this one for a second time--though apparently the first was back before I used --because I'm writing the introduction for the forthcoming reissue from Valancourt Books! Westall is a favorite of mine, so may this be the first of many of his books coming back into print!

    6. Antique Dust by Robert Westall (1929-1993), first published by Viking in 1989, has just been republished by Valancourt Books as a paperback. It contains seven stories: 'The Devil and Clocky Watson', 'The Doll', 'The Last Day of Miss Dorinda Molyneaux', 'The Dumbledore', 'The Woolworth Spectacles', 'Portland Bill', and 'The Ugly House'.Robert Westall is best known as a writer of books for children and young adults; he was awarded the Carnegie Medal twice, for The Machine Gunners and The Scarecrow [...]

    7. Excellent collection of 'grown up' ghost stories from an author best known for his young adult fiction. One of the stories, 'The Last Day of Miss Dorinda Molyneux', consistently makes my own top ten list of best ghost stories; a modern homage to M. R. James which is as creepy and nasty as anything Ramsey Campbell has written.

    8. I find it startling to admit that until recently I had never heard of Robert Westall. Yet here I am having just finished, in record time, Antique Dust a truly wonderful memorable and highly entertaining collection of ghost stories. These are unusual by the fact that so much of the author's writing was directed at teenagers and below and this is really his only anthology for adults. However that is not to say that his other works, many based on his 2nd ww experiences cannot be read and enjoyed by [...]

    9. Antique Dust is a pitch-perfect collection of ghost stories by Robert Westall. I don't know if I've ever given a collection 5 stars before, usually because there's at least one clunker. Not so with this set, and the stories being united by the presence of the same antique dealer really made the stories feel like part of a whole.Each story managed to be a classic example of its type, while maintaining suspense, elements of surprise, and incredibly spooky moments. The writing was crystal clear and [...]

    10. Comparing an author’s ghost stories to those of M.R.James is a sure way to attract my attention. Such is Robert Westall’s “Antique Dust” a seven story collection from 1989. Here we follow antique dealer Geoff Ashden through ghostly exploits experienced by him or recounted to him by others. Usually collections are variable but excellently this one is not variable at all. Each story is of very high quality and outstanding in style and mood. I would be hard pressed to choose the most effect [...]

    11. One of Westall's best. A collection of stories about an antique dealer who pokes into many a weird and haunted abbey in search of prizes for his shop. Or is it a pair of antique spectacles?Possibly the best writer of British ghost stories since M.R. James in a style that seems to have disappeared.

    12. The reader who appreciates the UK voice in the genre will find much to appreciate in Westall's collection. The milieu is for the most part the antiques trade, with dealer (and our narrator) Geoff Ashden confronting both wily competitors and darker forces.Westall does not skimp on characterization, incident, and complication. Most of the stories are novella-length.My review of Antique Dust by Robert Westalljayrothermel/2017

    13. Do you miss storytelling?If you are tired of books that use jumping around in time as plot device, try this book. It's old-fashioned story telling with the luxury that implies for the reader.

    14. With three of his books now under my belt, Westall has quickly become one of my favorite authors; so much so that I just ordered a substantial lot of his works on eBay! He has a pleasant and conversational writing style that is also clever, wry, and engaging. I'm looking forward to tackling even more of his books.

    15. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to give up on this one. While the stories are good, and the first two certainly have a wonderful M.R. James-ian feel to them, I have had enough with the narrator, Geoff's, attitude towards women. Geoff is basically a dirty middle-aged perv who spends a portion of every story I've heard so far (5) ogling over and lusting after women. He is married to one of them, and later uses her basically getting her own life as an excuse to indulge in further ogling and dallia [...]

    16. I was really surprised to realise that this was the same Robert Westall who wrote 'The Machine Gunners'. I got the book on Audible and listened to most of it but didn't finish it. It started well, with the kind of subtle creepiness I love in ghost stories. The book is dedicated to M.R. James and it begins in the atmosphere of his stories.However, as it progressed, it lost that charm. As with a great many male authors, Westall seems unable to introduce a female character without dwelling on her b [...]

    17. I love reading really old ghost stories whether they are true or not. I have a few favorite stories in this book one of them is called Little yellow dog. The story is about a boy who finds a yellow dog and an old man that only the boy can see, but when he goes digging on the beach he digs up more than buried treasure. I enjoyed reading the book although it being old some of the story's are really not care and possibly some children or preteens could read.

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