Jimmy s Blues and Other Poems All of the published poetry of James Baldwin including six significant poems previously only available in a limited edition During his lifetime James Baldwin authored seven novels as wel

  • Title: Jimmy's Blues and Other Poems
  • Author: James Baldwin
  • ISBN: 9780807084861
  • Page: 263
  • Format: Paperback
  • All of the published poetry of James Baldwin, including six significant poems previously only available in a limited edition During his lifetime 1924 1987 , James Baldwin authored seven novels, as well as several plays and essay collections, which were published to wide spread praise These books, among them Notes of a Native Son, The Fire Next Time, Giovanni s Room, andAll of the published poetry of James Baldwin, including six significant poems previously only available in a limited edition During his lifetime 1924 1987 , James Baldwin authored seven novels, as well as several plays and essay collections, which were published to wide spread praise These books, among them Notes of a Native Son, The Fire Next Time, Giovanni s Room, and Go Tell It on the Mountain, brought him well deserved acclaim as a public intellectual and admiration as a writer However, Baldwin s earliest writing was in poetic form, and Baldwin considered himself a poet throughout his lifetime Nonetheless, his single book of poetry, Jimmy s Blues, never achieved the popularity of his novels and nonfiction, and is the one and only book to fall out of print This new collection presents James Baldwin the poet, including all nineteen poems from Jimmy s Blues, as well as all the poems from a limited edition volume called Gypsy, of which only 325 copies were ever printed and which was in production at the time of his death Known for his relentless honesty and startlingly prophetic insights on issues of race, gender, class, and poverty, Baldwin is just as enlightening and bold in his poetry as in his famous novels and essays The poems range from the extended dramatic narratives of Staggerlee wonders and Gypsy to the lyrical beauty of Some days, which has been set to music and interpreted by such acclaimed artists as Audra McDonald Nikky Finney s introductory essay reveals the importance, relevance, and rich rewards of these little known works Baldwin s many devotees will find much to celebrate in these pages.

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    1. I didn't realize James Baldwin was a poet on top of being a master essayist and novelist. I was happy to encounter this book of one long poem and a handful of shorter poems when I was up in the middle of the night looking for poetry ebooks in the library catalog.Without question, "Jimmy's Blues" is the powerhouse, and more specifically the section labeled "Staggerlee wonders." You can read it on the Poetry Foundation Website but I'll also pull out a few excerpts.There are so many recent works ab [...]

    2. Well. Niggers don't own nothing,got no flag, even our names are hand-me-downsand you don't change that by calling yourself X:sometimes that just makes it worse, like obliterating the path that leads backto whence you came, and to where you can begin. And, anyway, none of this changes the reality, which is, for example, that I do not want my son to die in Guantanamo, or anywhere else, for that matter, serving the Stars and Stripes.Στην ποιητική συλλογή του Baldwin, του α [...]

    3. Prior to reading a poem of Baldwin's in From Totems to Hip-Hop: A Multicultural Anthology of Poetry Across America, I had no idea that he was a poet in addition to his more famous work as an novelist and essayist. Not only is he a poet, he's quite a good one, and I'm very glad this was my first introduction to his work. Baldwin explores in a powerful voice being a black man and a bisexual black man in America. Both his political and love poems are powerful and he uses language in a unique way.

    4. I was online shopping when I ran across Jimmy's Blues and Other Poems. I picked it up and I read straight through. I had no idea Baldwin had written poetry. Having only read two of his novels I was happily surprised by the depth and universal themes found in his poems. Most of the poems are dedicated to people he knew but the themes ring true to life in general. There are many themes running through his poems that run equally through his novels. If anything this book will restore your faith in p [...]

    5. favorites: ImaginationImaginationcreates the situation,and then, the situationcreates imagination.It may, of course,be the other way around:Columbus was discoveredby what he found.UntitledLord,when you send the rain,think about it, please,a little?Donot get carried awayby the sound of falling water,the marvelous lighton the falling water.Iam beneath that water.It falls with great forceand the lightBlindsme to the light.

    6. I definitely am a bigger fan of Baldwin's prose, but these poems are still important and give a good insight into a more playful dimension of his writing. Some of these are apocalyptic, while others are like old love songs. I'm especially interested in some of the themes which move throughout the collection and connect to his prose: white supremacy (and its libidinal underpinnings), time (in its openness), history (as a nightmare), desire (and corresponding distance).

    7. Any writer worth their salt is a poet at heart and their poetic output is often the key to understanding their art. I find it interesting how so many of the poems collected here (his entire poetic oeuvre) are dedicated to the people in his life. There's an intimacy, but also a solitude; silliness and also dead seriousness. I certainly can't assess these poems any better than Nikky Finney does in her brilliant introduction. I don't know that I'd recommend it to anyone unfamiliar with Baldwin's es [...]

    8. As someone who has not read a tremendous amount of poetry and has mixed feelings about it—some poems leave a strong impression on me, while others miss me by a long shot—I throughly enjoyed this collection. I'm a big James Baldwin fan, but have never read any of his poetry, so it pleased me when I found out I won this book through a giveaway.I doubt I have to say much in terms of a review, considering it has the 19 poems from Jimmy's Blues, with a few others from a different book. If you ha [...]

    9. James Baldwin will never let you, or himself, or anyone else off the hook for anything, and he won’t let you do it either. You will be accountable. Jimmy’s Blues is a powerful reckoning as humane as it is uncompromising. I read it in one quick gulp in a coffee shop. I’m a pretty self-contained person, especially in public, but these poems made me grimace and gasp and stare slack-jawed at the page. (Staggerlee Wonders. Holy shit.) Fortunately I live in New York City, and no one looks at you [...]

    10. Poetry wasn't Baldwin's genre and some of the lines lie a bit flat on the page. Baldwin had an affinity for rhyme and rhythms that feel pretty conventional, but at times I found myself hearing the music behind the page: Clyde McPhatter, C.L. Franklin, Dorothy Love Coates, Mahalia. Readers familiar with Baldwin's essays will hear a lot of familiar themes, the mixture of tenderness and righteous anger. Way down on the Baldwin list, but I'm happy I revisited.

    11. What a wonderful collection of poetry! I knew James Baldwin was a prominent bisexual novelist and poet; however, until this book, I’d never read any of his poetry. His words are haunting, beautiful, and thought-provoking and these poems stick to you like meat on your bones long after the slim volume is finished. The rest of my review can be found at bisexual-book.tumblr

    12. I read the whole thing aloud to myself. When I finished, it was midnight. Then I sat alone in silence for an hour.

    13. Baldwin's poems are only three stars in light of the entirety of the body of his work. I am certain that there are those who are much more familiar and in tune with poetry who can pore through Jimmy's Blues again and again.Still, even for a ignoramus of poetry such as myself- there are forceful poems in this book. The first and best of which is "Staggerlee wonders" which indicts the whitewashing of American history. Sadly more relevant today than it should be. "Gypsy" and "Inventory / On Being 5 [...]

    14. As I read, I can hear his voice as if he were speaking to me. From interviews I've heard this poignant voice, speak in such as way to silence the voice of racism while pouring out the truths about the state of Black America. He rightfully earns his place in history as not only a poet, orator, but also a Civil Rights activist. I can feel his joy, pain, sadness, and frustration with each poem he writes. His unapologetic use of language tells the gripping reality of being Black in America. I highly [...]

    15. This man made writing look absolutely effortless. His prose reminds me of birds singing at sunrise. So full of truth and hope. Standouts for me: Staggerlee wonders, Guilt, Desire and Love, Gypsy, and lastly For EARL. I borrowed this collection from my local library, but I will most certainly be purchasing a copy for my home library. This is a collection of poems worth rereading.Sometimes you come across writers who move you deeply, and for me, James Baldwin is one of those writers.

    16. Touching and sad insight from Baldwin's poem "A Lover's Question" where he is talking about America and ends the poem with this"I have endured your fire and your whip, your rope, and the panic from your hip, in many ways, false lover, yet, my love: you do not know how desperately I hoped that you would grow not so much to love me as to know that what you do to me you do to you."An interesting compilation with a wonderful forward by Nikky Finney.

    17. The pleasure of reading poetry from a writer clearly in love with language, and literature.

    18. Must read poems. These powerful poems make us thing about our political and human condition as citizens of the world, and how patriotism (racism) cripples our humanity.

    19. Poetry so powerful it made my heart heave and soar. Exquisite use of language. Wish I'd been exposed to it in academia.

    20. After reading the first poem [1] I can’t even begin to describe how [Staggerlee wonders] makes me feel. Nikki Finneys introduction was cautioning yet not revealing. James Baldwin could have stopped writing after Poem 1, it’s that powerful. What a way to begin The Year of James Baldwin. But why stop when you have such bold things to say? He was truly ahead of his times and accurate in providing what needs to be said to our modern audiences. Dare I read Poem 2? It is prophetic yet general. An [...]

    21. With the exception of a few moments peppered through, Jimmy's Blues and Other Poems is a DVD extra in the Baldwin oeuvre. One can easily visualize the form as a place of reprieve for Baldwin: a place where he can relax into his more lovey-dovey self, or his more fire-and-brimstone self, selves in which Baldwin had trouble imbuing the material with any sort of playfulness while writing in prose or for the theater. One can tell this was more of an experimental aside project for Baldwin: his experi [...]

    22. I was grateful to win this collection of poems as a First Read Giveaway. I'm familiar and enjoy Baldwin's prose but I'm very conscious of my lack of experience RE: poetry and so hoped this would broaden my poetic horizons, so to speak.As the collection's title suggests, the majority of Baldwin's poems have the rhythm, the rhyme scheme of a blues or jazz song. This is great but unfortunately it's also what I dislike in poetry, that is, the uniform. That being said, there are a few poems that wer [...]

    23. Another random poetry purchase based solely on the strength of the first poem in the collection. I was unaware of Baldwin's notoriety, but after this collection, I'll have to look into his prose writing. I'm sure for more knowledgeable fans this would be an exciting collection because it contains a critical introduction and a handful of previously uncollected poems, that while published, haven't appeared together before. The poetry, in the meantime, was fantastic. More lyrical and musical than I [...]

    24. James Baldwin is an author of seven novels, several plays, essay collections and poems. His only book of poetry was published in 1983. Poet lovers, Baldwin fans, and word admirers, in just a few short months you will be graced with a new release to add to your collection. Jimmy's Blues and Other Poems includes nineteen previously published poems and six poems previously available in a limited-edition art book. James Baldwin's poetic words are honest, uplifting, bold and enlightening. His insight [...]

    25. I'd always thought of Baldwin as a poet, or at least he occupied the poet's corner in the halls of writers-I-hadn't-read-much-of-yet. So I was a little surprised, when I finally decided to dig in, that this was the sum of all his published poetry. In this book are great poems, remarkable poems, and a few that didn't really grab me right away. Not enough, perhaps, to make a case for James Baldwin as poet of the century. But if you've read any of his essays or interviews, or perhaps his novels, yo [...]

    26. I can be very wrong about an artist. I dismissed Handel for years as a composer and now he's one of my favorites. So I write this with trepidation. I have nothing but respect for Baldwin as an essayist and a fiction writer, but either his poetry is sophomoric or I'm completing missing something. Poetry ought to be musical and for me this stuff only occasionally rises to jingle jangle. Some people can write successful prose but not poetry, George Orwell was another example. But I would rank even [...]

    27. I skipped Nikky Finney’s great introduction the first time I read these poems, and that was a mistake. I still prefer the subtler poems such as the untitled one that begins with “Lord, / when you send the rain, / think about it, please, / a little.” However, Finney gives context to the overtly political meditations, the ones that traffic in a dizzying combination of shocking language and high rhetoric, gutter and mountain. Beacon Press has designed a gorgeous book that Baldwin fans will be [...]

    28. It is both wonderful and a strange thing to hold a book of James Baldwin's poetry. The man's eloquence and smart insight is unparalleled in his essays and novels. To see that thought condensed into stanzas of poetry--which I never knew he wrote--is curious. Yet there those same themes are, along with the emotion, and the unfortunately continuing relevance. Finney's introduction is most welcome, but I would have welcomed even more context and commentary. It's a slight volume, but a gem to have, a [...]

    29. It's hard to pinpoint my thoughts on this, much as it was with Rimbaud's Illuminations. It's very powerful and often very political poetry. It's easy to read, it's honest, and it's occasionally funny. It's also very bold. But it's not quite 'Giovanni's Room' - Baldwin's stripped down language is less effective than his prose, which has eloquence akin to poetry itself.Ultimately, I can appreciate the power of this poetry, and I enjoyed much of it. However, it comes down to the fact that I know I' [...]

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