Reluctant Alpha Handsome young Kai is living a lie On Scythia male children are rejected so his mother the queen hid his true sex all his life On this planet of like women he s been able to hide out but his mot

  • Title: Reluctant Alpha
  • Author: Shannon West
  • ISBN: 9781618857668
  • Page: 421
  • Format: ebook
  • Handsome, young Kai is living a lie On Scythia, male children are rejected so his mother, the queen, hid his true sex all his life On this planet of like women, he s been able to hide out, but his mother needs to get him safely away from the planet, arranging a marriage to the powerful Lycan alpha Lucas likes men but is being pressured to find a female and haveHandsome, young Kai is living a lie On Scythia, male children are rejected so his mother, the queen, hid his true sex all his life On this planet of like women, he s been able to hide out, but his mother needs to get him safely away from the planet, arranging a marriage to the powerful Lycan alpha Lucas likes men but is being pressured to find a female and have an heir Reluctantly, he agrees to meet Princess Kai, and is shocked to discover Kai is no princess, but a handsome young man Instantly recognizing him as his bloodmate, Lucas is still furious at the deception He mates with Kai and takes him home, but the lies between them threaten to tear them apart Kai is still harboring a terrible secret one that will destroy his world if it ever becomes known.

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    One thought on “Reluctant Alpha”

    1. This is quite a fun and interesting story with lots of smexy sex.🔥 As usual of aShannon West story. 😉 It has very light angst and MCs are really lovable. 💙 Princess Kai, a young man who has had to pretend all his life as a woman. As a second born child to a monarch, he has no right to the throne and his sister is always looking for a way to dispose of him as soon as possible. Kai being a man is a threat to both his mother, the queen of Scythia, and him. Once the citizens of Scynthia fi [...]

    2. Strange, dissonant reading experience. I actually found the working out of the (obligatory) mistrust and misunderstandings between the MCs to be more insightful and subtle than I've found in West's books before--or than you often see in shifter stories. Lucas is pretty dreadful to Kai, but the psychological motivations and feelings of each were really well-done, enough that I'd even call them realistic. My main problem with the book was with the depiction of the Scythians which felt like some ki [...]

    3. Such an interesting blurb. A boy raised as a girl then put up for marriage as a girl! Lucas is the head of the Lycan family in this series and figured out things pretty quickly. And poor Kai not knowing anything about sex or boys, always believing he was defective somehow. Sad. I'm having a great time here! Next!!

    4. **Spoilers, I guess. WOW. This series has been one big clusterfuck, but Jesus Christ. So, Kai is surrounded by a bunch of Lycans. He's just been taken from his home and his mother (the only person who has ever loved him). Lucas, the guy he's just been forced to marry is a raging psychopath who slammed Kai against a wall earlier, hard enough to draw blood. So yes, Kai has blood streaming down the back of his neck. That's the state he's in. In this scene, on the ship--he attempts suicide. Not 'thi [...]

    5. *squint* I've seen this cover before.And HOLY SHIT. THAT'S JUST CREEPY. I'm fairly certain this matchmaker lady has the exact same name as the illegal slave brothel fat lady from the last book. "Mistress Katya"?Either way, prolly not a great idea to use that name.And then the windiga? Really? Do you really want to allude to wendigos in household pet animals? Apparently, yes.They're both really horrid to each other, and it relies extremely heavily on the Poor Communication Kills trope, but it's c [...]

    6. "Princess Kai" lives on a planet where boy babies are not tolerated and given to the "godess". Meanwhile, Alpha Lucas does not want, but needs a mate to secure his leadership and produce a heir. The trouble with this though, is that he prefers men and there is also the problem of a ancient curse placed on his line to think of as well! Through a matchmaker (like the way the author portrays her as very clever and sooooo scheming in getting what she wants), Princess Kai is matched with Lucas. After [...]

    7. 2.5 starsThis is the book I was waiting the longest to get to. I loved Kai thru and thru. The fact he could pass as a woman but was ALL man and always fought back was awesome. The first scene was a little intense with the physically fighting back and forth and Lucas almost fckin him right there as Kai was bleeding. But I couldn't stand the way Lucas acted. Like he was deceived beyond forgiveness when he never wanted to mate a bitch in the first place. Shit he shoulda gotten down on his knees and [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book and thought it was an excellent continuation of the Love Slaves of the Alphas series.On Kai's planet, men are considered defective so women only mate with men from other planets. And they only stay with those men until they get pregnant. If the baby is a boy, he is "re-assimilated" by the priestesses to be reborn as a girl. Kai was a boy whose mother, the Queen, hide his gender from everyone but her most faithful chamber women. Unfortunately, he is now an adult and he [...]

    9. I adored this book it was one I couldn’t put down and read it in one sitting.From the first page to the last my attention was held and oh boy the characters are so interesting especially Kai.The storyline is great I have to say I do struggle with SY-FI books but not this one I enjoyed every minute of this one.I loved Kai he has lived his life as a girl always hiding who he is, as on his plant they got rid of male babies. When his mother arranges him to have a husband bare in mind everyone thin [...]

    10. I didn't like any of the characters, mostly because they didn't feel very fleshed out. The situation was a bit too contrived for my tastes and I had a very difficult time accepting the culture on Kai's home world - mostly because it didn't make any logical sense or evolutionary sense, which made it feel as though the author put it in place just to further the story. Unfortunately, this only made the story less plausible to me and undermined the emotional impact it was probably supposed to delive [...]

    11. One of these days I will get hold of book #1 and read it. In the meantime each of these books can be read as a stand alone, even though they are a series of interconnected stories. This one was interesting in as much as one of the main characters gets brought up as a female without much knowledge of the world outside his home. The other main character really peeved me with his lack of understanding what this would mean for the guy once he was allowed to be a man. Luckily the story overall was a [...]

    12. Book 4 has an interesting spin and made for an interesting read.Princess Kai has been living a lie all his life. Lucas is the Alpha of Lycanus 3 and is being pressured to take a mate to continue his lineeven though he has no interest in women. He reluctantly agrees to the union only to find Kai is his mate. Feeling he's been played for a fool, Lucas finds it hard to trust Kai as he continues to keep secrets from him.Misunderstandings and mistrust abounds, how will they find their HEA?I love Shan [...]

    13. I was not expecting to like this one as much as the others mostly because I prefer rough alpha men in my stories (because I like it really rough and that combo usually delivers a lot of tension). This was better then I expected. I liked Kai and though, at times, his innocence got a bit irritating there was rationale for it. I must confess to being a bit addicted to these books!

    14. Soooo disappointing! Lucas spends 90% of the book being horrible to Kai then on the last 2 pages they have apparently made up but we get to see NONE of it! Not to mention that we got literally one good sex scene! This is soo unlike Shannon West to give us a mediocre book. This book was about the leader of the lycuns and it was BAD. It should have been one of the best. I'm so upset!

    15. 3.5There were a a lot of things that irked me but I did love it. It's just that in the end, there were still lots of stuff left unsaid that I would have really liked to have had elaborated a bit more.

    16. Thin plot, no character development unless you consider the development of Lucas straight into an asshole as character development. 2 stars but only because I forced myself to finish, more like 1.5. Ugh, obviously not for me.

    17. I was hoping for more but it was about what I expected. Lucas was the typical lycan male asshole and their romance was two dimensional. They didn't interact other than sex and the mate-bond thing just didn't cut it for me this time.

    18. Not the best read, but it did help spark my interest in the other books in this series. I'm not sure in what order I'll read them, but I will give them a try.

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