Girl from Fatehpur I love you Rajan she had blurted out hands clenched tightly at her sides Sana you are only a kid you will soon forget all this Besides don t you also love Shahrukh Khan A decade has gone by and Sa

  • Title: Girl from Fatehpur
  • Author: Sarita Varma
  • ISBN: 9781927826188
  • Page: 400
  • Format: ebook
  • I love you Rajan, she had blurted out, hands clenched tightly at her sides Sana, you are only a kid you will soon forget all this Besides, don t you also love Shahrukh Khan A decade has gone by and Sanjana, now a highflying professional in Mumbai, had thought she was over her childhood crush on Rajan However, a chance encounter at a family wedding in her hometown Fa I love you Rajan, she had blurted out, hands clenched tightly at her sides Sana, you are only a kid you will soon forget all this Besides, don t you also love Shahrukh Khan A decade has gone by and Sanjana, now a highflying professional in Mumbai, had thought she was over her childhood crush on Rajan However, a chance encounter at a family wedding in her hometown Fatehpur re kindles all her old feelings for him But what about Krish, her persistent suitor who is also a senior colleague in the office He just will not take no for an answer His unexpected arrival in Fatehpur results in heated rivalry between the two men.Will the ensuing tension and misunderstanding put an end to all her hopes of happiness Her first love Rajan, or Krish, her handsome eligible colleague who will win Sanjana s impulsive heart

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    One thought on “Girl from Fatehpur”

    1. ~I received this book as a part of Indireads reviewer program in exchange for a honest review~Sanjana, a modern girl with traditional values at heart, living in the big bad Mumbai is en route to Fatehpur, her home, after 4 years as we open the pages of the book. It's her cousin Renee's wedding, but is it the real reason she's left Mumbai in such a rush? Or is the story something else?My Views• Writing: The writing of the book, at best was smooth flowing. It was beautiful and a short read as I [...]

    2. ** I received this book for free as a part of Indireads Reviewer program in exchange for an honest review. **Girl from Fatehpur is a romantic novella featuring the triangle between a professional city gal who is 'really a country girl' at heart, her colleague 'Mr Perfect' and the childhood buddy who is the 'first love she never really got over'. The story plays out against the backdrop of a big, fat Indian wedding set in a small town where everyone knows everyone else.Guess who gets the gal?Crac [...]

    3. 3.5/5Recieved a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.Girl from Fatehpur by Sarita Varma is a well written enjoyable light romance.This one had a love triangle going on and though I am personally not a big fan of those,the author handled it well and Sanjana ended with the perfect hero.It was little predictable but enjoyable because of the settings and writing.Though it was personally not a problem for me but the Hindi words sprinkled over the story might be diffic [...]

    4. I was given this book to review by Indiereads. This novella is about Sana and her journey to find her Mr. Right. It was a very cute story about first loves and how a person who may seem the perfect guy, full marriage material but isn't "The One" for you. I loved Sana's character, she was head strong and she knew what she wanted. She wasn't like other girls who would go after the guy, she moved on with her life. It had some cliched moments but the Indian setting and the romance wouldn't have been [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book from Indireads in exchange for an honest review.When approached by Indireads to review a book, I decided on this one for my first choice. I enjoyed the story. The narration was light and led to easy, relaxed reading. The romance was clean/sweet and so should appeal to a wide range of audience. It actually reminded me a lot of the tone of the Harlequin Romance/Cherish line, where the romance/friendship/relationship is more the focus and things are more low-key and l [...]

    6. Sanjana, Sana, is born and brought up in Fatehpur by her doting family of parents, grandparents and Uncles and aunts. They are a very close knit family and she is very close to her cousins and can share her innermost feelings with them especially Devika. Rajan is their neighbor and a close friend of her cousin. When she is fifteen and he nineteen, she confesses her love to him just before he is leaving for the US for his engineering degree.Now, ten years later, she has not been to Fatehpur since [...]

    7. I have to state that I was given this book in exchange for a honest review and here it is. Ah, I am impressed with this book. I often complain that there aren't many Asian authors who write good stories, which are relatable. But I am happy to say that this novella was different. It was about a small-town girl settled in Mumbai. Hailing from a small town myself and living in Mumbai, I found the book to be relatable on many levels. Most of the story takes places in Fatehpur with a big, fat Indian [...]

    8. First of all, I would like to thank Indireads for making me a part of their review program. I'm glad to review one of their books.Despite of bearing an old concept, 'Girl From Fatehpur' comes with a fresh breeze of love triangle. This book revolves around Sanjana who is headstrong yet does not forget her cultural norms. She is irrevocably in love with her childhood neighbour, Rajan. He is by all means alluring, impeccable and hard to ignore. Far away from her grandparents, she is settled in Mumb [...]

    9. The first crush is always special, a beautiful memory for life. Rajan was Sana’s first crush or is it first love. That was ten years ago. Now there is the charismatic Krish Chauhan. But does Krish kindle Sana’s feeling the way Rajan did. Unable to decide, or rather not wanting to commit to Krish’s proposal, Sanjana escapes to her family home and especially to Devika her cousin, her confidante citing her cousin’s wedding as an excuse. But fate has other plans. She first bumps in Rajan, as [...]

    10. Sarita varma’s ‘Girl from Fatehpur’ is a beautiful romance that captures the very essence of India. Sanjana is on her way to Fatehpur to attend a wedding where she see meets her childhood romance Rajan. As they slip back into the familiarity of their roots, Krish makes an entry. Krish is Sanjana’s colleague from office and wants to marry her.Even as both the guys, circle around trying to woo her, Sanjana needs to decide whom she wants to marry or not. I loved the easy style of Sarita’s [...]

    11. This book is a soft read. The story finishes with a smile on your face. Knitted around a middle class family and a life of small town girl, this book makes an enjoyable read.The story line is more or less predictable but the characters are somehow relevant to these days family.Overall this book is a fun read.

    12. I received this book as a part of the Indireads Reviewer Program and I shall review this book but it may include spoilers, so read ahead at your own risk! While I am admittedly not a fan of the romance genre, I decided to give this book a try. Being an Indian who has grown up outside of India, I have always been intrigued by South Asian literature and authors. I feel this novel is an easy light read I would recommend to anyone fond of the quintessential 'bollywood romance'. The setting is a vibr [...]

    13. This is a story of Sanjana fondly called as Sana hailing from Fatehpur a town in Uttar Pradesh, and thats where the title comes from. A very simple and well narrated story in the confines of her world, a bit of it from Mumbai and the days to her trip to her hometown Fatehpur for her cousins wedding, there is a lot of travelling with her in real as the author takes you around the Allahabad Maha Kumb and some drives during the big fat Indian Wedding.This is a story of Sana, her childhood crush Raj [...]

    14. A romance novella should ideally be enjoyable and easy to read on the mind. This is certainly what Indireads author, Sarita Varma's Girl from Fatehpur is - a light romance peppered with expression of Indian culture. The context of the 'Big Fat Indian wedding' is used cleverly to spin Sanjana's romantic tale or rather, tales. She is the 'girl from Fatehpur' as the title says. The story starts with her escape from a rather unexpected proposal in Mumbai by her colleague at work, Krish. As she heads [...]

    15. An office romance versus childhood crush would be the best byline for the novella – A Girl from Fatehpur by Sarita Varma.A lot is to be praised today staring from an attractive and appealing book cover withgirl from fatehpur bright contrasting color scheme and images chosen to perfect treatment of characters and story line to beautiful description of story and emotions to strong hand on writing skills to introduction to Indian culture and events to a well-planned love triangle. I could add mor [...]

    16. If you are in the market for a light summer novella, easily digestible and entertaining, then The Girl from Fatehpur fits the bill. The book delves into the budding romance among three distinctive characters at a family wedding in Fatehpur, a small Indian village which almost acts as the fourth protagonist in the novella. Although the language can be trite at times, the novella’s greatest strength lies in vividly capturing the varied intricacies that go into preparing and executing a typical t [...]

    17. The novella ‘Girl from Fatehpur’ starts with the protagonist , the girl from Fatehpur, Sanjana(or Sana for family and friends) returning to her roots almost four years after the tragic death of her parents to attend the marriage of her cousin Renee in Fatehpur.Trying to find solace and answers from her sister Devika and to escape from her city life in Mumbai, Sanjana lands nearer home. where she meets Rajan , her childhood crush.As the days progress and as Sanjana begins to enjoy her holiday [...]

    18. Sarita Varma’s Girl from fatehpur is a short and sweet romantic novella which revolves around Sanjana (Sana), her childhood crush Rajan and her colleague Krish. The novel opens up with Sana returning back to her native land after few years of gap for her cousin’s wedding. Sana is a girl with very strong values and who upholds very high regards for her tradition. She has left behind Krish’s dramatic proposal and her life in Mumbai, just to be with her family and close friends. Thus begins t [...]

    19. ** I received this book for free as a part of Indireads Reviewer program in exchange for an honest review. **The book starts off with Sanjana travelling back to Fatehpur from Mumbai to attend the wedding of her cousin. Her boss, Krish had just proposed to her. He is smart, suave, charismatic and in everyone's eyes, he is a great 'catch'. However, something was holding her back from saying yes, and she was hoping that this trip home could help her gain some perspective. On the way there, she unex [...]

    20. Sanjana is shocked when Krish proposes marriage. She is not sure she wants to marry her colleague but he appears to take her for granted. That’s when she escapes to Fatehpur to attend a family wedding. Rajan turns up unexpectedly. In her teens, Sanjana had believed herself in love with Rajan. But he had not been interested. When opportunities throw Sanjana and Rajan together, again and again, she begins to dream of a second chance. But Krish turns up at the wedding in pursuit of her. Read Girl [...]

    21. This is a story about Sanjana well settled working women living in Mumbai who is stuck in a dilemma of choosing her first love Rajan who has just returned from Seattle, USA and her colleague Krish, man straight out of a matrimonial website, who proposed her. Books starts with sanjana proposed by her colleague Krish, whom she puts on hold, followed by Sanjana travelling to her hometown Fatehpur to attend her cousin's wedding where she meets her first love Rajan who is still handsome as he was yea [...]

    22. What drew me to "Girl from Fatehpur" was the title and definitely the brilliant cover that I found charming and mysterious. But what I ended up enjoying was more than that.Sanjana, Sana, works in Mumbai and has received a proposal from Krish, her team leader. In a dilemna to make a decision, she finds the perfect excuse to get away from Mumbai to think about the proposal - her cousin Renee's marriage in Fatehpur. What happens on her break in Fatehpur, whom does she meet and what does she finally [...]

    23. It is a story of eternal love triangle- between one woman and two men. Since the theme is not too innovative the writer has to be very particular about the development of the storyline. we will try to examine whether Sarita Verma has passed with distinction or have failed miserably in her romantic novella-Girl from Fatehpur. The story has begun amid a train journey from Allahabad to Fatehpur. Sanjana, our protagonist of the story is on her way back home from Mumbai-where she is working in a MNC [...]

    24. Girl from Fatehpur is the story of Sanjana, Rajan and Krish who have their own ways of expressing love. The strength of the book is a number of well etched characters who facilitate the flow of the story. The author Sarita Varma has created well described romantic scenes out of the ordinary possibilities. These scenes remain etched in the mind of the reader even after completing the book. It depicts a fine picture of the Indian culture. It is an interesting weekend read!

    25. It is a short and sweet novella about a girl who's stuck between her childhood crush and her self-centered office colleague who's in love with her and her dilemma in selecting between the twomantic conversations, subtle humor, varied feelings and joint family culture. nice read. read whole review here : jigar-doshi/2014/07/girl-f

    26. If you want a fun light read, and enjoy Romance and Chick Lit, this is a book that you will enjoy reading once. I would give this quick read and light hearted romance 3.5 out of 5 Stars.Read The full Review Herejaibalarao/2014/12/18/book

    27. Well written and breezy The book is written well and captures the life in small town India, the big Indian wedding, family gossip well the romance unfolds effortlessly. Very real and very relatable

    28. Rating: 2.5 A romantic comedy of sorts,Girl from Fatehpur is the story of Sanjana,aka,Sana,a girl hailing from the small town of Fatehpur in Uttar Pradesh and her Prince Charming.The story begins with Sanjana catching a train to Fatehpur to attend her cousin’s wedding and also to get some breathing space to think over the marriage proposal from her colleague Krish from her Mumbai office.En route she meets Rajan her childhood crush and neighbour who has recently returned to India on business af [...]

    29. Before i talk about the book, i have to say i really liked the cover. It was gorgeous.As to the book itself, i don't read too many India based books, so this was a good change and foray into the Indian family genre of writing. For me, the book was basically about one woman's journey towards choosing what she wants in life and who she wants to spend her life with.On an overall level, i found it too be too simplistic. Sanna is a likeable character - the book is written from her point of view and i [...]

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