Against All Odds The first time they collide he thinks she s a con artist she believes he s an arrogant snob It takes several meetings to change their minds about each other but eventually Abhimanyu and Sanjana st

  • Title: Against All Odds
  • Author: Jazz Singh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 110
  • Format: ebook
  • The first time they collide, he thinks she s a con artist, she believes he s an arrogant snob.It takes several meetings to change their minds about each other, but eventually, Abhimanyu and Sanjana strike up a friendship that seems destined to turn into something He s a rich successful businessman, however, and she s a small town girl who doesn t fit into his glitterThe first time they collide, he thinks she s a con artist, she believes he s an arrogant snob.It takes several meetings to change their minds about each other, but eventually, Abhimanyu and Sanjana strike up a friendship that seems destined to turn into something He s a rich successful businessman, however, and she s a small town girl who doesn t fit into his glittering world a fact that Abhimanyu s mother has taken pains to point out.Will they ever overcome the odds, or are their lives on parallel tracks, never destined to cross

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    One thought on “Against All Odds”

    1. I received this free ebook from indireads & I decided to review it.What I liked:this is a very simple boy meets girl (etc) storythe romance & love scenes were really sweetit was short & cutereally loved the cover!What I didn't like:all the Hindi terms thrown it were easy for me to understand but I don't know if other readers might be able to understand them-it might ruin their enjoyment of the story.If you have half an hour (or less) on your hands, give this cute story a chance. Its [...]

    2. It's a classic tale - the small town girl and the well-heeled city slicker – but written with such flair that you wish it just kept going. Sanana is a talented, if prickly, interior designer. He's a (possibly gang-like) real estate developer. She's from a small town and struggling to make ends meet. He's got a haughty mother who doesn't want a nobody in the familyJazz Singh has all the ingredients she needs for a dramatic romance. The chemistry between her characters crackles off the page, and [...]

    3. Against All Odds by Jazz Singh is a simple, sweet, and beautiful little story that is sure to warm your hearts. While the plot is one that has been portrayed and written about several times, Jazz writes her story with a freshness that sets it apart from works having a similar theme.In the beginning, I thought the story moved a little too fast. But towards the end you fall in step with the author’s line of thought and some may even want to go back and start reading the book again. I loved all h [...]

    4. I had saved this book in want to read list for along time, thinking that it was not much good story, but after reading it turned out all good, in fact, amazing. the end was perfect.

    5. So as you can see the story mainly revolves around the storyline of two people destined to be apart due to their class and cultural differences. Set mainly in the busy, bustling city of Delhi the story starts with our main female protagonist finding herself under the wheels of a rather smart car. The budding interior designer finds herself face to face with the sultry, slightly arrogant and menacing Abhimanyu. Helping her to her feet she shrugs off his requests to take her to the hospital and in [...]

    6. Sanjana is a small town girl trying to find her feet in Delhi as an Interior Designer. She stumbles on something, loses her footing and slips in front of Abhimanyu’s car. They get off on the wrong foot. He thinks of her as a con artist and she considers him as an arrogant and an insufferable man.Was it coincidence or destiny but they meet again and again and eventually change their minds about each other. And fall in love too. Abhimanyu’s mother dislikes their association and points out the [...]

    7. What happens when two people from totally different social milieus have an attraction for each other? That's the premise for many a hit Bollywood movie. But stop right there. Jazz Singh's Against All Odds is by no means an over the top, melodramatic story. It is rooted in reality and the author brings out the dilemma that a small town girl faces when she migrates to a big metropolis to study and work. Sanjana is just such a girl from the hill town of Kasauli who literally bumps into Abhimanyu's [...]

    8. Sanjana –the young talented interior decorator did had a crash with a speeding car in a night of torrential rainfall. The crash is literal-both physically and mentally.From then on wherever she goes, she started discovering the owner of the car-the handsome, rich and famous Abhimunya.Who had a crash on which we don’t know-but one thing is certain, their hearts started speaking to each other.She started thinking somebody like him to whom London and Milan is like a room of their house, will no [...]

    9. Against All Odds is a typical romance tale of a rich boy and a middle class girl. They meet, get attracted and fall in love. The social and family indifferences separate them for a while only to be reunited by which the story ends. It is strange to find the author taking up a theme so old and presenting it in a way nothing short of a bollywood masala film. Unfortunately, none of the characters could leave a mark on me after finishing this 106 paged story. The events are too predictable which kee [...]

    10. Against all odds, a simple love story with its lifelike characters and vivid narration is a compelling read. As the author unrolls the canvas, the characters spring into life as though they have been living next door all this time. Every character has an accurate portrayal irrespective of how big or small their role is.What didn't work for me though are the portions depicting the intimacy between Sanjana and Abhimanyu. Its my personal opinion that premarital sex shouldn't been advocated in a boo [...]

    11. A simple middle class girl who becomes an Interior Designer and meets the super rich Abhimanyu, in a minor accident on a rainy night!It is not love at first sight, nor do they sing "Pyaar Hua , Ikraar hua hai' under the black umbrella!She is the small town , pahadi girl, he is the sophisticated Delhi bred businessman. They have nothing in common except love for eachother!While he is convinced she is 'the one' for him, his mother has doubts. Cliche? You bet!Sanjana shifts her work base,away from [...]

    12. Against All Odds has all the elements of a fast paced, contemporary romance. The character of Sanjana-independent, gracious and strong willed- left quite an impression on me. And the sexual chemistry between Sanjana and Abhimanyu is sizzling and handled with such finesse. The book also brings out the issues of class and societal divide, albeit without resorting to the typical over the top melodrama which keeps it real and relatable. Dialogues are unstilted. All in all, a must read for die hard r [...]

    13. Against all Odds is a lovely romance. The characters Sanjana and Abhi are beautifully crafted, complete with chips on their shoulders. The conflict is so believable - I particularly liked the part where Sanjana finds a hundred reasons why they should be apart - beautifully done, Jazz Singh! The dialogues between the two are superbly constructed - It was page 29 or so. The author managed to have me squeeze out a tear or two at one of the last few scenes in Kausali. Overall, a quick read, with qui [...]

    14. I liked the story for the way the author has maintained the character consistency, described the scenes and shared the displayed emotions (of the characters). It is a visual treat to have at the end of a tiring day.The heroine Sanjana is lovely and humble and the hero Abhimanyu is more of "Follow-my-way-and no-there-is-no-highway" fellow. But in the middle of the book one falls in love with him along with Sanjana!I hope the author Jazz Singh continues to create such sweet and well told stories.

    15. A sweet and simple love story, with all the essential ingredients thrown in, against all odds, is a refreshing read. The characters are well described and lifelike. Sanjana has her head firmly fixed on her shoulders, sacrifices her love and does not have any bad feelings for anyone. Abhi is arrogant and nice both at the same time. I loved it. Another must read romance from Indireads.More on wp/p3cEWT-mj

    16. One of my favourites from the Indireads collection - a sweet love story in which the romance develops slowly. taking you with it, every step of the way.

    17. Uma história muito fofinha passada na Índia. Ideal para descomprimir um pouco, especialmente naqueles momentos em que o único que nos apetece é ler algo ligeiro.

    18. SheShe is Sanjana. A simple middle class girl from Kasauli and working in Delhi. Ambitious and idealistic. Just the type of girl a guy would fall in love with .HeAnd a guy does fall in love with her. He is Abhimanyu. A rich businessman from the elite society of Delhi. He can have anyone he wants. But he fell in love with the simple girl who had almost come under his car. For whom he felt responsible. But she refused his help. Her spunk, her bravery and her innocence made him fall in love. The St [...]

    19. Against all odds is a story of two people from different social milieu of life, totally unsuited for each other. But when cupid decides to cast its arrow, things get romantic, passionate and complicated.Sanjana is an intelligent, accomplished, girl from the small town, Kasauli. Being an interior designer, she lives in Delhi, where there is market for her kind of work. Abhimanyu, an angry young man, is a successful businessman who comes from a wealthy, globe-trotting family. They meet accidently, [...]

    20. Against all Odds by Jazz Singh is a compelling romantic novella from Jazz’s kitty is a KISS (ing) story between two contrasting souls bound together against all odds related to class and so-called societal gaps. I am confident that you get my point right, when I tag it as KISS – Keeping it short and sweet. Yes, it is a fast-paced story that brings forth the social issue of deepening gaps between the so-called high – low class families.If you are an Indireads follower, an ebook lover, a rom [...]

    21. another wonderful romance novella from indireads and kudos to the author for making it so realistico people with contrasting personalities meet in one of the most unromantic of ways. both literally hate each other. slowly, they keep bumping into each other and change their opinions of each other and begin to fall in love. but their contrasting cultures, lifestyles and mindsets become a problem for the people around themce, breezy, romantic yet realistic read. whole review here : jigar-doshi/2014 [...]

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