Take a Breath Ana Sinclair has not led the most ordinary life From a child she was plucked from one home to another as her mother went through men like some women went through chocolate Now at the age of she h

  • Title: Take a Breath
  • Author: Jaimie Roberts
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Ana Sinclair has not led the most ordinary life From a child she was plucked from one home to another, as her mother went through men, like some women went through chocolate Now at the age of 22 she has completed her Bachelor s degree in Criminal Justice, has a fantastic job as a Crime Analyst and lives and works with a man called Jake Bennett, who she cannot shake out oAna Sinclair has not led the most ordinary life From a child she was plucked from one home to another, as her mother went through men, like some women went through chocolate Now at the age of 22 she has completed her Bachelor s degree in Criminal Justice, has a fantastic job as a Crime Analyst and lives and works with a man called Jake Bennett, who she cannot shake out of her head no matter how hard she tries This man has been her obsession since the first day they met, but there is one major obstacle standing in her way He s getting married to her mother When her mother, Stella decides to suddenly flee once , Ana and Jake are left with his 16 year old son, Matthew to carry on with life as normal But an unexpected turn of events pushes them both closer together, creating the most intense mind blowing relationship any of them have ever encountered The chemistry between them is electric and Jake s caveman tendencies has Ana both irritated and turned on all at the same time.Unfortunately for them, all is not perfect in the Bennett household when a serial killer on the loose seems to have an unhealthy obsession towards Ana Jake, being Captain of Fairfax County, tries his best to keep Ana safe and protected from harm, as Ana tries desperately to keep a dark skeleton hidden in her closet from leaking out to the ones she loves The situation takes a turn for the worse when Ana discovers a note on her pillow from the killer, and the events that unfold from that point on, threatens to tear their relationship apart, forever.

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    One thought on “Take a Breath”

    1. **I received a copy in exchange for an honest review**1 star for effortIf I thought Gemini was bad, this was worse. I really have terrible luck in finding the one contemporary romance that could hold a candle to Me Before You. There were several times when I was tempted to DNF it. But I promise to review it, and thus I endured. I'm not gonna lie, there were times when I skipped several paragraphs (and the sex scenes). Based on the genre, you sometimes tend to pre-rate a particular book. Even bef [...]

    2. I was given a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.Brief Overview Ana Sinclair is in love with her mom's new boyfriend. He's 10 years her senior with a teenage son, but that doesn't sway her feelings. Not only does she live in the same house as Jake, but also works with him. It's getting harder and harder to stay away from him. Things get interesting once they find out Ana's mom has left without any sign of ever coming back. Jake struggles to keep his distance from Ana, althoug [...]

    3. This was a pretty decent story about a young woman in love with the man who supposed to marry her mother. Ana's mother leaves (again) and before long Ana and jake realize their feelings for each other and act on them. All of this while they're dealing with a serial killer.There were some things that impressed me about this story and a some things that bothered me.The story idea is a good concept and I like the way the romance played out between Ana and Jake. I did find Jake overbearing and at on [...]

    4. This book was fantastic! I loved all of the mystery, drama and the characters story! I about died when it ended the way it did! Please tell me the next one is close to being published!

    5. Ana is a 22 year old college graduate with a degree in criminal Justice. Ana is currently working as a criminal analyst in the Fairfax county office. She is living with her mother Stella and Jake her mothers fiancée and his 16 year old son Matthew. Jake is the captain of Fairfax county as well and help Ana get her job. Jake is 32 and engaged to be married to Stella a much older woman, who just happens to be Ana's mother. Jake is handsome, loving, responsible, takes care of everyone that he love [...]

    6. It could potentially be a great book but for me (reading the Kindle version), it fell down in a few places. I enjoyed the concept. Jake was Ana's mother's younger fiancee. There seems to be another story about that somewhere. I'm not convinced they even slept together. Anyway, Ana is seriously attracted to Jake and pretty soon Ana's flighty mother is out of the picture leaving Ana and Jake and Jake's young teenage son living together. I liked the beginning development of the sexual tension, attr [...]

    7. I hesitate to say this as some might take it negatively BUT if you liked FSOG you should enjoy this book-although there isn't any kink here.The story here is interesting in that Ana (FSOG) is in love with her mother's fiance. I know what you start to think Ebut the author does a good job of not making it gross, child predator stuff-no really-it all works leaving no residual residue. Jake is a sexy, manly man, cop, broody alpha male. Ana is young but not so dumb, has a brain and a career. There i [...]

    8. Received an ACR copy for an honest review.I was about to fall asleep in the beginning half of the books, as the pace was too slow & less exciting for an Erotic novel. I believe the writer can do more with the Character as Jake & Ana both works in the police workforce. Definitely more space for improvement to made the whole scenario between Jake & Ana more exciting with dangerous & erotic crime scene. As the author already have some plot whereby some blond got kills. If the author [...]

    9. DNF @ 37%.I tried to get into this one. I thought I was reading about an OTT H but what I got was a h that was obsessed with the H. She lusted after him and he would kiss her then push her away. Then she would get upset and try to dress sexy or flirt with other men to get his attention. He would get angry, they would kiss or have sex, he pushes her away and on and on it goes.

    10. This is so effin hot!! If you like some alpha possessive male Jake is the one!! Ana and Jake have the chemistry and makes you want to be slam against the wall. So much suspense and I can't wait for the next book. I can say I was shock by the end.

    11. This book just didn't flow for me. The story dragged on too long. The relationship between Ana and Jake was far too angsty and the serial killer story line was not that great IMO.

    12. I don't even know where to start with this book. So I'll start with what I first noticed throughout the whole book. The editing in this book was horrible. At first, it was easy to just overlook it, but the further I got into the book, the worse it got. I fully support authors who like to publish their books without using an editor or publishing company. It cuts out the middle man and I believe can make the experience for the writer and reader more enjoyable. But, it can also bite you in the ass, [...]

    13. I loved this book, thank you Jaimie for the copy!This book has all, is a love story but with thriller moments. This is a story between Ana and Jake. Jake is suppose to marry Ana's mother, and Ana always had a hidden live for Jake. He has a son too, Matthew , who is a great kid.They live together and they work together , wich made things more difficult for them.Ana didn't have the best upbringing, her mother is always changing men, and she didn't want for Jake to suffer, because she believes he i [...]

    14. Ana has a problem. She is in love with her soon-to-be stepfather. She has seen how her mother goes through men like a hot knife through butter and has had to live with the repercussions of such actions. She was even victim to one of those boyfriends in the most cruelest of ways.Jake has a problem. Although he is engaged to Ana's mother he loves another and knows that it can never be. He struggles with his feelings until he can no longer push them away. Thankfully Ana's mother is true to herself [...]

    15. I received this book in exchange for my review.I LOVED THIS BOOK OMG I SWEAR TO YOU I DIDThere is so much that can be said about this book but I don't know where to begin or what to say as well as what not to say.Ok so we have Ana(the daughter) Jake(the hotness of the story LOL) and we have Stella(ughh)Ana is a young woman in love with Jake only it seems Jake doesn't know it or care because he is engaged to Stella(o yeah she is Ana's mother) but wait because we have the right to not like Stella [...]

    16. *** Given the book for an honest review***First let me state that if I could give the book a 2.5 rating I would. There really is not one major thing that put me off, but a series of concepts. First being' that its kinda creepy that the daughter is lusting over her mother's fiancé and vise versa. Once "together" you don't really get a relationship, its more like they are lusting for each other. It seems that as soon as the mom walks out they jump on each other. Also the story line is very very p [...]

    17. **I received a copy in exchange for an honest review**Ana is a British 22 years Crime Analyst, who didn't have a perfect childhood because her mother Stella goes from one man to another. But then Stella meets Jake Bennett Captain of Fairfax Country, together with his 16 year old son Matthew they make a new family. But there is one problem; Ana has a major crush on Jake who is not only her boss but also her mother’s fiancée. When Stella one day decides to leave her daughter, fiancée and his s [...]

    18. Hot, steamy,sexy,and romantic with a little suspense thrown in the mix. It was great! Jake is the perfect Alpha-male.Anna 22 has just received her bachelor's in Criminal Justice.Stella 40 Anna's mother(known to move from man to man never staying long with any of them)moves in with a man named Jake 33 police capt. of Major Investigations and his 16 year old son Matthew. Jake get's Anna a job at his office as a analyst. They ride to work together and Jake is very overprotective of Anna.They arrive [...]

    19. I liked it. Bit of a suspense but it's like you know what will happen. Ana is this young woman who is beautiful and crushed on by a male dominated job (well not all males *winks*) and we have Jake who is the older guy and totally alpha (smell hotness *giggles*). But Jake is engaged to her mum or was he cause I couldn't really picture them like that plus she was older as well. Still all I can say is that Ana is young but acts like a little girl which put me off a little and then Jake faired no be [...]

    20. an amazing story that hooks you from the start, love Ana and loved the fact thats she's british and believable, Jake!!! WOW WOW WOWSERS!!!! hmmmm mmmmm loved him even tho he is a bit of a "caveman" but with looks and a body to die for, who cares!!!. The story starts of ok to O.M.G!!! but as Jake and Ana become hot lovers seems like he's not the only man who wants the beautiful sexy english rose!!! I loved the relationship between Ana, Jake and his teenage son Mathew. A very very strong hot thril [...]

    21. I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review, I can only say this: I received this and the moment I started reading from the first paragraph I was hooked, I enjoy reading romantic thrillers and this was not a disappointment, the story is about A girl who is in love with her soon to be step dad (do I need to say more?) it will be hard for me to describe the story without giving some spoilers so the only thing I can tell you is this boot is great, the characters are incredible [...]

    22. Loved this Book!! It made me Laugh, it made me cry, but I also wanted to slap Jake at certain parts in the Book!When I first started reading it, I wasn't sure if I would like it, but as I got more into it, I was pleasantly surprised!Ava is a Young British Woman who is living with her Mother, her Mother's Fiance & her Fiance's sonJake is older than Ana & is attracted to her from the moment he meets her through her Mother, but fights his attractionI loved the Other Characters in the Book, [...]

    23. I enjoyed reading the book very much. I received it as an ARC from the author. There will be more books in this series and there is a cliffhanger.e reason I didn't give it a five star review. The storyline is fun and full of some really steamy sex scenes. I'm not sure this is forbidden as Jake jumps up and say "Your mother and I never" and he doesn't finish it. Not really sure what they never but, you kinda hope they didn't do the deed. I will be looking out for the next book in the series. I ho [...]

    24. OMG!!! I am glad I got to read this book. I was a little put off at the beginning but was told to hold of judgement and I was soo glad I did. It was a great book, even if it is a cliffhanger. I will be looking for the 2nd book for sure! I thought Ana and Jake were H-O-T! Some of those scenes really did take your breathe away. I was so caught up in it that I didn't realize that I was at the end until I read that her mother had come back and was currently touching Jake.oh hells no!!!To be continue [...]

    25. For me I totally got this book and really loved itI loved the slow build up between Jake and Ana and they had great chemistry and their love for one another shone through towards the end of the bookCould have happily slapped Ana 's mother if you could in fact call her that!That ending! Oh no was a little heartbroken for Ana and I couldn't understand how Jake could let that happen! He's so gonna need to bring his A game to the table in the sequel!Well done! Fabulous

    26. Unconventional story of boy meets girl. Ana falls for Jake her mother's fiancé but there's a twist he falls for her as well. In the midst of their attraction there's a serial killer that is targeting women that are similar to Ana. Great plot not one that you read to often. Well developed characters.Ana is very relatable I'm not sure if I could resist teasing Jake into taking what he wants either! Warning there is a cliffhanger and I am impatiently waiting for the sequel.

    27. I enjoyed this story. Not realizing that I had this already on my kindle, received it again to review.Ana seems to get the bad end of everything but Jake is there to always help. Slowly after her mother ( the gold digger) leaves Ana and Jake become closer. The story is simple with a good twist at the end that will keep you reading Take 2.

    28. This book was free. I think I need to stop reading free books. There is a reason they are free. I did not like this one at all. I almost stopped reading it halfway through but since reviews said there was a cliffhanger ending, I was curious to see what the end was about. Not interested in reading the next one.

    29. Page turner alert!!!! Thrilling and sexy this book has a clever twist really interesting characters and a red hot but complex situation!!! It will please romance and thriller's readers!!! I loved it!!!! Thank you so much for this book but please, please i want to know what happens!!!! I need MORE!!!!

    30. Loved it, loved it. Loved it. Hated the ending of this book, can't wait for the next book. Absolutely stunned by what Anna has had to endure during her short 22 years of life. I know her mothers lying. Honestly mothers like that should not have children. Jake needs to man up for heavens sake.

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