Messy and Shattered Please note that this story line contains violence and some non consensual sexual activity This includes reference and some in depth discussion imagery of battery under age sexual references rape t

  • Title: Messy and Shattered
  • Author: Mercy Cortez
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Please note that this story line contains violence and some non consensual sexual activity This includes reference and some in depth discussion imagery of battery, under age sexual references, rape, torture and murder This is not an exclusive list You have been warned I looked at the man in front of me, he didn t look scary or threatening, to anyone else he looked h Please note that this story line contains violence and some non consensual sexual activity This includes reference and some in depth discussion imagery of battery, under age sexual references, rape, torture and murder This is not an exclusive list You have been warned I looked at the man in front of me, he didn t look scary or threatening, to anyone else he looked harmless He had a wide white smile that could make any girl melt, he had shaggy long blonde hair and innocent baby blue eyes His Australian accent added to his worldly charm He looked like a sweet and kind surfer but with a jaw gripped tight that showed anger I looked down at the blade gripped in his palm and the blood dripping from the edges His face read that of almost sorrow, but only almost I looked at the floor, my voice lost in a scream I looked down at her soft cheeks, her auburn hair and her still green eyes She wasn t blinking, she wasn t breathing I saw the crimson red spread from her cut throat all over the Italian marble floor It seeped into the cracks This girl, this fifteen year old girl with blood staining her favourite floral dress She couldn t be my sister, I wouldn t believe it I foolishly thought this would be the worst day of my life.That was the day I was taken, that was the day I met Draco.Can be read as a standalone alternatively part 1 of 3.

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    1. Update 03/01/17 this was removed for a lonnng time but is now back on in a duel edition with both books here: amazon/Messy-ShattereAnd the final part of the story is now available: amazon/gp/aw/d/B01MY4 UPDATE- 28th August 2013All the countdown images - - Update - 27/08/2013After a reviewer told me they found the content too dark I have updated the disclaimer - it now reads:**Please note that this story-line contains violence and some non-consensual sexual activity. This includes reference and [...]

    2. The storyThis book is thought provoking, dark, and emotional. It touches on taboo subjects that are very much a harsh reality in the world. The author does not glorify or glamorize them, in my opinion. (view spoiler)[I know that’s vague, but I don’t want to ruin the book for anyone. (hide spoiler)]The charactersI absolutely loved the characters, even the dreadful ones. They gave a dark and demented twist to the story that was needed. This book could not have been as good without them. I thou [...]

    3. This was a very good, dark surprise!I actually really loved this book. I've always been a fan of Stockholm syndrome storylines and this one didn't disappoint.This was similar to other stories where beautiful girl goes on extravagant vacation and gets kidnapped with intentions of being traded as a sex slave.For me what set this apart was the pure evil named Rahul as well as Draco's lack of sensitivity towards Aimee even when he wanted to care. They were ugly and cruel, dark and nasty. The end cam [...]

    4. I read books about people in motorcycle clubs with appalled fascinationI read books about people with too many sexual partners at one time, and I think about throwing upOne too many "I love you´s" in a book sometimes make me experience second-hand-embarrassmentBut when I read about a character experiencing "Stockholm-Syndrome", I am sitting on the edge of my seat and wait for the H and the h to declare their love to each other.How sick is that???I think, I have to get my head examinedThis was s [...]

    5. Stockholm Syndrome is not something I imagined written as fiction. Aimee walks in the room just after Draco murders her 15 year old sister. Draco then proceeds to kidnap her with the intent to train and sell her as a sex slave. In Draco's mind he kills Aimee's sister to protect her from the horror Rahul plans for her.Draco's partner in the sex trade is Rahul and he is unthinkably horrible. When he is asked by a woman why is he like he is, he tells her "I know what I like and women are just a way [...]

    6. This story was intense, violent and disturbing! It made me afraid, it made me cry and gave me the chills right up to the very end!! But it was a good story that was well written! Mercy, I'm impressed and will read the next two books!! Bravo!

    7. " You will be sold, and you will be a slave. That is your future. Do not get confused about that."This was "the little girl in the elevator" kind of fucked up. When Aimee, 23, & Erin, 15, loose their mother to cancer Aimee decides to blow her savings and take Erin on a trip to Rome for her birthday. They catch the attention of two predators, Rahul & Draco, belonging to a organisation who kidnap women and sell them as sex slaves.I sat in the far corner of the Spanish Steps watching my del [...]

    8. Where to start. This book was very dark and disturbing, especially because I've never read a book like this before and it was like a shock to my system!'The sick fuck was enjoying watching me try and fail.'Aimee was such a strong character, strong minded, and a real fighter! I was surprised to see how strong willed she was yet she did what she knew she had to do.'I am all alone. I am easy prey.'Draco i couldnt understand, did he enjoy it or not, i think it was a mix between the two. One minute h [...]

    9. This book was banned on amazon? It fell really flat for me. There was no actual sex and what there was just had me rolling my eyes at the boringness (is that a word?) of it. The warnings in the blurb had me all ready for some horror filled, dark read and this was Not that. Disappointing and boring.

    10. A very disturbing read, but I must say I did enjoy it and look forward to the next book. Even though this is fiction, it is unbelievably daunting to think that there are things going on out there in the world that are similar to this story. I think that is why this book will frighten people. The fact that you can just be walking down the road and suddenly the world you know changes, and not in a good way, but in a way unimaginable!A well written and thought provoking story!

    11. This is not the kind of book I would usually pick up. The subject matter and warning enough to make me run a mile! However, once started, I couldn’t put it down. I read it within a couple of days and (feel slightly wrong to say) I enjoyed it. I had expected a slightly different ending but it left you wanting to read on. I believe the next book will clear up any questions I have hanging.

    12. SPOILERS AHEAD FOR BOTH MESSY AND SHATTERED AND CJ ROBERTS'S DARK DUET.For all of the 4 & 5 star reviewers, PLEASE, PLEASE read CJ Roberts's The Dark Duet series. Afterwards, I am quite sure you will see Messy and Shattered pales in comparison. Where CJ' s writing is sophisticated, dark, enthralling and heart wrenching, Mercy Cortz's writing is pedestrian. Additionally, an editor or BETA is needed. Grammatical errors, found often, were a distraction. What is most disappointing about Messy an [...]

    13. beware this is a very dark book. However this is the exact book I love. The characters are beautifully laid out. Aimee and her sister go on a trip which change their lives and the lives of the other characters dramatically. This book is about Stockholm Syndrome but who does it pertain to? The Captor or the Captee? how is love Defined? there is one quote that stuck out thru out the book " Beware of what you wish you for" I do not want to put spoilers in just to post how much I loved this story.

    14. Well I wasn't expecting much from this book as it was free on and the title put me off slightly .BUT .I was pleasantly surprised.Yes it's dark but it's also a love story of sorts and the action doesn't flag with lots of twists and turns .Well written and I'll certainly be reading 2/3

    15. This book so far is the most darkest and disturbing thing I ever read. I like to read something different that it will blow your mind. I'm looking forward for next two installment.

    16. Thought this was a pretty good book, felt a little rushed in some areas, but over all a good story behind it. Can't wait for the next books in the series.

    17. I have read a few Dark Romance books now and I know they aren't everyone's cup of tea but I really do love reading them and whilst I enjoyed this one it didn't blow me away. Messy and Shattered is extreme in its graphic depictions of violence however I didn't really get the feeling of 'darkness' from it.The book is about 100 pages long and in my opinion it is way too short. I felt that we needed a much longer book so that we could get to know the characters better. There isn't much in the way of [...]

    18. this book WAS messy and shattered. I LOVED IT!!! an amazing amazing read.i am head over heels in love with Draco. he is HOT HOT HOT!!! but i also kinda hated him for what he did (although his reason did make sensenda) Draco is definitely a bad boy but has a sweet nature towards Amy. he reminded me a lot of Caleb from "captive in the dark." no, i'm not comparing them. they are complete two different people. i'm saying it because draco had a lot of inner conflict and turmoil of emotions, just like [...]

    19. This book is pretty dark and twisted. I did have the pleasure of reading parts of it before it was released, I just now finally got to finish it.For Mercy to write this book after the great love stories she wrote is kind of a shock. Totally opposite writinge really did her home work.Amie is a great character, strong minded but also in the end weak without knowing why. Stockholm syndrome ybe or did she just want to be close to Draco because she had nothing left,no family and the strong desire to [...]

    20. Part 1 of 3? I dunno, are all 3 out? I am all about this blurb!!!! Oh and the cover! I'm getting goosebumps. I am seriously considering this, if all 3 are out :DI looked at the man in front of me, he didn't look scary or threatening, to anyone else he looked harmless. He had a wide white smile that could make any girl melt, he had shaggy long blonde hair and innocent baby blue eyes. His Australian accent added to his worldly charm. He looked like a sweet and kind surfer but with a jaw gripped ti [...]

    21. Provided in exchange for an honest review**3.5 Crazy Stars**Dark - Dark - Crazy - WTFThis book delves into the "Stockholm Syndrome" of a captive girl who is being readied for a sex-slave auction after seeing her 15 year old sister murdered by Draco.We have 2 characters who are the captors "Draco" and "Rahul". These 2 are the good cop/bad cop and the horrors of what Rahul is capable of is SICK and DEMENTED!!!In no way shape or form am I condoning to the horrors of what Aimee went through with Dra [...]

    22. Most will think this book is too much, but I guess I must be a little twisted because I really liked it. The story was very unique and different and hell, very unexpected. I wasn't to impressed with the ending though and felt like if this book was longer with more details and background information it could have been a 5 star book for me. It felt like we were just getting the surface of things rather than the depth. And I need my depth to give a book 5 stars ;)This is a very dark book, so if tha [...]

    23. Never did I think I would like a book that was sodark. I started reading and almost stopped after the first few pages realizing what I was getting into. Then, I was rather intrigued. This book isg. Very dark, but true to life. This crap actually happens. In fact, Aimee and her sister were lucky! I don't want to give a lot away, so I'll leave it at that.Really good book, and I'm excited to read about Jethro, and then get back to Aimee.

    24. Rome Italy. Aimee Davies (23, sister, narrator) was the legal guardian of Erin Daniela Davies (15, little sister).Their dad had deserted them long ago. Mom had succumbed to cancer.Rahul (ex-BF, sadistic, abusive) & Draco were into human trafficking.Aimee & Erin would stay at the Grand Hotel Plaza.Niccolo took their bags to their room.Things weren’t quite what Aimee had imagined.1 day Aimee was about to give Erin her birthday present; a Tiffany & Co. box & when she looked into t [...]

    25. MESSY AND SHATTERED is your typical tale of abduction except with a few twists First, one of the captors is secretly a good guy. Second, the classic Stockholm Syndrome isn’t so classic since the abductor is the one catching feelings. This book was well written, graphically dark and entertaining. I liked how the action started immediately without a lot of unnecessary filler, keeping the story brief and to the point. On the negative side, this is definitely not a complete, “book“ but a colle [...]

    26. This is a harsh book to read and it does stay with you for a while. Not for the feint of heart at all.Thanks to Net Galley for my copy.

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