The Road to Hell is Paved With Zombies Jango doesn t know it but his vacation in Prescott Arizona is about to go right to hell But the growing hordes of ravening undead aren t the only problems Jango is facing Jango s mind is breaking ap

  • Title: The Road to Hell is Paved With Zombies
  • Author: Cedric Nye
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Jango doesn t know it, but his vacation in Prescott, Arizona is about to go right to hell But the growing hordes of ravening undead aren t the only problems Jango is facing Jango s mind is breaking apart, and he is losing his grip on reality With bloodthirsty panache, Jango kills humans and zombies alike with whatever weapons he can find As Jango s mind splinters, andJango doesn t know it, but his vacation in Prescott, Arizona is about to go right to hell But the growing hordes of ravening undead aren t the only problems Jango is facing Jango s mind is breaking apart, and he is losing his grip on reality With bloodthirsty panache, Jango kills humans and zombies alike with whatever weapons he can find As Jango s mind splinters, and breaks,you will find out that THE ROAD TO HELL IS PAVED WITH ZOMBIES Get your gear, because THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAS BEGUN WARNING THIS BOOK CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE,and STRONG LANGUAGE Reader discretion is advised.

    • Unlimited [Philosophy Book] ☆ The Road to Hell is Paved With Zombies - by Cedric Nye Ì
      403 Cedric Nye
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    1. !!!WaRnInG!!!: This book contains Graphic Violence, Strong Language, and Steamy Sex Scenes! Reader discretion is advised. This book is NOT appropriate for children.The Road to Hell is Paved with Zombies (Zombie Fighter Jango, #1) by Cedric NyeJango has spent his life invisible.A ghostly mutation unable to feel pain or emotion.A shadow of the man he could have been.…all he wanted from life was to be left alone.""I figured out a long time ago that I could never go back, I could never be "normal" [...]

    2. The title caught my attention right away. This story is filled with clever prose and was an overall fun read. I must admit that I’ve become weary when it comes to reading self-published work by new authors (and yes, I am one of those self-published authors), but Cedric Nye has spared us any poor editing or plot issues that have become far too common in today’s reading selection.Nye wastes no time getting right down to the nitty-gritty. Jango (our protagonist) is not your typical hero. He’s [...]

    3. Jango's one messed up dude, but who better than that to lead the fight back to the zombies? Jango's got problems - he's introverted, antisocial, paranoid, prone to fits of rage and emotional outbursts - a survivor of horrific child abuse, he's developed response mechanisms that don't quite fit in civilized society but seem to work quite well in the Zombie Apocalypse wilds of Prescott, Arizona.Jango's very particular about his guns and his knives. He's into the Youtube knife-making community onli [...]

    4. I recently had a little stretch where I kept running into zombie books and movies that weren't all that gory or violent. While I enjoyed them, this book was a nice reminder of how much I love graphic violence and sex. Don't take that to mean there's no story here, there are just a good number of skull-bashing scenes, as well.Jango has issues beyond the obvious ones that most folks in zombie literature have. He is the survivor of horrific abuse and sees most of the world as the enemy. It seems li [...]

    5. The first thing I have to say about this book is "Wow!". It was a delightful read from a relatively-unknown author. I have no doubt in my mind that Cedric Nye will be very well-known very soon, if he keeps up the level of writing that I found in The Road to Hell is Paved With Zombies! Jango, the main character, is an emotionally scarred man who is suddenly thrust into the zombi apocalypse and decides not to become one of the "goobers". He is a wonderfully flawed hero that you can't help but love [...]

    6. Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: The Road to Hell is Paved With Zombies (ZOMBIE FIGHTER JANGO) (Kindle Edition)Jango is true bad ass and has issues from both his past and present. He has honed his body into a superior fighting machine to protect himself both physically and mentally. This gives a unique advantage when the world turned upside down and inside out.This is a recommended read.The story is filled with hope, tragedy, love and hate, there are some funny parts to. Mr. N [...]

    7. I read this a year or so ago, but am rereading it because of a group read. I upped the rating from 4 stars to 5 stars because it held up well for a reread. Cedric Nye has a refreshing way of turning a phrase. He does a good job of describing a perilous situation while also imparting a bit of humor. Not many authors do that well.My one complaint is that it's obvious this was originally written as separate "episodes", because every 5 chapters or so, there's a recap of what's happened so far. When [...]

    8. cool read, I highly recommend it!a mentally unstable pyro falls in love with a hot chick. the perfect manly love story! there's even a hot sex scene!it's really easy to get burnt out on stories in this genre, but Cedric Nye keeps it fresh with a story you ain't never read or seen before. the character Jango is really easy for men to relate to which a awesome change from all those girly books out there. it's about time we see a MAN in one of these stories, crazy or sane!buy it read it before the [...]

    9. As a fan of zombie fiction I have certainly felt like "I've read it all" and "seen it all" when it comes to stories about the undead. These days it certainly seems like we've been overly saturated with zombie media of all shapes and forms. Thankfully Cedric Nye doesn't stick to the same tired formula with The Road to Hell is Paved With Zombies. From the opening paragraph to the very end of the book I was left guessing what would happen next. Nothing about this story was predictable or cliche, in [...]

    10. *Contains Spoilers*Jango has been fighting monsters all of his life. It is apparent that everything that has happened in his life has led him to wake up in Prescott, AZ and keep fighting. You become familiar with Jango's past quite early in the book, so it is no surprise that he has a mental break after destroying the first zombie horde he encounters. It is also no surprise that he comes to terms with the ghosts of his past after finding love and tenderness with Sonja. I feel conflicted about th [...]

    11. This is a Zombie Apocalypse book on the surface, but at its heart it is a Love Story. If you enjoy seeing the little guy win, then this is a book you will thoroughly enjoy. The story is romantic, in an unconventional way, and the action is jammed-packed! The character development was strong, but I would have liked to see more of a backstory for Sonja. Allthough our hero, Jango, was obviously bat shit crazy it was easy to fall in love with him and yearn for him to succeed. I would recommend this [...]

    12. Cedric wrote a good book here. Jango is a zombie killing hard a$$. This read started off as zombie killing thriller that never let up. Every page turned lead to more action!! Just the way I like em'. can't wait to read Jamgo's Anthem.

    13. Jango has spent his life in an invisible world he created in his mind. A life with no attachments or commitments allows him to be truly free. As he finds himself and the outside world experiencing a zombie apocalypse, he’s forced to interact with the world like he’s never done before. Guided by his own code of morality he must embrace the hero within himself.I give Mr. Nye a lot of credit for creating a unique view of the apocalypse. There’s little here in the way of fight, gore, run. He s [...]

    14. Really cool read. Nice to see a book that has aMANas the main character rather then some pussy that wants to hear all about some damaged girls feelings. The main character in the story is strong, well trained, and crazy, but really cool. A guy I would like to have a beer with! I would recommend this book and I would read it again.Don't forget to enter the 1st Annual Zombie Fighter Jango's Zompoc Giveaway!/event/show/8

    15. Good apocalypse storyI really liked this book. Jango is on messed up dude. He was abused as a child, beaten, raped and thrown into group homes. So fighting became his life, keeping in shape, learning skills and he had some skills. He's definitely psychopath. When the apocalypse hits he us clueless at first but then as he running around his Geo Metro avoiding them he realizes he knew this would happen and he's the perfect person to survive. He's anti-social , damaged as hell and into weapons, his [...]

    16. Jango is a man trying to survive the start of the zombie apocalypse. I like Jango, as messed up he is, living through abuse as a child has left him broken but he survived. He's strong, knows his weapons through watching YouTube which was a nice touch.Sonja, when he finds her , he feels an instant connection to her. And she feels one back.The zombies in this book are the type that can run, there was a fun part at the beginning of Jango running round his car and the zombies chasing him. The book i [...]

    17. I wasn't crazy (ha!) about this in the beginning. I thought Jango was a little too fucked up, and not someone I'd want to be anywhere near at any time ever, let alone a zombie apocalypse. I'd be afraid I'd breathe wrong and he'd let loose on me. I need to at least like my protagonist a little, and I did not like him.Until the introduction of Sonya. He became a little more human, a little more likable. Great detail on the weapons and the training. Great zombie kills.The one thing that really both [...]

    18. I've never read a zombie book like this before. It's a unique story about a troubled man named Jango who wakes up in the midst of the zombie apocalypse. The main character alternates between being a psychotic killing machine and a kind-hearted hero. This book really has everything: zombie-killing action, supernatural creatures, humor, and some unexpected romance. The author seems to know a lot about guns, knives, and pretty much any weapon you can think of. I'm looking forward to reading the sec [...]

    19. Different take on zombie apocalypse books. The Road to Hell is Paved With Zombies is a fun and funny action packed and steamy read with a few unexpected twists and turns. What made the book even better was the attitude of the Author, Cedric Nye, a down to earth guy that takes the time to chat with his readers, even laugh at their not so funny jokes. A+ author A+ book. ( I look forward to reading #2)

    20. I was a bit concerned that this may be part fantasy when I began this book but it luckily turned out not to be later on! This was a decent read and I'm excited to see what happens in the next book!

    21. 🌟🌟🌟🌟It's a shock for Jango to wake up and find that the zompoc has started without him.A bit creepy and definitely gory, I liked it a lot.

    22. I like Jango.Waking in a motel and finding that the zompoc has started without you is a shock for Jango but he knows how to survive.Gory, kind of creepy, but a story that I loved reading.

    23. I love monsters, so reading Cedric Nye’s Jango series was a no-brainer. (And not because zombies ate my brain!) This story is a laugh-out-loud, cringe-inside read. This author is from my neck of the woods…err, my neck of the desert, so supporting a local indie is a pleasure. The story takes place in Prescott, Arizona. From escaping a Geo Metro to engaging a zombie apocalypse, Jango is a primo protagonist. He’s more than a badass warrior in a horror movie.“…it wouldn’t be long before [...]

    24. Zombie fighter Jango has the intestinal fortitude to fight zombies for a very long time. A dysfunctional and introverted weapons master with the ability to turn off all emotions is probably the best person to have on your side during a zombie apocalypse. The great pieces of this book are the humorous interjections both internally and in Jango's dialogue with Sonya. The potty humor made me laugh out loud. I hope to see the humor continue in book two.I was pleasantly surprised with The Road to Hel [...]

    25. ULTRAVIOLENCE AT ITS FINEST!!!WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE AND STRONG LANGUAGE.ABOUT THE AUTHOR:Cedric Nye is a dynamic writer of allegorical and reality based fiction, a creator of a combat-based post-apocalyptic workout system, a developer of unique powerful weaponry and an avid altruistic advocate of child and animal rights. You can find Mr. Nye aka Zombie Fighter Jango aka Zombiefighter Jango aka primalpunch on , Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest.ABOUT THE BOOK:Synopsis:Thomas [...]

    26. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by this, although I had to think about it – and having to “think about” a zombie story at all is an unusual thing, so that tipped me to 4 stars. This is certainly not the best writing in the world, but it works because of the character’s broken, underdeveloped mind. Jango really is about as messed up as the zombies, and seeing a zombie apocalypse from an abused/PTSD perspective was very interesting.The book’s pages are filled with enough gore and f [...]

    27. Excellent debut novel from Mr. Nye. His book has everything you want in a zombie novel. Lots of action, excellent pacing, a slightly deranged anti-hero protagonist, a bit of steamy romance, love and loss, and, of course, extreme survival. All this comes in a good mix of action and humour.His main character Jango isn't your run of the mill hero. His tortured youth results in character flaws at times funny and at other times disturbing. You could endear yourself to him if he wasn't so scary on occ [...]

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