Kuolema p iv nkoitteessa Antiikkikauppias Johannes Smit l ydet n toimistostaan murhattuna H nt on kidutettu hitsipillill ja sitten teloitettu niskalaukauksellaKassakaappi on tyhjennetty ja ainoat johtolangat ovat kasa valkoi

  • Title: Kuolema päivänkoitteessa
  • Author: Deon Meyer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Antiikkikauppias Johannes Smit l ydet n toimistostaan murhattuna H nt on kidutettu hitsipillill ja sitten teloitettu niskalaukauksellaKassakaappi on tyhjennetty, ja ainoat johtolangat ovat kasa valkoista paperia ja ep tavallinen murha ase M16 kiv ri palkkasoturin eik murtovarkaan ase Syrj ytyneell entisell poliisilla Zatopek van Heerdenill on seitsem n p iv Antiikkikauppias Johannes Smit l ydet n toimistostaan murhattuna H nt on kidutettu hitsipillill ja sitten teloitettu niskalaukauksellaKassakaappi on tyhjennetty, ja ainoat johtolangat ovat kasa valkoista paperia ja ep tavallinen murha ase M16 kiv ri palkkasoturin eik murtovarkaan ase Syrj ytyneell entisell poliisilla Zatopek van Heerdenill on seitsem n p iv aikaa ratkaista arvoitus mik on sit kin hankalampaa, kun k y ilmi, ett joitakin vuosia sitten uhria ei virallisesti ollut olemassakaan Kuolema p iv nkotteessa on loistava ja ajatuksia her tt v trilleri hapuilevasta yhteiskunnasta, joka opettelee tulemaan toimeen tuoreiden vapauksien, vanhojen syntien ja uusien vaarojen kanssa.

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      332 Deon Meyer
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    1. ORION - DEAD AT DAYBREAKDeon Meyer ha creato una comunità di personaggi che si intrecciano o sfiorano o frequentano: poliziotti, guardie del corpo, ex poliziotti, gente che vive a Città del Capo, persone/personaggi che ha introdotto sin dalle sue prime opere, per poi far crescere, o invece relegare a margine, in base a scelte creative che sono seguite.Per esempio, qui il protagonista è Zatopek van Heerden, ex poliziotto, che ritroveremo professore di psicologia come comprimario in Proteus-The [...]

    2. Unusual but very good Police procedural by a Cape Town author recommended by a librarian . For the first 3/4 of the book I had rated it at 4.154 , but the last 50 pages or so seemed like a rater frantic effort to close the intricate web of characters and circumstances he had wrought . This volume had been written in 2000 , so I suspect he has refined his close in later books .I intend to read more by this author and would recommend him to anyone who likes this genre .

    3. The country of South Africa is the exotic and fascinating background to Deon Meyer's thrillers. His books are filled with names and places in the Afrikaans and traditional languages: Mzimkhulu, Mpayipheli, Van Heerden, de Jager, Groote Schur, Gerhardus Basson. I loved trying to pronounce these words. They sound so beautiful and rare in my attempts at verbalization. The book also deals with contemporary issues in South Africa, especially racism. Mr. Meyer has again created a top level thriller wi [...]

    4. 3,5 sur 5. Une enquête policière en Afrique du Sud d'apparence "classique" du sombre Zatopek van Heerden met rapidement en lumière une histoire beaucoup plus complexe qu'appréhendée. Un meurtre, bien sûr, mais un meurtre au goût de diamants et de millions de dollars américains, d'un passé que les antagonistes veulent absolument taire et d'une suite de pertes de vie pour garder ce secret et préserver ce qui se cache dans le testament à trouver. Comme dans tout bon roman du genre, l'int [...]

    5. Deon Meyer is een van my gunsteling skrywers, en die feit dat hy 'n Suid Afrikaanse, en Afrikaanse skrywer is, is net die kersie op die koek.Orion se hoofkarakter - Zatopek van Heerden is 'n Afrikaanse oud-polisieman met 'n verlede wat hom teister. Meyer beskryf sy wroeging so raak.Die feit dat ek tot 3 uur in die oggend deurgelees het, omdat ek dit eenvoudig nie kon neersit nie, moet 'n aanduiding wees van hoeveel ek die boek geniet het.

    6. This is really a 2.5'er, nothing really started happening til last 25% of book, and I just found myself not caring if any of the main characters (Zet or Hope or Joan) lived or not. The Nagel/Nonnie story line should have been brought forward. Not really worth reading I'd prefer another Mat book I think (though this one and his first Mat book are pretty much same story different names)

    7. About a former police officer turned rowdy drunk who is hired to investigate the murder of a reclusive businessman. Lots of violence, lots of swearing, and a very unlikeable protagonist. It just wasn't one I wanted to stick with.

    8. my third book from this south African author. The characters are well set, the explanation for the murder are to be found in the past. I enjoyed reading this novel but the end is a bit disappointing : you have the feeling the author was willing to be done with it and took a shortcut.

    9. More like 3.5 starsBoth storylines were gripping, but for my liking the one about van Heeren's past was told too long and therefore interrupted the current storyline way too much.

    10. Some interesting conversations about the nature of evil and about gender relations - in amongst the intense action of this thriller. Meyer writes so well - and turns a clear and baleful eye on the dark side of humanity. He also shares an authentic perspective on male sexuality and the attractions that can fly back and forth between men and women. As the blurb on the back says "this is a testosterone-infused thriller."That this is one perspectiveon the darker side of life is mostly clearly articu [...]

    11. Up to his usual standard. The first half was fantastic: 5-star with amazing back stories and real empathy for these characters and I was engrossed. The second half wasn't quite so good and became more formulaic and lost its sensitivity to some degree so this part 4 - star. So 4.5 stars overall. The main character Zatopek is one of Meyer's best characters ever and his personal story alone made it all worthwhile.

    12. Van Heerden en Hoop Beneke en Kara Ann Rousseau, soveel ongelooflike karakters.Ek love dat Meyer se stories in mekaar geweef is, hier is Mat weer, en Orlando. Uitstekend.Ek sou graag meer "closure" wou he oor wat gebeur het na Van Heerden uit Nonnie se huis gestap heteffens skielik daai maar nou ja.Glorious.

    13. Dépaysant, c’est le premier adjectif qui me vient à l’idée pour décrire ce polar. D’abord parce que l’intrigue se déroule en Afrique du Sud et que c’est, tout au moins de mon point de vue, assez inhabituel. Ensuite parce, même si le « fond » de l’intrigue n’est pas inédite, j’ai trouvé le ton et l’écriture assez originaux. Encore un auteur à suivre quoi…

    14. Die boek is spannend, amper voorspelbaar - in die sin van 'as iets verkeerd kan gaan, sal dit' -, dis aksiebelaai, geweldadig met 'n hele paar dooies, buiten die oorspronklike vermoorde. Die skrywer het dit reggekry om my heeltyd in die duister te hou oor wie die moordenaar is. Hy gee net genoeg en net te min inligting om mens te laat wonder oor Bester Brits. 'n Naelbyt lekkerlees.

    15. BrilliantAn absolute stinker of a novel, powerfully drawn protagonists and steam along plot, going to work out next one in series now, can't get enough.

    16. Un homme assassiné dans sa maison, un testament volé et une veuve qui, n’étant pas mariée au défunt, va devoir faire une croix sur les pépètes.Voilà un début aussi trépidant qu’un épisode de l’inspecteur Derrick.Son avocate qui demande à van Heerden, ancien flic de faire la lumière sur ce papier volé…Passionnant comme un Derrick, toujours.Là, je m’étais dit qu’au lieu de m’attarder en Afrique du Sud, j’aurais mieux fait de décoller pour l’Europe ou de me taper [...]

    17. First published in English in 2000, this South African crime novel continues where Dead Before Dying left off . . . sort of. Police captain Mat Joubert (the investigator and subject of the terrific Dead Before Dying: A Novel), has been promoted to Superintendent, moved on with his personal life (hooray!), and now takes on a supporting role in Dead at Daybreak. Zatopek (Zet) Van Heerden (he can thank his eccentric artist mother for the unusual first name) is the former police officer at the cente [...]

    18. I'm not the biggest fan of detective fiction, usually I read more classic stuff like Chandler and Christie from that genre. The first ones remind me of film noir (there's something utterly enchanting about Los Angeles at night) and the latter ones are just adorably entertaining (despite the grisly murders). However, when I got the chance to get a free copy of the new Finnish translation of this, I thought why not. I've wanted to read more about Africa anyway and this sounded exotic. I think I al [...]

    19. Zatopek van Heerden is an embittered,hard drinking ex-cop who finds himself in jail after picking a fight with five men in a bar ("you can tell a man his 4 X 4 isn't going to make his prick any larger and he pretends to be deaf. But drag in his wife.") He is sprung from jail by his attorney friend, Kemp who wants him to look into an unsolved murder.Particularly,van Heerden has to find the murder victim's missing will.With very little to go on,van Heerden reluctantly finds himself drawn into the [...]

    20. I really have very mixed feelings about this book.It's probably been about three or four years since I've read a book in my native Afrikaans so it took a couple of pages to acclimate myself to the style. After the initial 'culture shock' the pages just flew by in such a frenzy that I read it in 24 hours - give or take a few. I especially enjoyed the characters and the South African nuances and references the writer let creep in (Living in one of the regions mentioned, doesn't hurt either).Where [...]

    21. Dead At Daybreak,by Deon Meyer, a-minus, Narrated by Simon Vance, Produced by Highbridge Company, Downloaded from audible.Zed Van Heerden, a former cop and now a private eye in Capetown, is referred to a young lawyer representing the mistress of an antique furniture dealer who was murdered with an M-16 rifle and tortured first with a blow torch. There is a safe, large with shelves built into the wall, which is left open and is empty except for a piece of paper used for rolling American bills. Wh [...]

    22. A solid crime novel with a story within a story. I liked how the story truly starts to unravel only towards the end and the reader isn't made to feel like they missed something earlier on when the bad guys are revealed. Zatopek van Heerden is a former cop, now a freelance private detective of sorts who is hired to find a missing will. He has a week to figure out why a man who didn't even exist a few years earlier was murdered and his will stolen. The premise is what got me, and it carried throug [...]

    23. I very much enjoyed Blood Safari but no so much this book.The story takes place in South Africa. There are 3 story lines with different POVs.There is the murder of Baby Marnewick, back in Zatopek's youth which he solves as a grown man and actually launches his police career.What happened between Captain Zatopek van Heerden and his police partner Nagel (and Nagel's wife). And to his surprise, where he finds his inner evil.Attorney, Hope Beneke hiring Zee to find the last will and testament for a [...]

    24. Hmn a strong voice, enjoyed the writing and the lead character. What started with the promise of a dark Mankell-esque thriller, turned out to be only 50% of that. The author made an interesting choice in that he told two stories - the case at hand, told in the 3rd person, was that of a down-and-out PI investigating the gruesome death of an antiques dealer. This case was solid and reached into dark chapters of South Africa's past. But unfortunately I found taht the second story didn't help the f [...]

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