• Title: Learning to Love Yourself
  • Author: Gay Hendricks
  • ISBN: 9780671763930
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback

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      358 Gay Hendricks
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      Posted by:Gay Hendricks
      Published :2019-03-09T15:08:01+00:00

    One thought on “Learning to Love Yourself”

    1. As far as self-help books go I really enjoyed this.The strategies incorporate mindfulness and somatics which has been the most helpful type of therapy for me so it all gels with my own path, so to speak."Love yourself" has a cheesy ring to it but the actuality of it is so important. Many of us beat ourselves up over every little perceived imperfection or numb ourselves out to experiences because of past trauma. This book does truly act as a "how to" guide to be kinder and loving towards ourselve [...]

    2. I got this book under the premise that I keep ending up in relationships where I can't get enough love from the other person, so I must need to learn to get enough love from myself instead. Why else would I keep repeating this pattern? So, I need to learn to love myself, but how? Poof! Here's a book with that exact title, by the author who changed my life with The Big Leap. I'll take it!One big idea here is that resistance is the source of most of our problems. If we can stop fighting our feelin [...]

    3. Life changing. Taught me to stop beating myself up for making mistakes, having lapses in judgement, feeling angry, disappointed or jealous etc. It was much easier to stuff these feelings and pretend that I was such a good person that I never had these experiences than it was to accept and love them. After reading this book along with Pema Chodron's "The Wisdom of No Escape" as part of my daily spiritual practice I now love myself for every thought, feeling, emotion, reaction I have. I live more [...]

    4. In order to love someone we must first love ourselves, how many times have I heard that and it was not until I read this book that I learned HOW to do this.

    5. splendid!!!!! kaboom!best book i ever read in my entire life, changed my life. i happen to bump into this book in one of the state's library. it was published in 1982, and the pages already torn. i borrowed it anyway because i'm self-help lover. i used to like reading stuff about 'loving yourself'. before i bump into this book, i am ardent follower of the idea promoted by paul.m. let me not explain her full name because her knowledge contributed to my life as well. however, paul. m stressed the [...]

    6. I have read so many self-help books. When I realized that my severe self hatred was a veery big part of my dysfunction, I went looking for a book that might help me change this behavior. I read it once and liked it. I picked it up about a month ago to read again and it clicked. simple and straightforward. Now I get it. highly recommend this book.

    7. EnlightenedInteresting look at the experience of acceptance, of forgiveness and of loving oneself. Practical meditation and other exercises to guide you. Food for thoughtful chewing

    8. I’ve read a lot of self help books this year and I did not find this one helpful. The author’s concepts and writing style were not clear.

    9. Slightly reluctant to read this but Gay has a way of breaking concepts down in a no bullshit way and I actually got a LOT out of this. It's nothing I already didn't know in my brain but I felt like his phrasing for certain things sunk a bit deeper into the soul. I even loved the agitation in my gut while my cat walked all over my journal this morning while I was trying to write. heh.

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