Mississippi Mud Southern Justice and the Dixie Mafia Biloxi Mississippi is a city of contradictions A lush green jewel on the Gulf of Mexico a Southern Riviera steeped in Confederate history where antebellum mansions command staggering ocean views Y

  • Title: Mississippi Mud: Southern Justice and the Dixie Mafia
  • Author: Edward Humes
  • ISBN: 9780671535056
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • Biloxi, Mississippi, is a city of contradictions A lush green jewel on the Gulf of Mexico, a Southern Riviera steeped in Confederate history, where antebellum mansions command staggering ocean views Yet it has also been home to The Strip, a beachside center of neon decadence, prostitution, drugs, and corrupt public servants all in thrall to a shadowy band of criminalsBiloxi, Mississippi, is a city of contradictions A lush green jewel on the Gulf of Mexico, a Southern Riviera steeped in Confederate history, where antebellum mansions command staggering ocean views Yet it has also been home to The Strip, a beachside center of neon decadence, prostitution, drugs, and corrupt public servants all in thrall to a shadowy band of criminals called the Dixie Mafia Here in Biloxi, Old South virtue clashes with a long standing tolerance for evil When one of the city s most prominent couples a judge and his mayoral candidate wife were shot in their home, their daughter embarked on a dangerous crusade for justice that would forever change the complexion of Biloxi She wanted to accomplish what the police could not or would not do find the assassins and shake the city of Biloxi from its jaded complacency In Mississippi Mud, Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Edward Humes tells the inspiring and harrowing story of Lynne Sposito, whose obsession with solving her parents murder irresistibly draws us into a ripe, teeming, darkness, into a sin belt world of conscienceless killers, illegal casinos, and venal politicians At the same time, Mississippi Mud provides a fascinating and vivid portrait of a little known corner of the Deep South where corruption and betrayal arise not only from the criminal element but also from the good people of Biloxi s long standing tradition of turning a blind eye to the malignancy in their midst Though a work of nonfiction, scrupulously reported and documented, Mississippi Mud reads like an exquisitely taut and suspenseful novel, building toward a surprising and chilling conclusion, as the forces unleashed by Lynne sinvestigation forever alter her life, and Biloxi s future.

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    One thought on “Mississippi Mud: Southern Justice and the Dixie Mafia”

    1. Having grown up in Biloxi, I couldn't possibly not read this book about murder and intrigue practically in my backyard. Literally. The Sherry's house in which they were murdered is just a few blocks away from the house I grew up in. I also went to high school with the son of Mike Gillich. Now I understand where the money came from that allowed his son to drive a Jaguar to school every day. The FBI agent was the husband of one of my English teachers. The mayor who was unjustly accused gave me a d [...]

    2. Humes, Edward. Mississippi Mud: a True Story from a Corner of the South (1994)****Unflinching portrait of a corrupt townThis comes across like something from the thirties without the Klan masks. Humes loves to go after town hall, and we can thank him for that. Biloxi, Mississippi, corrupt, decadent, stupid, "a sewerage" as one of its citizens called it, is put on trial here and found quite guilty. One of the most remarkable things about this book is the account of the scam against gay men conduc [...]

    3. This is a non-fiction book written by a newspaper reporter concerning crime in Biloxi, Mississippi, and centering on the murders of Vince and Margaret Sherry in 1987.It’s over 300 pages long which is about 200 pages too many. Each chapter reads as though it was a front page article (or update) about the murders followed by requisite background information and inside stories of related material. Obviously this is the way a reporter writes for a newspaper, but in book form it gets very repetitiv [...]

    4. What can you say about a true crime book about the Dixie Mafia? Don't know about the Dixie Mafia? Well it's based in Biloxi, MS- you know, the most southern of Mississippi cities with casinos (my fave: Beau Rivage), Polish mafia, and a couple good used bookstores.

    5. I am rating and reviewing this book for my book club several years after I actually read it. I should have re-read it. I remember being intrigued by the book because a very good friend of mine lived in Biloxi, MS while some of this was taking place. She in turn was good friends with one of the lawyers who went to federal prison for racketeering.

    6. riveting book about the dirty south and it's history of criminal activity. my family member was part of this scene in the 60's era and the tales that are told are pretty similar to what I heard was true all along the gulf coast.

    7. An investigation into the murder of two prominent Biloxi residents that delves into the Dixie Mafia, phone scams, and political corruption.The book opens with the murder of Vince and Margaret Sherry, he a local judge and she a mayoral candidate. The rest of the book details the aftermath of that incident and how it impacted their family. It follows years of investigation by the police (some corrupt), federal investigators, reporters, and private detectives that seem to get nowhere. The story is [...]

    8. An acquaintance of mine who testified on the blood spatter evidence in a case recommended a book written about the crime. It's called Mississippi Mud and it's a good one.The setting is Biloxi, Mississippi in 1987. I've never been there but the author draws a convincing portrait of an Old South town with all of the political intrigue you could want. The town has the beauty one expects of Mississippi with the lazy mansions and sultry weather. It also has a dark underbelly. There's (loosely) organi [...]

    9. The true life murder of a prominent judge and his mayoral candidate wife. Their daughter seeks to find justice for her parents and her long journey to find and prosecute their murderer.This was a fascinating read! I read it to my husband on our 2 day drive out West. We couldn't wait to get back into the car to read more and it made the ride so much quicker!I had never heard of the Dixie Mafia before. Humes does a fantastic job explaining history and facts, and mostly legal facts (from court docu [...]

    10. Last year I really got into true-crime books. I love a good non-fiction mystery. Good ones really lead you through the whole process of the crime, the frustrating investigations and then finally the payoff at the end, tying up all loose ends.This is one of the best ones I read. The story is epic! A prominent southern lawyer and his mayorial canidate wife are brutally murdered in their home. A movie script writer couldn't have dreamed up better suspects, nor what really happened.A possible negati [...]

    11. Since my nook Tablet is unusable due to the fact that it doesn't like any of the passwords I have offered, I have to use the other two which have very few books I haven't read, or read a paperback. This was an interesting 10 year old non fiction book. Vincent Sherry, a judge, and his wife Margaret who aspires to be mayor of Biloxi, Mississippi are shot to death in their home. By the end of the book, their killers have still not been discovered. One of their daughters spends quite a lot of time t [...]

    12. Interesting and compelling account of the investigation and trial concerning the murder of Vince and Margaret Sherry of Biloxi, MS in September of 1987, by members of the Dixie Mafia, arising out of a scam run by Kirksey Nix doing a life sentence in Angola penitentiary in Louisiana, and involving Biloxi strip club owner Mike Gillich, LaRa Sharpe, Nix's girlfriend. Also, convicted along with the three with conspiracy to murder was John Ransom, Dixie Mafia hitman. Entertaining thriller. Good discu [...]

    13. Have read this a couple of times: once, when it was first published and then again a few years later. It's an engrossing read, particulary if you're familiar with local (Biloxi, Mississippi) history & politics. Very well done, answering many questions but leaving many more unanswered, and later featured on A&E.

    14. Lynn, the daughter of the murdered couple in the story is the neighbor of my parents. I picked up the book initially because of this detail. I enjoyed the book because of the story and I suggest it to others because of its content. I love a good mystery and knowing the people involved, though not personally, made the read all the more intriguing

    15. Much like Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, this book tells the true crime story of the brutal murder of a couple in Biloxi, MS in 1987. The lengthy investigation, spearheaded by the couples' eldest daughter unravels the history of the crime-laden Biloxi. A fascinating story, I was unable to put the 400-page story down until the case was solved.

    16. I agree completely with "a reader from NJ"--the Sherrys apparently were not nice people, and they crossed the wrong people time after time after time with no thought of consequences. Mr. Humes is an excellent writer, and he certainly researched this book well.The Kirksey Nix blackmail caper was borrowed by John Grisham in "The Brethren"!

    17. I'll admit my fascination with this true story stems from my introduction to some of the "players" upon moving to Biloxi in 1994. Knowing almost each and every place that was part of the story, as well as the individuals involved, made this a jaw-dropper for me. What happened after the events of the book were almost equally interesting -- hey, maybe there's a book about that, too.

    18. All rating other other name Of: Mississippi Mud: Southern Justice and the Dixie Mafia There are several editions of this book -each cover looks different. All comes in paperback or hardcover.

    19. I have lived in the geographic areas covered in this book. I think that may have contributed to my high rating. However, Humes is a master at piecing this crime story together and connecting the personalities involved. The scenes are described in detail but does the truth eventually find it's way to the surface. Still questions unanswered.

    20. Intriguing, disturbing read in that this book is a true story! Corruption in government is a scary thing! The story takes place in Biloxi, MS and the book concludes in 1993. I HAD to find out if justice was finally served after reading the last page. You will too:)

    21. This book is about the Sherry murders in Biloxi in 1987. Details the investigation, trial and sentencing! Really dives into the corruption of politics, gambling, drug trafficking and sleeze joints in Biloxi at that time! I really liked it!

    22. This reads like a novel. It is not only very readable and suspenseful but one of those "truth is stranger the fiction" books. You have hitmen, mobsters, corrupt politicians. This is worth your time if you enjoy reading true crime.

    23. Anyone interested in writing a true crime novel should read this. Painstakingly researched and well written, Humes' book takes a fascinating story and brings it to life. A wonderful job portraying the murders, the city and the culture behind it all.

    24. This was surprisingly good. It looks more like a true crime murder mystery; but there was a good amount of information regarding the Dixie Mafia. This book also has a photo of Kirksey Nix Jr one of the most prevelent members of the group.

    25. I grew up on the Gulf Coast and knew many of the people discussed. It was a fascinating read for me and the storyline is quite intriguing. Although it is nonfiction, it reads like a suspenseful novel. I highly recommend it.

    26. As a resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I remember well the case of the Sherry Murders. This book does an excellent job of bringing the complicated affair into somewhat clarity. A sad case but well done book. Highly recommend for anyone enjoying a bit of the true crime genre.

    27. A true crime mystery set in Biloxiarts out strong, but then just drags, and drags! From the first 5 pages you have a good idea who did itd the book spends way to much time telling you about people who are not involved in the murder at all!

    28. This was based on what happened in the 80's where I live.When i was the secretary for the Investigations division at Biloxi PD I was lucky enough to get to actually look theough the files of thse murders and all the pictures.

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