Red Hat A series of exuberant read aloud sound effects perfectly capture the whimsy and joy of a springtime frolic in this companion to Red Sled In this almost wordless springtime picture book an adorable cr

  • Title: Red Hat
  • Author: Lita Judge
  • ISBN: 9781442442320
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A series of exuberant read aloud sound effects perfectly capture the whimsy and joy of a springtime frolic in this companion to Red Sled.In this almost wordless springtime picture book, an adorable crew of baby animals borrows a familiar looking red hat last seen on the head of Red Sled s unsuspecting protagonist and embarks on a joy filled escapade until all that is lefA series of exuberant read aloud sound effects perfectly capture the whimsy and joy of a springtime frolic in this companion to Red Sled.In this almost wordless springtime picture book, an adorable crew of baby animals borrows a familiar looking red hat last seen on the head of Red Sled s unsuspecting protagonist and embarks on a joy filled escapade until all that is left is a long piece of red string Their playful romp is gorgeously depicted in bold watercolor and complemented by humorous expressions and pitch perfect sound effects With a timeless tone and classic characters, Red Hat promises to be an instant favorite.

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    • Unlimited [Fiction Book] ✓ Red Hat - by Lita Judge Î
      228 Lita Judge
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Fiction Book] ✓ Red Hat - by Lita Judge Î
      Posted by:Lita Judge
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    One thought on “Red Hat”

    1. Richie's Picks: RED HAT by Lita Judge, Atheneum, March 2013, 40p ISBN: 978-1-4424-4232-0"Hiii-ya!"Oh, my gosh. RED HAT is so much fun and it does so many great things so well."Yoo-ha!"A story told through images and exuberant sounds, RED HAT is a tale of animal hijinks that begins with a knitted red hat that a child has left hanging to dry on a makeshift clothesline. "Roweeeee"Baby Bear grabs the hat from the line and takes off. Back in my childcare center days, I would refer to these sorts of a [...]

    2. Really cute story about a bear and his animal friends who have fun playing with a red stocking cap bear finds on the clothesline. As the animals enjoy the "toy" hat, it begins to unravel causing animals to get tied up and bear worries the human it belongs to will be angry, but as it turns out bear has nothing to worry about. Great book for dialogic reading both individually and storytime. Nice large text and illustrations.

    3. Another fun wordless (except for the sounds) book from Lita Judge. The animals take the child's red hat from the clothesline and play with it until it becomes completely unraveled. Momma bear makes them give it back, but it's now one long string. The sounds were unusual and appropriate, and I knew EXACTLY how "Doot-do-doo" should sound.

    4. Nearly wordless but absolutely delightful. Pair with Extra Yarn, Penguin and Pinecone and Duck Sock Hop for a well knit storytime!

    5. For me, Red Sled is more successful, but this is a fun complement for the spring and summer seasons. My storytime kids love Red Sled, and I'm sure they will like this one as well.

    6. Not as much fun as Red Sled but still engaging and lots of onomatopoeia. I can see this wrapping up a nice storytime with Jan Brett's 'The Mitten'.

    7. An almost wordless book. Wasn't sure at first, but once I saw where it went, was enchanted by the joyful ending.

    8. Cute wordless book on a hat that a girl put on a clothes line to dry. Some animals take the hat and as they play with it, the hat unravels. All that is left is a long red string. The book is good for students to make up their own words to the story. Good book for preschool through 3rd grade.

    9. Some animal friends spot a red hat hanging out to dry. The animals decide to have a little fun and go on a journey, and they bring the red hat with them. A fun story that is mostly wordless the only words are for sounds (e.g Fffwwup, Roweeeee, Shwooo, Whoa, Wut-whoa).

    10. Almost wordless. The only words are exclamations, not narrative.Animals "borrow" a knitted hat from a clothes line and play with it, returning the remaining yarn at the end.

    11. This picture book is a companion to Red Sled. It features that same red hat that was in the first book, but here it is no longer winter and the hat is washed and hung up to dry on the line. That’s when it is spotted by an eager bear, who snatches it off the line and runs off with it. But he is not alone, as he dashes, other animals pull and tug, freeing the white pompom and unraveling the bright red yarn as they play. They leave the mass of yarn hung on the line in place of the hat! But don’ [...]

    12. Even the warmest, most favorite of red knit hats eventually must be washed and hung out to dry. In this case, though, the hat with its bobbing cottontail is just too appealing to be left alone by the playful animals that live nearby. A bear, rabbits, a raccoon, and other wildlife get in on the action, snatching and tossing the hat until it has completely unraveled. When the little girl whose hat they've demolished sees it, she doesn't become upset. Instead, she sits right down in the yard and kn [...]

    13. The fun animals from "Red Sled" are back--this time playing with a hat! The inevitable unraveling occurs. Their antics made me laugh a lot more than in the previous book. And I liked that the child solved the problem--and went a step beyond. Absolutely adorable.9/11/13 I had the kids tell me the story on this one. They loved seeing the different animals play with the hat. (They do have fabulous expressions.) And the older kids could tell that the boy fixed the hat. They all loved the ending.3/1/ [...]

    14. This is a mostly wordless tale that includes quite a few onomatopoeic sounds throughout. It features the characters from the book Red Sled. The story is quite humorous and reminds us somewhat of the book The Mitten by Jim Aylesworth. Overall, it's a short, but entertaining story told through the pictures. We enjoyed reading this book together - our girls took turn narrating the pages and they really loved making the different sounds. My favorite was the "Doot-do-doo" part.

    15. Author of the Red Sled tells a second “red” story about a young boy who leaves his red stocking hat on a line to dry outside. This ‘almost’ wordless picture book tells what happens after that as various animals play with it. Unfortunately, it begins to unravel and at the end, all that is left is a pile of tangled yarn. I love the beautiful full-page pictures of the outdoors, and the bear, raccoon and rabbits. The sole text are words spoken byt the animals as they play with the hat, like [...]

    16. The unspoken message was done nicely and that is that the animals and the child have this shared experience of loving the color red and in the end, also of liking to be warm in the cold. This is shown through pictures and sounds. Although the animals are quite anthropomorphized the joy of life is expressed hugely and with lots of movement - which will delight a young child. They got the age right at 2-5 years old and that's probably why I wouldn't seek this book out (I usually work with K-5). Al [...]

    17. A wonderful follow up to Red Sled. Pictures and sounds tell this story of a red hat "borrowed" by some baby animals, until mother bear has them return the red yarn, which is all that is left. The child knits the animals something of their own. 3/14/13This went over surprisingly well at Lap Time. 3/18/14Selected at Read Aloud time. 3/22/14Great PJ group where one boy really got into the story and was into telling what was happening and they all enjoyed the sounds. 3/9/15Used for Lap Time again an [...]

    18. A series of exuberant read-aloud sound effects perfectly capture the whimsy and joy of a springtime frolic in this companion to Red Sled.In this almost wordless springtime picture book, an adorable crew of baby animals borrows a familiar-looking red hat (last seen on the head of Red Sled’s unsuspecting protagonist) and embarks on a joy-filled escapade—until all that is left is a long piece of red string! Their playful romp is gorgeously depicted in bold watercolor and complemented by humorou [...]

    19. Told mostly through pictures, this book is about a little girl who hangs a red hat on the line to dry. Animals joyously play with the hat until it is nothing but unraveled string. That's when the animals return the hat. But never fear, in a "tink-a-tink tink" the little girl has knitted the hat back together again and a few more for her friends.The illustrations of the animals at play are delightful with interjections like "whoa", "fffwwup", "wow-za" and "Doot-do-doo" that students will enjoy. [...]

    20. When a few woodland creatures spot a red hat hanging up to dry, they can't resist taking it down and playing with it only their good-natured mischief gets them into a pickle.I ADORED this nearly wordless picture book. I especially love the bear's "Doot-do-doo" as he attempts to pretend like the didn't do anything wrong, along with the "tink-a-tink tink" of the knitting needles. Endearing and heartwarming.

    21. I absolutely loved this book! It is a new book for 2013 and it is nearly wordless. It is about a baby bear and his friends going on some adventures that involve a red hat. The only words you see in the book are sounds that are made by the animals or the action in the story. It is a great addition to any library-personal, classroom, or school library. I will be adding this to my personal Read Alouds for my classroom! I adored the illustrations too! :) I give this 5 out of 5 YUPIs! :>

    22. 'Red Hat' and 'Red Sled' by author/illustrator Lita Judge are perfect examples of picture books being enhanced with very little text using sounds to go with the beautiful illustration story that unfolds. A true exercise of reading with your eyes. Both books are delightful with a young child as a part of the troupe of characters that make these books endearing and sweet.Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers.#red#PB

    23. A nearly wordless book in which forest animals borrow a red woolen hat from a clothesline and play with it until all that's left is a tangled mass of yarn. In a happy ending, all the animals receive a red woolen hat from the scraps of yarn.A funny story rendered in pencil and watercolor illustrations and humorous animal sounds.

    24. Splendid title that requires few words, brilliant art, a handful of sounds and much character. What happens when you grab a hold of something that doesn't belong to you & go out for some fun? Such a great connection with Red Sled and so many possibilities for extension activities, too. Highly recommend.

    25. The boy? girl? in the red hat is back in a delightful, nearly wordless book. This time it's spring and the child decides to wash the hat. I loved how his/ her hair stayed in the shape of the hat. No sooner does (S)he hang it on the clothesline to dry, then a bear scoots out of the nearby woods and absconds with it. Joyful, rollicking springtime fun.

    26. This story is so beautifully illustrated with fun simple sounds with each illustration.This promoted conversation about what the animals were doing and ended with playing with hats. A fun book to add to the collection. I would read this to my students to show the differnt animals and the ending with the little girl after she see her hat.

    27. A delightfully fun minimally worded picture book that takes readers on a romping adventure. Animal friends borrow a little girls read hat and have a fun adventure and then return the hat a bit differently than before. The little girl finds a great way to fix that hat and to involve her animals friends in the final product.

    28. This was a pleasant companion to Judge's Red Sled, though it seemed slighter. While the joy expressed by the forest animals as the story unraveled (groan) was palpable, there didn't seem to be as much there there. Unfortunately derivative of Extra Yarn and earlier Jan Brett titles, but still worth a quick look.

    29. A beautiful blend of art and words to tell a story of how "the trouble with trouble is that it starts out as fun." Wonderful use of onomatopeia that will give young authors awesome sound words other than Ahhhhhhh and Ouch!

    30. Same exact storyline as her previous book, Red Sled, with same nearly wordless text(words for sounds). I enjoyed the illustrations so much better in the other book. These animals seem "Disney-ized" but maybe she chose to change them for the summer setting.

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