Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It This book is Nick Carter s autobiography and self help hybrid in which he chronicles his struggles with a dysfunctional family and the unimaginable rigors of becoming an internationally successful pop

  • Title: Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It
  • Author: NickCarter
  • ISBN: 9781939457882
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This book is Nick Carter s autobiography and self help hybrid in which he chronicles his struggles with a dysfunctional family and the unimaginable rigors of becoming an internationally successful pop star at the age of 12 From his battle with addiction to serious health complications and the pain of his younger sister s tragic death, Nick leaves nothing to the imaginatioThis book is Nick Carter s autobiography and self help hybrid in which he chronicles his struggles with a dysfunctional family and the unimaginable rigors of becoming an internationally successful pop star at the age of 12 From his battle with addiction to serious health complications and the pain of his younger sister s tragic death, Nick leaves nothing to the imagination and offers true and heartfelt advice to help readers overcome obstacles in their own lives.

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    One thought on “Facing the Music and Living to Talk About It”

    1. [I also reviewed this title on my blog: Ishari's Bookshelf]Let me preface this review by saying: I have been a fan of the Backstreet Boys since they released their very first single "We've Got It Goin' On" on cassette tape back in the day. I must have worn that cassette tape out waiting for them to come back to the states and make/release their full album. I still treasure my signed group picture. And while my taste in music has grown over the years, BSB still holds a special nostalgic place in [...]

    2. Nick could probably write an entire book about tasteless poop jokes and I'd buy it, as I've loved him for 17 years. Unfortunately, if he'd done that, it would likely only be marginally worse than this. I anxiously preordered what I thought was an autobiography, but turned out to be 90% ridiculously repetitive self help advice and about 10% autobiography. And if you are truly a diehard fan like myself and you read the book Jane Carter released in 1998 two dozen times when you were 12 years old, y [...]

    3. This review is somewhat personal. Growing up with the backstreet boys as a very important part of my life, my love for them and the music helped me though a lot of hard times. I innocently had an image of Nick Carter in my mind, he was my perfect man. My girlfriends and I cried together during our first BSB concert "experience" (BSB live in Orlando on Pay-per-view) and I would often wish I would find a man like Nick. I ended up marrying a man who I imagined was just like the Nick in my mind.I dr [...]

    4. I do not understand the negative reviews. This book was written as a means of explaining his difficulties and what he did to overcome them. I have read celebrity "autobiographies" where it is all "I did this, they did this to me, feel sorry for me!!" or "Aren't I lucky because I get to do things you won't ever be able to afford?" Here Nick Carter is offering real-world solutions to overcoming obstacles, not just drugs and alcohol. He is not writing as a rich celebrity but as a survivor. He never [...]

    5. Let me just start off by saying, I am a Backstreet Boys fan. So of course when I heard Nick Carter was writing an autobiography, I jumped at it. Nick was always my favorite of the group and over the years I remember hearing some very interesting things about his personal life. It takes a lot of strength to talk about extremely personal things just to friends, but here Nick bears everything from his past for everyone. Starting from his upbringing above a night club in New York to his current rela [...]

    6. The shape of my heart right now is broken as I am realizing that I am giving this a 2 star rating. Noted, I have a bias against self help books and the ~Power of Positive Thinking~ so I was not impressed with the self help part of the book. I am a fan of Nick Carter, BSB, and the stories he included in the book though. I wish it would be more that and less Positive Thinking.

    7. You can not go into reading this book about learning the secrets of The Backstreet Boys. That is not what it is about. You will not learn how many fans snuck onto a bus or did this or that. I have loved BSB since 'Quit Playing Games' came out. I am now 30 and still blast them on the stereo when they come on. Nick's mother wrote a tell all book years ago, which naturally I read as a teenager that was crazy for him. This book is NOT what Jane wrote. You can not compare the two in ANY form.If you a [...]

    8. 3.5 stars to be exact.To be released: September 24, 2013I'm not going to lie. In high school and college I was a huge Backstreet Boys fan. After their Black and Blue album when they took their 2 year hiatus I stopped paying much attention to them. I sort of kept up with them. I sort of knew what was going on with them. I sort of knew about their music. That means I sort of knew about Nick Carter and his disastrous ways. I knew he dated Paris Hilton and I vaguely remember hearing about the House [...]

    9. I didn't realize when I started reading it that this book would be part memoir and part self-help. I'm not a huge self-help reader and I will admit to wanting to read this book for the "juicy gossip" it may potentially hold. But it was a very well done novel.I've been a Backstreet Boys fan for a looooong time. Not 20 years (since I was 6 then), but at least 15. Nick has always been my favorite as well. I didn't keep up on much of the personal lives of the members of the band, so I didn't know al [...]

    10. Wow. I read this book to read more about Nick's life. I was not expecting to also learn more about my life. There were so many things I took from this book: taking care of myself, being healthy, working on my goals, focusing on the positive, and living the life I want.My favorite quote: "You wouldn't tell a friend who is struggling that he is not worthy of success. You wouldn't constantly point out what is lacking or bad about her life. Instead, you build up your friends and encourage them by fo [...]

    11. I grew up as a hardcore Backstreet boys fan and they were a big part of my life, however, I honestly wasn't expecting to like this book because Nick Carter was indeed my least favorite of the boys and that's the reason why I took too long to purchase it but when I finally did, I couldn't put it down. The fan in me was quite immersed that I couldn't read it fast enough.This is not a self-help nor is it an autobiography; it reads more as a cautionary tale. Nick writes about his dysfunctional famil [...]

    12. Like other reviewers, I love the backstreet boys. I have since I was young. I also have experience with alcoholism in my family so both Nick and AJ entering rehab hit close to home for me.First, I was expecting this to be an autobiography so I was a bit surprised when I read the first couple of pages and it turned out it was a self help book. Not what I was expecting, but I decided to read on. The book would jump into being an auto-biography and then back into being a self help book, which made [...]

    13. luhathoughts/2013I don't know what I was expecting when I chose to read this book. All I know is that I was watching "Watch What Happens Live" and Nick Carter was a guest, and they started talking about his breakup with Paris Hilton, and that their story was in Nick Carter's autobiography. At that point, I didn't even know he had written one. So, I hunted for it, and started reading it. And I am sorely disappointed by it. I guess what I got wasn't nowhere near what I wanted to get from this book [...]

    14. When I heard about this book, I instantly knew that I wanted to read it because I wanted a behind the scenes look at the life of a boyband member. Instead I got a self-help book with a few (SAD) personal stories mixed in. I hate writing a less than awesome review for this book because I am so glad that Nick found the help he needed and has turned his life around and is wanting to share his story with the world in order to save others headed down the same path he was on. I just felt like this boo [...]

    15. Seriously, there isn't a person on this planet who is a bigger fan of this delicious hunk of man meat than me. I was so friggin excited when I found out he was writing a book that I preordered it off . I liked this book. I loved reading HIS words, knowing he put his own feelings and thoughts into the pages. I've always wanted to read about his life. That being said, he did repeat himself A LOT. And this book is more or less a self help/change your life motivational book, not necessarily a biogra [...]

    16. The main reason I wanted to read this book is because it's written by Nick Carter and I love BSB. I liked how Nick was open and honest about things he had done and regretted, but also that he doesn't pretend to now have it all together. This book is not a tell-all, but more of a self-help with biographical memories interspersed throughout the book. I thought this kept the story interesting, even though some things were told more than once which was a little dull. I found the larger printed quote [...]

    17. Nick Carter wrote a book. It is exactly what you would expect a book written by Nick Carter to be. Bless his confused little blond head. It’s a pretty terrible book. The personal anecdotes were brief, and the self-help portions were repetitive and un-authoritative. (I don’t know about you, but I watched House of Carters. I find the idea of taking life advice unsourced from Nick Carter pretty terrifying.) Nick was pretty clearly messed up for a pretty long time, and he seems to have finally t [...]

    18. DNFI got to page 176 and realized I was tired of all the repetition and self help advices anf decided not to waste my time on this book anymore.I'm not saying it is a bad book. I'm just saying it is not for me. At least not now.Maybe one day we'll meet again, since I already own it

    19. Nick, you know I love you but damn. Repetitive much? You should stick to making amazing music and showing us your sweet dance moves. Those are things your truly excel at. Please tell me where I can purchase house of Carter's?

    20. Sorry, Nick. This book was like reading a bad college essay for an addictions class. However I did appreciate the discussions about House of Carters.

    21. This is intense, and a sobering (no pun intended, really) look on Nick Carter's life. He pulls us into his past, present, and hopeful future. As I read, I can visualize pictures of him at that given point. There is a Bibliography and a slew of references in the back, but it would have been nice for the sources to be referred to when they were brought up. There are a few times when Nick says "one source says" but doesn't have a number or give the source. you have to go to the back and look.I upda [...]

    22. Before I start the review, I guess I should state the obvious. My undying love for the BSB, Nick in particular (he was always my favorite, typical I know), is what made me buy this book. I was around 8-9 when the BSB first blew up and I loved them and their music so much. About 20 years later and I realize that everything wasn't sunshine and butterflies within the group, and especially not with Nick. So my interest got the better of me, and here we areIf I had to categorize this work, I would sa [...]

    23. Let's start this out with the truth, I've been a fan of the Backstreet Boys for longer than I care to remember, so the only surprise is that I haven't read it earlier. That said, I read this book as an autobiography and an explanation of his behavior and dear heavens did I witness some of it and for that I really enjoyed it. He has come such an incredible long way and got a grip on many of his struggles and it gives me so much joy to see him live up to his potential. It's written exactly the wa [...]

    24. "I believe good things will happen for you just as they have for me."With these words, Mr. Nick Carter finishes his great book which is honestly part autobiography/part self-help book but in all seriousness, it is a window overlooking a brave, young man who has had it more than any of us could imagine.As I read this book, horror turned into pity then into pride. I used to adore this man who was merely a handsome celebrity to me, just a pretty face to hang over my walls. Baby Nick, beautiful Nick [...]

    25. Not only I finally got a real story about BSB's way to fame in his biography, but also how he eventually quit his old past and begin the new one! As harsh as it was, this book has been incredibly helpful to my mental illness and about the lifestyle on check. Thank you Nick!

    26. WowVery inspirational and helpful. I needed something like this to help get going on the days I feel like I can't.

    27. * This book was sent to be for free as an ARC from the publisher though NetGalley *Even though I’ve said it so many times, so many times before, I am a huge Backstreet Boys fan. What does this have to do with my review you ask? Well, if you were paying attention to the author of the book that is about to be reviewed, you would happen to notice that it is Frack himself - Nick Carter. Bonus points if you picked up on my Backstreet references in this paragraph.I was so excited when I saw that Nic [...]

    28. A book strictly for Nick Carter fans (3.5 stars)I was the biggest Backstreet Boys fan ever when I was younger. My walls and ceiling were adorned with their posters and I was convinced-yes convinced- that I was going to marry Nick Carter one day, not for one second questioning that he lived a multi-millionaires lifestyle in the USA and I was a small-town girl from the north east of England. Nick’s struggles in recent years have been well documented in the tabloids, from his extensive battles wi [...]

    29. I'm just going to lay it out there - I've been a huge Backstreet Boys fan for more than half my life. So, as soon I learned Nick Carter was writing a book, I knew I was going to read it. And, being such a fan, I feel I can offer a fair critique of his first outing as a writer.Nick is many things - a great singer, a talented artist, a funny guy, but I'm not sure "author" is one of those things. That's not necessarily due to his writing. In fact, I think that most of the problems with the book com [...]

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