Floodland What if the sea began to rise and rise until the land began to disappear A brilliant futuristic fantasy by an acclaimed new writer Global warming has caused the sea to rise until cities are turning in

  • Title: Floodland
  • Author: Marcus Sedgwick
  • ISBN: 9780440416838
  • Page: 391
  • Format: Paperback
  • What if the sea began to rise and rise until the land began to disappear A brilliant futuristic fantasy by an acclaimed new writer Global warming has caused the sea to rise until cities are turning into islands and civilization is crumbling Ten year old Zoe discovers a small rowboat and keeps it a secret until she sets out alone on the great sea to find heWhat if the sea began to rise and rise until the land began to disappear A brilliant futuristic fantasy by an acclaimed new writer Global warming has caused the sea to rise until cities are turning into islands and civilization is crumbling Ten year old Zoe discovers a small rowboat and keeps it a secret until she sets out alone on the great sea to find her parents She lands on tiny Eels Island, where she must survive in a nightmarish world run by wild children, and stand up to its boy leader, Dooby Zoe and a boy called Munchkin escape from Eels Island and cross the sea to the mainland, where they find not only Zoe s parents but a new family and a new world.

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    One thought on “Floodland”

    1. My biggest complaint about FLOODLAND is that it is too short and as a result it suffered from not being able to give enough information to the reader to totally be at ease with what was going on. Ten-year old Zoe lives on Norwich. No, that’s not a typo – Norwich has become an island as the ice caps melted and sea levels rose inundating much of Britain and the rest of the world. Supplies were running out and six months previously when the boat came to drop off supplies for the last time Zoe [...]

    2. Floodland is an interesting story about a young girl called Zoe who lives on a deserted island, Norwich. Norwich is deserted because of high sea levels. Zoe's parents left on a supply ship without realising Zoe was still on the island. She manages to flee Norwich on a derelict boat called Lyca. Zoe makes it to another island where she is faced with more danger. This story delves into Zoe's adventures where she meets lots of fascinating characters along the way.This book is great for whole class [...]

    3. Recommended for ages 10 to 13, this book falls into the category of "Surviving Environmental Catastrophes." Set in the near future, global warming has caused the Earth's sea levels to rise and flood the coastal nations around the world. Zoe's family is last to leave their flooded town in England, and she is sadly separated from her parents as they get on the last boats. She is fortunate to uncover a small rowboat submerged in the mud, and fixes it up so she can escape her town and find her paren [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book the fact it was a middle grade book meant it was shorter and did not go in to the depth I would have liked but I enjoyed the stories I just wanted more from the characters

    5. I read this over a weekend so I could use it as a stimulus for the English work the children in the year 6 class I was working with were going to do. Although, the purpose of this was to read the book and create activities around it, I found that I was drawn into the book and constantly wanting to know what was going to happen next. Zoe, is a strong character and I like the way the author has shown this throughout the book. He has shown that strong can have many different definitions. I would hi [...]

    6. I feel like this is the first draft or maybe the second one? I mean, it reads as if he wanted to write a 500 page book about this new dystopian world but he didn't really know how to develop it further. The story itself is good and interesting, and the writing is But it does feel unfinished and I feel like the editor should have pushed for a bit more detail or explanation. I do realise the time frame is a bit short but stillAgain, I did really like the writing. Will absolutely be checking out mo [...]

    7. Floodland is an accomplished debut novel by Sedgwick, albeit a little short. I found the setting, the dystopian flooding of England, interesting and I craved to know more. This is why the book suffers really. It was too short to really delve into any real detail. It needed more depth.

    8. Great post-apocalyptic children's story. Would link nicely to environment work though doesn't push this angle too heavily. Bit of death in there so probably Not suitable for the younger ones. Not enough Norwich for my liking, but that's just me.

    9. My review, as posted to my blog (chatterverse.wordpress/20Okay.Picture this.The world, as you know it, has changed.Shocker.England, previously more or less a haven of temperate weather – with the occasional warmer summer or frosty January to liven things up a little – has surrendered to the inexorable (not to mention terrifying) progress of climate change, and has been reduced to a few piecemeal, unconnected land masses surrounded by a frankly rather uncomfortable amount of water.So what do [...]

    10. Having lost her parents when they were trying to escape, Zoe is left alone to defend for herself among the inhabitants of Norwich. All around the world, the sea is taking over, drowning every scrap of land. Zoe needs to escape the island of Norwich as soon as possible before it’s too late, but how? During one of her scavenging trips for food and drinkable water, she comes across a buried boat which she digs up and uses to flee. Her destination is the mainland where she will hopefully be reunit [...]

    11. The sea has taken over much of the land, and Norwich is getting to be a less and less pleasant place to live. Mum was sick so Zoe let Dad go with her in the last spot on the rescue boat. They promised to come back for her, but many months have passed and there have been no more rescue boats. Zoe finds a boat, fixes it up, and evading others desperate to get off of the shrinking island, Zoe escapes Norwich in her boat setting off with only a compass and a vague sense of where the rescue boats too [...]

    12. I read this book as it is the book that we will be looking at in literary next term. It would have been nice if this book was a bit longer, we never find out the outcomes of some of the other characters Dooby, William and Natalie to name a few, we can guess at some of their fates but it would be nice to know for sure. I don't know if there is a sequel, if only to tie up loose ends. Would I read more of this author's work? Probably, to see how his work has developed. This book however is ideal fo [...]

    13. The story is decent at best. At first I thought it would be more creepy, more dark, something like Lord of the Flies, as a lot of readers claim in their reviews. I don't know if it's because the book was written for kids, but the story was a little flat and predictable for me. The premise started out well: most of England is submerged under water after global warming melts the ice caps and Zoe, the young heroine, is left to fend for herself. I think the best part of the book was the beginning. S [...]

    14. Floodland initially gave me the impression of a post-apocolyptic Lord of the Flies style book - a book which greatly impacted me when I read it in highschool and is one that I often consider the implications of and message from to this day. Even small books can make a big impact, so I was optimistic when I started reading this one. But instead of packing a lot of punch in a small number of pages like I hoped, Floodland read more like a cautionary tale.Reasons to Read:1.A relevant message:Marcus [...]

    15. I just finished the first of my five books for the Young Adult Youth Dystopian Challenge. (See my post on September 14th). Floodland by Marcus Sedgwick was recommended by Bart’s Bookshelf. While it was not as intense as most young adult dystopian novels, it was still an enjoyable read. It was easy to identify with ten-year-old Zoe’s desperation. In a not-too-distant future Zoe lives in a world where the sea is quickly encroaching on the land. Accidentally left behind by her parents Zoe is al [...]

    16. In a world not very far in the future, Zoe has been stranded on the island of Norwich. She and her parents were in two boats transferring them to the last ship to enable them to escape, but hers failed to reach it.  Zoe finds herself to be more resourceful than she ever imagined, and despite much adversity in this shrinking world, she finds a way of escape, only to land up in an even worse situation, the Isle of Ely, or should it just be the cathedral?It's a cracking good tale with interesting [...]

    17. Floodland is the first Sedgwick that I’ve read, and it definitely made me want to read more. It’s quite short and easy to read, making it a nice, quick read–and it’s appropriate for middle-grade readers as well as young adults (and adults). The writing style is enjoyable, and the characters and observations are interesting. There’s a good balance between the action and the more psychological aspects, which makes it much more enjoyable that it would otherwise be. Probably one of the mos [...]

    18. This novel is aimed at older children and won the Branford Boase Award. The story is set some time in the not too distant future. England has been almost completly reclaimed by the sea. Zoe, the heroine of the story hasnt seen her father and her sick mother since they sailed away from the island of Norwich on the last boat to leave, Zoe was accidentally left behind and has had to face life alone. Zoe comes across an abandoned old boat and spends hours making it seaworthy, she escapes and makes h [...]

    19. Rounding up from a 3.5 Okay I'm giving this an okay rating because I did really like it, but goodness me if this isn't the most unsatisfying book i'veever read.It could have been so, so much more and I really don't understand why it isn't? Everything is crammed into 150 pages, completely rushed through as if there's no time to tell the story. I couldn't even get into the characters because by the time I was starting to get to know them, the book was finished!There could have been conversations, [...]

    20. This is a powerful book based on the character Zoe who has to leave her home town of Norwich due to a flood and she ends up inhabiting Eel island. She encounters the Eel tribe and several of the members are important characters in the book. The story develops with Zoe trying to locate her boat Lyca in a bid to finally be reunited with her parents. Along the way she develops a very special bond with William, an older man on Eel island. This book was surprisingly addictive as the writer built up a [...]

    21. A quick read with an environmental focus. Zoey finds herself left behind when her family tries to escape Norridge, a small island that falls deeper into the sea by the day due to the encroaching waters of the ever rising sea. Is this what our future children will face?Taking place in the near future, Zoey has never seen a car in use and has never walked in one direction without encountering the ocean. The story follows Zoey as she tries to find her parents. Over the story she has nagging hopes a [...]

    22. Maybe a one is a little harsh but I really hate Marcus Sedgwicks' books (No offence to him, I'm sure he's a nice guy). I had to read this for our school topic of global warming and found the book ridiculous and childish. It was probably aimed towards my age group but you might as-well take ten years off me and I would still find it ridiculous. I think he went for a dystopian approach but it completely failed and might as well have been an AWFUL attempted copy of 'Lord Of The Flies'. I got landed [...]

    23. "How do you think people have survived? How do people remember who they are and where they're from? And how do they know what it means to be human, what makes us more than animals? How do they pass these things on to their children? Stories, that's how."Floodland is split in 3 parts, a Before, Then, and After. - it is about a girl called Zoe who is trying to find her parents who accidentally left her behind when they left on a boat from what's left of Norwich. England has been covered in water f [...]

    24. I have some mixed opinions about this book. I found it a great read with a great plot. The writing was good quality and I love the way it was set out into before, then and after. I have previously read revolver and I found it quite hard to follow as it kept changing the time it was set in. The reasons why I haven't given this book a higher rating is because I found the main character selfish and she would get angry with people for no reason. I also thought the book was too short and the story co [...]

    25. I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. It was short and a fast read, but it held my attention the whole time. I was concerned for Zoe, and like her, I alternated between liking Dooby and hating him. I think in the end I wanted her to end up going with him, but I think it was for the best that Munchkin was with her. The story itself is a frightening look at one potential future in which the polar caps melt and land is covered by water. It's amazing how quickly humans revert to savages i [...]

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